10 Email Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Customers

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You might build strong email lists and do everything as per your email marketing strategy, but that still cannot guarantee the ideal results

Email marketing goes beyond creating a large pool of email addresses and working without a well-laid-out strategy.

The bulk of the work starts after you get the correct number of contacts and draft a strategy. There are many things you have to do right and some mistakes to avoid

Email marketing can fail if you use a lot of sales language. You must optimize your campaign for mobile users. Do not send the same content to every contact in your email bulk, but segment them.

These are common mistakes, and besides these, there are other serious email marketing mistakes that you will cost your customers if you do not act to set your campaign right. 

Starting an email marketing campaign late

Timing is crucial in today’s digital world. It is a major determinant of the success or failure of your email marketing campaigns.

10 Email Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Customers

Success is not just about creating high-quality content but also about perfect timing. It increases open rates, link click-through rates, and purchase rates. 

When your subscribers receive your marketing emails at the right time, it increases the conversion rate. Unfortunately, sending emails at the wrong time increases unsubscribe rates. 

Starting an email marketing campaign late can be the most crucial mistake. It will not reach the expected engagement level if it doesn’t answer the exact questions or provide value to customers when they need it the most.

A good case is when you discover that your software is not working smoothly with the latest OS update, but you fail to inform your subscribers in time

Your best action should be to notify your customers about the problem in advance and provide instructions on how to install and uninstall the apps correctly.

Do not wait for them to discover it themselves. Also, provide instructions on how to fix the problem. 

The latest statistics by MailChimp show most people open their emails from 9 am to 11 am.

WordStream statistics show that on Thursdays, most people open their emails from 8 am to 9 am.

To know the best time to send emails, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are your expected recipients? CEOs, managers, mothers, students, teenagers, youth, etc. 
  • What are their main activities? Employees, electricians, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, etc. 
  • What common problems do they experience? Creating content, designs, apps, getting customers, data loss, etc. 
  • What type of daily schedules do they have? Meetings, making calls, delivery, service, etc. 
  • How can your products help them solve their problems? 

Ignoring analytics

It is important to send high-quality email marketing content to many subscribers.

Ignoring analytics

However, knowing if you are recording success with your campaigns is equally crucial.

Analytics helps you track if your audiences receive your emails and what they do with them. Through analytics, you can know if the emails reach your audience's inbox. 

It helps you determine the percentage of the people who received and opened the emails. You can know what action they took after that, such as inquiring, opening your link, viewing products, and purchasing

Analytics is valuable because you can draw crucial insights that will help you improve your next campaign. The best winning email marketing strategy relies on analytics to improve performance. 

Failure to optimize for mobile

Infographic statistics for 2022 show more than 61.9% of email subscribers open their emails on mobile phones

Failure to optimize for mobile

Every time you click send to start an email campaign, know that more than half of your emails will be opened on mobile devices. Failure to optimize your content for mobile devices means you will record failure by more than 50%. 

Mobile optimization ensures no recipient fails to receive your emails, increasing engagement, conversion, and subscription rate. Optimization should not focus on emails only but on your website, blog pages, and online store. 

These actions will help you optimize your emails for mobile devices:

  • Use pre-header text
  • Keep the subject line short
  • Use short paragraphs and bulleted lists
  • Use images
  • Keep the CTA near the top
  • Make content click-friendly by leaving enough blank space.

Forgetting to add a call to action

CTAs in email marketing help increase click-through rates and guide readers on what to do next

Forgetting to add a call to action

It helps readers become customers and interact more with your brand. Without a CTA, most readers will only read your emails and do nothing. They will benefit by getting informed through your high-quality content, but your brand will not benefit. 

They will use the information they gain to connect to other stores or brands and make purchases there. Use analytics and reporting in business to know the effectiveness of your CTA in email marketing.

Here are important CTA tips:

  • Use phrases that trigger action
  • Make the CTA button larger
  • Try to avoid first-person text
  • Make the CTA text short
  • Make it sound urgent
  • Use bright colors
  • Create white space
  • Make it natural 

Failure to use email marketing tools

Email marketing software helps your team create a strong marketing strategy. The tools help you create personalized emails that increase reach and conversion rates.

Using email marketing tools allows you to reach out to more people beyond your email lists

With the tools, you can easily create campaign content and reach your audiences faster than ever.

It is crucial to create the right content for the right segments, but it is also crucial to act quickly before your competitors reach out to your segments

The tools are used when promoting fresh product releases, sales campaigns, and personalized content. 

Failure to segment your audiences

Everyone in your email list is important, but not every of your marketing campaigns is relevant to them.

Failure to segment your audiences

Segmentation helps make your campaign's content relevant to the recipients. It provides your brand with several advantages.

  • Keeping your email campaigns relevant: Your marketing team will create emails fitting their recipient’s characteristics and needs. 
  • Helps you send the right quantities of emails: Your team will limit the emails they send and only create important campaigns. 
  • Increases conversion and ROI: When your audiences continue receiving emails they don’t need, the unsubscribe rate will increase. Right emails increase engagement, conversion rates, and ROI.

Failure to add visuals to your emails

Using images, videos, or PDF files in email marketing increases open rates, engagement, and click-through rates

Failure to add visuals to your emails

They grab the reader’s attention and make recipients desire to take action. Compared to text-only email campaigns, adding images and videos makes it easier to communicate the desired message.

The recipients understand the message fast. They spend more time engaging with the message and can easily take action compared to text-only emails.

There are several ways to include videos in your emails:

  • Take screenshots and then use video tools to add play buttons
  • Add the video URL to emails
  • Add a link to the video
  • Add text to videos

Starting the wrong way

Your content creation team might create the best content for your email marketing campaigns.

Starting the wrong way

However, you may fail to record success if you start incorrectly. You got it right by first creating a detailed email marketing list. You were right in segmenting your lists so that you could create the right content for each segment

However, you will be wrong if the first email your audiences receive is a marketing email. Winning customers is a journey that requires building friendships first. Let the recipient know who you are.

They should understand what your brand does, the products you are dealing with, and the benefits to users. Follow these steps to make your email campaigns successful.

  • Send an email to introduce yourself
  • Let the recipient know about your brand and what products you deal with
  • Let them know how the products can benefit them
  • Alert them on how often they will be receiving emails from you and their purpose
  • Give them the freedom to decide whether they want to be receiving the emails or not

Creating poor-quality email marketing content and failure to allow replies and comments on emails

The success of email marketing content is subject to its quality and campaign strategy.

Creating poor-quality email marketing content and failure to allow replies and comments on emails

Quality content is attractive, and readers look forward to receiving the next email. They desire to learn more about your brand, which drives them to take purchase action. It is costly to send poor-quality email campaign messages. 

Your audiences might mark your emails as spam, unsubscribe, or delete them every time you send them.

Your email marketing budget will be wasted because it will have a poor ROI.

Keep your taglines attractive, research widely to create high-quality content, and ask your audiences what content they would love to receive

Your email marketing campaigns should not create a one-sided communication channel.

Instead, it should allow communication to flow from both sides. When your audiences receive emails from you, they should be free to send replies, make comments, and inquiries. 

Comments are important feedback that gives your marketing team insights into the success of your content and campaigns. Your readers stay in touch and feel their concerns were addressed.

Avoid adding the Do Not Reply message in your emails. It sends a negative message to your recipients

Not personalizing your emails and being too zealous about selling

Personalized email messages are more likely to be opened. The recipients feel the email was created just for them and thus take an interest in reading it and clicking on the links added.

Research shows email personalization increases open rates by 26%. You can use different strategies to create personalized emails.

  • Create email segments
  • Address the recipients by their name
  • Provide tips and tricks on using your products
  • Suggest products they might be interested in
  • Send emails at the right time

Email marketing tools help you create personalized emails using subscriber data. The tools help you add names and send emails at the right time because you can configure them to send your emails when needed automatically. 

Marketing emails aim to increase sales. However, your recipients will take offense if you are too zealous to sell.

Do not let every sentence in your email sound like you want to sell your products. Avoid sounding like it is a must that your audiences buy your products

The solution is to offer value to your subscribers. Create content that educates them on various issues and briefly presents a challenge your products can solve.

Wherever possible, avoid first-person narratives such as “I,” “we,” “my,” and “me” in your content. Instead, use “you” and “your” often. 


An email marketing campaign aims to walk with a customer in your marketing journey and convert them along the way.

Your main goal should not be to sell but to empower your audiences with information they can use to make informed decisions. Avoid making email marketing mistakes that drive customers away.

Remember to help your audiences take action through CTAs. Never forget to create mobile-optimized content and include visuals. 

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