Expert Secrets Review: Is It Still a Relevant Book In 2021

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Expert Secrets is the second installment in the Sales Funnel King’s Secrets Trilogy. The Trilogy focuses heavily on helping you scale your business and reach success with better efficiency no matter which stage of the process you’re at. 

In today’s Expert Secrets review, we’re digesting the ins and outs of this popular book and deciding whether or not it’s still valuable today. 

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Expert Secrets review: what is the book about?

It’s about building a business around your brand. Think of it this way: how does Russel earn most of his money? Is it through ClickFunnels? - probably, but is that all? 

Brunson earns a major bulk of his net worth from being himself. Dubbed the Sales Funnel King, he shares how he makes money off his personal brand and how he gets paid to talk about his ideas. 

This book teaches you how to build a brand for yourself, project yourself as a professional and an asset in your industry, and cash in on people who are eager to listen to you. Of course, there is a catch - you need to be able to put out valuable content. 

Expert Secrets Review

Its main goal is to help you find your brand voice, establish your expertise, gather a group of loyal followers, and monetize your best thoughts and content. 

Just imagine - talking about things that interest you, providing value to others’ lives, and making money while you’re at it. It’s every influencer’s dream!

But is it just for professionals? No, it isn’t! 

There are two main selling points of this book. First, it helps you build the voice of your brand and business no matter what industry you’re in. Second, it’s written in such a way that it would remain relevant for years to come. 

I’m not gonna lie. I was very skeptical going into the book. Sure, DotCom Secrets was a big success. But really, how can building an “expert voice” help my business? 

Turns out, there was a lot I needed to consider for my brand to really take off. This book helped me tap into my brand’s full potential with as little trial and error involvement as possible. 

Who is the book for? Is it a good fit for me?

No matter how good or beneficial a book is, there remains the fact that resources in this industry do not work for every type of business or owner. Despite this, Expert Secrets does a very good job of being inclusive for everyone. 

But if you’re considering picking up your copy, you should probably consider a few things first. 

Expert Secrets for businesses

Are you ready to spend a lot of time reading?

Don’t think this book is something that you can just read once and get away with it. If you really want to see results, you have to read it a minimum of three times.

  • First, read it cover to cover the first time.
  • Second, read it while planning out how you’ll apply every teaching to your business.
  • Third, read it while you’re enacting your steps to becoming successful.

The reason why you have to read it more than once is because you want to be able to absorb everything the book tells you. And there’s A LOT you need to absorb. Reflect on each passage and try to find ways to apply it to your business - or reasons not to. 

Remember, there’s no one-way solution for every business. You have to make adjustments where your business is concerned. 

Are you ready to commit to applying Brunson’s teachings?

I know it sounds daunting - and a little presumptuous, but hear me out. If you really want to make the most out of the second book in the Sales Funnel King’s Secrets Trilogy, then you need to make a commitment and stick to it. 

The book only works if you put in long hours and the effort to apply everything you think you need to. After all, you won’t see results if you only follow one rule and pray the rest will go your way. Unfortunately, business and social media does not work like that.

Expert Secrets works for a variety of venture models. But most of all, it helps you cash in on your brand. This makes the book perfect for you if you:

  • Run a business
  • Are an influencer
  • Work as an affiliate marketer
  • Specialize in web marketing

What can I expect to find inside Expert Secrets?

Much like DotCom Secrets, this installment is divided up into five sections. All of which tackle a specific aspect of how you can reach your goals. Each section either focuses on revealing secrets that Brunson has up his sleeve, or tackling major topics that you need to be aware of.

What can I expect to find inside Expert Secrets

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the book below: 

Section one: creating your mass movement

It all starts with your tribe. What is a tribe, you might ask? 

A tribe is your following of loyal fans who are eager to wait and hang on every word you say. Essentially, this section helps you find and build your audience. 

After all, you can’t be an expert without anyone to listen to what you have to say. 

And besides, isn’t that what all businesses and brands need? An audience? 

Well, Expert Secrets focuses on helping you create a mass movement or what others would like to call a cult following. This takes you one step closer to having patrons similar to what you see on Brunson’s accounts.

Section two: creating a belief

One of the most important foundations of having a brand that your followers can relate to. It’s one thing to have a belief system in place for you to share with anyone who will listen, it’s another to instill your beliefs onto others. 

Creating a belief that your tribe can get behind and support is important if you want them to maintain a connection with you and your expertise. Think of it similarly to what lifestyle brands advocate for. 

You create a need, and instill those needs into your leads’ minds so they’re more likely to listen to what you have to say and purchase whatever you send their way. 

Section three: the moral obligation

There are several ways to catch your audience’s attention. But what do you do after you’ve caught their attention? Most businesses fail in conversions because they have no idea how to better connect and build trust and rapport with their dream clients. 

In this section, Russel takes you through how you can build a connection with your clients and share your opinion with them without scaring them off. 

Section four: your funnels

The fourth part of the book takes you through a quick crash-course on how you can effectively utilize funnels to raise your conversions. It shows you exactly five steps on how you can build the “perfect” funnel, raise your page views and collect more leads with a higher conversion rate. 

Expert Secrets sales funnels

This section is admittedly one of the most valuable in the whole book considering you’re getting advice directly from the Sales Funnel King himself. 

Section five: what’s next?

The fifth and final segment of Expert Secrets concludes by letting you know how you can fill your funnels with organized traffic that guarantees your success as an expert in your relevant field.  

Expert Secrets pricing: how much does the book cost?

Expert Secret is FREE on the official website much like the other two books in the trilogy. So, what’s the catch? 

Good eye. Except, this time around, the only catch is that you have to sit through a series of highly valuable upsells that you should consider and you have to pay shipping. 

Shipping will cost you around $8 to $13 depending on where you live. But is that really too much to ask for such a high-value investment? 

Think about it. The book will change your life and your business for the better. If you ask me, $13 is a small amount to pay for success. 

Expert Secrets pricing

However, you could also support Brunson by buying his book through Amazon US.

The paperback costs under $14 plus shipping and will be calculated upon checkout. Keep in mind that if you opt for the free option, you’ll be receiving a hardback copy in the mail. 

Plus, there are tons of bonuses when you purchases directly from Russel’s website like: 

  • Expert Evolution - “How you can become the leader your tribe has been waiting for” valued at $97
  • Hook,Story, Offer - “building better funnels and avoid flopping” with a value of $97
  • The Perfect Webinar Slides worth $197
  • The Five-Minute Perfect Webinar valued at $97
  • The Thirty-Day Experts Secrets Challenge worth $97

Upsells and order bumps

As I mentioned before, you will have to sit in front of a series of upsold products and offers before you get your free copy. This sounds like a major inconvenience. 

But in reality, it’s also valuable information. You’re getting glimpses of good deals for products that you need to consider. Take a look at which upsells you should expect to see when checking out.

  • The Funnel Hacker Black Box
  • Storytelling Secrets
  • The Audiobook and Bonus offers
  • Access to the Expert Revolution System
  • Special discount to Funnel Builder Secrets and 12 months of ClickFunnels Platinum

What are the pros and cons?

Like any product out there, there are good points and bad points. The same can be said of Expert Secrets. Although it can only be called one of the best compilations of Brunson’s teachings, there are admittedly a few areas it can improve upon. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks from getting the book. 


  • The book is FREE on the official website and comes with a lot of free bonuses 
  • It helps you learn how to monetize your valuable content
  • The book is not limited to new businesses, it’s also applicable for existing ventures
  • It helps you create stories that sell 
  • You’ll learn the ins and outs of becoming a thought leader
  • It guides you through boosting your sales and funnel traffic


  • You have to pay for shipping. But is that really such a big inconvenience considering you get the book plus a lot of great bonuses for free?
  • You need to set aside time to see results. It’s a very time consuming process that you will need to commit to
  • It’s not an overnight solution and will take some time before you see any improvements
  • It requires a lot of reading and trial and error

How is Expert Secrets different from the other two books in the trilogy?

By now, you already know that there are three books in Russel’s Secrets series. This includes DotCom (here is the review) and - the recently released, Traffic Secrets. (review)

DotCom Secrets

While all three installments are connected to each other and play off of each other’s teachings and content, they’re all still valuable on their own and focus on different aspects of sales funnels and businesses. 

The first book was published in 2015 and still remains a huge hit today for one simple fact: it helps you establish your brand and business. It basically takes you through a journey of creating and identifying all the right aspects for your venture. 

Traffic secrets

Whereas Expert Secrets focuses on helping you build your brand voice and monetizing off of your ideas and beliefs while garnering an audience that trusts you entirely. 

On the other hand, the newest release focuses on helping you identify your ideal customer and finding the best platform to better reach them. Essentially, it helps you fill your funnels with valuable traffic and maximizing conversions up to 80%. 

While you might think you don’t need to purchase each book and would like to focus instead on one, I highly recommend reading all three if you want to see the best results.

While each book passively touches on what the others talk about, you don’t want to miss out on an in-depth discussion full of tips on how you can be three steps closer to a seat at the Two Comma Club. 

Is it still a relevant book in 2021?

Expert Secrets was written in such a way that it can piggyback and ride out any social trend or algorithm change that comes your way. Since it was published in 2017, you might think that it’s lost the initial interest. 


After all, most books lose relevance after a few years. That’s just a plain fact. 

But the way Brunson tackled the topics talked about in this installment guarantees that it still remains relevant to this day and for years afterward. Just take a look at the first book in the trilogy. DotCom Secrets is still as relevant as it was in 2015 and continues to help numerous businesses today whether they’re just starting out or are looking to branch out. 

So yes, this book is still relevant in 2020. If you’re still having second doubts, or don’t want to read the book cover to cover and would prefer to have Russel read it to you, you should definitely listen to the audiobook. 

It’s a completely different experience from reading and will still give you a good amount of insight into how you can improve your brand voice. 

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