Emerging Technologies And Trends For Business Communication

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Over the past decade, there has been a significant evolution in business communication technology. Tools and trends have shifted away from traditional email to more personalized and targeted approaches to engage employees. Recognizing these communication trends is crucial for companies that strive to maintain successful workplaces.

As you prepare for the coming year and seek ways to stay competitive, it is important to embrace emerging technology that enhances communication.

This is precisely why we have compiled a list of the top 14 business communication trends – to ensure you are well-prepared for the future. Among them are new communication technology and not only.

#1 Unified communications

It is important for both employees and businesses that everyone has a single reliable source of information. So each link will better understand what is expected of it and more accurately perform its work.

Communicating effectively

Often it happens that employees get overwhelmed with multiple platforms and overflowing inboxes. That's where internal communications software comes in to save the day. It simplifies things by consolidating important announcements, content, and conversations all in one convenient place. This includes chat services, phone and video conferencing, messaging, and feedback and commenting systems.

It connects leaders to employees, employees to leaders, and enable employees to interact with each other through a unified communication system. It reduces infrastructure costs and centralizes features, resulting in a more responsive experience. It's a game-changer that makes everyone's life simpler and allows management to quickly see when employees are available.

#2 Chat services

Chat services offer an immediate and direct way to collaborate with team members. Chat allows you to quickly get information, but this is not the main thing. It is also important that through chats you can exchange various information. With the right intranet platform, you can seamlessly integrate chat into your digital workplace.

Furthermore, many modern intranet solutions, like Axero, come equipped with built-in chat features, allowing you to streamline your platforms. The best part is that intranet chat is real-time and non-disruptive.

#3 Record calls

With the help of a conversation recording app, a business can reap many benefits. Record call allows you to comply with regulatory industry standards, improve customer service and stimulate the growth of call center employees. The Call Recorder for iPhone app is the easiest way to organize call recordings. 

You can get Call Recorder from the App Store. This is enough to save incoming and outgoing calls, as well as manage records conveniently.

#4 Modern intranet software

Digital workplace solution is the top business communication tool that successful organizations rely on. According to a study, around 85% of companies have some kind of intranet or employee hub. 

Businesses require a centralized platform to access content, and data, and collaborate effectively. This trend has been driven by the advantages of social media, evolving mobile devices, and the growth of remote work. With a modern intranet, you can find all your communications, documents, and colleagues in one convenient place.

#5 Collaborative digital workspaces

Successful organizations understand the importance of team collaboration in driving productivity. That's why intuitive collaborative digital workspaces have emerged as a leading business communication trend.

These modern workspaces enable employees to work seamlessly as if they were in the same room. With a wide range of smart knowledge management software, teams can co-edit documents, share ideas, assign tasks, and find information, all within a single accessible platform. Digital workspaces facilitate progress tracking, content and people centralization, and the elimination of unnecessary emails that can hinder workflow efficiency.

#6 Robust mobile devices

Mobile is incredibly important and is an undeniable form of business communication technology. Strong mobile apps bring the office to your people, wherever they may be. 

Robust mobile devices

Whether commuting to work, attending a conference, or on-the-go, employees can stay connected and access company data using mobile intranet software. This connectivity enables better internal communication across the entire organization. 

Additionally, implementing a bring-your-own-device program allows employees to use their personal devices, increasing efficiency. The benefit here is that employees enjoy using their own devices, while the company benefits from easy access to employees at all times.

#7 Seamless technology integration

Nowadays, the ability to seamlessly transfer conversations and data across different platforms has become immensely significant. We take it for granted that all devices will synchronize discussions, tasks, and notes. 

This trend of business communication is also observed in certain bring-your-own-device programs. Many companies actually encourage their employees to utilize personal devices for both work and personal matters, effectively minimizing any conflicts between the two. Surprisingly, this practice significantly improves overall company communication.

#8 Leveraging AI

Considering the future, it's worthwhile to explore the potential of AI for your business. Since late 2022, generative AIs such as ChatGPT and Bard have made waves in the tech industry. However, it's important to note that many existing business communication tools have already incorporated robust AI capabilities to expedite interactions and everyday tasks. 

An AI-based recruiter for employee assessments1

For instance, these tools enable automatic call and voice message transcription, interactive chatbots, voice recognition for call routing, and instant sentiment analysis to help agents navigate customer conversations. By leveraging these tools, you can streamline your processes and enhance the efficiency of your business communications. Do your research, and you'll find the best text to speech app for iPhone free of charge.

#9 Turning websites into communication hubs

One of the major business communication trends in 2023 is integrating different communication channels into your website. It has become the new standard nowadays. Customers now expect businesses to be easily reachable in various ways. 

They want to be able to make voice or video calls, use messaging apps like WhatsApp or Signal, communicate via email and ticket systems, or even engage through live chat or social media. Catering to these diverse communication preferences is a guaranteed way to ensure customer satisfaction. And the best way to achieve that? By integrating these communication channels directly into your website. 

Fortunately, many cloud communication platforms offer native plugins. Alternatively, there is a wide range of WordPress plugins available for any communication channel you can think of, from voice calls to live chat options.

#10 Asynchronous videoconferencing

Recently, there has been a noticeable trend toward asynchronous meetings. Have you become a participant in Zoom meetings that dragged on and you became their hostage? Maybe it seemed to you that all this could be contained in one simple letter. Those days are gone!

Preparation for virtual games

Portrait of young business man on a work video call while staying at home. Home office. New normal lifestyle.

Nowadays, emerging solutions like Loom or Slack Clips are gaining popularity. With them, any team member can create a short video message with screen sharing. This is a more concise and efficient way of conveying information. The interlocutor does not even have to listen to everything. 

It can speed up playback or rewind it to the right moment. Even automatic transcription is supported. If you need to reply to a message, you can easily leave a comment or reply in video format.

#11 Cloud communications

Cloud-based communications is a universal communication method for businesses that strive to stay online at any time of the day. Employees can connect from anywhere in the world and without reference to time. 

They enable teams to stay connected and handle business calls, emails, chats, and messages seamlessly. Are you worried about security? Cloud-based communications are strong enough to withstand hacker attacks and prevent outsiders from entering the network. The human factor can still become a problem, but this can be said about any video of communication.

#12 Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback is a powerful strategy for managing performance. It's instant feedback that employees receive on a regular basis. It's time to leave behind the infrequent activity reviews: once a quarter or a year. 

You can quickly and in real-time monitor the course of events and give the necessary comments.

#13 Virtual training

Online learning is already a given. HR and students can easily host online coaches or virtual workshops, getting them up and running in minutes. 

This approach is simpler, allowing you to concentrate on independent learning. According to an article in the Learning Management System, 58% of employees still prefer self-paced learning, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

#14 Infographics and images

We all know that content with infographics and images tends to get more engagement than plain text. Nowadays, business communication tools offer a variety of WYSIWYG publishing options. We've got everything it takes to create compelling content that makes readers better understand the content.

Now you are not limited in the choice of content. Need infographics or images? Add them in a few clicks. If a video can give a better idea of your work, add it. You can indulge in nothing and prepare really powerful content, going beyond traditional presentations.


Trends in business communication are generally accepted practices. If you stick to them, you can effectively communicate within the team using the latest technological advances.

At the same time, any team member can easily adapt and be able to show the best result.

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