Fuck You Money: What Is It And How Much Do You Need?

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Fuck You Money is one technique to get into a position of "fuck you" in the eyes of others. Using the definition from Urban Dictionary, you can tell someone to "fuck themselves" without worrying about the consequences. 

For those who don't want to sacrifice their morality for monetary gain, this is what you need to live the life you want.

"Financial Independence, Retire Early" is the acronym for the FIRE movement

There's little doubt that most individuals work five days a week or more and retire at 60 when they're too exhausted to do much of what they wanted to do when they were younger. That's not acceptable to those who follow the FIRE movement. 

While many people are eager to make Fuck You Money, they believe that doing so will allow them to leave their employment and begin to live sooner will enable them to do this.

Some people have taken extraordinary measures to save enough money to retire at a younger age, such as giving up their home to live in a trailer, buying meat on sale because it's soon to expire, and moving to a less expensive area. 

The idea that one may attain financial independence and retire early in a country like the Philippines, where you come from, may be difficult for many people to comprehend.

What is Fuck You Money?

The number of financial resources that an average individual needs to tell their employer "Fuck you" while still being able to satisfy their other financial obligations throughout their lifetime is referred to as "fuck you money."


If you have "Fuck you money," it means that you are financially independent and have many sources of income that support the lifestyle you desire.

The precise sum of money that must be saved to achieve financially independent status differs from person to person.

It may be as low as $10,000 for those living in underdeveloped countries, but it could be as high as $10 million for people living in countries where living costs are far higher.

However, "fuck you money" is typically sufficient for an individual to maintain their current standard of living for at least a few years, and in ideal circumstances, for the rest of their lives.

When you no longer need particular employment to bring in money, you can say that you have "fuck you money," which indicates that you have achieved financial independence. 

You have put away and invested a sufficient amount of money, and as a result, you are the one in charge of deciding whether or not you will continue working at your current position.

You may enjoy both your employment and the firm you're employed by, even though having a bad work environment and a horrible supervisor makes FU money taste all the better.

On the other hand, if you have FU money, it indicates that you won't need to worry too much about your financial status even if the company you work for declares bankruptcy or if you lose your job as a result of external factors that are beyond your control (like COVID-19).

What's the difference between Fuck You Money and an emergency fund?

As the name implies, emergency funds are funds set aside for the unexpected. More than half of Americans have only three months' worth of living expenses set aside in an emergency.

If anything happens, like an unexpected medical bill or losing your job, you can use this money. Every month, the average American spends over $3,000 to cover their basic needs, such as buying food and heating their home with electricity, gas, etc. 

Because of this, their emergency fund would be limited to around $9,000. Conversely, the power to live life on your terms is provided by fuck-you money.

Not in the distant future when you retire at 67, too elderly to enjoy the freedom you worked so hard to get. 

Fuck you money and FIRE are not interchangeable concepts (Financial Independence Retire Early).

Alternatively, it's a complex way of suggesting that you could retire a decade or two early but at a worse quality of life than you currently have.

It's a choice between spending money you don't have and a thrifty way of life. Suppose your money doesn't put you in a position to decide this. 

Instead, you want to be able to walk away from your job tomorrow morning without a second thought in your mind. In the end, the goal is not to have one.

Why do you need it?

For one thing, the "ideal life" is a subjective concept that must be considered. This list is not comprehensive. My "perfect" existence is unlikely to resemble yours, in any shape or form.

That's fine, too. Because of Fuck You Money, there's no more need to justify your actions or why you're doing them.

However, this does not imply that you should adopt the Tony Stark way of life, characterized by excessive spending and other vices.

You will no longer be affected by the anxiety that comes from the fear of starving to death or being unable to pay your payments. Instead, they are determined by how you picture the ideal day, week, or month in your life.

Is there anything else that we might possibly have picked up over the course of the past few years? The next financial catastrophe is right around the corner, even if nothing else goes wrong. 

To put it another way, you should make it a priority right now to save away enough money to cover your expenses for the next year or two. This is a wise approach. 

The advantages of being a proud owner of Fuck you money greatly exceed any potential disadvantages.

Starting with the phrase that is used the most, we have:

You can quit any job you detest at any time.

As a direct result of this, you will never again be forced to suffer through working a job that you detest.

You can walk away from a bad deal.

You are free to back out of any transaction if something about it doesn't feel right to you.

It helps during economic instability.

During economic uncertainty, it serves as a reliable support system for you.

Unwanted clients can be fired.

You are free to terminate your connection with any clients you no longer wish to work with.

Can retire earlier. 

You have the option to retire earlier if that is what you want.

You can leave a bad relationship involving shared assets.

In a toxic personal relationship where shared assets are a concern, you can buy your way out of it.

Can travel as a digital nomad.


You can become an actual digital nomad and travel all over the world.

How much fuck you money do you need?

Other elements, such as the cost of living, inflation, and more, differ from location to location. What you want to do with your financial nest egg will significantly impact the amount of money you require.

To minimize your financial risk, it's good to diversify your holdings among a range of asset classes, such as real estate, gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, equities, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

How to make fuck you money

To become financially independent, it is essential to know what this is and how much money you will need to accumulate. Good news! This challenge can be approached from various angles.

Many people who lead Fuck you lifestyles did so by utilizing a combination of the tactics listed below.

Conduct a personal financial audit

If you have not been careful about keeping track of your monthly income and expenses, you should start doing so. Starting now is an excellent time to start doing so. If your answer is "Never," then you should read this.

You overspend because you have no idea how much money you're spending. You can live without many things that cost a lot of money. The only way to see exactly where your money goes each month is to make a detailed budget.

Instead of using a spreadsheet to keep tabs on your expenditures, consider using an app like PocketGuard. Identifying and eliminating wasteful spending should be a top priority.

Stop living on credit

It's a sign of financial hardship or emotional desperation if you have to utilize your credit card to make a purchase. Putting a purchase on a credit card will often result in an increase of approximately 18 percent in the total cost of the item. 

If you don't have a credit card, how are you supposed to pay for essential things for your survival?

If you have to pay for your gas with a credit card, saving money will be pretty tricky for you to accomplish. These are only a few methods to help you save money and lower your regular costs, but there are many more.

To achieve true financial independence, you must first increase your ability to make money by generating passive or new revenue streams.

Side hustles

The term "side hustle" refers to those who start and run a business on the side while maintaining their 9 to 5 employment. Typically, a $500 - $1,000 monthly bonus is the desired outcome. 

After taxes, this extra money would go into your FYF in your situation. You've got the gist of it. Offering to clean up dog excrement is a lucrative side hustle since most people dislike doing it themselves.

For example, think about how many people dislike mowing their lawns. It's great to have a side business, but it's too small to grow into something bigger. As long as you're awake, you should be able to earn a living.

Affiliate sites

In some areas, it's considered somewhat of an after-hours gig. And while I can see their point of view, the subject at hand is too broad to be adequately covered in a single bullet point. 

Short of winning the lottery or running a few specialist affiliate sites, any other method can quickly become rich. Compared to, for example, day trading, launching an affiliate marketing website is a pretty risk-free way to make money.

Affiliate marketing also allows me to make money online by selling other people's products, and I earn enough through my efforts to meet my daily needs. Your ability to make money once your site has matured and started bringing in regular revenue.

Sell digital assets

To produce something only one time but then sell it dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times after that. This is a great business strategy.Items that have been manufactured and sold but are now digital.

Therefore your production expenses are determined mainly by the time you spend making it.

Aside from customer service and the initial costs, there is no other overhead here. Over the past decade or so, digital products have become a popular digital product.

Sell a course

The online learning sector is worth $325 billion right now since people enjoy learning new things. It used to be that designing and delivering an online course required a significant investment of time, money, and resources.

These days, it is easy to generate training materials for Udemy in a matter of days and do it for an almost insignificant fee.

Don't think you've got anything to offer people in the way of expertise? Make a list of all the things you've done in your career, hobbies, interests, etc. Then check out Udemy to see if any popular courses fit any of your list items.

Make a better version of it, then allow Udemy to promote it on your behalf. We'll end this part with a final thought before we do.

Whether part-time or a full-time job, creating your own business is the fastest method to make F-you money. Only a tiny increase in your monthly income can completely transform your life, but active money management can only go so far.

The power of fuck you money

It is impossible to overestimate how powerful money is. It can completely change not only your life but also the lives of those who are closest to you.

Here's how“:”

Having true peace

Just for a moment, try to picture yourself waking up tomorrow morning without any concerns or worries.

Even if your baby is crying, the neighbor's dog barks incessantly, or you have a terrible cold. You still need to get up and work. You, on the other hand, are unconcerned. 

Imagine that you own the house in which you just awoke, that all of your expenses are paid in full, that you have six figures saved up, and that you have a steady stream of money pouring in from several sources.

It's true that if you have fuck you money, you can go across the world and party like a minor celebrity.

However, it allows you to experience true tranquility for the first time in your life. Every day, the ordinary individual has to wake up earlier than they want to go to a job they despise and pays less than they would like to live comfortably. 

They rush home, cook dinner, play with the kids, and then sleep it off again in the evenings. It's rare to find a career that provides enough money for a person to retire early. On the other hand, 

F-you wealth allows you to live the life of your dreams because you are financially secure.

Help others

When you have a solid financial basis on which to build, being able to touch the lives of others positively comes naturally. 

Fuck You Money What Is It And How Much Do You Need

An analogy that comes to me is "first, put on your mask. When it comes to impacting other people's lives, the first step is to ensure that one's financial situation is in order.

Others can be a local hospital, an animal welfare organization, or even a family member going through a challenging or rough patch. Instead of feeling sorry for the person in front of you, offer them some money.

And you can only do that because you're F-You rich.

Spend cash to make It

It's a sad reality of life, but it's usually easier to make more of it if you already have money. Bootstrapping a "Fuck You Fund" isn't impossible; it's just easier if you aren't already under significant financial stress starting the fund. 

You can get considerable returns even with a tiny sum of Fuck you money if you invest wisely.

You'll be making a million dollars if you keep up the excellent work. You may also utilize some of your FYF to secure a short-term mortgage or bridging loan on some affordable real estate in your region. 

Get the property up to code yourself, do all the painting and cleaning yourself, and then sell it 50% more than you paid for it.

Your grandkids and great-grandchildren can benefit from the decisions you make today. This allows you to establish generational wealth. 

Why your Fuck money might never be needed

The goal of accumulating enough wealth to be able to tell one's employer to "stick their job" and never have to account to anyone ever again is the concept behind "Fuck You Money." 

It is the material that makes one's dreams come true. However, something that you might find fascinating is that there is a good chance that you won't have to make any use of your investment at all.

When you are under constant financial stress and juggling debt, it is challenging to take pleasure in anything that life offers. When you are unsure whether or not you will be able to purchase groceries this week, how are you supposed to "have fun"? 

Or, how are you supposed to concentrate on climbing the corporate ladder when you consider yourself to be nothing more than an enslaved person working for the bare minimum wage?

When we think about the challenges we face financially, it causes us so much stress that our heads could explode.

It's possible that if you have enough money, you'll be able to save your relationship and spend less time arguing about money to spend more time together having fun and appreciating life. 

Therefore, even though you want to get your hands on some money, it's possible that you won't require it for the reason that you had anticipated.


You don't need to have an interest in the status that comes along with riches simply because you have the motivation to work toward achieving financial independence.

You don't want to buy a house or automobile simply so you can brag about how much money you spent on them. 

On the other hand, you desire the independence to decide how to spend the remaining 16 hours of each day on your own.

Income is sufficient to allow one to say "no" when necessary, whether to a boss, employee, business idea, etc. The fantastic thing is that you don't even need millions of dollars to achieve that. That's the cool part. 

You merely need to have enough money so you don't have to worry about money constantly.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to your finances, there are undoubtedly a lot of questions to consider

Since my customers, friends, and followers constantly inquired about the basis, I felt it necessary to take the time to react to their inquiries. To learn more, continue reading what I've written below.

How can we define money?

Money is a medium of trade that can purchase goods or services from other people.

There are five distinct kinds of money, including commercial bank money, representative money, commodity money, fiduciary money, and fiat money.

  • Fiat money is money whose value is decided by an authorized government decision. Banknotes and coins are examples of fiat money.
  • The value of commodity money, such as gold, salt, or beads, is "intrinsic," which means that the product itself determines its value.
  • The value of representative money, such as certificates, paper money, and token coins, can only be derived from the value of the item it is backed by.
  • The bank can convert fiduciary money, such as checks, into commodity money or fiat currency.
  • Commercial bank money, often known as the funds in a checking account, is a currency created by the bank in debt.

How to get fuck you money?

First things first: put some money away so you can start a fund for your upcoming gap year. Cutting back on your spending is the quickest and most straightforward approach to accomplish this goal.


For instance, you can maintain a record of how you spend money. You should spend fifty percent of your money on the things you require, thirty percent on the things you desire, and twenty percent on savings.

You might also boost your annual income, eliminate your debt, and put your extra cash to work for you by investing it. You may put together a nice emergency fund for the future with the help of all of these different items.

What are the steps that you can take to begin saving money?

If you have a credit card and a savings account, make the transfer each month of whatever you are carrying on your credit card (after paying off the balance) into your savings

You can do this online in minutes using whatever bank or credit union account you already have.

A straightforward method to start saving is to reduce your alcohol and cigarette consumption. This small investment in self-control can result in hundreds of dollars in annual savings.

Isn't that just another name for an emergency fund?

You may think that having FU money is comparable to having an emergency fund composed of your accumulated savings. 

Emergency reserves can be placed away to prepare for unanticipated costs or to protect against the possibility of having no fresh income for several months. 

It is there to assist you in getting through a challenging period or a significant life event for which you are aware that you will soon want money.

FU money consists of what you would require for your emergency fund, but it also includes a lot more than that

If you save and invest this kind of money, you can cover your living expenses for a good deal longer than six months. And it gives you the freedom to decide whether or not you want to work.

Money may be what gets you to a place where you can call yourself financially independent, but it doesn't mean the money will last you the rest of your life.

Who needs FU Money?

Everyone should at least try to get their hands on some FU money. Everyone can't be there at the exact moment or in the same amount of time.

In addition, it's influenced by the individual's circumstances and the work they've put in to get to this point. 

When it comes to money, even if you're in love with your current job, a solid financial foundation can help you determine if you want to work part-time, take a break, start your own business, or even retire early.

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