How Successful SaaS Businesses Structure their SaaS Marketing Teams

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Your SaaS marketing team is critical to generating brand awareness, attracting leads, increasing leads conversion, and retaining your users as a SaaS business. 

The team is,  therefore, an integral aspect of your business that needs proper structuring to function its best.

SaaS Businesses Structure their SaaS Marketing Teams

In this article, we will show you how to structure your SaaS marketing team to increase its efficiency and grow your SaaS business

Let's get started.

How to structure your SaaS marketing team for success

Every marketing team is structured differently based on the size of your company. Here, we will explain how to go about your SaaS marketing team structure based on your business's size.

Small-sized marketing team structure

Check them out below:

1. Small-sized marketing team structure 

A successful SaaS business marketing team for a small-sized business consists of the head of marketing as the Lead. The head of marketing would monitor the activities of other team heads within the marketing department. 

This includes the growth marketing manager, content marketing manager, product marketing manager, senior designer, and marketing operations manager. 

So, it's important for the head of marketing to understand what each team in the marketing department entails to be able to track the team's progress successfully.

It's also necessary to establish a flat team structure rather than a hierarchical team structure. This will ensure that every department in the marketing team works together collaboratively to achieve success. 

2. Medium-sized marketing team structure 

The marketing team of a medium-sized SaaS  business structure is broader than that of a small business. The team is sectioned into different categories to accommodate the demands of the growing business

The marketing team is sectioned into four groups; growth marketing, product marketing, marketing operations, and brand marketing. 

The growth marketing group consists of a paid marketing manager, growth marketing specialist, SEO manager, and web manager.

The product marketing group consists of the partner marketing specialist and community marketing specialist. The marketing operations group consists of the lifecycle marketing specialist and marketing analyst. 

The brand marketing group consists of a senior designer, designer, editor-in-chief, copywriter, social-media specialist, and PR manager. Each of these groups is managed by a Head, who supervises the activities of the rest of the group. 

For example, the head of growth marketing supervises the growth marketing team, while the head of the product marketing team supervises the product marketing team and so on. 

The heads of each group directly reports to the director of marketing, who oversees the operations of the group heads. 

For your SaaS marketing strategy to be successful, every role in the marketing team should be treated with utmost importance. Neglecting any of these roles can hamper your marketing goals because they all work together to grow your business.

3. Large-sized SaaS marketing team 

The marketing team of a large-sized SaaS marketing team is headed by the VP of marketing. 

The VP of marketing directly supervises the director of growth marketing, director of product marketing, director of marketing operations, and director of brand marketing.

The heads of paid marketing, SEO, web, and account-based marketing directly report to the Director of Growth Marketing. The heads of partnerships, community, and customer marketing report to the Director of Product Marketing.

The heads of lifecycle marketing and marketing analytics report to the Director Marketing Operations. While the heads of content marketing, marketing design, and PR and social report directly to the Director of Brand Marketing. 

Top 3 areas of marketing you need in your SaaS marketing team structure

Structuring your SaaS marketing is never a one-size fit. Your SaaS marketing team should be structured based on your unique goals and your unique marketing needs. However, there are three top areas of marketing your SaaS marketing structure should consist of. 

Because they work hand-in-hand to push your SaaS business for success, find out what these three marketing areas are below. 

1. Growth marketing 

The growth marketing area of your marketing team is in charge of crafting strategies and activities that draw your ideal customers to your business. 

Growth marketing

They are in charge of ad campaigns, creating content that drives customers to your site, and optimizing your SEO to boost your Google rankings so your ideal customers can find you easily. 

They work with analytics to gain insights on customer behavior and figure out new ways to attract and sustain your customers. 

The growth marketing team is made up of the marketing operations manager, paid acquisition specialist, paid acquisition manager or specialist, and SEO expert.

2. Product marketing

Product marketing is crucial to your SaaS marketing success because it helps your users interact with your product better. 

Product marketing

The product marketing aspect of your SaaS marketing is in charge of sensitizing your users about the features of your product, how to use it, and how to navigate certain tasks efficiently. 

They introduce new products' features to your users, encourage your users to upgrade to updated features, and encourage them to maximize your products effectively.

They aim to increase your customer retention rate through data-driven decisions.

The product marketing area of your marketing team constitutes the product marketing manager, product owner, UX writer, and service marketing manager. 

3. Brand marketing 

Brand marketing is an important aspect of your business that helps with portraying a positive brand image to your users. 

Brand marketing

They project your brand as an authority in the industry through effective content marketing, effective brand messaging, excellent PR, a great SaaS website design, and more.

They work to facilitate the customer buying process by providing content that meets buyers at every touchpoint. 

The brand marketing aspect of your SaaS marketing consists of the strategist, copywriter, designer, PR manager, video specialist, developer, and social media marketing manager. 

The top skills your marketing team needs 

When structuring your SaaS marketing team for success, it's critical to look into your team to identify the following skills. These skills should be present in the core areas of your marketing team discussed above. 

The top skills your marketing team needs

1. Strategy 

Strategy is a critical skill for a successful sales team. The strategist sets the marketing goals and crafts a plan the rest of the team would follow to reach these goals. 

The strategist understands your target market, knows where they are, and develops a strategy that attracts, converts and retains your target audience. 

The strategist also analyzes and tracks the marketing strategy to make necessary improvements for enhanced growth. 

For the cases where you are just planning to build a new SaaS product, the part of your strategy is also finding a profitable business idea, its validation, and creating a plan for the MVP. This article describes an overall strategy for creating SaaS startups and also provides some unique ideas for SaaS businesses.

All these activities are crucial to reach your marketing goals, and this is why you should have a strategist as part of your marketing team. 

2. Content Creator/Content marketing 

Content marketing is an important aspect of your branding. Therefore, when setting up your brand marketing team, you should ensure you have content creators and content marketers who can work to develop relevant and timely topics that meet the needs of your ideal customers. 

This will enhance your business's inbound marketing strategy and enable you to pull more customers to your brand organically. 

3. Optimization 

Optimization is a required skill for your marketing team because it is what ensures your marketing team reaches your ideal customers. 

Search engine optimizers and conversion rate optimizers work together to optimize your marketing efforts to reach your goals.

For example, while search engine optimizers use SEO practices to drive traffic to your site, conversion rate optimizers develop ways to increase conversions, thereby increasing your brand's awareness, traffic, and sales. 

4. Paid acquisition management 

Paid acquisition management helps track your paid marketing campaigns to ensure your campaigns are generating results which is why it's an essential skill for your marketing team.  

Paid acquisition managers run several tests and experiments to monitor your paid campaigns and develop new ways to improve your marketing campaigns to get the best results. 

In addition, paid acquisition managers identify the best campaigns to run, where and when to run these campaigns to ensure you get the most from your paid campaigns. 

5. Social media management 

Social media management is a must-have skill to succeed on social media. With proper social media management skills, your SaaS business can gain the right exposure on social media to increase your sales.

 Social media managers also build good relationships that don't convert your audience to consumers alone but also retains your customers through active engagement. 

6. Outreach and community management 

Outreach and community management are crucial to fostering good relationships and trust that build retention. 

Your outreach and community managers are in charge of following up with your users and tracking their customer success to see how they are progressing with your product. 

They ask your users questions to identify their challenges and communicate with the rest of the team to make adequate improvements. They can also double as the customer support team when necessary. 


Structuring your marketing team aids your marketing productivity to drive better results. 

This article discussed how to structure your marketing team for success as a small-sized business, medium-sized business, and large-sized SaaS business.

It also discusses the three principal aspects of an excellent marketing team, which include growth, product, and brand marketing. As well as the crucial skills your marketing team should have to run successfully. 

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