Get Paid to Type: 7 Websites To Make Money

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I've been doing money typing at home for years, and I LOVE it. There are various ways to make money from home, but this one is my favorite because it's so simple. These sites are legit and will pay you for your work. 

The best part is sometimes they give you a bonus for signing up through me, so you can make extra money if you sign up through this blog post.

If you’ve ever been interested in making extra money while doing something fun like typing and writing, this post is for you. So please keep reading to see which of them would be a good fit for you to start typing for money right away! 

You can find websites that pay people to do this by searching "websites that pay you to type" or "get paid to type."

What is a get paid to type websites?

A get paid to type website is a website that pays you for typing. The work can be from transcribing audio, typing in captcha forms, or doing data entry. 

Get Paid to Type 7 Websites To Make Money

Some of the websites employ both types of work. Sites range in length and payout depending on how much time you're willing to spend online. 

You also have to decide if you're interested in completing jobs with a specific site or just accepting any available position on the site as they come up. 

Websites can generally be broken into two types, paid to type and survey sites. The comparison between the two is that paid-to-type websites pay you primarily for typing while survey sites pay you mostly for doing surveys.

Top websites that pay you to type

I want to give you some top recommendations for getting paid to type websites. The list isn't in any particular order. These websites are legitimate and pay you either on time or through check as long as you're qualified.


Aberdeen is an excellent site for people who want to make money typing from home. One of my favorites is Aberdeen. Aberdeen is an online community where users can share and discuss ideas.


The site pays its users to participate in polls, answer questions, and write blog posts. You can increase your income by recommending friends to the service.


However, Aberdeen limits how many tasks you can complete per day, so it may not be a good option if you're looking for a steady stream of work. 

Key features

  • Variety of job options - Aberdeen offers a wide range of jobs.
  • Accessible globally - As long as you have the internet, you can work anywhere.


Companies interested in working with Aberdeen would generally look at the company's website for price information.

Unfortunately, the company does not provide price information or plans on its website, so potential clients will have to contact a company salesperson to learn how much its services would cost based on their specific business needs.

Aberdeen pros and cons


  • This is a wonderful place to start if you're just getting started.
  • The site offers a wide range of jobs, and they're pretty easy to complete. 
  • You can choose from tasks like transcribing audio, writing articles or reviews, and even answering survey questions.
  • It's free to sign up and participate in polls, answer questions and write blog posts on Aberdeen. The site features a vibrant user community eager to share their thoughts with others.
  • They pay their employees based on how much time they spend typing, so you can establish your own hours and work whenever you choose. If you have some free time on your hands, this is a great way to make some extra money!


  • The pay rate isn't as high as some other sites.
  • There are limits on how many tasks you can complete per day in Aberdeen.


MicroWorkers is a site that allows users to perform simple tasks online.


Microworkers is a site that will enable you to bid on projects from businesses and organizations all over the world who need help with various types of transcription, proofreading, and data entry tasks. 


The pay varies based on the study and the length of time it takes you to complete it. You can get paid for writing product descriptions or transcribing audio files. The tasks are short and straightforward, and the pay can be pretty decent.

Key features

  • Different jobs are available- it includes transcription and data entry. 
  • Heightened security- It comes with using 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) to protect users' accounts.
  • Easy-to-use interface - allows you to browse through hundreds of different jobs based on what type of work they require and how much they pay. 
  • Create Your Group tool - You may include and remove as many nations as you want in your own group with ease.


Micro jobs on the platform can cost anywhere from $0.10 to a few dollars, depending on their complexity and duration.

Both employers and workers can join Microworkers for free, with the employer paying a 7.5 percent fee on each completed assignment and a $0.75 fee to have your campaign approved in their marketplace.

MicroWorkers pros and cons


  • This site has a lot of different jobs available and allows you to earn money by completing specific tasks on the internet. 
  • It's a micro-work platform where users can sign up to complete tasks such as writing articles or editing photos for businesses that need help on their projects.
  • You can work as little or as much as you want, whenever it's convenient for your busy schedule.
  • The best part about MicroWorkers is that it's open to anyone who has access to a computer and an internet connection.
  • Special skills are not required (though if you have them, they'll come in handy). The company offers a wide range of tasks and projects, so there's something for everyone—even if your expertise is limited to writing or typing.


  • You must be able to type fast enough for it to take off financially.


Quicktate is a website that pays people who are interested in making an extra buck or two by typing out different forms for companies.


Quicktate is a transcription service where users can earn money by listening to audio files and typing them into text files. I love this site because it's easy to use, and they play fast! 


You can start earning money right away if you have a computer with internet access.

Key features

  • Set up your price- you can do it based on the length of each job.
  • Choose the types of jobs- you can choose the job you want to complete (such as transcription or writing).
  • Customized schedule- you can set your own schedule for completing jobs. 
  • Affiliate links- you can also earn bonuses by referring other workers who sign up through your link—and if you refer enough people, these bonuses can add up quickly.


Quicktate stands out from other websites like this one is their pricing structure: unlike other companies where rates are set by how long each project takes you. 

Quicktate offers three transcription plans:

  • Economy plan - it's $1.25 per week and includes 175 words. There's an additional fee for every additional word 10¢.
  • Standard plan - 5.00 per week, 750 words included, and you must pay 10¢ for every other word.
  • Pay As You Go- it's $0.00 per week, 0 words included, and you must pay a fee of 4¢ per additional word.

Quicktate pros and cons


  • You can have access to reviewing your earnings at any time.
  • You can work whenever you want (day shift or night shift)
  • No experience is necessary. You can sign up and start earning.
  • The company also offers freelance opportunities for those who want to work for themselves instead of being assigned work by Quicktate directly.
  • There's no minimum payout on Quicktate—so even if your typing speed isn't as fast as 120 WPM, you still get paid every time they receive an order from a client looking for someone like yourself.


  • It pays very low


SpeakWrite, an online typing employment site, is one of the most excellent methods to get money from home.


This website allows you to work on a wide range of different projects and tasks and provides users with several tools and resources that can help them earn more money per hour.


Key features

  • On the go- Transcribers can log onto the website at any time and work in the background. 
  • Payout- users can start a transcription project and earn money as soon as it's completed -with no minimum balance required.
  • Job scheduling tools - you can set your schedule and determine the length of time each job will take.
  • Management tools- so you can keep track of all your earnings, time, and other information. 
  • Work authorization- See who is allowed to work on your projects, and make sure that you follow their guidelines for submission.


There are no monthly fees, set costs, or hidden fees with SpeakWrite. SpeakWrite should only be used when necessary. You will only be charged per word for word transcribed. Each task requires a minimum of 100 words.

  • General transcription- Single speaker audio for 1 and ½ cents per word
  • Multi-speaker transcription - Audio of 2 or more speakers for 2 and ¼ cents per word
  • Legal transcription- Single speaker audio for 1 and ½ cents per word
  • Spanish translation and transcription- Audio of 2 or more speakers are $9 per audio minute.

Speakwrite pros and cons


  • This site is great because you can start working from home as soon as you sign up to be a transcriber. 
  • They offer a ton of different transcription and editing projects that will allow you to get paid to do all kinds of things. 


  • The program is free for people to use, but it requires you to do a lot of writing and editing on the site to be paid.


TranscribeMe! is a website that pays workers to listen to audio files and type them into text files. You can earn money by typing out the recordings using your computer and internet connection. 


It allows users to transcribe audio recordings into written text. The recordings can be up to an hour long and can be made from anywhere.


Key features

  • Variety of jobs- This site has a lot of different jobs available and allows you to earn money by typing out different types of audio files. 
  • Easy to use- The website is easy to use with a user-friendly, straightforward interface. 
  • Making a profit- Many levels are available, ranging from beginner to expert in making a profit.


If you're looking for extra cash, TranscribeMe might be your new favorite way to make money from home! TranscribeMe! Offers three different transcription plans:

  • First Draft - costs $.79 per minute and has an accuracy rate of 98 percent. Speaker IDs and timestamps are provided, and delivery is usually the next day.
  • Standard - starts at $1.25 per minute and guarantees a 99 percent uptime. Speaker IDs and timestamps are available, and delivery is 1-3 business days.
  • Verbatim- starts at $2 per minute, and every utterance is recorded. Speaker IDs and timestamps are supplied, and delivery takes 2–5 business days.

Transcribe Me! Pros and Cons


  • The great part is that you can work as little or as much as you want.
  • You can make money by doing transcription of audio files and even get paid more if you are a quick typist.
  • They pay you for every audio file that you transcribe in various languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean.


  • You must be able to type fast enough for it to take off financially.

Accutran Global

Websites like Accutran Global allow people to make money simply by typing. It's easy—you don't have to be an expert typist or even have any special skills.


You just need a computer and an internet connection. Accutron Global is one of the largest sites on the web where users can earn money in exchange for their typing skills.


Key features

  • Easy to use - this site is straightforward and easy to navigate. 
  • Flexibility - You will have total flexibility in choosing whether to work full-time or part-time.
  • Ample work-hour- provides great work-hour flexibility to establish your preferred schedule.


AccuTran Global's transcription projects will be paid $0.004 per word in 2021. However, this charge can reach $0.0055 per word for complicated and lengthy assignments

You can earn up to $0.4 for each minute transcribing an audio or video clip. If you work hard, you can earn between $15 and $20 per hour. This hourly rate might help you type faster and more accurately.

Accutran Global pros and cons


  • Working as a transcriber for this organization might pay as much as $20 per hour.
  • All transcribers have the option of choosing from two different time slots.
  • You don't need any formal educational or vocational qualifications to get started.
  • This website's transcription projects are all legitimate.
  • As you gain expertise, you will be asked to take on greater responsibilities, and your compensation will rise in tandem.


  • To get chosen, you must type at least 70 words per minute.
  • This position is only open to citizens of the United States and Canada.
  • You'll need transcription equipment like a foot pedal and a headphone to get started.
  • It can take up to six weeks to finish the application process.


Sigtrack is an online typing test that pays you to type in your own words instead of copying text from a website. SigTrack allows people to work from home just by typing. 


This get paid to type website is a relatively new online venture that works to connect businesses and individuals who need transcription services with transcribers who can provide them.


It would be best if you reached out, and the right person will respond to your request.

Key features

  • Selecting Jobs- You'll see a list of available jobs for each client. Each assignment pays differently.
  • Job specifications- differ by state and, in some cases, by petition. The default specs are a set of standard guidelines. Then, each state's own set of particular rules differs from the norm.
  • Lingo- The number on the petition form is always referred to as a "line" in language. In the database search results, "row" is always the number. All voter information is written in the signature.
  • Easy submission- To submit your work for peer review, click control-s after completing each form.
  • Stopping Work- If you wish to stop working on a form, submit your last work item, exit the task from the main menu, or quit Sigtrack.


Price information for companies interested in dealing with Sigtrack is often found on the company's website.

Unfortunately, the company does not publish pricing or plans on its website, so potential clients will have to call a sales representative to determine how much its services will cost based on their individual business needs.

Sigtrack pros and cons


  • No prior experience is required to perform the job. You simply must be a US citizen.
  • Because the workers are primarily entry-level, and you are given training, anyone who understands the principle can do the job.
  • At Sigtrack, you can work flexible hours and determine your schedule. The company will offer the task, and how long it takes you to do it is up to you.
  • It is an excellent time to work and may easily be accommodated into your schedule.


  • Sigtrack is exclusively accessible in the United States.
  • You must be a US citizen with a PayPal account to participate.
  • You may not be compensated regularly because the labor is seasonal and primarily done during election season.
  • Work can become tedious and monotonous.


Lionbridge is a company that pays people to type. You can sign up here and once approved by the company.


You'll be able to complete assignments and get paid for your work. The projects are usually short, but they come infrequently enough that it's possible to make a decent amount of money with Lionbridge. 


The pricing model for Lionbridge is based on how many words you type per minute. If you want to optimize your earnings, you should keep an eye on how swiftly you type.

Key features

  • Training and eLearning- provides corporate training and interactive eLearning training activities. The e-learning training platform will keep your company ahead of the competition.
  • CAD, 3D Modeling, and Media- Create detailed renderings that explain how your product functions, repairs, and uses the tools you've made for them using the best-in-class CAD and 3D modeling software.
  • Technical writing production creates printed technical documentation, online help, web content, and high-quality multilingual communication.


Price information for companies interested in dealing with Lionbridge is often found on the company's website.

Unfortunately, the company does not publish or disclose pricing or plans on its website, so potential clients will have to call a sales representative to determine how much its services will cost based on their individual business needs.

Lionbridge pros and cons


  • Work is often straightforward and fluid.
  • All rating activities are prepared for through training.
  • Workplace happiness in general
  • A clear sense of mission
  • Flexible timing and location
  • There are several options to work remotely and discover tasks at various hours of the day.


  • Having to compete for hours
  • On a first-come, first-served basis, 
  • 12 hours a day spent in front of a computer
  • Attempting to find work can become tedious.

Frequently asked questions

Below, I'm diving into some of the most commonly asked questions about getting paid to type by websites to make money and how to get started.

What should I do first? 

You must first register an account with the site for which you wish to work.

Do these sites pay well?

The answer is yes and no. Some sites will pay more than others, and the higher-paying sites will need more effort from you and will usually have stricter standards.

Is it possible to make a living off of doing this?

Yes, it is. The opportunities are there, but they're not as abundant as they may seem. Numerous websites offer paid typing jobs; consequently, you must stand out from the crowd to earn an income that is worth your time and effort.

Can I get paid for my typing speed? 

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get paid for your typing speed directly. Many sites will pay you for your time, but not for the number of words that you type per minute.

How do I get started with making money at home? 

There are several ways to make money at home, some easier than others. One of my most favorite ways is by typing at work. Working from home is quickly growing in popularity, and there are many reasons why.

Some fundamental reasons might include convenience, time management, and flexibility for those with children and other family commitments. 

Where does typing fit into working from home?

To clarify, you will type at work for this opportunity. It's as simple as that.

What is the difference between typing at home and typing at work?

When you type at work, you are typing from home with this particular job. The same principles apply to these two types of typing;

however, they are two different jobs. You can only get paid for one of them, so it's important to choose wisely to be successful.

What is the difference between these two types of typing?

Typing a certain amount of words for this type of job will be based on how fast you can type

Why would someone want to speed-type? 

There are many benefits to speed-typing at home:

  1. You probably enjoy doing it and have a passion for your work.
  2. It gives you time flexibility, which can benefit some people.
  3. You can take a break and get away from it if you need to.

What kind of words do these sites pay for?

These sites will pay you per word completed. 

Do these sites pay me by the hour or by the day?

When you work for one of these sites, there is no set time requirement for completing tasks. You will be paid on a per word basis

How much money can I make? 

This depends entirely on you and the amount of work that you can complete for each site. 

The number of sites available is not as impressive as other jobs found online; however, it is important to note that these sites pay exceptionally well.

Working at home as a typist with these sites is one of the better up-and-coming opportunities out there. 

How do I get started on these sites?

Each website has its requirements and procedures for getting started, so it's essential to read the information provided by the site in question.

Are there any other options besides typing?

Yes, there are many other ways that you can make money online. Some of the alternatives include designing websites, developing software and writing articles. 

Final words

The world has begun changing with the introduction of computers and internet technologies. There are several computer jobs that pay good money to people who have a computer and the necessary skills

It is time to go back to using your keyboard by doing some typing work from home on one of these sites. You will be able to make some extra income online with the few hours you can spare every day, which is obviously a big plus for students!

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