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Have you ever had a sales channel that didn't deliver the revenue you expected? Have you considered what went wrong? It is strategically very important to give correct answers to these questions.

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But it happens that you have researched the sales channel and tried different strategies that did not help. You may no longer sell some items, so the distribution channel is irrelevant. Let's answer this question: why are you deleting the sales channel?

When does it become necessary to delete a sales channel?

  • Inactivity of the channel: Suppose a particular sales channel does not bring the expected results or is not used. In that case, it can be removed to free up resources and maintain cleanliness and transparency in in-store management.
  • Change of strategy: Sometimes, business owners change their sales strategy or focus on specific channels. In this case, they may stop using specific channels and remove them from the store.
  • Addressing competitive overlaps: Sales channels can sometimes engage in competition or present conflicting interests. To mitigate such issues and enhance sales productivity, it may be beneficial to eliminate competing channels.
  • Streamlining management: Operating multiple sales channels can complicate store administration. By discarding unnecessary channels, you can streamline management efforts and concentrate on the channels that yield the most success.
  • Enhancing store performance: Superfluous sales channels might detract from your store's efficiency by consuming resources and slowing down operations. Removing these channels can lead to improved store speed and overall performance efficiency.

Removal of sales channels in Shopify should be approached with caution, particularly if these channels are performing well or show growth potential. Diversifying sales channels can mitigate risk and stabilize business operations across various market conditions.

When does it become necessary to delete a sales channel?

A thorough evaluation of each channel's contribution to the marketing strategy and brand image is crucial before making a deletion decision. Ensuring that the removal of a channel is strategically sound involves considering its broader implications on the business.

Step-by-step instructions for deleting a sales channel

Here's a condensed guide to deleting a sales channel on Shopify:

  1. Access Shopify admin: Open your web browser, navigate to the Shopify website, and log in to your admin panel with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to settings: Once logged in, find and click on the "Settings" option, typically located at the bottom left of the Shopify admin dashboard.
  3. Go to sales channels: Within the Settings menu, select "Apps and Sales Channels" or just "Sales Channels" to see a list of all channels linked to your store.
  4. Locate and remove channel: In the "Apps and Sales Channels" area, search for the sales channel you wish to delete. Click the "Delete" button located next to the channel's name.
  5. Finalize deletion: Confirm the deletion by clicking on "Delete" again. You may be asked to provide a reason for the removal; this step is optional but can be helpful for record-keeping.

Removing a sales channel on mobile

  1. Open Shopify app: Launch the Shopify app and navigate to the 'Shop' section.
  2. Access settings: Tap on "Settings" within the 'Store' section.
  3. Go to sales channels: Select "Sales Channels" from the settings menu.
  4. Initiate channel deletion: Locate the sales channel to be removed and tap the trash icon next to it.
  5. Confirm deletion: Tap "Delete" to finalize the removal and provide a reason if prompted.

Best practices for channel removal

Before eliminating a sales channel, evaluate its performance and significance to your business to ensure that you're not losing a valuable traffic or revenue source.

  • Backup data: Make sure you have a backup copy of all essential data related to the sales channel, such as customer information, order history, and product lists, as this data can be lost after deletion.
  • Notify stakeholders: If removing a sales channel affects customers or team members, inform them beforehand. This helps manage expectations and reduces confusion.
  • Consider seasonality and timing: To minimize the impact on your business, remove the sales channel during periods of low activity, and avoid this during peak sales periods.
  • Check for dependencies: Some sales channels may be integrated with other tools or services you use. Check for any dependencies and understand the implications of removal for these integrations.
  • Monitor the impact: After the removal, monitor your store's performance to gauge the impact of the changes. Pay attention to traffic, sales, and customer reviews.
  • Reevaluate your sales strategy: After removing a sales channel, consider how to effectively reallocate resources to other channels that are performing well, or explore new channels to maintain or increase sales.
Best practices for channel removal

Following these best practices will ensure that removing the sales channel from your Shopify store is a strategic decision that meets your business goals and does not negatively impact sales.


Will removing a sales channel erase your existing orders or customer details?

No, it won't automatically expunge orders or customer data linked to that channel. Nevertheless, it's wise to back up pertinent information beforehand to prevent any potential data loss.

Is it possible to re-establish a sales channel after its deletion?

Indeed, you can reintegrate a sales channel you've removed before. Simply access the "Channels" area in the Shopify admin and utilize the "Add channel" function to restore it to your storefront.

Does excising a sales channel also eliminate the listed products?

No, deleting a sales channel merely discontinues its function as a sales venue. The products remain in your Shopify admin, available to be linked to alternative sales channels.

How swiftly can a sales channel be removed from Shopify?

The process is prompt, with the channel being disconnected immediately after you confirm its deletion.

What factors should be evaluated before terminating a sales channel?

Assess the channel’s contribution to sales, customer engagement, and its overall performance. Also, weigh the potential repercussions on your business and ascertain if there are strategies in place to mitigate the impact of this channel's loss.

For detailed guidance on removing a sales channel, consult the Shopify Help Center for comprehensive instructions.

Wrapping up

The decision to liquidate a sales channel should be approached with all due diligence. It is very important to evaluate the effectiveness and overall impact of each channel on your business. If a channel is underperforming or unused, deleting it can help optimize resources and simplify store management.

Wrapping up

However, there are a few important steps to consider before deleting a sales channel. These include backing up data, notifying stakeholders, and checking for any dependencies using other tools or services. It is very important to ensure that the deletion will not have unintended negative consequences.

Additionally, the impact of removal on sales must be monitored. This allows you to identify opportunities to effectively reallocate resources to maintain or even increase sales through other channels. Mipler's advanced reports are a valuable tool for evaluating and analyzing your Shopify sales channels.

With advanced filters for different use cases, users can effectively evaluate channel performance without having to manually configure reports each time. In addition, the program offers the flexibility to create custom reports if required. The application also generates reports according to a pre-set schedule.

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