How to Make 1000 Dollars a Day Online (8 Proven Ways)

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So you want to learn how to make 1000 dollars a day. Or perhaps you want an easy way to make 1000 dollars. Sadly, I can’t say that this article can generate $1000 dollars for you right away.

In fact, it might take weeks at best before you see any kind of profit. 

But even then, you still might not be making $1000 daily. 

That said, it isn’t far from possible. To be honest, if you’re willing to put yourself in the right mindset, and follow a very specific lifestyle, you’ll definitely be able to reach your financial goals by the end of the year. 

So, how can you do it? Let’s find out.

How to make 1000 dollars a day; adjusting your life

So let’s say that you’re absolutely ready for the pool of wealth to just come bursting into your bank account. But are you sure you’re doing absolutely everything you can to make it happen?

I mean sure, you can work your butt off. You can keep trying to take on more projects, more clients, in the hopes of making more money. But in reality, all you will succeed in doing is setting yourself up for a burnout without getting anywhere near your goals.

Yes, progress is steady. And hard work is a necessity. But that doesn’t mean you need to run yourself to the ground just so you can get a taste of that thousand dollars a day you’ve been hoping for.

So what SHOULD you do?

Here are my top tips for getting it right with minimal mistakes:

Get in the right mindset

There are a lot of self-help books out there that will tell you about how you should view your finances. They’ll tell you that you should spend the absolute bare minimum to save up for your future.

Now while this isn’t necessarily false, life is also too short to spend it behind a screen working hard without even seeing the fruits of your labor.

Financial experts actually suggest that you take the time to fix the way you think or perceive things if you want to become financially successful. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight - nor should you expect it to.

Some of my favorite content for getting into the right mindset are the following: 

  • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley
  • So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
  • The Money Mindset Podcast
  • Planet Money

These books and podcasts are among the best out there that I’ve found. I’ve listened and read their content over a hundred times by now and I truly am reminded of everything I’ve learned as if it’s something new whenever I’m facing a struggle with my hustle.

Another tip I have for getting in the right mindset is to follow the right influencers or financial coaches. I have some favorites, but depending on what your goals are and your personal preferences, I believe it’s best for you to discover that on your own.

Learn to budget your finances

Now that you have the right resources, it’s important for you to be aware of where you are financially. It’s also a good idea for you to be able to view your goals for the next few years and set a clear path for where you want to be.

You might be thinking of investing in a budget or financial planner, or trying out those coaching lessons or classes that claim to get you in the right mindset or help you by sharing secrets to financial literacy and independence.

finance blog

No, I’m not saying they’re scams or unnecessary. In fact, you’ll learn a lot from these avenues. However, if the money isn’t there, it isn’t necessary to spend anything just to get started. There are plenty of free resources out there.

Plus, all you really need to get in touch with your goals is to pick up a pen and a notebook.

Personally, I do this every year. I try to set my financial goals each year. Of course, there are times they can’t be met. But having a clear image of what you want and where you want to be at a certain point helps keep you motivated.

Here’s what I do: 

  • 1. Start with listing down what you’re currently making.
  • 2. List all of your set expenses each month.
  • 3. List down how much you want to make.
  • 4. Enumerate ways you can achieve your goals.

Keep it moving

I hate stagnant money. What I always hear from the older generation is that I need to save up my money so that I could retire in the future. The problem with that is, what if I don’t make it to retirement?

What if the money I saved stays in a locked vault depreciating over time just because there’s nothing that’s happening with it?

It’s great to have savings. It’s great to be prepared. But don’t confuse it for being financially successful. Truly successful people have just enough in their wallet to live comfortably while the rest of their money is in circulation.

Do you know what I mean?

Major companies have a high value. That’s true. But that doesn’t mean the CEO has access to all those funds. You can set aside enough for security, but make sure you’re not leaving it all stagnant. Most of your money should either go towards your expenses or it should be circulating and generating more income for you. 

8 proven ways to earn 1000 dollars a day

Now that you’re mentally prepared to face the difficulties and challenges of generating a thousand dollar day income, it’s time to learn how you can actually do it. Below, I’ve listed eight sure-fire ways you can find your way to financial freedom.

I recommend pursuing one venture at a time just to give you time to focus and grow in it as much as possible but feel free to explore other methods if you find that you have the resources to do so.

1. High ticket coaching

What exactly is high ticket coaching and why is it first on the list? Simply put, a high ticket is just a fancy way of saying highly-priced. I don’t think I need to explain it any more than that but generally, it means you’re charging a large amount for your coaching services.

high ticket coaching

Now you may think that it would be very difficult to convince clients that your services are worth that much. But let me tell you one of the best-kept secrets high ticket earners apply - if you don’t believe your services are worth it, then no one will buy it.

So what should you do? INVEST IN YOURSELF. In the online coaching industry, you are your product. Your knowledge and expertise should speak volumes for you and your business. If you do not hold yourself to an appropriate value, then I’m sorry to say the path you want to pursue will not be sustainable.

This goes without saying that you should value your services accordingly. If you don’t think you’re enough of an expert in a certain subject matter or niche you want to pursue, then you’re obviously not going to be able to charge a large amount for your services.

However, in this case, expertise does not necessarily equate to years and years of experience in the field. Although that may be helpful, the amount of information and results you can pack in a few months or a single year can be substantial enough if you’re able to learn the right tactics and supplicate your worth by showing how effective your coaching skills are.

So, how do you become a high ticket online coach? It’s simple really but requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Take as many online courses as you can on your preferred subject matter. Now I’m not telling you to take every single online course out there. Just make sure you’re investing in ones that will give you more knowledge as you listen. Avoid repetitive courses and invest in ones that are highly acclaimed led by trusted professionals.

Make sure you get certification where you can. As a coach, you need to be able to show some sort of validation of your credentials. Make sure you’re able to project your authority to build trust.

Apply your teachings. I can never trust anyone who gives me advice if I don’t see that they’ve gotten any results from it. Your first few clients might not be high ticket deals, but these first few clients will help you gather feedback and have something to show for when you’re confident enough to charge the fees you should be charging for your services.

Now that you’re aware of the steps you need to take before you’re able to land that high-ticket client, let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing this career.


  • Coaching is very rewarding and you can take on multiple high ticket clients at the same time.
  • It is an extremely rewarding experience to be able to help others achieve their goals and live their lives to the fullest.
  • Once you have your course materials executed and prepared, it’s easier to deliver on your job.
  • You can work whenever and wherever you want.
  • You don’t need to work every single day if it isn’t convenient for you.
  • You get to set your own schedule.
  • You get to decide who you want to work with.
  • You can eventually incorporate affiliate marketing into your income model.


  • You will need to be prepared with a lot of source and coaching material like workbooks, and more.
  • It will take MONTHS at the very least before you land your first high ticket client.
  • You may not immediately be able to land work.
  • You need to take the time to immensely research various tactics and strategies that apply to your niche.
  • It takes a good amount of patience before you see results.
  • You’ll have to put in the effort to connect with various prospects before proposing your services.

2. High ticket closer

Businesses need salespeople to make money. That’s just how it works. However, with more and more high profile clients and ventures moving into an online space, the problem of closing deals lies entirely on unseasoned closers who have no idea how to give the right service that would satisfy all parties involved without the physical aspect.

High ticket closer

It’s not easy to sell something to someone on the internet. You can only do so much to show them what it will be like once they actually have the product or the services right in front of their eyes.

This is where high ticket closers thrive. Much like medical workers and writing up prescriptions for certain ailments, closers are tasked with pairing customers up with the right product or service to meet their needs.

Think of yourself as an acquirer of sorts. You’ll help clients acquire their needs for a price. And because you’re working with high paying customers and businesses, you can expect to get paid a handsome commission as well.

If you choose to pursue this career path, you’re looking at an average 10% commission for every deal you close. Imagine closing deals for $25000 products and services every day. You’d only need to worry about pairing up a single client to exceed your needs.

However, it isn’t exactly easy to pursue this career choice. But if you do proceed, here are a few ways I gathered to help you succeed:

Do your research and don’t quit your day job just yet. Most people I came across that didn’t make it in the industry made the mistake of diving in too quickly. Of course since you’re working on your own terms now, you won’t be paid a set wage each month so you basically won’t have a safety net. It’s a good idea to stay at your day job while you figure out how things work and to get a good grip on the market before you take a leap.

Be as professional as possible. The companies you’ll be working with are successful for a reason - it’s because they know their market and they know what they’re doing. That said, don’t expect businesses to just take you in with open arms. High ticket companies are more selective of their closers to avoid any issues. Make sure you come across as a professional and that you are knowledgeable in sales.

Build your network. Nobody ever got rich following the easy route. Of course, you could just lean back and work with a company that provides your leads for you. But that’s the easy way not the smart way. If you really want to secure your success, don’t stop prospecting. Who knows? Companies may just fight over you because of the network you’re building.

Know your products and sell them well. A common mistake I notice that newer closers make is not researching their product and market enough. Of course, you can get by with following the steps of those before you and just following what your company tells you, but you’ll find more conversions and leads if you’re able to present yourself as an expert in what you’re trying to close.

Do not sell without a contract. No matter how large and reputable the company you’re working for is, make sure you have a contract in place. Do not put yourself in a legally compromising position by proceeding to work without a safety net or an agreement at the very least to cushion your fall.


  • Once you’ve built your network, it’s easier to close deals.
  • Higher-priced items will give you a larger commission making it easier for you to reach your daily goal.
  • You aren’t limited to a single commitment. You can close for multiple companies as long as you’re not violating the terms of your contract.
  • It pays extremely well.


  • It’s challenging especially when you’re just starting out.
  • It requires an immense amount of patience to connect with and know your network inside out.
  • You need to be active at odd times especially if your prospects are based in other timezones.
  • There are no guaranteed sales. You may experience days where you won’t earn a commission.

3. SEO specialist

What is SEO? Search engine optimization determines how well sites like Google can pick up your content and display it to your target audience. The same can be said of literally any content-based apps like your social media platforms. However, not many people are keen on learning the specifics of meta descriptions, alt text, keyword research, and more.

SEO specialist

Imagine business owners trying to apply these changes to entire websites on a daily basis. The amount of time spent would be detrimental to the progress of the venture. Not to mention the trial and error period that follows to see whether they did it correctly or not.

Truth be told, SEO specifics aren’t that difficult to learn. However, they do require a keen eye, a good amount of research, and constant learning about the dynamic algorithms that go into every kind of platform there is. This is why you’re not only going to be paid for your knowledge on the subject matter, but you’re also valued for the time and efforts you put into optimizing content for search engines.

There are different kinds of search engine optimization specialists. I suppose you could liken it to a freelance writer’s selection of a niche. You also need to choose your specialty. For example, you could specialize in search engine optimized content creation, or you could analyze entire websites so that they’re more effectively visible on Google or Bing.

Whichever route you decide to take, you need to consider the following before becoming an SEO specialist:

Understand SEO basics. The first step is to conduct your research. Learn about optimizing content and how you can do it. There are several free resources online so you don’t need to worry about spending money on courses or books to teach you the basics.

Take courses about Google Analytics and its Search Console. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the search engine tool will become a primary part of your day to day activities. After all, nearly every platform relies on the largest search engine in the world when it comes to SEO and tuning their algorithm. Take free courses and learn as much as you can whenever possible your knowledge will become your best friend.

Stay on top of algorithm changes. Every app update means there are possible changes to the way content is viewed on certain apps. That means you need to be aware and you need to be able to adapt to these changes as quickly as possible.

Develop a healthy reading habit. The most successful professionals in the field are able to keep up with trends and end up learning something new each and every day. This is because they keep reading and learning. Keep your expertise fresh and invaluable by keeping yourself informed and up to date on the latest SEO trends and even ones you haven’t mastered yet.


  • The demand is high for search engine optimization experts because it is such a time-consuming aspect of content.
  • You don’t have to stick to a single client which means the possibilities of earning are relatively endless.
  • You can stay on top of your work even when you’re just using your mobile phone. You don’t need to sit at a desk the whole day.
  • You can choose to specialize in certain SEO services such as providing product captions or designing entire websites.


  • It is a time consuming job and you will need to spend the better part of your day learning new techniques.
  • It is quite tedious to accomplish since you’re required to execute your strategy as well.
  • You need to prepare analytics reports which can take some time as well.

4. Membership site

If you’ve ever come across sites like Shutterstock or Kindle Unlimited where you’re required to participate in a recurring monthly payment - OR one-time subscription, to be able to access certain areas or content of the website.

Membership sites_

It may not feel like it, but these platforms are making serious bank with their business model. Running a membership site is one of the best ways to capitalize on blogging as well as the content you provide.

But more than that, you can also run it any way you want to. For example, you can collaborate with different individuals or businesses to provide exclusive content for your site.

So, what should a membership site include? It all really depends on you, but on a basic level, it should include the following: 

  • Exclusive content
  • Online and offline courses
  • Live webinars
  • Member calls
  • Content archives or a knowledge base
  • A community forum where members can interact with each other
  • Downloadable content
  • Membership rewards and benefits

Now, that isn’t to say that you’re supposed to have all of these features on your platform. Think of this simply as a guide or suggestion of what you should have or what normally constitutes a membership site.

Moving forward, there are a few steps you can take to help you build a successful membership website:

Define your target audience. This will help you build your brand and website identity so that it’s tailored to meet the needs of your viewers.

Determine the right price for your content. Don’t over or undervalue your site - that’s just one of the many mistakes membership sites that don’t succeed make. Take a look at your demographic and base your decision from there.

Find the right platform. Whether you choose to go with WordPress, Kartra, Kajabi, or something else, make sure you take the time to test out your options so you don’t end up needing to switch later on.

Create valuable content. Your website’s design is only one of the most important things. What you really need to invest in is the content. Make sure your members will not only find it entertaining but that it would also bring value to them.

Build a community. One of the things that makes membership sites most successful is having a healthy, responsive community to interact with. This will provide them with security and allow them to communicate with like-minded individuals to share their experiences and tips about the niche you’re in.


  • It is highly rewarding and in most cases, these sites provide value to their members one way or another
  • The income is steady and virtually guaranteed each month.
  • It is a flexible avenue for your business wherein you can also expand your income base by selling products or other services
  • It’s one way to make money off of blogging
  • You don’t need to do all the work. You can always work with creatives to provide content for your website


  • It’s a bit demanding because you need to keep up with the demands of your members
  • It can be hard to convince your customer base to subscribe to a membership in the beginning
  • It requires a lot of work to establish

5. Marketing agency (offering more marketing services)

I’m sure by now you’re well aware of what ads are. You’ve seen them before, sponsored content and random pop-ups just appear on your screen as you scroll through your favorite apps. However, it may have slipped your mind that there are more ways than one to network products and services.

Marketing agency

Setting up a marketing agency will allow you to specialize in promoting businesses by applying multiple strategies. One of the best parts of starting an agency is that it’s virtually free. Think about it - most of the resources are online. You only really need to bring on a team of experts to get started.

On top of that, you can start a website for free. However, I recommend buying a domain to make it look more professional.

Much like traditional marketing efforts, digital marketing agencies have a lot going for them. There are many ways you can promote a business and its products online. If you’re considering this venture, here are some of the steps you need to take:

Develop and nurture your skills. Your professionalism and expertise will take you very far when it comes to this field. As I mentioned before, you don’t really need to spend much when it comes to acquiring your knowledge. There are plenty of quality free resources online if you know where to look.

Consider freelancing before setting up your agency. If you’re new to the field, you will need to build up your reputation. You’ll have a hard time looking for clients otherwise if you’re not equipped with results to show them.

Identify your business modelThis is where you need to decide how you want to get paid. I recommend taking on projects by proposing set fees to your clients in addition to the amount they need to spend on marketing material like ads and promotional packages.

Set a plan for scaling your business. You may be far from it, but it helps to be prepared. Make sure you have a plan in place and that you’re aware of all your options before deciding on your strategy.


  • You get to decide who you want to work with
  • You don’t need to sacrifice your morals or align yourself with businesses that do not agree with your beliefs
  • You have the opportunity to build your own team
  • It is rewarding to manage a team that grows with you
  • You’re able to learn new things you can apply to your business on a daily basis


  • You need to be consistent in adapting with changes to the industry because there are a lot of competitors
  • It can be difficult to find the right people for your team
  • It can be overwhelming to manage everything especially if you’re working with high-volume marketing requirements

6. Building complex web applications/sites

Everyone knows how difficult and time consuming it can be to build entire websites from scratch. This is the main reason why web developers are in high demand. However, in addition to this act, you’re also basically paid for your expertise in various areas.

Building complex web applications/sites

Think about it - web developers are responsible for most if not all the content on web pages. Some lower-tier developers may only be responsible for executing what a designer has in mind. But if you really want to capitalize on the income-generating possibilities of this field, you should consider adding more skills to your roster.

Think about it carefully. Doesn’t it make sense that the more you’re required to do, the more you earn? Now think about how more demanding jobs can land you a larger income.

But that doesn’t mean you have to take every single job in just to make 1000 dollars every day. The simple answer? Learning about complex coding and web design aspects and executing them perfectly.

The digital world is highly dynamic. And with most businesses shifting to the online scene, it makes sense that there’s more than just a bit of healthy competition. In fact, web builders have made it so many sites look very similar to each other.

Besides, where would new businesses draw inspiration from if not their competition?

As a business owner, one of the earliest things we’re taught is to look at our competitors and say - how can I be better?

This is where you're supposed to step in. Eliminate the risk of looking too similar with companies in the same field and help them stand out as well as making sure their user interface is more than just streamlined.

It needs to be unique, it needs to resonate with the brand, and it needs to be effective.

But how exactly do you land your first client as a web developer? Here are my favorite tips.

Grow your portfolio, but be smart about it. There is literally no need for you to put work you’ve done in the past that is no longer representative of your skills. As you mature in your career, your work does too. Make sure only your best work reflects in your portfolio.

Learn to converse with your clients. A secret I learned from landing high-ticket deals is to never give them a chance to say no until they have no other option. Make sure you showcase your expertise, listen to their needs, and communicate well before you present them with your rates so they’re pressed to make room for your services if you’ve already impressed them.

Keep on learning and growing. As with anything in the tech industry, everything continues to grow and change as the years pass. It’s imperative for you to maintain a grip on every change that happens so you don’t get left behind by the trends.


  • You can work as you please as long as you meet deadlines
  • In most cases, you have complete creative authority
  • You don’t need to leave your home to work


  • It can be difficult to remain productive
  • It’s a very demanding job

7. Create your own digital product

Minimalism and convenience have dominated the lives of most people. This is mostly why you’ll see a huge increase in preferences for digital products like ebooks and digital planners. Moreover, this also minimizes ecological repercussions caused by shipping and the production of physical materials.


One of the main reasons why people are so quick to create and sell their own digital products is because it’s easy. And you don’t really need any expertise to get started or to accomplish your goal.

The only setback is that it might be a little bit difficult for you to start selling whatever it is you decide to sell. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of resources online.

To help you get started, here are a few of my favorite tips I’ve discovered over years of experience:

Always remember the “why” of it all. If you’re facing a hard time or are starting to fall behind on what you’re working on, as is expected of any venture that requires a lot of creative skill, remember why you’re doing it. This will not only add substance to your craft, but it will also renew your passion for what you’re doing.

Research, and take the time to turn everything into your best work. Never settle for anything less than the best you can put out. One of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs fail is because they jump into the market too quickly without considering how good their product actually is.

Keep it in one niche. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades it will only contribute to you burning out. Moreover, you need to appear professional and knowledgeable about what you’re selling so trying to talk about everything at once won’t help your case at all.


  • You get to decide when you want to launch your product and how
  • The pricing will depend entirely upon your judgment
  • You have complete control over what you’re promoting and creating
  • You don’t need to get into a market you’re not passionate about
  • Once you’ve established everything, it can generate a good stream of passive income to you while you focus on something new


  • It can be time-consuming when you’re just starting out
  • It can be hard to make your first few sales

8. Launch an online shop (ecommerce)

Ecommerce wasn’t a well-known revenue source until recently when many of the younger generation decided to share their get-rich-quick schemes. Dropshipping is one of the many seemingly effortless ways to generate an income.

ecommerce and dropshipping

And the great thing about it is that you don’t need to worry about shipping out your products or producing them.

Your supplier will take care of that for you. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re going to sit back and do nothing, you also need to dive into the world of digital marketing, web design, funnels, and basically everything else an online storefront invests in to make a sale. There are a lot of guides online which show in detail how does dropshipping work.

Here are the things you need to do to succeed in eCommerce:

Find a reliable supplier. This is the most important part of your business. Make sure your products are of the best quality and that you’re not just selling items that will most likely get returned and that you’ll have to refund which is an even more tedious process.

Invest in your website. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and search engine optimized. This will determine whether your viewers will trust you and your brand and is often one of the only reasons why a prospect won’t push through with checking out.

Pick a niche. Unless you want to set up an online shopping mall, it would be easier and better for you to pick a niche and stick with it. This will help you maintain value in your content and help you zero in on a target audience.

Learn the best networking tactics. Marketing is a key aspect in your website’s success. Make sure you learn about all the ways you can promote your website aside from running ads to capitalize on revenue.


  • You’re able to decide what you want to sell
  • You can create your own brand and give it any voice you want
  • You don’t have to make your own products
  • There is no need to ship anything out
  • You don’t need a lot of space. Just a desk and a chair in your room will be enough


  • Depending on what niche you choose, the market is quite saturated
  • You will need to focus on ways to gather clients at first which can be time-consuming 

Can I make 1000 dollars a day?

Whatever the reason is that you want to earn a thousand dollars every day, let me tell you that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I’m not saying it’s impossible because it certainly isn’t and I’m living proof of that.

I’m just saying that you might have to sacrifice more than just a few night’s worths of sleep. And that no venture is guaranteed to be free of stress. In fact, you might be constantly stressed out.

But in the end, it’s all worth it if you’re doing what you love and you’re reaching your financial goals. Just remember to be realistic and patient. You can hustle all you want, but you don’t need to work yourself to the dirt.

Work hard, but work smarter. The road to financial freedom is just a few clicks away.

About the author 

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