9 Tips To Help Your Child Prepare For A Competitive Exam

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It's no secret that competitive exams can be overwhelming and stressful for your child.

Preparing for a challenging exam requires focus, dedication, and hard work — which can feel like an uphill battle when so much is riding on it

Whether you have a high schooler who needs help navigating through the process or if you want to better support your younger student in mastering their studies, the tips below should set you off in the right direction toward helping them succeed.

Read on to take a look.

Take advantage of practice exams.

If your child is preparing for a competitive exam, one of the best things you can do to help them succeed is to identify quality practice exams.

Tips To Help Your Child Prepare For A Competitive Exam

These tests are modeled after the actual exams and give your child an opportunity to get some hands-on experience before taking the actual test

For instance, if your child needs to take ISEB (Independent Schools Examination Board) exams, you can find practice tests that will help them better understand the types of questions they'll be asked on the exam.

In this case, the available ISEB Common Pre-Tests online are great options since they're often created by the same organization that administers the official exam

Often, these practice exams can also be great resources for understanding the exam format and becoming familiar with its structure.

Furthermore, ensure that the practice exams cover all aspects of their coursework and use similar questions. This way, they'll become familiar with both the concepts and format they'll encounter on test day.

Also, remember that it's beneficial for students to take multiple practice tests since trying out different question types and difficulty levels will help them be truly prepared when they take the actual assessment.

For example, let's say your child is studying for the SAT. 

Taking practice tests allows them to gain confidence in each section and identify their strengths and weaknesses before taking the exam.

Let your child study with their peers.

One tip that can help if you want to give your child the best chance of doing well is encouraging them to study with their peers.

Finding reliable and knowledgeable friends who are also preparing for the same test can make learning easier while providing the support they need to avoid feeling overwhelmed or lonely

Working in a study group helps everyone focus and exchange ideas, encouraging creative problem-solving skills. Additionally, it'll relieve some of the stress of going alone—you won't be their only source of knowledge and moral support.

To get started, reach out to parents from your local community who have children taking the same exam - from there, you can find ways for them to connect with other students attempting the test.

Provide the resources your child needs to study.

Providing your child with the necessary resources to prepare for a competitive exam will aid them in finding successful outcomes.

You should provide access to reliable study materials and ensure that your child has comfortable surroundings where they can focus and retain information. Have your child take regular breaks to stay energized, fresh, and sharp.

Familiarizing yourself with their testing schedule will also provide structure and organization as they navigate the test prep process.

Most importantly, show your support and encouragement - they may be in it alone during the actual test day, but be there each step of the way.

Teach your child the importance of time management and goal setting.

One of the essential tips to help your child prepare for a competitive exam is teaching them the importance of time management.

Teach your child the importance of time management and goal setting.

Setting achievable goals and coming up with a timeline will help ensure that your child can systematically cover each topic adequately, setting aside enough time for revision and practice tests if necessary

Stress to your child that to be successful they need to treat their preparation as a job - putting in daily effort over an extended period helps give them the best chances of success.

With clear goals set, regular study, and reflection on what has been achieved so far, it may eventually help them ace the competitive exam.

Develop the right attitude toward studying.

As a parent, you want your child to be well-prepared for an upcoming competitive exam. The first and most important tip is to develop the right attitude toward studying.

It's important not to emphasize rote memorization but to focus on understanding concepts. Encourage active learning by engaging your child in discussion and helping them look beyond memorization

Talk with them about what works best for them - do they understand better when a concept is explained in conversation? Or do visual aids work better for specific tests?

Allow your child to explore what learning method works best for them. This can aid in their overall preparation, as it gives them the ability to understand what they are working on instead of only having facts memorized.

Encourage your child to create and stick to a study plan.

Creating a study plan can be one of the essential steps in preparing your child for a competitive exam.

An excellent place to start is by breaking down the studying into smaller chunks with manageable deadlines

Encourage your child to break up their study plan into daily, weekly, and monthly goals that won't be too overwhelming and fit comfortably within their lifestyle. 

Reassure them that sticking to a plan will help them stay organized and motivated as they work towards their exam.

Also, remind your child that taking breaks when necessary is essential for success, and make sure they reward themselves after each milestone

For example, for completing a particular section of the exam, you can celebrate by taking them out for dinner or treating them to something special. Finally, be patient with your child as they work through their study plan.

Working hard and studying extensively can stress physical and mental health, so provide them with the necessary resources and emotional support.

Planning out achievable goals can go a long way in making your child's test preparation more enjoyable.

Help your child understand how to prioritize their studies.

Preparing your child for a competitive exam can be a daunting task. With so much information, you must ensure your child understands which areas will be most beneficial to focus on to excel in the exam

Help your child understand how to prioritize their studies.

This means teaching them how to prioritize their studies. Show them which concepts are the most important and have the highest weightage for the exam and which can be skipped over or skimmed through.

Encourage them to take regular breaks throughout the day and get sufficient sleep

Although it seems counterintuitive, research shows that allowing periodic respites during study sessions improves retention and results in gaining more knowledge from fewer study hours due to increased focus, among other things.

Suggest ways to help practice problem-solving skills.

You can do several fun and engaging activities to help your little one practice problem-solving skills.

For example, if they're having difficulty visualizing or conceptualizing problems, play board games like Scrabble or chess to help them visualize and hone their strategy-building skill. 

Or use online tools such as assessment questionnaires and tutorials for math, science, formulas, and more to get them used to answer various types of questions quickly and accurately. 

With the right approach and consistent practice, children of all ages can become adept at problem-solving skills and improve their standing in competitive exams. 

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Monitor your child's progress and provide support when needed.

Parents must give their children the support and guidance they need throughout the process.

Monitor your child's progress and provide support when needed.

Depending on which exam and the scope of the material being studied, parents should set up an outline success plan with their child to ensure progress is consistently monitored and expectations are realistic

For example, you can set up monthly goals to reach and ensure your child follows through on them.

As the exam date approaches, ask your child for regular updates on their progress, including which topics they have mastered and which ones need more work. This will enable parents to provide support and advise where to focus their attention.

Being present emotionally is also a crucial part of providing support. Reassure your child that you are there for them no matter what happens and that you have faith in their determination and resourcefulness when tackling challenging subject material.

This will significantly reduce the pressure created by similar expectations from peers or teachers

After all, having the right attitude and mindset is essential to success in any exam. Together, you'll set your child on the right path toward completing any competitive exam.

Final words

Preparing your child for a competitive exam can be challenging and requires hard work and dedication.

Everyone learns differently, so you must talk with your child and understand their needs to adjust the preparation plan as necessary.

Working together as a team is essential when helping your child succeed in a new goal - with enough hard work, dedication, and support from those around them, anything is possible.

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