How to Add a Custom Domain to Clickfunnels

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you know that a domain is essential for every website, including a sales funnel.  

It represents you and your business only, instead of having a type of domain which then gives an impression that you’re “one of those guys”.  

Today, I’ll show you how to set up a domain for the sales funnel you’ve worked so hard on. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated if you just follow the steps.  

I’ll cover all the steps, from buying your own domain and hosting to connecting that domain to your sales funnel.  

Let’s go! 

Best domain and hosting company

This is where some of you may get stuck. You’re starting out, never bought a domain before or you’re just confused between the multiple choices. 

How to Add a Custom Domain to Clickfunnels_

While there are multiple great solutions for your domain and hosting, I’d recommend you to go with Bluehost.  

First of all, Bluehost offers a free domain name for a year when you buy hosting from them.  

In order to have a domain, you need a company to host it and make your domain live. You can’t have a domain without hosting. Those two go hand-in-hand. And while other companies charge for the domain AND hosting, Bluehost charges for hosting only.  

Here are other reasons why you should choose Bluehost: 

  • Free SSL certificate – This makes your website secure and your visitor’s information safe. Sites with SSL certificates have a padlock next to their domain name in Google address bar and “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”. This is important because you want your users to feel safe when visiting your sales funnel. If not, they surely won’t enter their email address or credit card information when you offer them something.
  • 24/7 customer support – Now, I know that almost all companies claim they have great support but Bluehost team really answers the phone and fixes problems quickly.
  • Affordable price
  • Multiple domains – If you ever need more domains hosted, you can do that from a single Bluehost account. The amount of domains you can host depends on the pricing plan you choose. 
  • Automated backups – They automatically back up all of your site’s files and databases. 
  • Free business email – You get a free business email with a great amount of storage space. To see what business email is, why it’s important and how to set it up with Bluehost, check out my article explaining all of that.


I can go on and on. But I believe that a free domain, great and secure hosting and an amazing customer support is more than enough for you.  

If you want to proceed with Bluehost, keep on reading to see how to exactly set things up and how to connect your domain to your sales funnel in Clickfunnels. 

How to purchase hosting from Bluehost

Ready to get started? Great, let me now show you how to get your domain and hosting from Bluehost step-by-step. 

Click here to go to their home page. This is how it will look like.  

How to purchase hosting from Bluehost

Click on the big green Get Started button. Once you do that, you’ll be asked to select your plan. This is your choice, select one to proceed.  

My recommendation would be the Choice Plus because it costs the same as the Plus plan at the moment and it comes with more great features.  

Choice Plus

Next step is to pick your domain name. If you already have a domain, just connect it in this step. Click on Next to proceed.  

P.S Aim for the .com type of domain. Avoid .org or .info because the .com is the most professional and also has the highest chance of appearing in Google’s search results. For those of you who are struggling with this step, start off with your name like 

set up a domain

 After you’ve picked a domain name, it’s time to create your hosting account and choose your hosting options. With Bluehost, you’re not paying monthly but annually. 

The longer package you choose, the bigger discount you’ll have. For example, 36 months package is 5.41 euro (5.95 USD) per month and 12 months package is 7.23 euro (7.95 USD) per month.  

Regarding additional tools like SEO tools and others, I’d leave everything as it already is. You don’t need the additional tools.  

Congrats! You’ve successfully purchased your hosting and you’ve got a free domain. Now, let’s connect it to your Clickfunnels sales funnel. 

How to connect a domain to Clickfunnels

Let’s now connect the domain you’ve just bought to your sales funnel. To do that, first you have to log into your Bluehost and Clickfunnels accounts.  

Things may get a bit techy from here but if you just follow these steps, there won’t be any issues. However, if something is wrong, please contact the support.  

To start, in your Bluehost account, go to Domains > Zone Editor.  

connect the domain

Select your domain to proceed.  

Scroll down the page and you should find “www” CNAME record. Click on the Edit button.  

Now, add “” to that record (no quotes). And you’re done, congrats!  

Note that these changes may take up to 48 hours to fully work. To check if you’ve done this successfully, go to and in the search bar, write your domain, select CNAME type of record and search. If you see the picture like the one below, you’ve done everything right.  


If you see all green checks and “” then everything looks great.  

Now, it’s time to connect it in your Clickfunnels account. Log into your account and add a new domain. To do that, go to Account Settings.  

clickfunnels account settings

Scroll down the page and find Domains on the left sidebar. After you do, click on Add New Domain. 

find Domains

Now you’ll be asked if you want to add an already existing domain or register a new one. Click on already existing domain on the right side.  

add an already existing domain

Now, all you have to do is just enter your domain and click on Add button. After that, you’ll be asked to verify you’ve added “” into your CNAME record. Click on the Verify button and that’s it! You can now find your domain in Domains section.  

You’re still not done! You still have to verify your SSL certificate. Before you do that, wait at least 10 minutes for the whole domain connection to kick in.  

After at least 10 minutes has passed, find your domain in Domains and click on the three dots button next to it.


external domain

Click on the Edit button. On the next page, scroll down and find SSL. Click on the Expand button next to it and click on yellow button that says Add SSL.  


If the check was successful, you’re done! You’ve successfully added your domain to Clickfunnels.  

If not, then go back and check if you’ve done all the steps right. And if you’re still having problems, please reach out to Clickfunnels support.  

Hope that this post has helped you connect your domain to Clickfunnels. If you have any questions, make sure you ask them in the comments. Have a great day!

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