How To Find And Use Trending Hashtags On TikTok For Visibility And Growth

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Whether you're a social media sensation or a newbie trying to stand out in its 1.7 billion population, you'll need a solid marketing strategy. You'll have to go beyond viral challenges and snooze-worthy reels to captivate your target audience.

With trending TikTok hashtags and attention-grabbing content, you can take your visibility and reach to the next level. Add this with Influensly and you've got yourself a guide map to social media success!

In today's article, we'll unveil what viral TikTok hashtags are and how they can make you the next Charli D'Amelio. Further in the blog, we'll explore the secrets to unlocking the best hashtags and their endless benefits. Let's jump in!

A quick glance at TikTok hashtags

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of discovering the best hashtags, let's cover the basics. Trending TikTok hashtags are the missing piece in your digital strategy, involving the "#" hashtag symbol and giving searchability a new meaning!

Tiktok hashtags

With relevant hashtags for TikTok, you get the opportunity to sneak into your target audience's feed, enticing them to interact with your brand. In addition, popular TikTok hashtags help you cut through the noise, ensuring you capture the best possible results.

Moreover, with the right hashtag usage, you build an unmatched sense of community that loves and engages with your content. Whether it's an adorable cat waltzing on your phone or a funny workplace misunderstanding, adding the most popular TikTok hashtags can give your TikTok videos a little oomph!

Unleashing the power of trending Tiktok hashtags: Why do you actually need these?

Take your TikTok presence to the next level with niche hashtags that complement your catchy reels. Let's delve into how these can help TikTok influencers and newbies:

Gather user-generated content

Don't just be a follower; be a creator! Using branded hashtags on TikTok allows you to captivate viewers, urging them to click on your profile and add their spin to your challenges.

As a result, you grow customer engagement, build a loyal user base, and get the insider scoop on their likes and dislikes.

Jump onto the latest trends

TikTok trends are always evolving. If you don't keep up, you'll get swept up in the sea of brands trying to make their voices heard.

Be different and keep your viewers satisfied by talking about the latest news! Use TikTok hashtags to showcase how active your brand is while entertaining them with exciting videos.

Create conversation with Tiktok hashtags

Entice your ideal buyer to click on your TikToks and discover your fascinating products by reposting on different platforms. Copy-paste your TikToks on Insta and Facebook with the same hashtags to enjoy increased discoverability with a sense of community.

Find And Use Trending Hashtags On TikTok

Besides this, creating informative videos without the 'boring' element makes you a brand authority without losing a connection with followers.

How to find trending hashtags on TikTok: The top eight ways

Discover the best-trending hashtags on TikTok by:

Taking advantage of the discover page

Kick start your research by clicking on TikTok's "Discover" page. Allow the algorithm to do its magic by scrolling, following, and interacting with accounts within your niche.

You can go one step further by checking the "Trending" page to pinpoint which catchphrases and dances are popular.

Uncovering TikTok hashtag secrets with searches

Shake up your social media strategy with a little inspiration. Utilize the platform's search bar to find which hashtags get your audience's attention.

However, don't just use this, mix it with the rest of the tips to ensure you don't limit your reach.

Following the best creators for your Tiktok hashtags

Finding influencers (aka. the Hollywood stars of TikTok) can ease your hashtag hunt, giving you a bird's-eye view of what's popular.

Additionally, following creators ensures you're always in the loop!

Glancing at your 'for you' page

Your FYP is a reflection of what excites you, from funny dog compilations to thrilling crime stores. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, you can use your 'For You' page to find what's trending.

Engaging in various TikTok challenges

Think brand-relevant hashtags and viral catchphrases that stick to your brand identity and go viral! You can use niche hashtags to participate in ongoing trends and foster brand loyalty.

Staying active in your industry

Become the next Duolingo by being active in your niche, whether it's creating your version of a "Day in the Life of " video or a "Pack with us" reel.

Leveraging third-party tools to find viral tiktok hashtags

Take advantage of innovative tools, like Influensly, to spot trends to capitalize on and get ahead of the curve. Incorporating third-party to your TikTok strategy can highlight your reels in folks' discovery page.

Keeping an eye on your competitors

Take a sneak peek at what hashtags industry leaders are using to gauge your performance. You can identify bottlenecks in their strategy to skyrocket your TikTok popularity.

How to use Tiktok hashtags to make your videos viral?

use Tiktok hashtags to make your videos viral?

Using hashtags on TikTok is simple. Hashtags are added to the description of your video whenever you're through editing it and ready to share it. The most crucial thing is to use hashtags strategically. Let's examine a few of the more effective approaches.

Incorporate both the large and small tags

Hashtags and challenges are two major parts of the TikTok experience that you may utilize to increase the visibility of your video. Consider participating in popular challenges and using relevant hashtags to boost your discoverability.

Stay up to date with the latest trends 

TikTok is well known for using music and sound bites, so adding popular sounds to your material will increase the likelihood that it will go viral. Using the trending audio in your videos can increase view time, offer viewers an idea of what to expect, and even encourage others to locate your video using the trending search page.

Even if you produced your own audio, we still advise adding popular music as a background track if you want your video clip to have a greater chance of going viral. Just be sure to turn down the music volume in comparison to the audio of your speech.

Work on creating your own challenges 

You may also host a hashtag challenge to increase brand interaction. Hashtag challenges are a fun way to get people involved and post their own unique content based on a set subject. Creating a repository of user-generated material is a great way. It also helps promote your branded hashtag and could lead to more people using it.  

Use hashtags intelligently

One common tactic social media marketers employ is the clever use of hashtags in social media captions. Instead, you should think about utilizing them elsewhere to help make yourself more noticeable.

Put a popular hashtag in your TikTok bio if you think it will be vital for your brand in the long run. Another excellent use of this technique is teaching your TikTok followers how to tag their own videos so they can join in on the conversation.

How to add popular and trending TikTok hashtags to overcome the algorithm?

Whether you want the fame that rivals the Mona Lisa or seek customer loyalty that mimics Netflix's, you'll want to know the secrets to amplify success of your tiktok hashtags:

Think like your customer

Instead of stuffing hashtags to the brim, step into the mind of your prospective customer and determine what content matches their taste.

Armed with this info, you can sprinkle suitable hashtags on the screen, captions, and even the comments. Remember, using the right words is crucial to reaching folks.

Create the perfect hashtag mix

The trendiest keywords can skyrocket your discoverability but with boundless competition. Mix popular hashtags with less competitive ones to beat the algorithm!

Trendiest hashtags

You'll climb your way to the top when viewers start finding your content in smaller and larger tags.

Keep up with the latest trends

Skip the uninspired product shoots and add a little personality to your account with famous dance-along, mimicking, and voice-over reels.

Keep your videos lively with trendy songs, irresistible moves, or the type of jokes that make you snort!

Keep an eye on the character count

Avoid turning off customers with endless tags and jargon by limiting it to 300 characters. Additionally, you'll want to create short and catchy captions that make folks pause and want to watch till the end!

Get famous with branded Tiktok hashtags

Why wait for another trend when you can create yours? Give creativity a new meaning with branded tags and captions that remind viewers of you (and hopefully your products)!

You can build excitement by introducing challenges that inspire your team and buyers to hop on.

Throw in a little extra

Don't just add two to three hashtags, sprinkle in extra spice to invite engagement from multiple audiences. With a short caption, you'll get all the space you need to fit as many keywords as you need!

Keep up with the competition

Instead of creating a randomized list of phrases, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best, find out what others are doing. That way, you'll discover the top hashtags to overcome your competition!

Collaborate with influencers

Incorporate the virality feature in your reels by collaborating! Identify the top brands and influencers within your niche to reach out and create content with.

You can always create a new challenge or add your spin to an existing one!

Add your geo-location

Location tag

Ensure relevance with a side of personalization by using location tags. Whether you're a local chef or a seasoned real estate, incorporating geo-locations can give you the peace of mind that your content reaches the right people.

Don't forget the comment section

Upkeep the aesthetic of your TikToks without sacrificing hashtags by putting them in the comment section. You can highlight the best ones in the caption and the rest as a comment.

What are the benefits of TikTok hashtags?

With millions clamoring to enrapture viewers, TikTok is quickly growing crowded. The good news is that a little hashtag magic can provide the following perks:

Elevates your views

Using tiktok hashtags strategically pushes your content further up the algorithm, seducing your audience to click and boosting your visibility. Thus, with the right phrases, you get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a diverse audience.

Ensures your videos get seen

Connect with folks genuinely interested in what you create and sell by incorporating trendy tags. With a little searching and strategizing, your videos will start popping into the target audience's FY pages!

Keeps you up-to-date with trends

Trending hashtags ensure you don't look like your tech-challenged aunt by updating you with the hottest challenges and catchphrases. You'll also encourage relatability and virality by adding the relevant tags.

Creates a distinct brand identity

Tiktok viral hashtags

Showcase your brand personality to captivate viewers and entice them to click on your profile. Add your logo and branded hashtags to dominate your competitors!

Foster a sense of community

Keep folks hooked on your page with customized phrases, trending hashtags, and creative challenges. With relatable reels and informative stitches, you can cultivate a strong follower community that loves your content!


TikTok is now an essential aspect of marketing, particularly for businesses looking to attract a younger audience. Using relevant hashtags wisely can encourage more people to connect in this way.

Finding your way around TikTok marketing settings is more complex than it appears. It is critical to conduct extensive research and truly grasp what the target audience enjoys and how they behave before you create branded hashtags for your business.

In this article, we tried to explain why trending hashtags are important and how to utilize them to garner maximum attention.

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