Grammarly Free Vs Premium – Is It Really Worth It?

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In today’s modern generation, grammar has become more essential. I personally experienced that “minimal grammatical error” can lead to misinterpretations, especially at work. Correct usage of grammar helps people -like me and my co-workers- to understand each other from the same perspective. 

There are many software tools that offer the same service but my personal choice is Grammarly. I have already benefited from it for about 3 years and counting.

Therefore, I can say that it has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are still thinking about Grammarly Free Vs Premium, I will help you to understand which one will work the best for you.

If you've already decided to get Grammarly, just click the button below and grab it for free.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a useful software embedded into a word processor to help the users find grammatical errors in their writing.

What is Grammarly

Whether you choose Grammarly Premium Vs Free, both versions can help students, employees, writers, and other professionals to proofread and edit their writings. 

Grammarly runs a whole document in its system and initially checks spelling, grammar, spacing, and punctuation errors.

It also has the ability to improve your usage of vocabulary. Grammarly can be accessed as a Google Chrome Extension if you wish to check grammar mistakes during online work. You can also use it online via Microsoft Word, just integrate Grammarly into the Word.

What are the best features of Grammarly?

As a writer, marketer, and owner of my business, I am fond of good grammar as one key to effective communication. For the past few years, here are the things that Grammarly surprises me when it comes to its functionality.

Grammar and punctuation

This function detects errors in the usage of grammar and punctuation. It can find mistakes from basic to advanced levels.

Is Grammarly premium worth it? Of course, yes! The premium version allows you to access the advanced features of the software.

grammarly checking grammar_


Grammarly boosts your spelling and it ensures your writing is free of error.


Copy-pasting is a no-no. Grammarly compares your writing to billions of sentences, phrases, and articles of web pages across the internet.

Writing style

This feature is perfect for writers like me! Whenever I run my article on Grammarly, it gives relevant insights about the readability score of my work.

grammarly word choice

The sentence length and other errors are also detected. This assists me a lot, especially when I try to extend my tune in writing. Sometimes I try another genre for self-improvement and Grammarly acts as my first audience.

How much to avail Grammarly?

Below are the latest pricing options of Grammarly Premium:

Monthly subscription plan costs $29.95 per month.

Quarterly subscription plan costs $19.98 per month or $59.95 in total bill paid payable at once.

Annual subscription plan costs $11.66 per month or $139.95 in total bill payable at once.

I started using Grammarly for free and I find it very useful for someone who wants to test its functionality.

After two years of being a free user, I decided to avail of its annual premium plan due to workload upgrades. The awesome thing about Grammarly is you’ll definitely get what you paid for.

Grammarly performance

Who will benefit from Grammarly?

Grammarly is useful for both English speakers and non-English speakers who don’t speak and write the English language very often. People who use Grammarly are mostly:

  • Bloggers
  • Content marketers 
  • Copywriters
  • Social Media Moderator
  • Authors
  • Academic personnel 
  • Any professional who wants to create an accurate report, proposal, email, or social media post.
  • Students

For many professional writers, as well as the new ones, Grammarly acts as their defense equipment against possible grammar criticism. Not only that, but this tool also offers settings in which you can specify the function of Canadian English, Australian English, British English, American English, and so on.

You can use it to double-check if your book, article, or blog post is readable and accurate. The premium version can also assist students who may have a batch of work and projects that they want to check for enhanced quality. You can sign-up a subscription for a month, do what you need to do, and then cancel if you need to.

If you are a student and you wish to use tools like this, you need to check specific rules implemented by your school or university. Ask if you are not violating any of their regulations.

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Grammarly free vs premium

The free version of Grammarly almost contains every feature of Grammarly premium. The main difference is the premium’s advanced performance of grammar checker, plagiarism detector, and vocabulary improvement.  

Grammarly free vs premium

In short, the free version of Grammarly is ideal for newbie writers and bloggers with an insufficient budget for writing tools. If you are still wondering what you would get from Grammarly Premium Vs Free, the answer will be a "detailed" review of your work. 

Grammarly Premium offers additional writing insights and special features that allow you to set your own writing goals. It also extends its error detections to the fullest.  

I currently pay for an annual premium subscription because I find it affordable in the long run. I really need this in my work and yearly subscription helps me manage my expenses better.

For additional information, I heard that Grammarly newly introduced a business version of its software.

In addition to the features given on the premium version, the business edition of the Grammarly software includes features such as below.

  • Admin and user management controls for privacy and security of your operations
  • 24/7 automatic email support
  • Centralized billing
  • Monitoring tools to check engagement trends

Grammarly for business costs $15 per registrant per month and could be a great option if you’re a team in need of a grammar and spell checker tool.

Should you get Grammarly premium?

You are really interested, aren’t you? If you are still reading right now, then you should probably try the premium version of Grammarly.

On the other hand, if you’re someone on a budget, install the free Chrome browser extension and test it for yourself before making the premium version a priority.

grammarly for chrome_browser extension

Grammarly can also be extended to other platforms like Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc. So you've got no problem at all.

Learn from me! Try Grammarly free today and if you find it very useful, you go sign-up for the premium.

I spent almost a year using the free Grammarly online editor without any issues since 2017 before availing the premium in 2019. That was over three years ago and I don’t like spending money on tools that won’t help me - but this one is an exception.

Today, I still use the premium version to check the drafts of my writings and look for possible grammar mistakes.

This proofreading tool is so favorable and easy to use. Try it for yourself and see if it is samely beneficial for you!

Grammarly pros and cons


Saves time

Grammarly helps the users to save more time because manual proof-reading is really time-consuming. This software helps me proofread a 1000 word article in less than 30 minutes.

What I usually do is apply all the corrections and re-read the whole article, then I input some manual corrections on parts where human intervention is necessary. 

grammarly pros and cons

This tool is very helpful for people who are always busy. They may not notice it at first but even a free version of Grammarly can save their time indirectly. This tool is the best for the correction of English language errors easier than the usual process. For me, this is a really great software to try. 

Years ago, I used to rely on MS Word grammar correcting tools and search word meanings one by one on Google. Now, I don’t have to undergo those hassling steps just to proofread my work. 

Other than my personal experience, if you are a start-up business owner or someone who has a lot of people to email every day. You don't need to hire a technical person to proofread your work. Grammarly can do the job.

Enhances the functionality of your word processor

Grammarly is usually added to the Word Processor. This improves the functionality of the existing program. Grammarly allows the users to complete their work without any English language error as possible.

It also lets you comply with syntactic errors so you can end up producing an error-free work.

Continuous learning

The truth is, even English speakers don't speak grammatically correct all the time. This is true, especially during informal conversations. The great thing about Grammatically being international software.

Limitation in continuous grammar learning is decreased. People who use this tool can build a strong foundation in the English Language. 

Word-per-word and sentence-by-sentence, it will break your content into small parts. This can help you identify grammatical and spelling errors easily. 

Just like what it did to me, I learned from my mistakes, and corrections are retained in my memory. The next time I use the corrected word or sentence, I use it the right way.


Grammarly can instantly proofread your work. This type of software can get rid of all the contextual, spelling, and grammatical errors in your document. Compared to traditional grammar checkers like in MS Word, this tool has fewer limitations and more options in editing.  

Grammarly is not your ordinary software because it provides contextually based corrections. It is multi-compatible. It can run on itself or you can integrate it with other applications and perform its job.



Grammarly is context-based. It will correct your work 100% accurately according to context.

Grammarly pros and cons

However, it cannot restructure each sentence word by word. It doesn't have the ability to check the meaning of every sentence in your writing. It assesses your work as a whole. So in case you accidentally include useless sentences without concrete thought, it can’t assist you with that problem.

It can somehow improve negative sentences like when there are possible alterations in the usage of words. Grammar is a very wide thing. Make sure to express yourself in the most understandable format and let Grammarly clarify the blurry part for you. 

Similar words

Grammarly will only check the common words, however, it cannot extend to correct the words of incorrect usage. Here is some example:

1. My cat is so sweet.

2. My car is so sweet.

3. An apple a day keeps diseases away.

4. An iPhone a day keeps diseases away.

In the above example, the first and third sentences are both grammatically correct, as well as the usage. They also give a useful meaning.

However, unintentional errors in the second and fourth sentences cannot be detected. This usually happens to me when I’m already exhausted but still need to complete a task. To avoid this, I use Grammarly and manually scan the whole article afterward.

Grammarly alerts

Proper nouns

Grammarly detects the most common proper nouns and automatically corrects it. However, there are also limitations. It will not correct other places, persons, or organizations if the system is unfamiliar to it even if the name is very popular globally.

Capitalization of the first letter is very important when you use a proper noun. This meticulous process is commonly unnoticed by users and can cause multiple mistakes. 


Most people depend completely on software like Grammarly to correct the grammatical errors of their work. However, as a user, we should be aware that this tool is just an automatic assistant helping us in our daily tasks.

It will not improve our own skills if we will not take it as a useful guide. We still need to improve our knowledge of the English language, especially when you have frequent errors detected by the software. 

All software and applications have their own limitations and we must be aware of that.


We have tackled the pros and cons of Grammarly. The difference between premium and free services are also identified. If you are someone like me who finds it hard to use grammar rules productively, you should try tools such as Grammarly and be free of grammar errors in your next email.

This can help professionals to improve their writings and grammatical skills. For those who want to learn more about this software, you can visit my detailed Grammarly review.

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