How to Get Monetized on YouTube Fast?

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Learning how to get monetized on YouTube is incredibly important. That's because monetization enables creators to make money from their videos from advertisements through AdSense.

For any creator, earning income from your videos can help you accelerate to the next level. 

After all, more money means more available capital to spend on your videos. To reach monetization, there are various requirements you must fulfill on YouTube. If you want to get these fast, we'll discuss some easy tips to implement today below. 

Requirements to become monetized on YouTube

Before getting monetized, you must meet the partner program's eligibility requirements.


For everybody, these remain the same and consist of the following: 

  • Follow all the YouTube channel monetization policies
  • Have no active Community Guideline Strikes on the YouTube channel
  • Have more than 4,000 hours of watch time over the last 12 months
  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Have a linked AdSense account

Once you fulfill each requirement within their timeframes, YouTube will automatically offer monetization

Undoubtedly, the most difficult is getting more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. However, it's now possible to bypass this requirement, as you can buy 1000 YouTube subscribers and 4000 watch hours for an affordable price.

Easy tips to get monetized on YouTube fast

As YouTube enthusiasts and specialists, we understand monetization is a frightening thought for any new creator.

But it shouldn't be. Although it's usually considered a problematic challenge, it's much easier than you think. To get monetized fast, become knowledgeable on these 11 easy tips:

Customize your YouTube channel

Firstly, utilize the channel customizability features YouTube offers. As standard, you have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression, which isn't a lot of time for someone to decide to watch, subscribe, or save your content for later. 

On YouTube, you'll have numerous customization features on your profile, including: 

  • Channel banner
  • Profile photo
  • Thumbnails
  • A biography
  • Video playlists

These are only a few, but you get the point. Customize these in a way that explains your content. If you want to build a YouTube channel in the gaming industry, use these features to scream "Gaming!".

This will help users identify your content/industry quickly, leading to quicker channel judgment and, ultimately, more watch hours to get monetization. 

Stick to a specific niche

Rolling perfectly from customization and somewhat brand identity is sticking to a niche. YouTube channels thrive by building an audience; the best way to achieve this is by niching down on your content

Think about it like this. Building a broad-based channel that reviews games, cars, and boats have three different audiences.

If these viewers watch one video and like it, they'll want to find more. However, when they visit your profile, they're greeted by everything but the videos they're interested in. 

Because watch hours play an integral part in monetization, you want to avoid this. Create content for a specific niche so viewers can easily binge-watch the same content, boosting watch time and the speed of reaching monetization. 

Optimize your video for search results

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Optimize Your Video for Search Results

As a result, SEO plays an integral role in getting more viewers. Here are some ways to optimize your video:

  • Use search-related keywords in your title, video description, and tags
  • Say your targeted keywords in the video
  • Create a compelling thumbnail to boost CTR (click-through rate)
  • Add a transcript to your video description
  • Offer subtitles in multiple languages

You can optimize the videos and get more YouTube viewers by using the above. With these optimization practices implemented, you'll appear more on the search and the related tab

Use customised thumbnails

As briefly mentioned above, thumbnails are essential. However, let's drive further into creating thumbnails that attract and retain viewers. 

When viewers try to discover new content, they skim through the search results and recommendations - with thumbnails being a major deciding factor

While there are millions of video editing and graphic design tutorials teaching how to make one, most fail. 

They fail because most overcomplicate thumbnails. Instead of following them, you should focus on these three areas:

  • Make the thumbnail clear and relatable to the content on the video (misleading viewers can lead to poor watch time)
  • Ensure that your thumbnail stands out from the current videos available
  • Have your thumbnail work with the video title for maximum impact

By following these three rules, you can increase the CTR of your videos. When you do this, it instantly increases viewership and will have a direct impact on your monetization journey. 

Upload videos consistently

A solid and consistent upload schedule will help you achieve monetization much quicker. The importance of consistency is incredible, not only for your viewers but also YouTube. 

When you have a consistent upload schedule, two things happen:

  • YouTube notices it and ranks your videos higher than non-consistent creators
  • Your subscribers learn when you upload a video and wait for it to get released

Therefore, a consistent schedule provides two benefits: YouTube rankings and subscriber views.

As a result, this boosts viewership. And, as we now know, the more a user watches your videos, equals more watch time and much faster monetization. 

Add end screens & cards

Next, take your audience on a video journey with end screens and cards.

How to Get Monetized on YouTube Fast

Far too often, we see YouTube channels that don't utilize these. However, they should be! 

End screens and cards as similar. It's a call to action that YouTube allows content creators to add to their videos. 

  • Cards - A URL tab that allows the content creator to direct a viewer from one video to another.
  • End screens - Usually include 2-4 videos at the end of the video, suggesting the user to "watch more."

Using these effects and keeping the viewer attracted to your channel will boost watch time. Considering watch time is a hard and long grind towards monetization, you should implement it for a faster journey. 

Include strong Call-To-Actions

If you want an audience to perform an action, you need to tell them. Therefore, when you create videos, include CTA's. 

When you want to become monetized on YouTube, CTA's can help tremendously. A CTA is when you tell the audience to perform an action, such as:

  • Suggesting they watch another video
  • Telling them to subscribe to your channel
  • Asking them to follow your social media accounts
  • Requesting them to check out your video description
  • Mentioning that it'd help if they turn notifications on for your channel

One way or another, all of the above actions positively impact your YouTube account.

Whether it's the audience turning on their notification or a new subscriber, YouTube considers this a positive in their algorithm, and you'll get more viewership in return. 

Create & manage playlist

YouTube creates features for a reason, so use them. Playlists are another commonly overlooked aspect of a channel. However, they can help you make money on YouTube because they assist viewers in finding videos they want to watch. 

When viewers want to watch more, provide it in a neat, clean package. For instance, if you review software and one category is "editing software," - create a playlist for those interested in this content. 

If you do this correctly, they'll click onto the playlist, get wrapped up in a video binge, and you'll receive extra watch hours

Pin the top comments

Including the above, make use of pinned comments. On YouTube, this will let you highlight a comment your fans will see when scrolling to the comment section

Now, this can either be your own comment or a fan's. However, we recommend using it for yourself.

For instance, you can promote another like-minded video. By suggesting users to "watch," "play hit," or "hit play," either on the next episode or a video that you think they'll enjoy. 

Again, this helps increase viewership around your channel. And, as we know, more viewers equals better watch time, meaning you'll hit monetization faster. 

Measure your video performance

Additionally, start using your YouTube analytics. These tell you a lot about your videos. There are not only stats or random graphs; it's information on how to improve

There's a long list of analytics you can check out on YouTube. However, you don't need to check all of them. Ideally, utilize the below: 

  • Watch time
  • Average percentage viewed 
  • Average view duration 
  • Audience retention 
  • Re-watches 
  • Engagement 
  • Impressions click-through rate 
  • Card click-through rate 
  • Playlist engagement
  • Unique viewers

Above are the many YouTube analytics you should review. By understanding metrics like "watch time," you can identify how your audience engages with certain content.

If you know what they like, you can increase this metric and boost watch time - a massive factor in monetization. 

Increase your subscriber count

Lastly, you need to increase your subscriber count. To get monetized, you need 1,000 subscribers.

Increase Your Subscriber Count

This, matched with 4,000 hours of watch time, is challenging. However, not impossible. 

To increase your subscriber count, implement the below tips: 

  1. Use a subscribe call to action 
  2. Host events or competitions for your subscribers 
  3. Make friends with your viewers and build a community 
  4. Use cards that make subscribing easy 
  5. Purchase subscribers 

Using these tips, along with the others, will help you increase your subscriber count. When you implement these, create quality content that people love, and reach monetization will quickly come.

Final thoughts 

YouTube monetization can bring some wonderful results to creators. Learning how to achieve this, and the other monetization methods like affiliate marketing, etc., can help build an excellent career. 

Although this first hurdle is difficult, it's possible. You'll quickly be paid for your video-creating efforts by using the tips above to get monetized on YouTube fast.

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