How To Boost Your Marketing Strategy With Call Tracking?

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Companies that are actively developing and focused on results are constantly looking for new ways to improve their marketing strategy. After all, it is the basis for promotion and increasing the number of potential customers. To achieve this goal, some of these companies decide to study the latest trends in advertising and implement new methods.

However, this does not always give the desired result. After all, you first need to learn more about your target audience. Sometimes it happens that the company uses the most modern methods and the conversion rates almost do not change.

In this case, you should consider using call tracking software. In the prepared material, we offer to learn why this decision is necessary and how it affects the effectiveness of marketing tools.

What do you need to know about the functionality of the call tracking service?

Providers who develop such solutions offer users both paid and free versions. This allows you to try using programs without attachments and evaluate their effectiveness. Usually, the first results can be seen after a few days of use. This is due to a number of advantages provided by the software, as well as the peculiarities of this type of interaction.

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A BIA/Kelsey study found that a visitor who made a call is 10-15 times more likely to convert into a potential customer. This means that phone numbers are one of the most important marketing tools. The software provided by modern providers helps to unlock their full potential. This happens according to the following scheme:

  • Installation of the program
  • Choosing a tracking method (attachment of a unique individual number for a separate campaign or setting up a scenario of dynamic phone number replacement)
  • Function activation

In this way, the system sets special phone numbers for different advertising channels. These can be blog posts, landing pages, paid Google ads, and other methods. If you chose the option to set separate numbers for campaigns, then a separate phone number appears in each of them.

If you choose a dynamic scenario, service call tracking automatically changes phone numbers for each source. In this way, calls are tracked and detailed data is obtained about each subscriber who calls the company. It is not only about its data but also about determining the channel from which the call is coming, as well as a number of other valuable characteristics.

How does the call UPS tracking service improve the marketing strategy?

The first advantage is the possibility of automating processes at once in 3 departments of the company - sales, marketing, and customer support. After all, the program for tracking calls ensures the performance of a certain number of manual operations, which specialists spend a lot of time on. This applies to counting indicators, reporting, and other processes. In addition, an easy call tracking service opens many new opportunities for users.

improve the marketing strategy

Obtaining detailed data about subscribers

Without using the program, it was possible to learn certain data during the conversation. However, this was not always possible, because customers do not always want to tell about themselves and the source where they found this number.

They are usually interested in solving a problem or placing an order. With the introduction of call tracking technologies, this data and even more information can be easily obtained about absolutely every caller.

Best call tracking service assigns a unique number for each marketing channel and in the process analyzes where the call came from. This allows you to understand which advertising tool stimulated the action, as well as determine other data:

  • Demographic indicators
  • Subscriber's location
  • Key interests
  • History of previous interactions

All this can be received in real-time, which is very important for sales agents who take the call. In addition, customer service call tracking software has a built-in data analytics function. This allows for an in-depth analysis of each subscriber.

In particular, specialists manage to determine points of interaction of potential customers in the process of passing through the sales funnel. As a consequence, it is possible to determine whether the selected scheme is effective, and at which stages problems may arise.

Ability to make precise settings

By choosing the best inbound call tracking service, you get access to advanced options for customizing reports based on specific indicators. It can be a certain period, type of potential customers (it's about qualifications), location, demographic characteristics, etc. The program can generate automatic reports based on these criteria.

In this way, the user can compare the data and, based on it, draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the marketing strategy and individual tools. In the process of analysis, it is possible to identify those channels from which the most calls come, leading to conversion, as well as campaigns without results. Thanks to this, it is possible to redistribute the budget and exclude from it items with useless expenses.

Setting up the IVR function

Another advantage that service call tracking software provides is the setting of interactive voice responses. This feature is useful for both businesses and potential customers. Implementation of IVR helps to simplify the way of distribution of subscribers. As a result, each of them is sent to the specialist who can best solve the request.

For businesses, the interactive voice menu in  UPS call tracking customer service provides a personalized approach. This means that every visitor who makes a challenge gets the help they need. As a result, there is a higher probability of closing his request and converting him into a customer. Accordingly, conversion rates also increase significantly.

Ability to integrate with other important systems

Call UPS tracking customer service has built-in functionality that allows integration with other programs. It also allows you to increase the effectiveness of marketing strategies. After integration, specialists do not need to spend time calculating certain indicators separately and entering data into each program manually.

Ability to integrate with other important systems

Thanks to the connection of tracking technology, everything is done automatically. For example, a call tracking program can be connected to CRM. In this case, you do not need to enter customer data. Thanks to the integration, they are filled in automatically.


If you're looking for a way to improve your marketing strategy, you can start by looking at your calling approach. They are one of the valuable tools that can significantly improve conversions and increase conversion. This can be achieved by implementing a call tracking program.

It helps determine the effectiveness of current advertising channels, learn data about potential customers, provide a personalized approach, and many other benefits. The business owner only needs to look at call tracking service reviews and choose the best solution for himself.

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