How Do I Reconnect With My Old Prospects?

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Business professionals have to build relationships and networks to thrive in the fast-paced service industry. And it isn’t easy. Every now and then, they come up with creative ways to reach new prospects and clients. But what about the existing ones?

With the extreme focus on getting the new lead, sometimes businesses forget to reconnect with their old prospects. That doesn’t have to be tiring and challenging anymore.

You cannot deny that it is as significant to nurture the old prospects as to build relationships with the new ones.

But why is this so?

Why should you start reconnecting with your old prospects?

reconnecting with your old prospects

1. There is not one clear reason for reconnecting with your old prospects, but plenty of them. The first one is that re-engaging with the cold prospects is comparatively easier than marketing your services to the new ones.

2. When prospects suddenly stop responding to you or do not respond to you at all, it can reflect many things. They might be having more important matters to deal with in their life. You are the one who will have to make them realize that the product or services you are providing also hold a special place in their lives.

3. You might have acquired new skills and expertise over time. Those skills can fit the needs and preferences of your old clients. But they don’t know about that. So, who has the responsibility of informing them that you have gained the expertise or have been delivering the services they are looking for? It's you. 

Offering them new services on the basis of new skills is a significant tactic to fuel your business. It not only improves the effectiveness of your marketing strategy but also generates high profit and leads to client retention. Thus, learn new technologies, software, and things whenever you can.

4. You cannot let them go because losing them means you are refraining yourself from immense business opportunities of getting referrals from them. Add social sharing buttons and CTAs to the email you are sending.

This encourages your old clients to share your services and products with other individuals. You may even create an engaging referral email template. It simplifies the process for your old clients to refer you. 

All in all, reconnecting with the old prospects must form an inseparable part of your customer retention strategy. I am sure you don’t want to miss out on its benefits, right?

These reasons combined together are more than enough to say that you should start reconnecting with your old prospects as soon as possible.

So, how do you go forward with this art of reconnecting with the old prospects you once tried to make a sale with? Keep reading to find out the answers you have been looking for.

Best ways to reconnecting with the old prospects

Personal email

No pressure strategy

Reconnecting emails should sound personal and conversational. Generic emails really don’t work if you want to elicit responses from your old clients. It’s been several months since you haven’t contacted your old client. So, you need to follow a friendly tone while writing the emails without being too pushy.

Encourage them further by including the right CTAs, like “Follow us for more information” or “Excited to hear back from you.” Such statements have the power to show your old clients that you genuinely care for them.

Do your homework 

Before sending the reconnecting mail to your prospects, do preparation. Read your old conversations with them to get insights on how you can inject the personal touch. If you have maintained the CRM record, make the most out of it.

Also, check their social media accounts. See if they are posting any updates on the topics related to your industry. If yes, this is the best time to reach out to them.

Honestly tell them any concerns you might have

No matter the kind of business you are in, you must treat client relationships with utmost dignity. Nurture the connections you have built and follow up frequently. Understand it this way. You haven’t paid attention or neglected to maintain a connection with your good friend for a long period of time.

You will acknowledge this fact in your next meeting with him. The same approach applies here. For instance – “Hi (Recipient’s name). I am Jack. Please accept my sincere apologies for not being in touch for a while. I was quite busy with some tasks. If you would like me to help you in any way, please feel free to ask.”

In cases like these, honestly telling your recipients any concern is a step forward to make things right and help you reconnect with them. 

Send email at the right time

Timing can either make or break the success of your re-engagement campaign. You need to experiment with the timings and find appropriate times where you can be assured that your prospect can definitely re-engage with you.

Choosing the right budget and timing for your campaign

But how to do this? It all depends on your offerings. Have you heard about the term “Goldilocks Zone”? It is the time that is not too early and not too late. Sending them mail too early can lead to another rejection. While, sending them at late times means they might have forgotten entirely about your business.  

Here is the advice you can follow

The best time you can reach out to your old prospect is when you witness the change in the market or when the whole economy is reflecting the importance of your product or services.

Now, the needs of the prospects are higher as compared to earlier. Pitching them with a message or cold email when they need it the most makes them appreciate you immensely.

Also you can leverage email outreach tools for optimal timing. These email outreach tools offer sophisticated features to optimize email delivery times. These tools can analyze data such as past interactions, open rates, and engagement metrics to identify the most opportune moments to reach your prospects.

Acknowledge the milestones

Keeping track of the birthdays and anniversaries of the recipients shows them that you care. If your prospects let you know about their travel plans, you can consider sending them travel journals or personalized recommendations.

In addition to the happy events, remembering melancholy events is even more meaningful. Sending them a card of condolences for the loss of a family member or sometimes even a pet has the power to make them feel that you really consider them as your worthy prospects. 

There is no denying the fact that action speaks louder than words. Paying attention to each and every piece of information like and dislikes of your clients, can turn things around for your business. You can maintain this record using a CRM tool, excel sheet, or any such software.

Share something valuable

People nowadays don’t have time to go through the entire mail or the latest content you have been posting. So, you should only share the relevant and most important points to draw their attention.


The content you share will become their source of receiving the latest and updated information. If you can find in which company your prospect is working, or what they are up to, you can customize your mail accordingly and offer them assistance.

Furthermore, put all the information you gather into a single email newsletter. Deliver these newsletters to them at regular intervals. It helps save a substantial amount of time for your prospects and clients.

Additionally, try to send personalized emails with tailored content so that you can clearly address their requirements and can live up to the expectations of your prospects.

Direct with your intentions

Initially, you start to build trust with your clients or prospects before asking them to use your product or services. After sending them a first or second email, being silent doesn’t do much good. While surprising the recipient is also not worthwhile.

Remind them at regular intervals that you appreciate their time and would really be glad to earn their business. Being clear with your intentions gives you a kick in building a lasting relationship with your clients and prospects.

That being said, there will be times when you will be at fault, or you need to accept your mistakes. Owning your mistakes highlights you and assists you in rekindling your relationships with valuable prospects and clients. Honesty and humility prove to be more forgiving than you ever think. 

Write a follow-up email

Here is the fact that you may be surprised after hearing: Follow-up emails perform a great deal in reconnecting with the prospects and sometimes may even perform better than the original. Sounds weird, right? But it is the truth.

Follow-up email

Follow-up emails even trigger the response rates. It is challenging to monitor the follow-up emails manually if your goal is to reach more than a thousand prospects every week. This is making businesses focus on automating follow-up emails.

That way, you can create scalable follow-up email sequences. So, the moral of the story is that follow–ups are essential more than you can think of. 

To make a long story short

Believe it or not, sometimes the worst happens, and you completely drop the ball while keeping in touch with a client. After losing touch, you become unsure of how to get the relationship back. That is where the above-mentioned tips will help you to get you back on track.

So, ignite your hope and leverage your past connections for a profitable future business.  

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