Hidrent Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

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As an avid watcher of Shark Tank, I always strive to look into what happened to brands and companies after appearing on the show.

In this article, I will discuss what happened to Hidrent after appearing on Shark Tank. Hidrent is an app-based service provider that uses off-duty firefighters to provide household services mainly

Firefighting is what they do best. John Sherwin is the founder and CEO of Hidrent. He formed the company in 2016 and has been the CEO for over 5 years since then.

What is Hidrent?

Hidrent is an app-based service provider that uses off-duty firefighters to provide household services mainly.

Hidrent Shark Tank Update What Happened After Shark Tank

They offer various services, including firefighter hiring, moving furniture, hanging pictures, and household fixes. Hidrent was founded in 2016 by John Sherwin, and since then, the company has grown significantly

The company's mission is to provide fast, affordable, and high-quality household services to their clients.

Hidrent features

Hidrent offers several features that make their service unique and appealing to their clients. Some of the features include:

Feature one: Firefighting services

When it comes to fire emergencies, every second counts. Hidrent understands this and ensures that their firefighting services are top-notch.

Their team of firefighters is made up of experienced professionals who have undergone rigorous training to handle any situation. 

The team is equipped with the latest firefighting equipment to ensure that they can deal with any emergency quickly and efficiently. Hidrent's firefighting services are not limited to just homes but also extend to commercial properties. 

They have experience in handling fires in various types of buildings, including offices, warehouses, and retail stores.

Their team will work with you to create a fire safety plan that is tailored to your property's specific needs, ensuring that you are prepared for any emergency.

In addition to firefighting services, Hidrent also provides fire safety audits for homes and businesses. They will assess your property's fire safety measures and provide suggestions on how to improve them.

This proactive approach to fire safety is crucial in stopping emergencies from happening in the first place.

Feature two: Easy booking

The easy booking feature is one of the most popular aspects of the Hidrent app. With this feature, clients can easily book any service they need with just a few clicks on their mobile devices. 

The process is designed to be simple and straightforward, allowing clients to quickly and easily select the date and time that suits them best

This is a huge advantage for clients who are busy and don't have the time to call and book appointments or schedule services in person.

One of the benefits of the easy booking feature is that clients can access the app at any time, day or night, and book the service they need

This means that clients can book services outside of business hours, making it convenient for those who work during the day. 

Additionally, clients can select the date and time that works best for them without having to worry about scheduling conflicts or appointments being full.

Another advantage of the easy booking feature is that clients can easily view and manage their appointments through the app. 

They can view upcoming appointments, reschedule or cancel appointments, and even request additional services through the app.

This level of convenience and control is highly valued by clients, making the Hidrent app a popular choice for busy homeowners and renters.

Feature three: Affordable pricing

When it comes to service providers, pricing can be a huge factor that determines whether a client chooses to use a service or not. Hidrent understands this and has made it a priority to offer affordable pricing plans for their clients. 

Feature three Affordable pricing

They understand that not everyone has the same budget and have created pricing plans that cater to different needs.

Hidrent offers three pricing plans - Basic, Standard, and Premium. 

  • The Basic plan is the most affordable and starts at just $29 per month. This plan includes two service requests per month, and the client can choose from services such as furniture assembly, TV mounting, and handyman services. 
  • The Standard plan is priced at $49 per month and includes four service requests per month. The services included in this plan are more comprehensive and include deep cleaning, lawn care, and pest control
  • The Premium plan is the most expensive and starts at $99 per month. This plan includes eight service requests per month and covers all the services offered by Hidrent, including firefighting services.

Customers can choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget and can also upgrade or downgrade their plans as needed. Hidrent's affordable pricing plans make it easy for clients to access high-quality services without breaking the bank.  

This has made the company an attractive option for many households and has contributed to its growth and success in the industry.

What happened during Shark Tank?

John Sherwin, the CEO of Hidrent, appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $300,000 investment for 8% equity in his company. During the pitch, Sherwin explained the nature of his company and the services they offer. 

The sharks were interested in the company's concept and asked about the sales, which were $850,000 from the beginning. Nirav refused the deal, stating that it was a hard choice. His refusal reason was that Hidrent was a typical app

Mark Cuban also did not choose as he thought the app did not have the authority of the entrepreneurs.

However, he suggested a deal of $300,000 for 20% equity. Lori wanted 35% equity for the $300,000 and Roberts' contribution. Lori also wanted to change the company’s name. 

John Sherwin was hesitant, but he closed the deal as Lori and Roberts agreed to 33.3% equity.

What happened after Shark Tank?

After the show, Hidrent gained a considerable amount of attention and exposure, which translated into tangible results. The company experienced a significant increase in website traffic and interest from potential investors

Although the deal with Greiner and O'Leary didn't work out, the Shark Tank appearance was still a significant turning point for Hidrent. Since then, Hidrent has continued to expand its services and offerings. 

The company's revenue has grown significantly, allowing them to offer new services such as furniture moving and security. They also received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers who found their services to be reliable and efficient.

One of the most notable benefits that Hidrent gained from appearing on Shark Tank was the media coverage

The company was featured in several news outlets like CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, CBS, and Fox, which helped to increase their visibility and exposure further. 

This, in turn, led to more customers discovering the services that Hidrent offers. In addition, Hidrent has been able to attract new investors and funding since appearing on Shark Tank. 

While they may not have secured a deal with Greiner and O'Leary, the exposure and attention that they received from the show made it easier for them to attract new investors.

Overall, appearing on Shark Tank was undoubtedly a turning point for Hidrent

It gave the company a significant boost in exposure, attracting attention from investors and customers alike.

Despite the deal falling through, Hidrent has continued to thrive and grow, and the company's success shows no signs of slowing down.

Hydrant’s current net worth

As Hidrent continues to expand its services and attract more customers, its net worth is expected to increase in value even further in the coming years. 

Hydrant’s current net worth

The company has shown that it has what it takes to compete in the highly competitive service industry, and its dedication to providing quality and reliable services has won the hearts of many

As such, it comes as absolutely no surprise that Hidrent's net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2023.

It is worth noting that this net worth figure is subject to fluctuations based on the company's financial performance and market trends. 

Nevertheless, Hidrent has demonstrated that it has the potential to continue growing and expanding its services, which could translate to higher profits and an even higher net worth in the future.

Hidrent pros and cons

As with any service, Hidrent has its pros and cons. Let's go and take a look at some of these pros and cons:


  • Provides a wide range of household services, including firefighting, moving furniture, and general handyman
  • Offers transparent pricing and upfront quotes
  • Has a user-friendly app and website
  • Provides 24/7 customer service
  • Employs highly trained professionals


  • Only available in select cities
  • Some services can be expensive
  • Limited availability for emergency services
  • Some users have reported issues with scheduling and cancellations

Hidrent alternatives

While Hidrent has gained popularity for its firefighting services, it may not always be the best fit for everyone.

Hidrent alternatives

Depending on the type of services you need, you may find that one of these alternatives could be a better match for your needs.

Here are some more details on each alternative:

  • TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit operates in a similar way to Hidrent, allowing users to hire local professionals for various tasks, including moving, cleaning, and furniture assembly. However, TaskRabbit has a broader range of services available and a larger pool of professionals to choose from. 

    It also offers a broader range of payment options, including hourly rates and fixed-price packages. However, some users have reported issues with reliability and quality of service.
  • Handy: Handy is another home services platform that offers a wide range of services, including cleaning, plumbing, and electrical work. It also has an extensive network of professionals and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

    However, Handy is generally more expensive than other platforms, and some users have reported issues with customer service and quality of service.
  • Thumbtack: Thumbtack is a platform that connects users with local professionals for various tasks, including home repair, landscaping, and personal training. It operates in a similar way to Hidrent and TaskRabbit but with a broader range of services available. 

    Thumbtack also offers a unique feature where users can receive custom quotes from multiple professionals, allowing them to compare prices and services easily.

    However, Thumbtack is known for its high fees and the fact that it charges professionals for each quote they send, which can result in higher prices for users.

Ultimately, the best alternative to Hidrent will depend on your specific needs and preferences

Each alternative platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's crucial to do your research and read the reviews from other users before making a decision.


It's impressive to see how much Hidrent has accomplished since its Shark Tank appearance. The company's growth is solid proof of the genuine hard work and dedication of its founder and team. 

Despite the deal not working out with Lori and Kevin, the exposure on the show has undoubtedly helped to increase brand awareness and attract more investors

While Hidrent has its strengths and weaknesses, it remains a popular option for those needing household services. 

One of its biggest advantages is its user-friendly app, which allows customers to book services and communicate with their service providers easily. Additionally, the company's focus on firefighter hiring sets it apart from other service providers.

In conclusion, Hidrent's appearance on Shark Tank has undoubtedly helped to boost its profile and attract new investors. While it has pros and cons, it remains a reliable and user-friendly option for those needing household services.

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