How to Make 10 Dollars a Day Online (Proven Strategies)

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Do you know that the world has over a billion freelancers? Some do the job on a full-time basis, while others prefer it to be a side income. A number use it to ease their way from a 9–5 job to a more flexible schedule they have better control of. 

Whatever the reason, freelancing is a multi-billion-dollar business that offers plenty of opportunities for everyone who’s willing to dive in.

How to Make 10 Dollars a Day

Even better, it provides you with a wide variety of ways to learn how to make 10 dollars a day (or even more!) without having to leave your home.

Here are 11 online jobs that can help you earn extra moolah anytime:

1. Graphic designer

Graphic design is one of the most in-demand jobs today for two biggest reasons:

  • Visual assets, such as infographics, animation, and illustrations, work so well on popular devices, especially mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs.
  • About 65% of the population are visual learners. They understand messages more effectively when they are accompanied by images or videos compared to pure texts.
Graphic designer

Graphic designers are more likely to work with online marketing agencies that offer a slew of packages that include website design, logo design, and video marketing. However, you can also build an Internet business by doing the following:

  • Design graphics for shirts through Merch by Amazon
  • Create printables, posters, sketches, and decorative mugs on Etsy
  • Provide your services to websites like 99designs (although the market can be competitive)

Average Salary: According to 99designs, it can range from $45,000 to 55,000 depending on your level of experience and education.

Average Working Hours: Some graphic designers work for at least 37 hours a week, which makes it close to a full-time job. But you can always begin with 4 hours a day.

Logo designer

Another way on how to earn 10 dollars a day is by becoming a logo designer. Logos are some of the underrated tools in branding simply because they are less conspicuous than the actual name of the company or product.

However, they can be the most impactful element in any marketing strategy. Just think about the “swish” of Nike or the “smiling logo” of Amazon. How about the iconic yellow M of McDonald’s?

logo designer

To be a logo designer, though, you need more than the ability to draw or play around with platforms such as Adobe Photoshop.

You must understand the core of the brand, so in this case, it helps if you can have some marketing background. You may also need to be an excellent communicator, so you can discuss the design well with the business owner or the company.

Average Salary: The data from ZipRecruiter revealed that a freelance logo designer can take home about $31,500 a year, which isn’t shabby. If you belong to the top earners, though, this job can be worth at least $100,000.

Average Working Hours: Solid and simple designs (for example, only a mixture of colors and a few illustrative elements) may take around 2 to 3 hours to make. You may complete the more complicated ones within 10 hours.

3. Video editor

Are you fond of creating stories and storyboards? Do you ever dream of becoming a future Hollywood director or a video blogger? Do you have the patience to work with video materials for hours or even days? Would you like to make really good money?

You can become a video editor!

Video editor

To become a video editor, you need not create the material from scratch. That already takes a huge workload off your shoulders, but you need to have a keen eye for detail.

Some technical know-how goes a long way since you will have to use different kinds of software. These include Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

Fortunately, as a video editor, you can work in different fields and explore several money-making opportunities: 

  • Create video clips for sites like Viddyoze.
  • Work in industries like weddings, entertainment, corporate, and real estate.
  • Produce online short films.

Average Salary: According to, a freelance video editor could earn at least $57,000. Hourly, they can take home $27.50, says ZipRecruiter. Note, though, that unless you’re hired by a team, you need to invest in your own tech and equipment.

Average Working Hours: Video editing may take at least 40 hours a week even if you’re freelance because the process can be meticulous.

4. YouTuber

If you want to earn at least 10 dollars per day and be a star without having to go through auditions or looking for agents, then be a YouTuber (or, broadly speaking, video blogger).

While there are other video platforms out there, YouTube is no doubt the biggest and most popular. It now has over 2 billion users across 100 countries and supports about 80 languages.


The number of channels that now earns a six-figure income increased by a whopping 40% year over year. The company, meanwhile, already paid at least $2 billion to its partners.

YouTubers earn money in a lot of ways:

  • Run ads in their videos through Google’s AdSense program.
  • Accept sponsorships from different brands. Companies may pay according to the number of views the sponsored post generated.
  • Become a brand ambassador or endorser, where companies can pay you a fixed amount of money and get their products or services for free or a huge discount
  • Sell merchandise, depending on your niche
  • Create your merch or products outside YouTube and then use your channel to sell them (e.g., courses, nutritional drinks and supplements, appliances, etc.)

Average Salary: YouTubers usually don’t receive a regular fixed salary. Most start earning by the number of views their video makes. According to Mint, 1,000 views may pay around $3 to $5, but it can be as much as $5,000 for a million views. In other words, you need at least two videos with decent views to earn $10 a day. Of course, the more videos you upload, the more money you make. Keep in mind, however, to join the AdSense program, you should have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Average Working Hours: Marketing Land cited that about 70% of creators with 100,000 subscribers spend 6 to 8 hours on a video (usually, this refers only to editing). Complex productions can run for days.

5. Blogger

For the certified wordsmiths out there, one of the best fields to learn how to make 10 dollars a day is blogging. Blogs work like journals or diaries except that you publish them online. Often, marketers exploit them as a tool in different phases of a sales funnel, from lead generation to customer engagement and retention.


That isn’t surprising since data suggests that businesses with blogs can increase their email traffic by twofold compared to those that don’t have one. Internet users, especially in the United States, spend three times more time on blogs than on their email.

Bloggers can work with marketing agencies on a full- or part-time basis under a contract so they can still maintain their freelance status. 

However, they can also generate revenues from their blogs in the following ways:

  • Sell their space for ads.
  • Create sponsored posts for brands.
  • Attach an online shop to the blog (or vice versa).
  • Run ads through Google’s AdSense program.

Indirectly, blogs can serve as online portfolios. If you’re a writer, video editor, illustrator, or graphic designer, for example, your posts can help you find leads, which may then boost your earning potential tremendously.

Average Salary: The average hourly rate for bloggers is $15. If it’s a corporate blog, you may have to produce between 5 and 10 posts a month. Doing the math, you can earn at least $75 from a single client.

Average Working Hours: Professional bloggers may work up to 20 hours a week. Depending on the complexity of the topic or the length of a blog post, you may spend at least 2 hours creating one.

6. ESL (English as a secondary language) teaching

Many people dream of becoming a digital nomad - that is, being able to earn cash while traveling anywhere. Fortunately, ESL teaching gives you the chance to do so.

If you’re from a country that has English (preferably the US) as your native language or if you are highly skilled in it, you can now teach it online. You have a vast market in front of you. ESL teachers are needed in countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, UAE, Russia, and Vietnam.

ESL English as a secondary language teaching

Just a caveat: you may need to have a teaching degree (and, better yet, a license) or at least a teaching certificate to truly qualify for the job. Most usually take either TOEFL or TESL. These courses are also available online or offline.

Average Salary: Many ESL teachers earn over 10 dollars a day online. Those in the United States can get up to $17 an hour. The most experienced ones may receive over $20 an hour. For comparison, the hourly rate of a US teacher is about $21 for those in the tenth percentile, according to

Average Working Hours: ESL teachers usually spend five hours at work, but if you’re an online freelancer, you may have more control over your schedule. For instance, you can decide how many classes you want to teach in a day. Depending on the depth of the topic, a typical class is good for 20 to 25 minutes.

7. Photographer

If you have people skills, love to travel, or have a knack in the arts and photography, you can get good money from being a part-time or full-time photographer. Besides running a studio, you can also: 

  • Specialize in a niche, such as destination weddings, baby photography, corporate photo shoots, ads, or real estate.
  • Sell your photos to websites such as Alamy, Shutterstock, 500px, Etsy, Fotolia, and IconZoomer.
  • Add your photos to merchandise, from home decors to shirts

While you can now take amazing shots using your mobile device, professional photographers still have to invest in more advanced pieces of niche equipment.

You may also have to know how to utilize other types of tech, such as drones, to improve the quality and value of your work. Photographers who want to earn more money can also add more skills, like photo and video editing.

Average Salary: Freelance photographers can charge at least $25 an hour, but many factors can affect the hourly rate. The more complicated the setup is, the more money you can ask. Destination weddings, for instance, pay not less than $2,500. Taking pictures of a newborn may be worth $10 an hour for starters.

Meanwhile, pay rates can vary if you’re selling your photos. In sites such as Pixabay, users may “donate” at least $5 every time they download your photo. The likes of Shutterstock give you around 25 cents for every download.

Average Working Hours: Freelance photographers have a more flexible working schedule. But many still work 40 hours a week. That includes wedding photographers, who have to be on-site for most of the day. Some may have to work on weekends or holidays when clients are more likely to be available. If you are looking for more time freedom, take shots and sell them in different ways.

8. Social media manager

You love Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, among others. In fact, you spend a lot of time on these platforms. Well, here’s some good news, you can earn cool cash from these websites. For one, you can be a social media manager.

Social media manager

What is a social media manager?

Sometimes known as a specialist, your job is usually to work with a brand that wants to build or grow its presence in these social media websites. The goals can vary - they may want to sell some goods or keep their customers engaged - but the bottom line is you use these sites to achieve these objectives.

To do so, you also have to do the following: 

  • Plan the content (sometimes social media managers produce the actual content)
  • Schedule the posts strategically (tip: posts should appear at the time when the target market is active on these social media accounts)
  • Moderate interactions, particularly comments
  • Increase engagement through various marketing strategies like promos and contests
  • Create and publish ads
  • Monitor the progress of the social media campaign, which means you need to have some background on analytics
  • Generate analytics reports to help the management make crucial decisions
  • Coordinate the social media team and with the management

Simply put, just being active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites isn’t enough to become a manager. You have a higher chance of succeeding in this field if you can also upgrade your skill. Fortunately, these sites have plenty of certificates you can work on. Facebook has Facebook Blueprint, for instance.

Average Salary: While you may not learn how to get 10 dollars fast by being a social media manager, the job can reward your efforts handsomely. Beginner social media specialists can earn at least $15 an hour. The most experienced can already receive about $120 hourly.

Average Working Hours: The working hours of a social media manager can vary widely. If you are dealing with multiple clients or a few big brands, consider sparing between 8 and 10 hours a day. If you are promoting your own brand or starting in the industry, expect to work up to 4 hours daily.

9. Book writer and editor

Contrary to popular belief, publishing isn’t dead. According to the Association of American Publishers (AAP), the industry’s revenue rose slightly from 2018 to 2019 by nearly 2%. Within the same period, it earned over $14 billion.

Like many things in life, though, publishing also evolves. While many are still buying paperbacks and hardcovers, a growing number are shifting to e-books. In a report by Globe News Wire, the global market for e-books could achieve a staggering 6.8% from 2018 to 2026.

Book writer and editor

By the end of the forecast period, the value of this segment could reach close to $30 billion.

That’s attractive for someone who wants to be a book writer, editor, or both. As a book writer, you can publish your work on websites such as Amazon. You can also partner with companies and solo entrepreneurs who want to promote their products and services with comprehensive information drives.

You may even avoid the traditional publishing route and consider selling your books on demand. You distribute them only when people buy. This way, you may be able to keep the royalties and profits while reducing your publishing costs.

If you don’t plan to be an author, then perhaps you can be an editor. Your work is to improve a manuscript until it is publish-ready.

Average Salary: E-book writers may earn per page, and they could charge at least $15 per page. For more technical works, the rate could go up to $25 or $50. If you are applying as an editor, your starting pay may be $10. You can increase that if you’re content instead of a line editor. Because of the nature of the job, you can charge up to $35 hourly.

Average Working Hours: E-book writers may dedicate around 2 to 4 hours a day to writing and researching. Online editors who work for a publishing company spend regular working hours, which is 40 per week.

10. Virtual assistant

Perhaps you’ve checked the options above and feel you don’t really have the very specific skills to do the job. You then ask, “How can I learn how to make 10 dollars fast?” As long as you have something to offer to potential clients, you can be a virtual assistant.

Also known as VA, virtual assistance, in general, means providing whatever support the client needs.

Virtual assistant

The list of tasks can be broad or extensive. Some of the popular to-dos include:

  • Administrative such as answering phone calls, scheduling the calendar, or bookkeeping
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Online marketing, including social media management or content writing
  • Research
  • Lead generation and appointment setting
  • Data entry
  • Report generation
  • Graphic design and web development
  • File organization or management

As a VA, you can specialize in one of these fields or be a Jack or Jill of all trades. It depends on what the client is looking for.

Average Salary: The data from PayScale revealed that virtual assistants can charge around $15 an hour. However, the field is highly competitive. In some countries, a client can hire a VA for less than $5! If you want to be in this industry, take time to add more to your skillset or master the ones you already have. By doing that, you can bump your hourly rate by as much as $30. You may even get to work with C-level executives, who pay a lot more.

Average Working Hours: They usually follow the schedule of their clients. Some work for at least 8 hours a week, while part-time workers can reduce that by 4 hours.

11. Transcriptionist

I know you’re still screaming, “I need 10 dollars!” so here’s one more: transcription.

As a transcriptionist, what do you exactly do?

Many industries such as education, legal, and health care rely on hard copies, paper trail, or clear documentation for many reasons such as reports or references. To speed up the process, they may record interviews and notes. The problem is they may not have the time to write them down and save them as files they can share, save, organize, or download later.


Your job then is to transcribe the audio file. Because you are likely to work on a niche, you have to follow specific style guides. Some companies may require you to download a particular software or use equipment like pedals. The nature of the job almost means that you have to work in a very quiet environment.

Depending on the niche, your educational background or experience matters. For instance, if you want to transcribe doctors’ notes, a degree or certification in health sciences can help.

Average Salary: Entry-level transcriptionists may earn around $15 an hour while the most experienced ones can enjoy up to $30. The median rate, according to PayScale, is close to $16. You are more likely to start with a team or company, however, so your salary depends on their pay scale. They usually pay per transcribed word or completed file.

Average Working Hours: The amount of time you spend on transcription can depend on a lot of factors, such as length, familiarity, and clarity of the audio. Usually, a one-hour audio file takes as long as 4 hours of transcription. As a beginner, consider adding an hour or two to the standard length.


To be honest, there’s no job that will help you make 10 dollars right now. You can always join survey sites, promos, and contests. They can give you quick bucks, but often, you have to count on luck. I don’t recommend you join pyramid scams.

But if you’re looking for something long-term with high big-income potential that will let you get out of the rat race fast, you need to do something counterproductive: be patient.

Assess your skills, education, and experience. Check which among these 11 online jobs you can do for starters. Then begin looking for jobs

It may take a couple of months, but as they say, hard work and efforts will pay off.

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