EverWebinar Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

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Everwebinar is one of the most well-known platforms currently accessible for hosting webinars. It is a program that you can use to set up your own webinars, and it is also one of the programs that you can use to build up your own webinars.

It is essential to generate leads, maintain relationships with existing customers, and build trust with potential buyers.

For this purpose, there are automated webinar platforms available, such as EverWebinar. It radically revolutionizes the live broadcasting experience by providing powerful automation choices.

EverWebinar is an automated webinar software available on the market today, and it has its own set of features, advantages, and prices.

The long-term objectives of your company will also influence your choice.

Throughout this post, we will focus on the EverWebinar platform and how much it costs. We will talk about the upsides and the downsides of using EverWebinar and highlight its many different pricing tiers.

If you've already decided to get EverWebinar, just click the button below to get it.

What is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is the best tool for creating, hosting, and sharing webinars. It's as easy as drag-and-drop so that you can make an engaging professional presentation without any technical skills.


You have total control of your webinar look and feel, from the number of participants to visual effects. We'll take care of hosting and technical support - you focus on running your event.

This platform helps you touch those people who are online and have an interest in your topic.

Reach audiences anywhere, anytime, on any device with voice, slides, and video technology that's easy to use. The result? Online communities form around your webinar.

Email marketing, lead generation, and more are now part of one system.

EverWebinar has everything you need to run your event smoothly. You can invite attendees and present, record the session and distribute it to your email list.

EverWebinar also offers a host of additional features that help you build a successful webinar so you can start making money today.

It is as easy to use as any other web conferencing tool on the market - invite and connect participants from an email list or create an account for your company and start inviting guests.

EverWebinar takes just minutes to set up. There's no need for complicated configurations, and you'll be ready to run your webinar the same day.

You can upload your marketing materials from your computer, add participants from your contact list and start talking.

This amazing platform includes many features that will help you get more from your webinars.

You can record the sessions and distribute them to an unlimited number of contacts through an integrated email marketing solution - meaning you can market to each person who attends.

EverWebinar is built on a robust and scalable cloud platform

This means you can use it anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device - with no software to download or install.

It's perfect for people who are always on the go, whether they're traveling, working from home, or attending a webinar while they're out and about.

EverWebinar offers a host of additional features that will help you bring in more customers, making it even easier to make money from webinars.

What does EverWebinar do?

EverWebinar is a platform that facilitates automated webinars and is offered by Genesis Digital.

The term "automated" best describes this system because it does not necessitate and does not support live activities.

Live video conferences are hosted within the WebinarJam app, which is the app's sister product. Both of these programs are, in our opinion, among the very best that the industry has to offer.

EverWebinar's purpose is to make your older recordings appear as fresh as possible so that you can continue to generate revenue from them.

This technology is capable of a great deal more than simply recording and playing back live webinars over and over again. It simulates the whole experience while giving the impression that the episodes have never been shown before.

There have been over 20,000 people who have signed up to receive information regarding this product. On G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra, however, there are a minimal number of evaluations available for EverWebinar.

Bear in mind that these ratings are only a tiny sample of the user base for each platform, even though the average rating across all of them was relatively neutral.

EverWebinar's functionality was broken down by me so that I could fill the hole that its relatively inactive community had created. Let's find out whether it will be worth our money or not.

EverWebinar pricing plans

EverWebinar only offers a single plan, but that plan covers everything. This is wonderful since you do not have to pay any additional money to enjoy it in all of its splendor.

EverWebinar Pricing Plans How Much Does It Cost

EverWebinar bases its pricing on the subscription length that the customer desires. 

The following are the two different billing options:

Choose the EverWebinar plan that best fits your needs and enjoy a risk-free trial for the first 30 days. You can cancel anytime.

Yearly - $499 (billed annually)

It is straightforward to understand because you will only be making one payment each year according to this plan. This is a pretty decent offer (and it still gets better too).

The benefits included with the monthly schedule are also included with the annual plan. In the event that you do not wish to scroll ahead, here they are once more:

  • You will receive assistance in the form of an automated webinar platform as well as free advanced training.
  • Simulation tools of the highest caliber also offer assistance with conversions. 
  • Also, keep in mind that they offer service around the clock (which has been very helpful). If you decide to pay for EverWebinar annually rather than monthly or quarterly, that is the cost.

Biennial - $874 (billed every two years)

Biennial billing is uncomplicated because it only requires one payment to be made once every two years.

This is the optimal option, particularly if you intend to use EverWebinar for an extended period. It comes with the same benefits, which are listed below once again for your convenience:

  • This two-year package provides the most features and advantages while also saving you a significant amount of money.
  • Live chat simulations, just-in-time webinars, a page builder, clickable offers, an email and SMS system, polls and surveys, dynamic attendee displays, premium webinars, thorough analytics and more are all part of this platform.

EverWebinar features

Enables organizations to develop and post personalized landing pages that feature logos, photos, videos, and information about forthcoming webinars using customizable themes.

EverWebinar offers a wide range of features to help you run better webinars, including:

Hybrid webinars

Enjoy the convenience of using an automated webinar while simultaneously benefiting from the interactive features offered by live, real-time chat.

Live chat modeling software

By establishing your conversation history, you may increase the number of conversions you get and simulate involvement.

ever chat

The system will keep it updated "live" as the event progresses.

Easy Split Testing

I love this feature because you can increase the value of your traffic and conversions!

ever split

You likely already understand how valuable traffic is if you run paid advertising campaigns or participate in affiliate programs that direct cold traffic to your webinars. Because of this, it is highly essential that you don't throw any of it out!

EverWebinar gives you the ability to easily test different variations of your webinar landing page and its content, and it will keep track of which variant results in more conversions.

Offers accessible via click

Create money-making opportunities out of your webinars by providing attendees with alluring offer displays that lead directly to your website's product page.

Surveys and opinion polls

ever polls

Create interesting polls and surveys to test your audience's knowledge and learn more about the people attending your event.


You can reduce the number of registrants who do not show up to your event by holding "Just-In-Time" webinars, which begin just a few minutes after someone registers for them.

Page builder

The web pages, which are carefully designed and extremely flexible, help boost the number of people who sign up for the event you are hosting. All designs are 100 percent mobile responsive.

Scarcity and a sense of urgency

You can heighten the sense of urgency to make a purchase by reducing the number of available copies or beginning a countdown to the product's expiration date.

Uncomplicated incorporation

With the stroke of a single button, you can turn your fantastic WebinarJam recording into an automatic webinar that comes complete with statistics, chats, and videos.

Flexible scheduling

Utilizing our scheduling system, you can hold your webinars at whichever frequency best suits your needs. This might be a one-time event, or it can take place on a set schedule.

Email and text message system

Notifications of your pre-and post-webinar remarks should be sent to registrants by email and SMS text messages, respectively, so that they never miss a word you have to say.

Dynamic display

Simulate the atmosphere of a live event and give each participant the impression that many other people are watching together, even if they are the only ones there.

Detailed analytical information

ever analityics

With the help of our in-depth statistics that are updated in real-time, you can monitor key metrics like click-through ratios, dollar-per-signup, and many more.

Allow late attendance

Those who have registered can participate in a webinar that is currently taking place. The webinar will go ahead in time to the current timestamp so that late attendees can catch up

It’s a plus for me! 

Watch the replay right away

There will be a button on the page where you register that says, "Watch the replay now." The attendees don't need to hang around for the following session because they can start watching right away

Direct linking and an in-browser registration form

It is a fantastic idea to integrate the webinar registration form on your site if you already receive a substantial amount of traffic and want to promote your webinar on your website where you already have a lot of visitors.

You can personalize the registration banner or button on EverWebinar, and the platform will provide a code snippet that you can include in your WordPress website or any other website. 

As a result of this feature, you can directly market to your audience through social media networks.

Content management

You can set the order of slides and control how the session is presented, so you can focus on delivering and not technicalities.

One-click signup

It means you don't need to worry about creating accounts to invite people to join your webinar - invite them from an email list or create one for your event using our downloadable software from the website.

Ability to co-host

Any participant at your event can take control of the screen and share their screen or webcam. This is perfect for two people presenting an idea together, a speaker and participant, or gives anyone who wants to contribute a chance to get involved.

Integration with social media

EverWebinar makes it easy to promote your event across social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. You can then share the recordings on the same page once your webinar has finished.

Product offers

Find the right moment to flash a limited-time offer in front of your attendees' eyes so that they can click on it and make a purchase then and then. Including a countdown clock is another way to generate a sense of urgency around the offer.

Live sales alerts

By demonstrating to attendees that other individuals in the webinar room are making purchases, you can take the concepts of peer pressure and urgency to a whole new level

Notifications that go up in their browsers informing them that other people have purchased serve as an incentive to do the same.

Game mechanics

Adding this feature makes it fun to attend webinars, increasing the opportunity for return visits and more sales. I like this feature because it makes the webinar really engaging and fun. 


EverWebinar notifies attendees when the webinar is starting and allows them to jump in at any time - they don't have to wait.


EverWebinar's intuitive user interface is one of the product's many strong points.

ever template

Using symbols that are laid out linearly demonstrates the automation technique. It is recommended that you begin from left to right. Simply scroll down to make the necessary adjustments and turn on the features that interest you.

In addition, there is an abundance of whitespace in EverWebinar. It uses vibrant colors to attract your attention to design elements that are important, such as toggles, buttons, and checked circles, and it does this very effectively.

You can easily monitor your progress and go back over your settings because the layout and colors have been designed in such a way.

EverWebinar is exceptionally user-friendly and ideal for inexperienced marketers and content creators. Everything is described in straightforward English, so you don't have to worry about a complicated vocabulary. 

This software does not require specialized technical knowledge or skill except copying and pasting code for integrations.

EverWebinar Pros and Cons


  • Automated Webinars will spark live events.
  • A third party can moderate a hybrid webinar's live chat.
  • Password-protected webinar rooms are a must.
  • It contains pre- and post-webinar autoresponders so that you can contact your audience quickly.
  • It has moderation of a hybrid webinar's live chat session.
  • With a sense of urgency and scarcity, active offers are promoted.
  • Track and analyze your data with the help of their comprehensive analytics and tracking tools.
  • The registration pages are to be tested to the nth degree.
  • Point-and-click designs.
  • With Everwebinar's Full Email & SMS System, you won't worry about pixelated streaming or choppy frame rates.
  • After putting it up and testing it, you'll be up and running in no time at all.
  • It includes a simple email marketing system that allows you to promote directly to your webinar audience, no matter where you are.
  • Effortless operation. EverWebinar doesn't require any technical ability or IT experience.


  • The program isn't cheap, but at least you get a 30-day free trial.
  • An additional fee is required for email reminders.
  • You have to host online meetings with WebinarJam.

EverWebinar summary

EverWebinar provides an easy way for any business owner to promote their webinars and start making money from the audience that attends. 

It's ideal for people who have no time for complicated setups or are always on the move and want to market their webinars from wherever they are.

EverWebinar makes it easy for webinar marketers, online educators, or people with an idea to bring in new customers.

EverWebinar is perfect for anyone who wants a simple way of marketing their business through webinars. 

The system is also ideal for webinar marketers and online educators who wish to have total control over their events with no IT knowledge required.

EverWebinar makes it easy for webinar marketers, online educators, or people who have an idea but no time to set up their own website in order to deliver their webinars - that's why we like EverWebinar so much.

EverWebinar frequently asked questions.

Among are the most frequently asked questions about EverWebinar:

Is EverWebinar effective?

The figures clearly show that the answer is yes.

ever ondemand

On average, people who are watching a standard video only stick around for 10% of the content.

However, most people who attend a webinar stay 90 percent of the time. It doesn't matter if the webinar lasts 45 or an hour.

I'm in awe of those numbers. Unheard of in any other medium, to say the least.

If you want someone's undivided attention for that long, you'll only get it during a webinar. As our attention spans continue to dwindle, this form of connection is crucial in today's society.

When it comes to webinars, video content is king, and that's why evergreen webinars are so popular. 

They also have the feel of being streamed live. Customers will be more likely to stay on your site for a more extended period. EverWebinar is revolutionizing the webinar industry by making conducting webinars totally automated.

How EverWebinar may help you attract more customers to your business?

Webinars that are automated allow you to interact "face to face" with as many of your customers as you like

An unlimited number of individuals can view your webinar at once; hundreds or even thousands of people may watch the same presentation throughout the event.

You may speak to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of your customers all at once rather than having individual sales calls or meetings in person with each of them. This saves time and money.

Is EverWebinar nothing more than an old webinar that's been recorded?

Both yes and no

Using a program such as WebinarJam or Zoom, creating a recording of a live webinar is possible.

After that point, you'll need to record the webinar in question and then upload the tape to EverWebinar to turn it into an on-demand, automated webinar.

An automated webinar is not the same thing as a recording of a previous webinar because participants cannot view the recording in the same way they would watch a video.

To participate in the webinar, participants must provide their email addresses on a registration page. Most of the time, they are entirely unaware that the event is being recorded.

The encounter may give the impression of being entirely live to the participant.

The user will be asked to register for the webinar, which may occur at some point in the future, repeatedly on different days of the week, or even set up constantly, commencing in the next 15 minutes.

The webinar may take place at any of these times (thanks to the "just in time" function).

By the way, you won't have much trouble producing them.

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