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When filling out your website with valuable information for your audience, you will ultimately have to get to your About Me page. The About Me page is by far one of the most important pages on your website because it informs your potential customers about your business or yourself as a specialist.

In other words, you need to make your About Me page good if you want users on your site to convert from mere visitors to actual customers. Hence, here’s everything you need to know about writing an awesome About Me page.

What defines a good about me page?

So, what exactly defines a good About Me page? Obviously, there is a variety of factors that will determine whether or not your About Me page works the way you want it to work. Your About Me page is meant to inform your site visitors (mostly your potential rather than current customers) about your business and/or yourself as a specialist. 

writing an awesome About Me page

In other words, your About Me page either tells your audience about you or your About Us page tells the audience about your business (where you have a team of employees).

It’s important to keep in mind that your About Me page is meant to help both you and your audience. For you, this page serves as an easy way to introduce yourself and establish yourself as an authority. For the readers, it’s an easy way to instantly get the basic information about you they could be looking for.

The About Me page also helps you build trust with your customers and begin long-term relationships with them. This means that you can even use this page to ask them to sign up for your email newsletter, for example. 

What should an about me page have?

Now that you better understand the purpose of your About Me page, it’s worth discussing it in more detail. In theory, you can put almost anything you deem important onto your About Me page. However, you still need to follow some common best practices and include elements that a good About Me page simply can’t exist without. Here are just a few of them to work on: 

  • The unique value you offer. How are you different from (and better than) your competitors? What makes your business stand out from the crowd? What makes your products/services relevant?
  • Your products and/or services. What products/services do you offer?
  • Your credentials. What is your experience? Who have you work with (as a partner)? Who were your past clients? What are your qualifications? Are you an authority in your field?
  • Your team. Who is on your team (if you have one)? What is your employees’ experience, education, etc.?

Should you use your brand voice?

Before you start working on your About Me page, you must first decide what kind of tone you will use to do so and how this will fit your site as a whole. Some About Me pages end up sounding like they were written by a robot. Such pages simply state facts without giving any flair to the wording they use. If you do this to your About Me page, it will be way less effective in communicating its information to your audience.

Instead of making your About Me page sound stale, go ahead and use your brand voice. After all, you’ve been using it consistently with all the other content on your website, so why not use it here? Stop using jargon your audience may not understand and don’t use a monotone corporate voice. Consider even using humor if it’s appropriate for your brand image. As long as it helps you communicate who you are (or what your business is about), it’s probably the best thing you can use. 

How long should your about me page be?

Apart from making your About Me page boring, you can end up making it way too long for your audience’s liking. Indeed, this mistake is probably one of the most common ones when it comes to creating About Me pages. You may want to write about yourself or your business as much as possible or you could be particularly greedy with your word choice. In either case, you need to find a balance for your About Me page and make it just the right length.

How long should your about me page be

In the last section of this article, there will be some examples of good About Me pages. You will see that your About Me page could only have a single paragraph that includes enough information about yourself. Or it could be a much lengthier page with multiple paragraphs as long as it is a light read. To make your About Me page a light read, it is essential that you use your brand voice, especially a friendly and humorous one. 

Should you write your about me page yourself?

One last thing you should consider before you start writing your About Me page is whether or not you want to be writing it yourself. Of course, most business owners and individual specialists will want to be writing such important information themselves, but you should still consider using an expert for this.

As Katherine McCormick from a custom writing reviews site puts it, “Your About Me page may just be as important as your reviews page. But while your reviews page uses social proof, your About Me page uses your own credentials. Both are meant to establish trust, but you have way more control over your About Me page than you do over your reviews page. That’s why it’s much better to have a qualified professional working on your About Me page.” 

Include credentials, contact info, names, etc.

Now that you’re prepared to write your About Me page, you can start by working on all of the most important elements of this page: credentials, contact info, names, etc. Remember that these things need to be explained not just to inform your audience about your business or yourself, but also to “put you on the map”, so to say.

build your online authority

Imagine that someone wants to link to your website or blog. A link from another authoritative website could raise your own website’s rank while increasing your authority in the eyes of your audience. That’s why you really want to get that link – and it needs to be a correct one. This is where your About Me page comes into the picture. The person linking to your website will need to know your name (or your business name) and a bit about you to introduce you along with the link.

For example, your About Me page could list you as “George Cobblestone, lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, and part-time photographer.” By providing such titles along with your name, it will be easier for the person to introduce you as a specialist in your field. Otherwise, they could accidentally misrepresent you and you could lose potential customers.

Likewise, listing your credentials is important to establish why you are a “lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, and part-time photographer.” You are a lifestyle blogger because you have been posting about lifestyle-related topics for three years on your blog and social media. You are a YouTuber because you have a channel dedicated to your lifestyle and this channel has over 5 million subscribers. And lastly, you are a part-time photographer because you like working as one outside of social media and YouTube.

Other things you can list are your education and past clients. In addition to that, if you work with a team, include some information about your team members as well, even if it’s just the names and their titles. Contact information is optional – you can put it either here or on your Contact Me page. 

Use visuals to make your about me page pretty

Once you have the text for your About Me page ready, you should still work on a different type of content for this page – your visuals. Including a photo of yourself is essential if you want to establish a strong and loyal relationship with your audience. They want to see a real person behind the website they are reading or the business they are buying from.

Moreover, those linking to your website will be more comfortable doing so when they know what you look like.

In addition to your own photo, you can include other visuals. For example, a relatively short informational video can be perfect for expanding on what your business does. You can introduce some basics in text and then expand on them in the video itself to give your audience an even clearer idea of who you are and what you do. Besides, if you add social sharing buttons for the video, it will be even easier to spread it for those who want to do so. 

Remember that your about me page is for your audience

As you edit the final version of your About Me page, there is one thing you need to remember: this page is for your audience. As mentioned earlier, your About Me page allows you to introduce yourself properly to your audience while informing your audience in a brief and concise way. But even though the page is a need both for you and your audience, the focus must still be on your audience rather than yourself and/or your business.

In other words, you need to use the About Me page to address the issues that matter to your audience. It’s a way to appeal to their likes and interests and show that you are ready to provide them with valuable information and help them by offering your products and/or services. Your audience has some kind of a problem – and you are there to solve it because you have what it takes to do so.

Think about how you can serve your audience. In fact, it’s a good idea to ask for feedback on your About Me page before you officially publish it. Ask your current audience for their reasons to visit your page and read the information on it.

Then, once you better understand their point of view, you will be able to shape your About Me page according to this information. Just remember not to go overboard and start getting deeper into the lengthy stories behind your business. Remember the tip about the length of your About Me page.

If you still need an outlet to talk about how great your business is in every way possible (and not just why your audience needs to use it), you can create a separate piece of content about it. It can be a long-form article or a video detailing everything you want to cover. You can then post this content on your website, blog, or social media and link to it on your About Me page.

This way, this content doesn’t take up too much space on your About Me page while still being readily available to anyone who wants to check it out. 

Some examples of good about me pages

Last but not least, take a look at some great examples of what your About Me page could look like. These examples will help you better understand what you should do with your own page and how you can make it better.

Binging with Babish has a YouTube channel with over 9 million subscribers. The About Me page on his website is a great example of how you should make such pages:


Luvvie Ajayi’s About Me page on her website is also quite good. It’s lengthier than you’d expect, but her unique writing style is what makes it such an engaging read:

Luvvie Ajayi’

Final thoughts

To sum up, writing your About Me page is definitely an important step for you while filling your website. And that’s exactly why you must not overlook it and dedicate enough time to making your About Me page stand out.

Use the tips in this article to help you create the best About Me page for your website and inform your site visitors about yourself and/or your business.

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