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When the video game industry started to grow in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a breakthrough by itself and didn't need any detailed promotion. But with every new year, the gaming world was rapidly evolving. Nowadays, there are more than a million titles, and number of games continue to increase. 

Of course, when legendary game companies such as Nintendo or Valve release their games, the strong community often works instead of promotion. But have you wondered how such studios as CD Project Red which was established in 2002 but created the first successful project 13 years later, became so popular? 

The answer is very simple: due to a strong marketing strategy.

But it's not only about popular game companies. For example, the role of game video game promotion in indie development is very crucial for the success of future titles. Do you remember the game Subway Surfers and how this indie project unexpectedly successfully fired in 2013? 

If you don't know Subway Surfers was the most downloaded game of 2022, and it has more than 4 billion lifetime downloads. This is the perfect example of how video game marketing deals with everything.

In general, effective marketing creates awareness, generates interest, and ultimately drives sales in a highly competitive market. And several key concepts help video game marketing plans become even more successful. One of them is a soft launch. It allows developers to gather valuable feedback, identify potential issues, and tweak the game based on user responses. 

But actually, a soft launch game is a title released in specific regions or to a limited audience before the full-scale launch. From a marketing perspective, this approach enables the game studio to refine its promotional strategies, build momentum, and create buzz leading up to the wider release.

Entry level video game marketing jobs

In the gaming industry, marketing is very diverse. Everyone can find something for the soul. Now, I want to share a small list of entry-level video game marketing jobs with the required skills and experience.

Entry level video game marketing jobs_1

Marketing assistant

You should assist in the execution of marketing campaigns, coordinate promotional activities, and provide support to the marketing team.

Skills/experience gained: basic understanding of marketing principles, exposure to campaign coordination and execution, and familiarity with marketing tools and software.

SEO specialist

You should optimize game-related content for search engines, conduct keyword research, and implement on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

Skills/Experience gained: proficiency in SEO techniques and tools, analytical skills for keyword research and performance analysis, and understanding of content optimization and search engine algorithms.

Social media coordinator

You should manage social media accounts, create and schedule content, engage with the gaming community, and analyze social media metrics.

Skills/Experience gained: social media management skills, content creation and curation, and community engagement and customer interaction.

Content editor

You should edit and proofread game-related content, ensure consistency in tone and style, and collaborate with writers and designers.

Skills/Experience gained: strong editing and proofreading skills, understanding of brand voice and content consistency, and collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Community manager

You should build and manage online gaming communities, moderate forums, respond to user feedback, and foster a positive community environment.

Skills/Experience gained: strong communication and interpersonal skills, community management experience, and crisis resolution and conflict management within online communities.

Skills needed to get a video game marketing job

So, we've done with the list of video game digital marketing jobs. But what about skills you should have while working with video game advertising companies? 

Skills Needed to Get a Video Game Marketing Job

Here is my TOP 5:

1. Creativity

This skill is very important for creating effective video game marketing plans and successful strategies, designing eye-catching visuals, and generating innovative ideas to engage the gaming community.

How to develop a skill? Engage in creative hobbies, such as graphic design, writing, or video editing, and stay updated on successful gaming campaigns for inspiration.

2. Analytical skills

This skill is necessary for interpreting data, analyzing campaign performance metrics, and making data-driven decisions to optimize marketing strategies and make successful in-game promotions.

How to develop a skill? Take online courses in data analysis and interpretation, and gain hands-on experience with analytics tools like Google Analytics.

3. Understanding of gaming culture

This skill enables marketers to resonate with the target audience, create authentic content, and stay aware of trends within the gaming community.

How to develop a skill? Play a variety of games to understand different genres and player preferences, and participate in online gaming communities and forums.

4. Communication skills

Communication is important for conveying marketing messages effectively, interacting with the gaming community, and collaborating with cross-functional teams.

How to develop a skill? Practice public speaking and writing through blogs or social media, and engage in online discussions to refine communication skills. 

5. Adaptability

Given the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, adaptability is essential for responding to changing trends and adjusting marketing video game strategies accordingly.

How to develop a skill? Embrace new technologies and platforms, and stay informed about industry updates and shifts in consumer behavior.

Honestly, these 5 skills are a must-have for every marketer in 2024. But I can't guarantee that one or two years later necessary skills will still be the same. If you want to work in a niche of video game marketing and always remain a demand specialist, follow the trends and regularly read gaming industry news websites, blogs, and magazines. Don't forget to enroll in online courses or certifications in digital marketing at least 1 time a year. 

My personal advice: embrace a mindset of experimentation, learn from failures, and use successful strategies. This is my way to be a sought-after specialist in the video game business.

Skills Needed to Get a Video Game Marketing Job_2

Educational background and certifications

There are so many people talking about the unnecessity of a marketing degree or certification. I don't agree with them at all! Of course, those days when marketing knowledge depended on a university degree went into the past. However, a relevant educational background is still very significant if you want to be a successful marketing specialist or even to start your video game business.

In my opinion, university bachelor's degrees and beneficial certifications have the same value. Everything depends on what a specific person prefers. Talking about myself, I have a bachelor's marketing degree and some certifications too. Based on my experience, firstly, I want to share with you some of the university's degrees that might be helpful for you in your marketing way.

Bachelor's degree in marketing or business

A foundational degree provides a full understanding of marketing principles, consumer behavior, and business strategies.

Bachelor's degree in communications

Communication skills are very important in marketing roles. A communications degree will help to develop effective messaging and interpersonal communication abilities.

Digital marketing degree

With the increasing significance of digital platforms in marketing, a specialized degree or certification in video games digital marketing offers valuable insights into online advertising, SEO, social media, and analytics.

Of course, certifications and courses are very valuable too. Among my favorites are:

Google analytics certification

You can get it for demonstrating proficiency in analytics, an essential skill for analyzing campaign performance and making data-driven marketing decisions.

HubSpot content marketing certification

This certification focuses on content creation and strategy, beneficial for marketers involved in developing and managing game-related content.

Facebook blueprint certification

Relevant for roles requiring expertise in social media marketing, especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Industry insights and tips about game marketing

I've been working in video game marketing for a lot of years, so now I can see some interesting trends. In 2024, one of them is collaboration with influencers. Bloggers who specialize in the gaming industry can greatly enhance a game's visibility. Another trend is live streaming. Engaging with communities through sponsored events or partnerships easily creates a strong connection with the gaming audience.

I can't just forget about UGC (user-generated content) which is a huge growing trend these days. Encouraging players to create and share their content, whether it's gameplay videos, fan art, or memes, amplifies the game's reach and helps the community to grow.

For example, coffee shops around the world are trying to make their premises as " Instagrammable" as possible to get free mentions and social media stories

Imagine your gaming business is a coffee shop that wants to get free social media mentions!

How you can adapt these trends to your digital marketing journey? Listen to me, everything is very individual. But if I was in your place, I would follow these tips:

1. Stay informed and adaptive

The gaming industry grows every. single. day. So read about emerging trends, technologies, and player preferences every free minute and try to integrate them into video game marketing plans and strategies. 

2. Build a personal brand

Do you want to be a successful marketer in 2024? Showcase your passion for gaming and marketing through your brand. Relevant online communities and networks with professionals in the industry are your best helpers.

3. Gain hands-on experience

If you actively participate in gaming communities, you will gain hands-on experience with different games. In my opinion, this is the best way to improve your understanding of the target audience.

How to market video games

If you think that marketing video games is an easy process you're wrong. Now, this is the best part of the article because I'll explain how to make an effective video game marketing plan step-by-step. Let's not waste any minute and delve into fascinating practice!

How to market video games

Strategic branding

By creating a memorable logo and tagline, you can encapsulate the essence of the game and make it very understandable for the player.

Engaging trailers and teasers

Emotionally resonant trailers are the best way to showcase the game's key features and evoke excitement.

Social media campaigns

Do you want to build anticipation and share updates? Engage with the gaming community on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok!

Pre-launch hype

There is no better thing than pre-launch hype. You can generate anticipation through countdowns, exclusive content reveals, and early access for pre-orders.

Cross-promotion with other games

I can bet you haven’t even thought about it. However, partnering with other game developers creates a win-win situation for both parties to expand their audience.

Talking about some examples, I can mention Cyberpunk 2077 or CS 2 but everyone already knows this project. Instead, I would like to mention about great marketing of the video game Last Pirate by RetroStyle Games.

Cross-promotion with other games

The survival game about a pirate is set in an open world, comprising various islands, treacherous seas, and hidden coves. Players take on the role of a lone pirate who should save their love, build shelter and craft barricades, and, of course, protect themselves from dead zombies and skeletons. 

Due to the interesting mechanics of crafting resources, engaging interactions with ships, and fights with zombies, the game already has more than 10 million downloads. Of course, it's an achievement for all the team, including designers, developers, artists, and, of course, marketers. With their professional approach, Last Pirate becomes more and more popular every day. 

Continue to grow your skills and proficiency, learn about marketing, and discover new niches, and I can bet, that one day you will shine bright at the peak of marketing in the gaming industry!

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