How to Make 20 Dollars a Day Online (Only Legit Ways)

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Are you one of those wishing to add more money into your bank account? Perhaps you’re thinking of shifting careers – one that’s more rewarding and stress relieving. Meanwhile, you want to transition from a full-time nine-to-five worker to a remote employee or solo entrepreneur. 

Whatever path you choose, the Internet makes it possible for you. Even better, it provides you with plenty of opportunities to learn how to make 20 dollars a day!

While that doesn’t sound a lot, know that a month’s worth of this can already cover your utilities. 

Moreover, depending on how good you are in upgrading your skills, you can add more clients or grow your income in no time. 

But here’s the question: what kinds of legit online jobs can you get these days?

12 jobs that can help you make 20 dollars now

1. Logo designer 

If you are an artist with a great understanding of marketing and branding, then you can learn how to earn 20 dollars a day by becoming a logo designer. 

Logos are part and parcel of any branding strategy, and the list of statistics by Small Biz Genius will tell you why. One, color enhances brand recognition by an astonishing 80%. This is because over half of the population are actually visual learners. Studies also show that color psychology can affect consumer behavior. 

logo designer

The list also says that it takes at least five impressions before a consumer remembers the brand. Logos, with the help of other trademarked items like a slogan, can improve a company’s visibility

How much can you earn? 

One of the best places to look for logo design work is 99designs. Although the competition is fierce, many brands can pay a handsome amount. It’s not impossible to see a project that’s worth over $100. 


While designing logos can be lucrative, the job will test your patience and marketing skills. In some cases, the client will ask you to collaborate. 

In other words, you need to have valuable input into the design. Second, you can expect a lot of back-and-forth communication. It may take days and plenty of revisions to create a final logo. 

2. Fiverr professional

Fivver isn’t exactly a job but a website that connects clients and freelancers in a single online platform. As someone looking for online work, you can check out the active projects on the list. Clients can also invite you to an interview, proposal, or a job. It depends on your qualifications and ratings, among others. 

Fiverr professional

Some of the popular jobs on the site include: 

  • Writing, proofreading, and editing
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic and design
  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Virtual assistance

On the site, you can create a profile or a gig that you’re an expert of. Then you can start marketing yourself or reach out to the clients. You can also apply as one of its Pro talents, where you can earn an even way more money

How much can you earn?

This depends on many factors, such as experience, expertise, industry, type of job, and competition. Usually, some newbie writers, for example, will charge $5 an hour or output. When you are a Pro talent, though, it seems the sky is the limit as to how much you want to charge for your work. It is not surprising to design a logo for as much as $1,000!


In Fiverr, the competition is stiff with thousands of members all over the world. There are many ways to avoid dealing with so many competitors without sacrificing your ability to earn: 

  • Choose industries and jobs with fewer competitors. For example, under writing or editing, you can do scriptwriting and resume writing. You can also specialize in market research or mobile marketing under digital marketing. Carve a niche.
  • Build your portfolio and skills. Always update your skills and add more to your portfolio. Diversify by creating materials intended for a variety of industries. Don’t just add more working years but grow your expertise. 
  • Apply as a Pro. Usually, you can already apply for Pro status if you have at least 25 reviews under the same category. But you still have to go through the vetting process. If you performed the former tip, however, you are more likely to become one of those allowed to offer professional services.

3. Transcriber 

Data entry can make you money, but if you want to take your online gig further and found another way on how to make an extra 20 dollars a day, you can become a transcriber. 


What does the work actually entail? You usually listen to audio files and then type them into readable and understandable text. The finished product may be for the benefit of the client or consumers – it depends on the context and instructions. 

As a transcriber, you need to have the following skills: 

  • Excellent hearing
  • Good typing ability 
  • Fast typing speed
  • Deeper understanding of the niche 
  • Ability to follow both the clients’ and the provider’s instructions
  • Skill to proofread or edit the work 
  • Excellent spelling and grammar

How much can you earn? 

An entry-level transcriber usually receives at least $3 an hour. If you’re hardworking, you can make this a full-time job and work for at least 7 hours a day and make 20 dollars a day.

But you can get more income if you specialize in a niche, such as a medical transcriber. According to ZipRecruiter, the hourly wage can be as much as $17. 

It also depends on where you work. Transcription providers like TranscribeMe can pay up to $17 an hour while Casting Words can offer around $1 per audio minute excluding bonuses.


Transcription is time-consuming work. A file, for example, may require at least an hour to transcribe. However, the more familiar you get with the topic, the more likely you can increase your speed. 

Moreover, some providers may search for specialization. If you want to work as a medical or legal transcriber, consider taking short courses to become familiar with terms and contexts. 

4. Writer/proofreader forecasts that the demand for writers and authors will increase by 8% until 2026. That is a much faster rate than other occupations.


These professions are necessary for a variety of reasons:

  • E-commerce is booming. The data suggests that global sales for this industry will reach at least $6.5 billion in 2023. Online businesses need writers to create product descriptions, publish blogs, manage social media, and perform other digital marketing tasks. 
  • Self-publishing will also flourish. According to Publisher’s Weekly, the number of self-published printed and electronic books grew to 1.68 million in 2018. A year before that, it was only 1.19 million. Websites such as Amazon now offer publishers and authors to launch books in a more cost-effective manner. They also have the tools to take care of every aspect of the publishing process, from creating book covers to editing. 

With the increased demand for writers comes a higher need for proofreaders. Following proper syntax and spelling can help improve a brand’s credibility. 

How much can you earn? 

Writers can charge according to word, hour’s work, or article. In 2016, Venngage mentioned that most writers get less than $500 per article. The average rate is $380, but this depends on the niche and length. The more complicated it is, the more premium the article becomes. 

Meanwhile, proofreaders may receive between $15 and $20 per hour. Content editors may have a higher income since their work is more extensive than that of a line or a copy editor.


If you want to make sure that you can earn at least $20 a day, stay away from content mills. While work is likely stable, prices for every project are extremely cheap. Many will give you $5 or less for a 500-word article. 

Another way to earn more from writing is to be a technical writer, especially if you become a subject-matter expert for a popular field, such as healthcare and tech. According to US News, the median salary for such a writer in 2019 was over $70,000.

5. Blogger

What’s another quick way to make 20 dollars? You can try your hand in blogging.


From a blog, you can consider multiple strategies to earn both active and passive income:

  • Sell your space for ads. 
  • Run the AdSense program and earn every time someone clicks the ads. 
  • Use your blog for affiliate marketing or guest posting. 
  • Compile your best articles and create the best-of e-book. You can now sell it or give it away as a guide to build your newsletter and e-mail list
  • Grow your influence in your industry and earn money from sponsorships, deals, and collaborations.
  • Write blog posts for your products and services. 
  • Work as a blogger for a digital marketing agency. 
  • Transition more comfortably from blogging to vlogging (video blogging) or do both simultaneously. 
  • Monetize it through affiliate marketing.

Blogs have been around for some time, but they’re less likely to die because they serve many purposes for businesses. In a set of data collected by Optin Monster, companies that run an updated blog boost their email traffic by twofold compared to those that don’t. 

Further, those who prioritize blogging as a marketing strategy could increase their likelihood of generating a positive ROI by as much as 13 times. B2B marketers who blog also create over 65% more leads. 

How much can you earn?

Bloggers are often treated as writers, so if you work for a digital marketing agency or as a freelancer, your rates are similar to the ones mentioned above. You will receive a different income depending on the strategy you want to implement. 

For instance, if you accept guest posts, you may charge at least $50. You may ask for a bonus if you surpass the minimum expected traffic. As for your ad space, some industry experts suggest dividing your daily traffic by 10 and then multiply that to $1 to know your charge for banners per month. 


Most bloggers are also the ones who edit their articles. If you have both skills—that is, writing and editing—it will be easier for you to penetrate this niche and negotiate your salary. You may also want to pair blogging with social media management

6. Virtual assistant

Running a business isn’t easy. Not only is it expensive, but it is also time-consuming and tedious. In many situations, an entrepreneur ends up spending a lot of time on routine tasks that they could have dedicated to to-dos that can generate more profits or help in business growth. 

Virtual assistant

For this reason, virtual assistance became popular. As a virtual assistant, your primary role is to provide back- or front-end (or both) support to your clients. A person who wishes to do this type of work may need to have the following skills: 

  • Project management (e.g., calendar scheduling, distribution of manpower, etc.)
  • Sales such as appointment setting or e-commerce management
  • Administrative like answering phone calls or e-mailing files 
  • Data entry 
  • Market research and lead generation
  • Digital marketing from content creation to social media management

Sometimes virtual assistants also need to manage the household of the client. They may be asked to schedule special occasions, call for grocery, or order food—anything that can help the person free up their time so that they can focus on other essentials or have more periods of relaxation. 

How much can you earn?

It depends on factors such as the skills you have and the years of experience. Entry-level general virtual assistants may earn $5 an hour as a start. Thus, if you make this a full-time career, you can double your $20 in a day. Meanwhile, those who can be considered as midlevel can pocket up to $20 an hour


To earn more from working as a virtual assistant, it helps to specialize in a few essential and on-demand skills. These include e-commerce, social media, e-mail marketing, and lead generation. 

7. Affiliate marketer 

On my website, I have discussed affiliate marketing extensively, so go ahead and check out the articles to learn more about this field. What I want to discuss now is how you can earn at least $20 a day from doing this. 

what is affiliate marketing

You can become an affiliate marketer in two ways: work for a digital marketing agency or affiliate marketing entrepreneur or start an affiliate marketing business. Both have pros and cons. 

When you work with a company, you have access to all the resources you need to succeed. You don’t have to put up capital to start a business. However, becoming an entrepreneur gives you the freedom and control you’ll never get if you’re an employee. 

Either way, to be an excellent affiliate marketer, you need to have an excellent eye for products. They need not be trendy, but they should be items that your targeted niche will be willing to buy. 

It also helps to be at least familiar with the latest digital marketing strategies and apply them properly. If you need help, let me know. With my many years of experience in affiliate marketing, I can give you pieces of advice to lower your risk of failure.

How much can you earn? 

Affiliate marketers earn good money. According to Glassdoor, on average, they generate over $65,000 each year as an income. If they’re really good, they can take home a whopping $80,000 or more. 


If you’re an affiliate marketing entrepreneur, you usually earn income from commissions, so choose the brands you plan to promote well. Check their affiliate marketing program, particularly the tiers. 

How much can you earn per sale? Do you also get money from referrals, and how much is it? How do you move up to higher levels, so you can earn more?

8. YouTuber

YouTube is not only a video channel but a search engine. In fact, it’s already one of the top three, along with Google. It tells you how much Internet users depend on it to look for information. 


You can, therefore, imagine what a lucrative money-making machine it could be. Take, for example, the iPhone. The release of its 2007 teaser increased the curiosity and demand for the product even before it became available in the market. 

Of course, you can earn directly from the website. One way is to become a YouTuber.

What does this mean? You maintain a channel where you upload videos for your audience. Once you reach a certain number of subscribers, which is currently a thousand, you can now apply for the site’s monetization program. You can run ads with your videos or earn through Google AdSense. 

A YouTuber can also earn income in the following ways: 

  • Use the channel to promote a product or service
  • Become an ambassador for a brand or accept sponsorships
  • Make and sell a merchandise
  • Create an exclusive membership club and create premium content (use the site to let leads have an idea of what they can expect)
  • Launch a career (think of Justin Bieber)

How much can you earn? 

YouTube doesn’t give a fixed salary or amount for a YouTube creator. Rather, it pays per ad view. Some data revealed that the site could pay between $3 and $5 per 1,000 video views. However, for channels with thousands of subscribers and equally thousands of views, they can generate $5 per 1,000 views. 

YouTubers can earn way more with sponsorships. Depending on your popularity, you can negotiate to be paid at least $20 for 1,000 views of the sponsored video. 


To become a YouTuber is hard work. As of 2020, the website already has not fewer than 30 million channels! That’s a lot of competition. To increase your likelihood of succeeding, focus on an underserved market or niche and produce targeted content. 

Maximize tools such as TubeBuddy to your advantage. You can generate analytics report that will help you immensely in planning your marketing strategies and lower costs of production.

9. Photo contributor

Photographers can certainly earn their keep by providing direct service. But if you don’t enjoy waiting for hours for a client or are just talented enough to take amazing photos, you can become a contributor. 


How does this work? You submit photos to websites that accept them. Some options include Shutterstock, PikWizard, Pixabay, Unsplash and Freepik. Note, though, their methods of rewarding your work can be vastly different. 

The good news is you may not need plenty of pieces of fancy equipment like a high-end camera. As long as you have a great eye for detail and creative and produce great-looking photos, you can submit them. 

How much can you earn?

As mentioned, photo sites pay contributors in different ways. For Shutterstock, you receive money for every download. Right now, they can give you 0.25 cents for an image under their monthly subscription bundle. However, if your photo is in demand or popular or trendy, the rate can be as high as 81 cents. If it’s a licensed image, you may receive up to $80.

Meanwhile, for sites like Pixabay or Unsplash, you earn every time a user downloads a picture and “donates money.” A picture can be worth at least $5 per download.


While you have more freedom on the images you can take if you’re a contributor, penetrating the market won’t be easy. Read the guidelines before you submit to reduce the chances of rejection. You can use websites like Pixabay or Unsplash to build your portfolio, improve your techniques while earning money on the side.  

10. Online teacher

Do you love to share your knowledge while learning more about other people’s cultures? How about traveling the world and making it easier for you to land a job? There’s an online profession that shows you how to earn 20 dollars fast: online teaching.

Teach online

While teachers have always been in demand, online teachers are a niche that’s rising in immense popularity for the following reasons: 

  • More children are homeschooled. The National Home Education Research Institute shared that at least 7% of school-aged kids in the United States are already studying at home. The coronavirus pandemic could further cement the plan of many parents to shift to this education system. 
  • Online teaching provides more mobility and freedom. Compared to regular teaching, this is less stress-free. Often, teachers determine the number of hours they’re willing to work in a week. Usually, a class lasts for less than 30 minutes. Moreover, since classes are online, they can take their job anywhere in the world. 
  • They may not need to have a teacher’s license. This depends on the institution, but some may allow one to teach even without a license. This could be because the lessons are only supplemental or optional (like teaching English as a second language). This makes the job excellent as a side hustle for all types of people such as students and at-home parents.

How much can you earn?

Online teachers can earn well. According to ZipRecruiter, entry-level teachers may receive at least $16 an hour. On average, the rate is already $22. Those who belong to the upper percentile - usually teachers with working experience and/or a license - may earn between $25 and $30 hourly. 


With more online teachers, the competition is getting fiercer. You can gain an upper hand if you’re already a licensed teacher. But if you don’t have one, you can work on getting certifications. 

For example, if you want to teach English as a second language, you can sign up for a TOEFL course. This is usually self-paced, but you may interact with a professional trainer or some sample students for a demo. Regardless, the certification can bolster your application.

11. Virtual babysitter

If you have a way with children, then definitely, you can work as a babysitter. As an extra advantage, this job is extremely flexible. You are paid by the hour, but you have more freedom to choose your schedules. 

virtual babysitter

But with the pandemic, babysitting becomes more challenging. Fortunately, now you can do the job online. It turns out that sites like Minutes 4 Moms and Babysitting Company allow you to apply as virtual babysitters.

How does this actually work? A virtual babysitter keeps the child company or entertained for a few minutes or hours. They usually meet through Zoom. Children’s ages can greatly vary from toddlers to kindergartners or elementary-school children. 

How much can you earn?

If you successfully apply to these companies, you can earn a lot. A business may charge $48 an hour, and parents may have to book a minimum number of hours, which they can consume anytime during the week. The virtual babysitter, meanwhile, may receive $36 for a 45-minute session. It is a convenient way to earn 20 dollars daily.


While this sounds like a cool gig, it is no way easy. You must have a lot of patience and establish excellent rapport with the children. You may want to familiarize yourself with not only the company but also the kind and ages of children you have to handle. 

12. Airbnb host or manager

To earn $20 a day doesn’t have to mean you need to render labor. It can also be passive income, and one of the most popular over the years is Airbnb. If you have an extra cabin, shed, or room, you can lease it for a few days or weeks. Otherwise, convert a rarely used space like an attic, garage, or basement into a room available for rental. 

Airbnb host or manager

If you don’t have a property, you can be an Airbnb manager. Many Airbnb hosts now own multiple houses or rooms and managing each can be a pain. This is where you come in. 

How much can you earn?

In 2019, the average monthly earning of an Airbnb host is around $920. This is already less the fees the site collects from the property owners. That’s why having multiple properties under the website is lucrative. 

As for being an Airbnb manager, Glassdoor revealed that you may receive at least $75,000 annually if you want to make this as a full-time job. 


While Airbnb helps you generate passive income (which means you hardly break a sweat), the losses can also be staggering. State regulations can also affect your ability to rent the property or the fees and taxes you pay. 

Basic tips to succeed on online gigs

Not all who apply for online work or do an Internet business succeed, because there’s no single formula to achieve that. However, you can explore countless ways to decrease your chances of failing:

How to Make 20 Dollars a Day

1. Avoid scams

To be honest, there’s no such thing as “learning how to make 20 dollars fast” if your idea of speed is earning from the get-go. Legitimate work requires patience and commitment. You need to match your skills, expertise, and experience with the job you intend to do. You may also go through training. 

Thus, if you see companies promising you thousands of dollars of income in a few days even if you have zero skill or experience, run away from them. You are about to get scammed

2. Be open to possibilities 

If there’s one thing the Internet offers to you right now, it’s endless possibilities. You can be a writer, YouTuber, online teacher, or even a virtual babysitter depending on your skills, expertise, education, and experience. 

If you trap yourself in a box, your options become limited. You may find yourself stuck in a niche or industry with so many competitors that you struggle to become a part of it.

3. Know your goals

Why do you want to take online jobs? Are you looking for a new career? Would you like to leave your day job? Do you want to be more flexible with your time? Are you saving up for something? 

Your objectives for doing the work will help you narrow down your choices. This way, you can concentrate your efforts on projects that will give you the greatest fulfillment. 


Again, there’s no such thing as knowing how to get 20 bucks fast - pronto. It takes at least a month to start earning from a legitimate online job.

But if you can be patient and persevere by improving your skills or building an excellent portfolio, you can pocket over $20 a day in record time.

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