GrooveFunnels Review: Is Groovepages worth it?

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GrooveFunnels is fast-becoming a hot commodity in the digital marketing industry. But does that mean it’s the right choice for your business? 

Join me in this GrooveFunnels review as I tackle the pros and cons, price, features, and how it measures up to its competitors like ClickFunnels, BuilderAll, and Kartra.

Review Summary: Unlike other all-in-one marketing tools, you don’t have to worry about coming across mediocre features with GrooveFunnels. It’s launched and overseen by a team of marketing and eCommerce experts in their own respective fields so the features are precise, well thought out and there’s even a free plan available. 

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What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is touted as an all-in-one marketing tool owned by Mike Filsaime. If you’re wondering where you heard the name from, it’s probably because he’s a pioneer in the digital marketing field. But we’ll take a closer look at the man who brought the software into the world later. 

GrooveFunnels review

For now, let’s talk about this complete advertising program. It’s designed to be a catch-all solution to building your own sales funnels, landing pages, websites, and more. Basically, it helps you sell your products and services without having to rely on third-party applications for every task you want to execute. 

There are three main tools you can find in the application. GroovePages, GrooveMail, and GrooveSell are the star features you’ll want to make the most use out of. Aside from that, there are also several other aspects of the software you should look into. But we’ll go into more detail on that later. 

The GrooveFunnels team

The platform was founded by four of the top names in the digital marketing industry. The CEO - Mark Filsaime, is well known as one of the pioneers in online advertising. He’s backed by John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, and Matt Seralta. Take a closer look at each of them below. 

Mark Filsaime: the CEO

The Chief Executive Officer is most popular for his success and work in software products and online courses in the industry. He’s considered one of the original digital marketers before it was even a thing in the business. 

And his biggest selling point? He’s spearheaded several Million Dollar campaigns for several brands and businesses

His work raised his net worth to over $125 Million. But the most impressive thing about him is that he’s achieved so much of this just by following his passion.

Here are some of his top accomplishments in the field:

  • Webinar Jam
  • Ever Webinar
  • Deal Guardian
  • Kartra
  • Pay Dot Com
  • Butterfly Marketing
  • Evergreen Business System
GrooveFunnels team

John Cornetta: the president

Representing the eCommerce advertising field, J. Cornetta is known for being able to generate a six-figure income with his multiple ventures every month. 

His experience with eCommerce has allowed him to identify several issues and features needed to bring GrooveKart into the forefront of online marketplaces. 

The shopping cart app has already overtaken several pioneers in the industry like BigCommerce and Shopify. 

His teaching expertise is embedded heavily into the software which allows users to maximize the full potential of their businesses.

Mattijs Naus: the CTO

Matt is assigned to oversee the more technical aspects of the platform. His expertise and extensive knowledge base when it comes to building software products for various businesses and online entrepreneurs have greatly influenced the way GrooveFunnels performs. 

Because of his experience and expertise in the field of software creation, he’s able to identify aspects where the app can outperform its more powerful competition like ClickFunnels. 

Matt Seralta: the COO

Finally, Matt is the architect behind GrooveKart. His management experience spans over 10 years on the executive level and has heavily distilled several eCommerce, sales, and P and L tactics into his routine. 

Some of his most impressive accomplishments include his COO status with Prestashop and consulting for Office Depot. It’s undeniable that without his help, GrooveKart would have otherwise easily become one of the many platforms out there overshadowed by its larger competition. 

Who is GrooveFunnels best for?

There are several aspects that you should consider when it comes to choosing the right software for you and your business. And like others out there, there are many reasons why this one in particular might not work for you, but we’ll discuss that later. For now, let’s talk about the aspects that would make Groove Funnels the right app for your brand. 

GF is an ideal choice for you if:

  • You are an affiliate marketer or are into online marketing.
  • If you blog, or create content online
  • You promote or sell products or services.
  • You’re interested in starting a website for memberships.
  • You’re looking for an effective and easy way to build sales funnels and landing pages.

Why shouldn’t I choose GrooveFunnels?

That said, there are also a lot of reasons why the software might not be right for you. After all, there’s no such thing as a universally good platform that would be ideal for all businesses. Take a look at the main reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time with GF.

  • You’re already seeing results on other platforms and are comfortable with where your venture is at the moment. After all, why would you fix what isn’t broken? 
  • You don’t have a product or service to promote. 
  • You don’t want to spend time learning about the different tools and features that come with the app. I’ll be frank, the platform is easy enough to use. But it does come with a learning curve especially because of its unique and advanced features.
  • You’d rather stick to apps that specialize in certain areas instead of all-in-one tools. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. But after giving the program a try, I can confidently say it isn’t like most of its competition where it lacks significantly in many aspects. It’s more than just a jack of all trades.

GrooveFunnels features and what I think about them

So let’s move on to the most important aspect of this review: the list of tools that come with a GF subscription. I’ve taken an in-depth look at the list of programs you’ll get the most use out of. But before that, there’s one thing you need to know: GrooveFunnels is a jack of most trades

GrooveFunnels features

But like any all-in-one digital marketing solution out there, you’re bound to come across a few bumps along the road. Luckily enough, the drawbacks seem to be few when it comes to Groove Funnels. 


Perhaps the most important feature that the software offers is its ability to create high-converting websites and landing pages. This is also where you’re going to build your funnels

Which means you’ll be spending most of your time on the builder. I like how the program is designed to maximize conversions and that you can also sell digital products like webinars on it. 

Is Groovepages worth it

Take a look at some of the things you should expect from this aspect of GF.

  • Create an unlimited number of sales funnels and sell as many products as you want.
  • Build a fully functional, high-converting website that is fully navigable by your viewers.
  • You can design a powerful set of options for checking out that will convince and raise your trust ratings.
  • Design one-click upsells that can boost your sales.
  • Offer upsells, order bumps, and downsells.
  • Gain access to one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the market.

I like how there are a wide range of templates to choose from on the template library. It caters to various industries and makes it easy to build effective funnels, web pages, and more

Moreover, all the templates are completely customizable so you can make exact adjustments to fit your branding without altering the efficiency of the templates. 


This feature is most comparable to other shopping cart applications like Shopify and ThriveCart. Basically, it allows you to set up an online store, take orders, sell services and products such as webinars, and online courses. 

GrooveSell features

You’ll get the most out of this tool if you’re a:

  • Professional coach
  • Passion project expert
  • Course creator
  • Thought leader
  • Influencer
  • Consultant
  • Professional speaker
  • SaaS and software developer
  • Author

Aside from it being a convenient tool for online selling, it’s also a powerful affiliate marketing platform

Generally, it allows you to manage your own affiliate program with a detailed analytic reporting feature. 


This feature is where you’ll be able to manage your affiliate programs on a single dashboard. You can track the progress of your partners, figure out which areas are most successful, and you can also track new and existing affiliates


You’re even able to release payments directly from the dashboard itself. Basically, you’re able to manage every aspect of the program on a single platform without having to pay extra to do it. 


This aspect handles more than just your usual email marketing tools. You’re also able to tap into text and voice messages to connect with your audience better. 

It’s an email networking feature that allows you to send out correspondence through various mediums to your subscribers or mailing directory to further nurture your conversions


Take a look at some of the main tasks you can perform on the tool:

  • Import leads from other platforms. You can either add information manually or you can import them through a CSV file to make it easier for you.
  • HTML email builder. If you’re interested in a simpler newsletter editor, you’ll enjoy the hypertext format on this feature. You can also upgrade to full-color visual emails by choosing a theme or doing it by yourself from scratch. 
  • Lucrative analytics tool. I like how the reporting is detailed and easy to understand at the same time. You’ll be able to see how your emails are doing at a single glance and identify which areas require help or alteration to make sure you’re getting the best possible results for your efforts.

The CEO claims that their GrooveMail feature will be able to compete with the Actionetics tool that ClickFunnels offers. It’s also set to overtake ActiveCampaign. I’m a bit skeptical at this point, but we’ll see where the founders take the program.


This tool allows digital marketing experts to set up a complete membership website. The program is designed to host online courses, membership programs, virtual summits, and a plethora of other content. 


So what can you do with it?

  • Offer free and exclusive paid access to certain aspects of your website. 
  • The drag and drop builder lets you build landing pages and complete websites with little to no coding experience. 
  • There are plans to add gamification and certification options for your students.

I like how even in the beta version, this tool shows a lot of promise. It’s easy to use, and seems to include most of the features you’ll need to run a well-oiled membership website. That said, there’s plenty of room for improvement which we’ll hopefully see when the full version is released. 


One of the more polished aspects of the software is the video hosting feature. Mark Filsaime himself testifies that the use of videos is more than just beneficial to your business. It’s one of the most lucrative ways to generate leads seemingly from thin air and to maximize conversions.


Did you know that videos are better received than blocks of text when it comes to social media platforms? 

Videos are one of the most viewed types of content out there

This tool combines the best parts of Vimeo and Wistia into one, solidly powerful film platform.

Think of it as an alternative to YouTube, except you don’t have to worry about showing relevant content from other creators.


One of the biggest selling points of the webinar feature is Mike’s expertise and experience with its competition. Did you know he played a key part in creating the likes of WebinarJam and EverWebinar? 

This means the automated or live webinar software that comes with the GrooveFunnels platform is advanced, easy to use, and well-optimized to perform a variety of tasks like: 

  • Replay optimization
  • View tracking
  • Email segregation that sends personalized automated newsletters.


This feature is set to change the way published content is delivered to the masses. Unlike other means out there, the Groove Blog platform will help you target specific audiences so your SEO is on point and you’re able to reach the right audience. 


Basically, it allows you to build content that is guaranteed to rank well in Google’s search rankings. Unfortunately, the feature isn’t available yet.


This helpdesk software makes it easier to handle GrooveMember customer concerns. Basically, it puts all of your client correspondence in one dashboard so you can easily view and resolve them


If you’re familiar with Calendly, you’ll enjoy this feature. The tool simplifies integration with GrooveMail which allows you to automatically send out relevant content and follow-up emails to customers who book appointments and more. 

I like how the user interface is easy on the eyes and clean. It isn’t cluttered at all so there’s no need to worry about certain areas looking confusing. 


Maximize the engagement of your audience to capture leads and raise conversions by creating and hosting professional surveys that can integrate with GrooveMail. 

The feature isn’t as advanced as SurveyMonkey, but it does a good enough job and it cleans up well. Your viewers won’t even notice a difference. 


Quizzes and polls are also a great way to maximize engagement for your landing pages and emails. GQ basically allows you to create content that will be both beneficial and interesting to your target audience which will extend their attention on your campaigns and lower bounce rates

GrooveFunnels customer support and training

One of the aspects that completely blew me out of my mind with GF is that they take their customer service and onboarding very seriously. Unlike with other platforms where you’re stuck to fend for yourself, it’s quite the opposite on this platform. 

GrooveFunnels customer support

For example, there is more than one way to send your queries and concerns to them. Their robust support center is easy to navigate and you get responses within 48 hours. And I don’t mean the typical “we’ll look into this and get back to you as soon as possible” email where you end up receiving twelve more emails reiterating your concerns before they actually help you very minimally. 

Responses are quick, straight to the point, and they’re eager to please

Their knowledge base is also well-stocked with information that might help answer your queries within minutes. I like how there’s more than just generic information on it as well. You’re able to access several training courses that will help you familiarize yourself with the platform and make the most out of your subscription. 

The GrooveFunnels community

There exists a Facebook group where GF users come together to share tips, tricks, industry secrets, and where you can get answers to your questions and concerns from experienced members within minutes. As of speaking, there are over 50,000 individuals in the group and growing. 

Other products offered

Groove Digital offers a plethora of digital marketing solutions for businesses, brands and affiliate marketers in various industries. This makes it all the more worth your attention and is generally why it’s such a great catch-all solution. 


If you run an eCommerce business, this feature allows you to take payments more securely and with less hassle. I like how they’re easy to reach in case any issues arise and is a good, low-cost option for smaller businesses and brands that are looking for an easy and safe way to collect credit card payments without taking a significant financial hit.



This vertical ad network focuses on Facebook, YouTube and Google advertising. It’s an automated marketing platform where a dedicated team handles every aspect of your advertisements from the copywriting to the actual visual aspects of it

I like how you’re able to rely on an expert team to handle your ads for you, which basically means you don’t have to hire outbound experts or struggle with a trial and error method to figure out what would work best for your ads. 


This product does not come with your GrooveFunnel subscription. So you’ll either have to purchase it separately or upgrade from your account. 


I like how it’s similar to Shopify’s simpler and more user-friendly eCommerce approach but at the same time, it’s also cheaper

GrooveKon live

Join a gathering of niche influencers, marketing experts, businesses, and brands. The goal is to educate and bring value to its attendees. Basically, think of it as the TED talk of GrooveFunnels. Everything you need to know about digital marketing and online businesses will be discussed to help you compete with your rivals and maximize the potential of your brand. 

Signing up also means you get to save $750 off your 6-month GrooveKart subscription. If you’re already a GF user, you can join in for a discounted price of under $500. 

GrooveFest live

If you’re eager to meet the team behind GrooveFunnels, you’re able to meet them at this event. It’s a free celebration and is usually held in San Diego every year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t held in 2020 due to the pandemic. 

I like how you’re able to interact and listen to various nuggets of knowledge shared by the founders which only help you improve your business

GrooveWorkshops live

For four to six times each year, Dave van Hoose and Rey Perez hold free workshops exclusive to GrooveFunnels users. You’ll learn about various tips and tricks about the industry and how you can further make use of GrooveDigital’s products.


Think of this resource as GrooveFunnel’s own version of FunnelFlix. The only difference is that it’s free for everyone to access. It’s filled with courses, tutorials, and other helpful information to guarantee success not only on the GF platform, but in digital marketing in its entirety. 



To further maximize your affiliate status and so you can better access all the tools and products GrooveDigital has to offer, the marketplace is a great directory to see what you can promote. Think of it as something like the Clickbank marketplace but with GD’s offerings. 

GrooveFunnels pricing: how much will it cost my business?

There are five plans you need to be aware of. Each of them offer different values to different kinds of customers and would depend on exactly what you need for your business. I like how there’s a free version as well as an option to make a one-time payment to save money in the long run. Take a quick look at how much each price tier costs and what it has to offer. 

GrooveFunnels pricing

Take note, that GF only currently offers the lifetime plan. The monthly options will be launched at a later time.

The Silver plan

This will cost you at least $99 each month. It comes with some features that are great for startups or those who don’t really need much from the platform. After all, you don’t want to be overcharged for features you don’t need, do you? 

Take a look at the features that come with this option: 

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GroovePages Pro
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveMember
  • Email leads
  • Email cart abandons
  • Email buyers
  • Email affiliates

The Gold plan

Starting at $199 each month, you gain access to all the features that come with the Silver plan in addition to a few key extras such as: 

  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveQuiz

I recommend choosing this option if you want to take bookings. The GrooveCalendar integration makes it easy to send out personalized content to certain audiences through email tagging so you can better reach them and nurture your leads. 

The Platinum plan

This price tier is the cream of the crop - so to speak. You gain access to all of the features that come with all previous plans in addition to a few other features: 

  • GrooveSecurity
  • GrooveWebinars
  • GrooveKart

The Free plan

One of the best things about GrooveFunnels is that it comes with a free/basic plan. Of course, you’re limited to a handful of features, but still. It’s a great choice if you’re just starting out and want to get a feel for the software.

GrooveFunnels free plan

Here’s what you get on the basic tier:

  • GrooveSell
  • GroovePages Lite
  • Groove Affiliate

It’s a good choice if you only want to get in on the affiliate marketing scheme as well. 

The Platinum Lifetime plan

As I mentioned before, there is a lifetime one-time payment option. You’re basically asked to buy the software by paying once. And there’s no limit to what you can do on the platform. 

It costs around $1397 and will give you access to a few additional benefits like:

  • Unlimited access to any and all future products GrooveFunnels puts out including potential upgrades and new software features.
  • Lifetime VIP access to GrooveKon.
  • Double commissions (40%) on all your referrals FOR LIFE.
  • An additional tier 2 affiliate 10% commission.

It’s a great choice if you’re sure you want to commit to the GrooveFunnels platform and are thinking about choosing the platinum plan. 

GrooveFunnels Lifetime plan

Additionally, you can also settle the one-time payment in increments. For example, there’s an option that allows you to get it for free, then the payment will be split into four months, six months, or one year.

Four Month Payment Cost: $497 each month after fourteen days.

Six Month Payment Cost: $388 monthly starting now.

Twelve Month Payment Cost: $249 monthly from today. 

GrooveFunnels pros and cons

Like any other program in the market, there are bound to be certain benefits and drawbacks. Take a look at them below: 


  • The landing page builder is easy to use and user intuitive
  • The html newsletter editor is simple and sleek and gets the job done
  • There are several high-converting templates to choose from
  • It’s an all-in-one marketing solution with highly optimized features which eliminates the need for third-party applications
  • GrooveSell is an effective and easy to use online shopping cart that’s cheaper compared to Shopify
  • The customer support is easy to reach and very reliable
  • There are multiple payment options for the lifetime plan


  • There is a learning curve because of its advanced feature set
  • It’s still in beta so you might encounter some bugs
  • Not all of its tools are already released
  • Only the lifetime plan is available for now

GrooveFunnels alternatives

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that GrooveFunnels is set to overtake and compete with top software in the same category. Let’s take a look at the best alternatives for GF and why you should choose them.


ClickFunnels is one of the first beginner-friendly sales funnel builders in the industry. Its drag and drop editor has turned it into a favorite for many who use it. 

It’s safe to say that it’s GrooveFunnels’ biggest competition. It’s founded by Russel Brunson - the king of sales funnel. And has amassed quite a cult following. 


Feature-wise, CF is very similar to GF in essence. The only difference is that there’s somewhat less of a learning curve with Brunson’s product. 

That said, I’m not a fan of how the software revolves entirely on Russel and his ideologies. Sure, he’s proven himself and yes, you see results, but it can be difficult to bring up issues without his wolf pack of a following coming after you. 

Aside from that, it’s also one of those types of programs where not all of its features are well-oiled, so to speak. I find some of the tools are lacking in thought and are more of an extra instead of something completely functional.

Karta is a powerful tool for all online businesses. It’s also dense with features that - in my opinion, most of its competitors don’t offer. 

However, you also need to take into account the fact that Kartra is already well-rooted in the industry with hundreds of thousands of followers. 


That said, I think there’s something to say for Mike Filsaime going on to create his own venture outside of his success in Kartra that would compete with its shortcomings

Since GrooveFunnels is still in its beta version, it’s not easy to say at this time. However, it does look like GF would be able to overtake the former in the future. 

I recommend checking out Kartra if you’re not sold on the new kid on the block. Take note though, that GF was built to be better and more robust compared to it. 

BuilderAll’s biggest selling point is its pixel perfect builder. Basically, you’re able to drop and position elements to the exact location you want them to be. 

Aside from that, it’s pretty standard for an all-in-one marketing solution. I do like how it’s very easy to use. That’s mainly why I recommend it mostly if you’re looking for software with less of a learning curve. 


Aside from that, I’d say that the learning curve you’ll encounter with GrooveFunnels isn’t steep enough to warrant your displeasure.

Besides, you get access to better performing features so there’s basically no reason for you to choose BuilderAll unless you can’t be bothered to spend a few hours to improve your skills. 

Frequently asked questions about GrooveFunnels

As with any software out there, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. That’s why I took the time to answer the questions my clients, friends, and viewers often ask about the platform. Take a look at what I have to say about it below. 

Does GrooveFunnels have a high conversion track record?

Yes. It’s heavily monitored by experts in the field to guarantee a high success rate. 

What is GrooveApps?

It is the original name for GrooveFunnels. The title was changed during the official launch. The reason why it was initially labeled as Groove Apps was because the domain name was taken and it was difficult for the founders to obtain the rights to it. When it was possible to do so, they immediately made the alteration.

What is GrooveDigital Inc.?

GrooveDigital Inc. is the company that owns GrooveFunnels. It owns all Groove products and services. There are a number of office-based and remote employees. 

What are the billing options that GrooveFunnels offers?

There are four payment or billing options offered on the platform. You can choose a recurring charge of 3, 6, or 12 months. Additionally, you could also choose a lifetime access where you’re only expected to make a one-time payment to get the full list of features. 

Is GrooveFunnels set to be more successful than ClickFunnels?

There’s no way to predict for sure at the moment. However, the expertise of the founding professionals makes it possible for the software to outperform and compete with Russel Brunson’s brand. That said, it would be difficult to do so in the near future. But if they play their cards right, it’s definitely a big possibility.

Does GrooveFunnels offer free web hosting?

Yes, you can get unlimited hosting for all your content in two ways. You can choose either CNAME masking where your URLs appear as subdomains for your website, or you can use the GF subdomain where your links will appear as Both options offer unlimited storage and you can easily back up your data. 

Do I get a free SSL certificate with my pages?

Yes. SSL certificates are issued through your Cloudflare account and are 100% free of charge

Is there a funnel import ability?

You can definitely import funnels into the GrooveFunnels platform. A unique feature the software has is the ability to import any webpage into your own funnels. You can start with a blank template, import your own, or import a page where you’ll be able to use aspects like hyperlinks, buttons, color palettes, and more. 

Can I share my funnels through the platform?

Funnel sharing is possible and it’s very easy. You can share it through a link or send it to a specific email just like you would a Google docs file. 

Is GrooveFunnels worth it?

If you ask me, I’m all for GF and what it stands for. I like how the software is easy to use, advanced enough to give professionals like me enough room to play around with the features, and I also enjoy the fact that it isn’t heavily rooted in one person’s brand. It’s certainly got room for development and with the free trial and lifetime plan, I can see it going further than it is now. 

Are there analytics provided?

Yes. The GrooveFunnels analytic reporting is precise and a helpful tool for anyone who wants to monitor the performance of certain campaigns and to improve the conversion rates of their funnels. 

Does it have a blogging tool?

Yes the GF has a feature that is a great platform for bloggers. It’s not yet available, but GrooveBlog will be launched in early 2021.

Can I integrate it with my autoresponder app?

Yes. GrooveFunnels can integrate with autoresponders like ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit. 

What third party integrations does it have?

You can link it to third-party apps like Zapier, Funnelytics, and more

What is the SDK feature?

This feature will be available soon and was recently announced by Mike. This will allow you or anyone interested to create developer accounts on the GF platform. Basically, you’ll have the ability to develop on top of the software. This tool will be available in 2021. 

What is the mobile-first indexing feature?

This unique attribute indexes your mobile-responsive pages before the desktop version. This allows you to rank higher especially since most of your audience will be on their mobile devices when they encounter you. 

Where can I find other GrooveFunnels users?

There is a Facebook group you can join to find a community of GF members. There are currently over 50,000 members and it’s fast-growing. You can interact with fellow users, businesses, and brands to share tips, tricks, and trade secrets. 

What can FreePageBuilder do?

Considered the lightweight version of GP, it comes with a limited set of features and premium elements. There are also fewer templates. Nonetheless, it’s a good, effective way to build pages and funnels if you don’t want to commit to GrooveFunnels just yet. 

What products are not included with my GrooveFunnels subscription?

There are several products that you do not get alongside your GF membership. But they’re still under the Groove Digital umbrella so they’re definitely worth your attention. 

  • GrooveKart
  • Review Trust
  • GroovePay
  • GrooveAds
  • GrooveKon
  • GrooveFest
  • GrooveWorkshops
  • GrooveAcademy
  • GrooveMarketplace

There are more products you definitely need to look into as well, but these are some of the most important you should consider. 

How do I get GrooveFunnels for free?

There is a free plan and a free trial. I suggest giving the free plan a run through before you go for the free trial to test out the premium features. 

GrooveFunnels review: final thoughts and my recommendation

I’ll cut this short, GrooveFunnels is new. The software is still in its beta version, and there are a lot of promises on the horizon for newer products and features that are yet to come - I’m looking at you, GrooveBlog. 

That said, what we do have now even in its barest forms is more than substantial enough to say that the marketing tool is certainly one you can’t just set aside. 

I like how the founders are split into different categories so they target specific areas that need attention. This means there are less features that are lacking and more that are actually useful. 

The pricing is very reasonable, and with the lifetime plan, you get great savings plus a good deal on added bonuses. 

Overall, I’m excited to see where GrooveFunnels goes. If you don’t mind encountering - and reporting, a few bugs along the way, it’s definitely worth a shot. If anything, you should at least give the free trial or free plan a whirl.

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