George Farmer Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

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Have you ever given any thought to how much money George Farmer has? George Farmer is considered one of the most successful business people in the United Kingdom because of his reputation for having built for himself. 

His résumé is jam-packed with accomplishments and the financial success he has had. I'm going to cover all you need to know about George Farmer in this blog article, so get ready!

Who is George Farmer?

George Thomas Farmer is well-known in the business world. He is now serving as chairman of the board of directors for Turning Point UK. George Farmer, a prominent figure in American public life, was born in the United States. 


Throughout his career, he has acquired a significant amount of accomplishments. Candace Owens, his husband's wife, is a political broadcaster who leans conservatively and supports the right.

How much is George Farmer's net worth?

George Owens and his wife, Candace, are a powerful couple in British politics.

George is the youngest member of the Leader's Group

This secretive upper-class society requires a minimum yearly payment of 50,000 pounds to preserve its connection with the Prime Minister. He became a member in 2016—the youngest ever!

As it turns out, George and Candace have made political investments at almost the exact same rate. As a result, they are both members of the Leader's Group. Farmer's net worth is expected to reach $180 million by the end of 2022.

George Farmer's biography

George Farmer was born rich, and he stayed that way. But how exactly did he remain rich in the process? In this segment, I'll discuss George Farmer and everything you need to know about him. 

Early life

George Michael Farmer was born in the English city of London in 1989. Lord Michael Farmer, his father, was a former Conservative Party treasurer and one of the world's most significant metals dealers.

Everyone in George's family, including his two brothers and two sisters, was born and reared in London.

Despite being born and raised in a slum, George's father, known as Mister Copper, has built a prosperous career in the metal markets.

George received his education at St. Paul's School, a prestigious private school in London established in 1503 and noted for educating many notable individuals from the United Kingdom.

Following his graduation, George was awarded First Class Honors in Theology by the Department of Theology at Oxford University.

When Farmer was a student at Oxford, the infamous Bullingdon Club was famed for throwing wild parties all around the city. Farmer had been a member of the Bullingdon Club, which was a subset of the Bullingdon Club, for his whole life.


George Farmer was already a wealthy man by the time he decided to attend business school. He had the money to do whatever he wanted, but he also had the intelligence and drove to make sure that his money was put to good use.

At business school, George's curiosity was piqued by learning about different methods of making money and running businesses.

He learned about how to make sure that your money is working for you instead of against you and how to be successful at running multiple companies at once.

As a result of his experiences at business school, George became well-versed in several different ways of making money and running companies.

In addition, he gained much information about the techniques that work for him and those that do not.

Red Kite Group

George Farmer's most fruitful venture at that time in his career was the Red Kite Group. Aiming to attract a specific market, George Farmer and his business partners founded Red Kite Group, a firm that specialized in the fabrication of copper. 

The first two years of the company's existence were astonishingly successful, and they were marked by a tremendous deal of success under George Farmer's supervision.

The Red Kite Group took the strategic choice in 2006 to shift its concentration from copper mining to hedge fund investment, which proved to be a more profitable venture

An action like this one, which George Farmer successfully accomplished, is so uncommon that it is almost unheard of.

Moreover, due to their extensive experience in the copper industry, the corporation can now easily trade future contracts for the metal on the open market.

Personal life 

George Farmer and Candace Owens are the names of the delightful couple. In addition, he is now the father of four children. The year 2008 marked the beginning of their relationship, and everything has been flowing well since then. 

George Farmer Net Worth How Rich Is He

He proposed marriage to Candace after they had been dating for some time as the obvious next step in their relationship.

So far, the only information he has provided about his family is the names of his parents. Apart from that, he has not provided any further details.

He is a man who loves to keep things quiet when it comes to his personal life. In fact, apart from what his parents' names are, there is no other information about him that we can find on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

Wedding plans

Farmer and Owens each married twice throughout their lives.

According to several reports, George Farmer and Owens' wedding was set to take place on August 31, 2019. In contrast, the two of them had devised a distinct concept three weeks before.

Candace recommended that she and her soon-to-be-husband have a small wedding in early August, with just a few of their closest friends and family members present, to minimize expenses and save money.

Candace's dream wedding always included a small number of guests and a primary, unobtrusive venue.

The couple's wedding planner and photographer were close friends and notified that the ceremony would be held in a church.

The group included, in addition to, their preacher. Candace and George celebrated their celebration at Trump Winery, where they had previously been married in a neighboring church, following just 48 hours of wedding preparations.

Farmer and Owen's pastor, David Nasser, who also served as best man, led an acoustic band playing the couple's favorite song throughout the ceremony. The only instruments used by the band were a guitar and vocals.

George Farmer and Candace Owens were married in a modest ceremony on August 6, 2019.

As soon as the little ceremony ended, it was time to change gears and go on to the more significant celebration, which would feature a larger number of guests. 

Candace and George decided to continue with the original date of their wedding since there were no plans to modify the date of the ceremony.

All about Farmer's wife

Candace Owens, 32 years of age, is a vocal activist on the right wing.


The Sunday Times referred to her as "media savvy" and "straight-shooting" in their article on her. Owens spent his childhood in subsidized housing in the city of Stamford, Connecticut.

According to The Times, at one point, she moved in with her grandpa to escape the "cr***y, infected" apartment that her family lived in.

Her parents filed a lawsuit against the city and won, which resulted in a compensation of $37,500. The case began when police investigated racial murder threats made by adolescent guys on her cell phone.

Owens dreamed of a journalism career but could not fulfill the requirements necessary to get a degree in the field. So instead, she worked for the renowned magazine Vogue for some time before transitioning into the financial sector.

According to the explanation provided by the Times, she was formerly an unknown political vlogger but has now become one of President Donald Trump's "most visible boosters and companions of the first family."

She has won Trump's favor by launching attacks on anybody who has the audacity to make fun of or criticize him.

Owens initiated the Blexit movement around the end of 2018, a social media effort to persuade African Americans, Latinos, and other minorities to abandon the Democratic Party and register to vote as Republicans.

After accusing that the rapper's music "contributes to the collapse of black culture and values" in September of 2020, she and Cardi B got into a heated verbal exchange.

George Farmer's cars

The car of choice for George Farmer is the Rolls Royce Phantom. It's a fine machine, and it's not surprising that he'd choose to drive it. 

The only issue is that it might be difficult to see through the tinted windows when they are in their full glory. And what about those who are standing on the other side?

Luckily, there is an alternative: Mr. Farmer also owns two Range Rover Vogues, which he uses as his daily drivers.

These cars are perfect for getting around in style, but they're also great for people who want to blend in with the crowd. So you know if you're trying to take someone out and not draw attention to yourself by driving a Rolls Royce Phantom.

How much is George Farmer's salary?

Well, it turns out that George Farmer is one to keep his finances and life private. So, there's no public record of his salary.


However, I estimate that he probably makes a lot of money every month! 

The Takeaway

In the end, we have to say that George Farmer is a man who has truly made his mark on the world. He's a great example of someone who has had success in their career and then used that success to help others.

This amazing individual has a bright future ahead of him, and I can't wait to see it!

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