Grammarly Review 2022 – Is This The Best Grammar Checker?

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While perfect grammar does not guarantee a successful digital venture, how you convey your message can significantly affect the way your audience perceives your brand.

And for marketers and entrepreneurs, brand image is crucial in earning potential customer’s trust.

Having mentioned that, it is perhaps the reason why you came to check my Grammarly review 2022.

It is either you are looking to establish a credible brand through sharing written content, or you simply want to share coherent, engaging, and easy-to-digest blog posts.

Whether it is the latter or the former, my Grammarly app review can help you. In this post, I will share each of the software’s primary and basic tools, its perks, and possible disadvantages as well as insights about its overall performance.

Let’s start?

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What is Grammarly?

As its name suggests, Grammarly is a digital tool used to proofread a written text’s grammar, use and placement of punctuations, spelling, and tone. From basic to advanced functions, the platform covers all essential rules and corrections needed to produce texts free of grammatical errors.

Grammarly can be used for any type of documents as well.

grammarly review

You can scan materials such as informative articles, blog posts, books, essays, academic papers, email copies, and even personal journal entries. And take note that all corrections will depend on the text’s overall intent, which guarantees precise suggestions and tips.

By the way, I use the software every day for my business that includes editing all my blog posts, social media content, emails, etc. Although the tool is not perfect, you can achieve great results with it by using only the free version.

For a quick review, here’s how Grammarly works:

  • It detects syntax and grammar errors. The software identifies basic and advanced grammar flaws throughout the text. It includes sentence fragment, active and passive voice, subject-verb agreement, redundant words, and many more. Grammarly gives a brief explanation for every correction as well.
  • Checks and fixes punctuations. The tool ensures all punctuations are placed and used correctly. It detects errors like run-on sentences and comma splices.
  • It double-checks spelling. Grammarly checks a word's spelling like a pro. It often provides suggestions near to the misspelled word. The tool is also deemed comprehensive compared to Microsoft’s spell checker.
  • Enhance writing style and tone. Although it is not as similar as to how humans express their thoughts, Grammarly can offer near-human suggestions about your writing style. For instance, you will be notified about your choice of words, whether the term is overused, or it does not fit in the context. It also has a tone detector that you can modify depending on the type of content you are aiming for. It gives insights on how to improve a text’s readability too.
  • Plagiarism. Another handy tool to applaud Grammarly for is its plagiarism checker. Essentially, the program scans and checks a document to detect plagiarized sentences - intentional or not.

The software is also available in four subscriptions: Grammarly free trial, Grammarly premium, Grammarly business, and Grammarly @edu (I will explain this more in the next sections).

And each bundle includes a diverse set of perks, restrictions, and prices.  

free grammar check

To those who wish to earn money as an extra income while using Grammarly, check out its affiliate program. Affiliates are promised to receive perks such as cash bonuses, exclusive discounts, and increased payouts.

Who are its target audience?

While it is true that it is available for everyone, users should still consider cost-effectiveness as their number one buying factor as some may benefit less from Grammarly.

To see whether it will work for you or not, I listed down below a few individuals who I think can make the most of it.

1. Bloggers and freelance writers

Blogging requires more than regularly publishing content. The content itself needs to be of quality too. And since a typical blog post is a written text, it is crucial to have it checked - the spelling and grammar, sentence structure, and many more. 

Grammarly offers pro-like proofreading, which bloggers can maximize. I find it an excellent alternative for human proofreaders because: (a) it is cost-effective and (b) it provides real-time results.

With its wide array of functions - from correcting word choice to the length of sentence and placement of punctuations - it is difficult to believe that it is inexpensive too.

The product provides with all corrections from basic to advanced grammar. Users can also adjust the intent from “informal to neutral to formal” to make sure that the message is being delivered in a way that the readers can quickly grasp the message. It also has features that check your engagement and clarity level. 

But what’s truly remarkable about it is that it has a built-in plagiarism tool.

Essentially, it determines whether a sentence or a paragraph is lifted from an existing page. It also acts like a police officer that warns about unintentional plagiarism or sentences that have the same order of words from already published articles.

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2. Copywriting agencies

Professional and compelling writing is essential in business and marketing. It is especially true for copywriters who deal with problems like “how to capture this [specific demographics] attention in a professional way” and the likes.

Grammarly business is a reliable assistant for such individuals. Its perks are the same as those in the premium version. It enables application integration as well, so you can check copies directly from your email clients and in real-time.

Although I believe a Grammarly premium account is enough, a business one is better as it can be shared with three or more people or a team. Hence, it is befitting for copywriting agencies. 

the best grammar checker

3. Affiliate marketers

In affiliate marketing, product promotions involve a lot of writing. The content, on the one hand, should be engaging and, at the same time, compelling. And this could be a bit of a problem for non-writers - unless you use Grammarly.

Grammarly is an excellent proofreading assistant for them because: (a) offers features that check the message’s readability, engagement level, clarity, and delivery, and (b) lets you optimize your text by setting goals. 

The tool allows you to check whether your writing is clear and engaging enough. You can also adjust and set different goals (to inform, for instance) to see if the structure of your sentence and choice of words fit into your objective.

4. Students

Whether you are a native or non-native English speaker, perfect grammar is crucial in school papers. It is especially true for those who are writing essays, dissertations, and thesis that require grammar-error-free materials.

Grammarly also helps to avoid students as well as researchers from using someone’s ideas without proper citation, all thanks to its plagiarism tool.

What are the pros and cons?

Grammarly has its advantages and imperfections too. To help you gauge its usefulness, I enumerated below a few pros and cons that I noticed from using Grammarly.

grammarly passive voice


  • Real-time corrections. If there is one thing that makes Grammarly one step ahead from a human proofreader, it would be its real-time corrections and insights. It is particularly useful if you are sending an email response to, say, a client that you are trying to make a deal with.Flawless grammar is crucial in business as it makes you appear professional. And no one would like to lose a client because of that!
  • It supplies insights and explanations. As mentioned, the software does not only fix and polish your grammar but also gives you sound answers as to why you are wrong. If necessary, it offers tips on how to improve your text as well. You don’t need to be knowledgeable in English grammar, too, to understand its answers. Grammarly gives easy-to-understand explanations.
  • It optimizes your content by setting goals. The tool also renders a feature that allows you to ‘set goals.’ Parameters like the text’s tone, target readers, intent, and formality will determine whether your content fits its ‘purpose.’Grammarly will give you suggestions depending on the said factors too. That way, you can modify your sentences and syntax to suit your desired goal.
  • It is straightforward to use. Grammarly has an intuitive user interface and entry-level accessibility. You don’t need to be a computer geek to understand how the tool works.
  • It is available in different apps and devices. The online grammar checker is not only a comprehensive tool - it is also versatile. The software enables users to integrate Grammarly plugin into any devices and internet-based applications. That includes Google Chrome, MS Word, mobile phones, laptops and computers, and Gmail.


  • The free version is limited. Although the company offers a free version of the Grammarly app, most of its features (including the Grammarly plagiarism checker) is only available in its premium version. That said, if you want to enjoy all its perks, you need to upgrade to a premium Grammarly subscription.
  • Pricey. As mentioned above, you need to subscribe either to Grammarly’s premium or business account to have access to all its tools. The catch is both plans are too pricey compared to its competitors. The annual payment for the paid version, for example, costs at $11 a month.
  • It misreads the context sometimes. The software is not flawless as it is billed to be. Although it offers near-perfect corrections, there are a few instances that it misreads the context and suggests askew tips. Hence, it would be wise to read the correction first before you apply it.
  • It requires the page to be refreshed sometimes. In some cases, you need to refresh the page in order to work properly.
grammarly pros and cons

Grammarly pricing plans

Grammarly is divided into four plans. Here’s the breakdown of each package:

grammarly pricing plans

1. Grammarly free plan

A free version of Grammarly is also available. In this version, users can access its desktop and browser extension.

The catch is its features are limited and only offer basic grammar corrections such as spelling, subject-verb agreement, and punctuation placement.

2. Grammarly premium

The premium version will give you access to all its features, including the plagiarism tool. Perfect for a freelance writer or a student. Its price starts at $11.66 per month (billed annually). 

3. Grammarly business

For digital marketing firms, copywriting agencies, or teams that need a quality online proofreader, Grammarly’s business plan is an excellent deal.

For $12.66 monthly, users can have access to all the software’s tools. But the best part about it is that you can share with 3 to 149 users.

Grammarly review 2022: what to expect?

Grammarly is an accessible and intuitive software. Aside from it is equipped with proofreading features, the platform itself is easy to understand and navigate for people of all walks of life. 

I will show you in this section how it varies from other online grammar checkers.

Grammarly key features

Grammarly’s free and premium versions both offer a diverse set of tools. And as mentioned earlier, the free version is very limited in features. So, take note that the tools I will list below are those you can find in premium, business, and @edu versions.

Grammar checker

English grammar involves not only three and more elements. It is a system of interconnected rules that govern the composition of phrases, clauses, and words.

Simply put, there is a right way and wrong way to write and speak in English. Hence, mistakes are unavoidable - especially if you are a non-native English speaker!

That is where Grammarly can help you.

The platform offers an easy-way-out form of grammar checking. Rather than re-reading your article, essay, or email copy, you can have it checked by merely scanning it and let the tool do the work.

Essentially, Grammarly’s proofreading tools allow you to do things in real-time: (a) correct grammatical mistakes, (b) check and fix spelling errors, (c) use proper punctuations, and (d) enhance your writing’s overall performance.

Once it has identified all mistakes, Grammarly will correct it by giving the right words, punctuations, sentence structures, etc. 

Say, you mistakenly wrote “grammar are fun” instead of “grammar is fun,” Grammarly will underline the error (which is the verb “are”) and will give the correct answer (which is the verb “is”). But what makes these “suggestions” unique is that it comes with brief explanations of why they are considered wrong.

grammarly checking grammar_

So, if you look at it in a different light, Grammarly isn’t only a proofreading tool. It also acts like a teacher that tells you the reason why the use and arrangement of your words are incorrect.

That way, it helps you proactively enhance your writing skills and avoid making the same mistake in the future again. You can even add and save unknown words to your personal dictionary.

To get a grasp of how it can help you, below are some of the grammar detectors you can find on Grammarly:

  • Overused words
  • Word redundancy
  • Placement and usage of punctuations
  • Adverb use and placement
  • Passive and active voice
  • Sentence and phrase structure
  • Tautologies
  • Run-on sentences
  • Wordiness
  • Incorrect pronouns
  • Weak modifiers

Set goals for customized feedbacks

In marketing, personalization is crucial to capture your audience interest. The same rule applies in writing as well - you need to write according to your target readers’ preferences and level of understanding.

Grammarly offers a feature wherein users can check if the writing style and tone are befitting for their target demographics.

grammarly tone detector

The feature will check your content based on five factors: audience, formality, domain, tone, and intent. It will ask you to ‘set a goal’ and will automatically give tailored suggestions based on the person's target market and intention.

Here’s how the tool works:

1. Audience. The delivery of your message must be in a way your prospects can understand it. For instance, if your target readers are professionals or experts in their field, using highly technical terms and sentence structure is fine and most of the time essential. 

On the other hand, it could be a bit overwhelming for the general audience. And in such a situation, readers will instinctively avoid reading ‘too difficult to read’ content. 

So, by using Grammarly, you will see what makes your material inappropriate for your readers and therefore improve it. 

2. Formality. Formality involves the usage of standard casual expression and slang words. It lets you determine whether the terms and phrases you are using are too formal or informal for your intended viewers.

3. Domain. This aspect covers several types of writing: academic, technical, business, creative, general, and casual. Its purpose is to adjust your grammar depending on your chosen one. 

Say, you pick casual writing, Grammarly will notify you whether your words and syntax are too challenging to understand for casual reading. It will restrict you from using idioms, advanced sentence structures, and metaphorical expressions.

grammarly word choice

4. Tone. As what was said already, everything must be based on your target audience. And that includes the sound of your writing. 

Such a parameter, however, is often neglected as something not important. Yet, the tone of your article plays a vital role in engagement. For example, if you sound too analytical, yet your content is for the general audience, readers will most likely to shy away from it.

5. Intent. Intent lets you improve your material depending on the reason why you wrote it. Is it to inform, to describe, to persuade, or to tell a story?

Plagiarism checker

Claiming someone’s idea or expression, also known as plagiarism, is a prohibited act punishable by law. Whether it is in the form of essay, research, or speech, mentioning someone’s work without citing them can cause you problems.

And online content is no exception.

It is why Grammarly is more than just a grammar checker because it also offers a plagiarism tool that enables you to double-check written texts. 

grammarly plagiarism checker

Here are a few points you need to know about it:

  • It detects plagiarized sentences or phrases from billions of websites
  • It uses ProQuest’s academic database
  • It highlights passages that require citation
  • It provides the source needed to cite a quote or passage properly
  • The results are given in real-time

But how does an aspiring entrepreneur like you, perhaps copywriter, can benefit from the Grammarly plagiarism tool?

Here’s why.

Duplicate content tends to confuse Google and other search engine algorithms. When it happens, only one page will be ranked in SERPS regardless of whether it is the original or plagiarized content. 

As such, the only way to avoid such a situation is to publish original and unique materials. It is why you, being a digital entrepreneur or freelance writer, must be wary of it as it could hurt your business.

I recommend it to students, researchers, and academes too.

Use it on any device you like

Here’s another reason to like Grammarly: it is very versatile. And by versatile, what I mean is that you can integrate it into any devices and internet-based applications you want, including email clients and social media platforms.

So, instead of copy-pasting everything you write, you can now check your writing straight from the application you are using.

That said, here’s where you can use and integrate Grammarly:

1. Web tool

The first and most used option is using Grammarly via the web tool. Users don’t need to download the app. What you need to do is simply log in to your account using Google or other search engines, then copy-paste or upload the document you want to scan.

grammarly web tool

You can also type the text directly into the application if that is something you are comfortable with. 

2. Desktop app

If logging in and out of your account is quite a nuisance for you, you can have the software installed on your computer or laptop instead.

grammarly for windows

To use Grammarly for Windows, simply download the application from the app tab of the software and follow the instructions.The only downside of it is that it only works in Windows and macOS. 

3. Mobile phones

People use smartphones more often than computers. If you are one of them, you can now also use the software on your phone. But take note that this one is not a mobile app - it is a Grammarly keyboard. Hence, you can use it every time you type a message, whether it is a text message, a tweet, or an email.

The Grammarly Keyboard

Simply download the app from the Play Store or Apple store.

4. Browser extension

Grammarly for chrome is an app extension that you can install into your browser. And it is the easiest and quickest way to check your writings.

By doing so, it allows you to check all texts you will write in any internet-based applications in real-time. And that includes Google mail and Google docs. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are included as well.

grammarly for chrome_browser extension

Apart from that, you can also use it in project-based software such as Asana and SalesForce. Simply add the Grammarly extension into your browser.

5. Grammarly for Word

For writers, Grammarly can be added to Microsoft Word as well. It is much more convenient since you can check your articles straight from Microsoft Office Word.

grammarly for word

Another impressive thing about it is that you can use the app; even the internet is not available. 

Grammarly alternatives

If you think like Grammarly’s features are not enough to help you polish your writings, I listed down below a few Grammarly alternatives you should check out. 

Hemingway App is a writing checker named after the literary genius, Ernest Hemingway. As you can see, its primary purpose is the same as what Grammarly aims to provide. However, the Hemingway App has lesser features and focuses on one aspect only: readability.

What Hemingway App does is that it strengthens your content’s readability and engagement by making the language simpler and easy to digest.

Hemingway app

And unlike Grammarly, it points out grammatical issues (that, of course, weaken your text’s readability) by highlighting them with assorted colors.

The software does not supply suggestions and insights. It also does not give a score based on the text’s overall performance. Hemingway App grades it instead. And the lower the grade is, the better. 

Here’s how it measures it:

  • Readability
  • Word count
  • Number of adverbs
  • Passive voice
  • Phrases with simpler alternatives
  • Hard to read sentences
  • Extremely hard to read sentences

But what makes the editor unique, on the other hand, is that it gives emphasis on how many times adverbs should be used. It is because, in writing, modifiers mean your verbs are weak to stand alone. So, to counter it, writers need to come up with a stronger verb instead and use fewer adverbs.

I also don’t recommend it to professionals, business writers, and technical writers.

As mentioned, the Hemingway App focuses on making the text easier to read. It is, however, perfect for niche bloggers and affiliate marketers

The application is available as an online editor and a desktop app.

ProWritingAid is a comprehensive digital grammar tool that works almost like Grammarly. It bills itself as an “online writing coach” and checks writing errors like grammar, spelling, punctuations as well as possible plagiarism.

Just like Grammarly, it analyzes the context based on different writing styles we have today. All corrections come with a brief explanation and tips too to help you improve your pieces. 


Here are some of the corrections ProWritingAd use to gauge a text’s score:

  • Basic grammar rules
  • Overuse of adverbs
  • Passive voice
  • Word redundancy
  • Length of sentence
  • Ambiguous wording

Apart from that, you can integrate ProWritingAid seamlessly into your browser and many internet-based apps such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Scrivener. 

The only thing that sets the platform apart from Grammarly is that it has numerous tools built specifically to help you pick the right word to use.

Features like alliteration detector, cliché detector, and thesaurus. ProWritingAid has a free version, too, but very limited. To enjoy all its perks, you have to get a premium or premium plus subscription.

And take note that each bundle offers a diverse set of features and restrictions. 

It's a word processor developed by Microsoft. Compared to Grammarly, MS Word is used to create quality documents like reports, letters, resumes, etc.

It offers features far more than Grammarly does. And grammar and spelling checks are just a few of them.

microsoft word

Many didn’t know how impressive Microsoft Word’s grammar checker. It is because most of its checking features are by default disabled. But the good thing is - commendable, to be honest - the word processor’s grammar tools are much more potent than Grammarly’s.

MS Word checks the overall performance of your text based on seven factors: grammar, clarity, punctuation conventions, vocabulary, conciseness,  formality, and inclusiveness.

Here are some of the grammar features you can find in Microsoft Word:

  • Wordiness
  • Spelling
  • Sentence structure
  • Cliche detector
  • Conjunction overuse
  • Passive voice
  • Split infinitives
  • Double negation
  • Adverb placement
  • Adjective order
  • Multiple modals
  • Comma splice
  • Incorrect auxiliary
  • Subject-verb agreement

The software may support more grammar features than Grammarly. However, it does not have a plagiarism tool.

Microsoft Word does not provide tutorial-like tips as well, which I find extremely useful for non-native English speakers. It is why I find its writing checker perfect for native English speakers since it is their first language, and further explanations are usually not needed.

The only thing that makes it better from Grammarly is that it is free.

Putting it all together

Although the best proofreading tool is still a human editor, as a digital grammar checker, Grammarly is indeed commendable. It supports most of the grammar detectors - from basic to advanced - seasoned and non-pro need to polish their writings.

It offers ‘near-human’ suggestions too though sometimes it gives inaccurate tips. 

Now the question is: is Grammarly worth a try?

Yes. The software is worth the investment, especially for writers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers. All in all, I find Grammarly as the best grammar checker today.

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