30 Tips On How To Pre Sell a Product You Are Promoting

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30 tips to presell a product you are promoting

In this post, I will give you 30 killer ideas on how to pre sell a product to your target audience. Whether you're a product owner or an affiliate marketer, these excellent strategies will work well for you.

One of the most important things you can do is to pre sell your product before or even after your launches. Pre selling will increase your conversion and sales rates better than just blind selling it.

People won't put up their buying defense shields as quit with a pre sell advertisement like they would with a direct buy offer. Pre selling will educate them about the product and get them interested and excited about it before they have to make a decision to buy.

1. Video Demonstrations

Show your target audience a video demonstration of how to use your upcoming product. When people better understand a product and what it can do for them the more persuaded they will be to spend their hard earned money on it.

2. Product Outlines

Give your prospects an outline of what's included in your total product package. People like to skim and not read large product descriptions. You could list the product features, benefits, bonuses, guarantee offers, add ons, etc.

3. Product Samples

Give people a sample of your product. When you give people a little taste of your product and they like it, they will want more and will spend money to get it. Just make sure your sample is big and enticing enough to influence them to buy.

4. Table Of Contents

If your product is a report, ebook, magazine or book you could show people the table of contents. That will allow them to see everything they will learn with a quick read or glance. Your table of contents should be written in a way that it reveals the benefits of your product.

5. Product Covers

Show your prospects the actual product cover or packaging. When people see a graphic of the product, it usually raises the perceived value. It reveals how professionally the product is put together, how much stuff comes with it, how big it is, etc.

6. Product Excerpts

If your product is an information product, you could give people free excerpts of it. An excerpt is a tiny part of the whole information product. It's a good idea to give them some of your best information because they will be curious about what else is included.

7. Beta Test Results

Reveal the beta test results of your product. People will believe third-party beta testers of the product more than the business who will profit off their purchases. The results could be in the form of videos, graphs, testimonials, success stories, etc.

8. WhiteBoard/Chalk Board

Show your target audience what your product will accomplish for them with a whiteboard or chalkboard. It will show them that you are a good teacher as well as a business owner. Plus, you should give them some free tips while you are teaching them about the product.

9. Expert Totals

Reveal what kind of experts and how many have contributed to creating your product. When people see how many knowledgeable people worked on your product, they will know that it must be a winner. It could be the outsourcers, employees, interviewees, etc.

10. Product Reviews

Show people some of the pre-launch product reviews your product has received. The product reviews you have received could be from beta testers, fellow business owners, media sources, randomly selected visitors or e-zine subscribers, etc.

11. Hints And Clue

Give people tantalizing hints or clues about your future product launch. It could be stuff that rhymes with the product, letters taken out of a word they have to fill in, an object or subject that is related to your product, etc.

12. Free eBook/Course

Give your target audience a free ebook or course that is related to the product you will be launching. The information in the free publication should help pre-sell your product as well. Anytime you give a person something of value they will feel the need to give back.

13. Salesletter Previews

Show your prospects a preview of your sale letter. Sometimes it takes people a few times to see and read a sales letter before they decide to buy. You could mention that you will be adding some businesses to it once it launched so they will want to see it again.

14. Product Costs

Reveal how much personal money you spent on creating the product. It will show people just how much of a bargain they will be getting for the price. You can tell them about web hosting costs, web design fees, writing costs, copywriting fees, programming costs, etc.

15. Cross Out Information

Give people some informative information about your next product but purposely hide some of the information. For example, you could give them a pre sell article with some of the information crossed out, x-out, censored, blacked out, etc.

16. Expert Endorsements

Show your target audience an expert endorsement of your product. You could line up a bunch of well-known experts related to your industry or niche to beta test your product. Most of the time people will trust respected experts because they have a reputation to keep.

17. Statistics Results

Give your prospects an idea of how many people have visited your product prelaunch site or signed up to the notification launch opt-in list. When people hear hundreds or thousands of other people want to possibly buy your product usually others will follow.

18. Before And After

Reveal screenshots or pictures of the beta tester's benefits before and after they tried your product. Sometimes people are in the same boat and want to be the person in the after result pictures. Also, include a persuasive description with the visuals.

19. No Show

Tell your readers that you are getting ready to release a new product soon but that's all you can really say about it. You can tell them you have to keep it a secret for a certain reason or you have to keep it away from your competitors. It will really strike people's interest.

20. Beneficial Statistics

Give your prospects some proof of the benefits that you received from using your product. For example, if it was a financial or money making product, you could show screenshots of paychecks, merchant accounts, bank accounts, stacks of money, things you've bought, etc.

21. Process Videos

Show your target audience a video of the easy or fast process people will go through to get the benefits from your product. It could be a timeline, a step by step chart, a numbered process, etc. People will feel less overwhelmed that they won't be able to benefit.

22. Stimulate Imagination

Show your prospects pictures or videos of the life they could live by deciding to invest in your product. For example, if your prospect was a weight loss product you could show thin, happy people at the beach that are wearing bathing suits and are proud of their body.

23. Past Results

Give your readers an idea of how fast your last couple of product launches have sold out. You could reveal the short time it took you to sell a lot of products. Of course, you just included some proof of it happening. People will know that they better make a quick decision.

24. Hyped Up

Tell your target audience just how good your product is and it will be a huge launch. Just having confidence and showing excitement in your product can easily pre sell your product. You could say things like it will sell out fast, be sure to mark your calendar, etc.

25. Media Stories

Show people stories that are currently in the media that support the need for your upcoming product. It could be from newspapers, TV news, online news sources, etc. People usually trust well known and respected media sources because they are already branded.

26. Working Demo

Give your prospects a working demo of your product. If they get results from it, they will buy the full version to get all the results. Demos usually work well for software related products. Or you could give full working copies and allow them to use it for so many days.

27. Story Pre selling

Tell your prospects an entertaining story that will pre sell them. When people are entertained, they are usually in a good mood to take your advice. You just need the entertaining story to relate to your product and persuade them to purchase it.

28. Contest Involvement

Give people a chance to help prelaunch your product by actually getting involved in creating it. You could hold a contest to name the product, pick the bonuses, write a chapter in it, etc. The more involved they are, the more likely they will buy it.

29. Informational Articles

Show people a series of informative articles regularly over a certain period of time leading up to your product launch. The articles just need to support the product. You could even turn the articles into lessons that have assignments to get them motivated to buy.

30. First Chance

Reveal to your prospect that if they sign up to your launch list, they will be one of the first to do something for your launch. It could be to sign up to the affiliate program to promote it, buy it before it gets sold out, get it at a discount, etc.


Please don't take these pre selling strategies lightly. Many businesses make the mistake of skipping the whole pre selling process and wonder later on why their product didn't sell that well.

Now, you know everything regarding how to pre sell a product you are promoting.

The best thing to do is to test a few of these ideas either together or separately and discover the ones that convert the most sales. And don't forget, you can also create pre selling tools for your affiliates to increase your sales even more.

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