How to Start a Successful Online Life Coaching Business From Home

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You’ve looked at your 9-to-5 job and thought, this just isn't for me.

You’ve realized that you could be more and do more for others if only you were doing something else. You’ve decided to take control of your own life, and now you want to share practical, actionable steps to help others do the same. Sound familiar?

You’ve decided to become an online life coach.


The great news is you will be joining a booming industry. According to a 2020 report from the International Coaching Federation, life coaching is the second-fastest-growing industry in the world, with an average yearly growth of 6.7%. 

And the good news doesn’t stop there. 

Online life coaching offers completely flexible working hours, the freedom to work from your own home, and the rewarding opportunity to help clients from across the globe achieve their dreams and ambitions. Online life coaching is taught via blended learning, both remotely and from your home. 

But how exactly do you start? What are the first steps that you can take to help your business flourish and resonate with the clients you seek to help? Fortunately, you aren’t on this journey alone and don’t have to start from scratch. 

Here are some key tips for you to get coaching clients as a good way to start a successful online life coaching business from home.

Decide if life coaching is right for you

You know the clients are out there - but are you right for them?

How to Start a Successful Online Life Coaching Business From Home

It’s great that you’re interested in joining a growing, lucrative industry, but how do you know if using online coaching is specifically right for you? Becoming an online life coach is a substantial commitment, and if you want to be successful, then it’s important to decide whether or not it’s the right path for you

Any great journey begins before you even set off - think of this as the planning stage.

The realities of online life coaching


Online life coaching gives you back control. You will be your own boss, with no one above you telling you what to do. With this power, however, comes responsibility - you will have to be proactive in engaging new clients, and you need to be reliable and flexible when it comes to building relationships. 

As an online life coach, you’ll be offering tangible, practical next steps for your clients, so it makes sense that you’ve gone through this process of self-evaluation yourself.

Work when you want

You can choose your working hours, allowing you more time to focus on essential things in life like family and friends, which would be difficult to do with the regiment of a 9-to-5 job. 

Work with who you want

As you’re the boss, you can choose who you work with.


Every client has individual needs, and you can determine who you feel you have the skills to help.

Work where you want

You will work from your own space, ensuring your comfort and that you’re working at peak efficiency. However, remember that working from home can be different from working in an office. You’ll need to consider things like will clients come to your home, or will you communicate remotely via video calls and email?

Either way, successful remote work management will be key to how effectively you manage things like your clients and timekeeping.

Help people from across the world

The estimated market size of the coaching industry was $15 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $20 billion by 2022 - clearly, there’s an increasing demand and opportunities for life coaches across the globe. As an online life coach, you have the power to remotely reach people in a capacity far exceeding a limiting, physical office environment.

Language barriers aside, you can help clients from potentially anywhere achieve their dreams by providing them with actionable, practical next steps or solutions to their problems. It’s important to recognize that you aren’t your client’s counselor; rather, you are someone who helps them to find clarity in their life’s goals and take the steps needed to achieve them.

Support yourself

Taking care of yourself is essential to becoming a successful online life coach. There’s a lot to do, and it can be difficult to adjust to working remotely in a mostly or exclusively capacity, so it’s important to take steps to ensure your virtual mental wellness can thrive.

Sound good?

All of these aspects are integral to becoming an online life coach, and it’s essential that all appeal to you to be successful in your new career.


If these all sound good to you, then congratulations - you’ve just taken your first steps to become a successful online life coach!

Build your brand

Now that you’ve decided that online life coaching is the right avenue for you, you’ll need to figure out just where do I begin? Well, like with any journey, start with the smallest and most obvious step - in this case, it’s choosing a name

Who you gonna call?

Every business owner knows that to succeed, you'll need to come up with a dynamic, client-friendly identity that’s unique to you. To ensure the longevity of your brand, you’ll want a name that you’ll never need to change

Changing the name of your company risks confusing existing or potential clients. Using your own name will give you an identity that’s exclusive to you and flexibility if you choose to change the services you offer down the line. 

Now that you have the name of your brand, you’ll want to ensure that the people looking for your help can easily find you - as an online life coach, you must have a strong online presence

Before officially registering your coaching business, check that the domain name is available online - you’ll want the name of your business and domain to match to ensure consistency. Websites like are a great way to check domain availability. 

If a domain name that you’re considering is unavailable for any reason, search for the closest variant possible - just make sure the domain matches the officially registered name of your business.

Cleared for landing

Now that you have your brand name and domain, you have a clear place for clients to land and discover more about who you are and the services you offer. A quality website strongly benefits workplace communications so it’s essential to get it right. 

Tailoring your website is important - try and learn more about the clients you’re trying to coach and see if you can include content/styles that would appeal to these demographics. For example, if you’re trying to appeal to a slightly younger client, your language and tone could be more conversational and relaxed, the fonts you use less stiff and old-fashioned.

When designing the content of your website, ask yourself what problems your potential clients may have that you can help solve. Putting the answer to these as front and center as possible will increase the value proposition of your services and brand.

A great way to do this is to incorporate programs like chatbots. The benefits of using chatbots are numerous, and they’re a great way to streamline customer service.

Finally, don’t be afraid to infuse your personality throughout your website. This is where potential clients will first properly meet you, and they need to get to know you to see if they’re interested in your services. As an online life coach, you’re your USP, so make sure you stand out in a way that is authentically and uniquely you. An “about me” page is a great way for clients to get to know you.

Incorporate social media

Social media is essential to the success of an online life coaching business.


If potential clients are going to find your website, the services you offer, and ultimately you, you need to give them as many means as possible to do so

Use platforms with an in-built client base

Popular, globally-recognized platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all excellent places to reach as many potential clients as possible.

Be consistent

As mentioned before, consistency is key. Try to keep your account names across platforms as similar as possible and your posts as simple and attention-grabbing as you can.

Think of using techniques like theorical questions, bold colors (ideally, the same as your brand colors or as similar as possible), and punchy phrases to hook potential clients from the start. 

Continue building your business up by also offering new and exciting offers to your most loyal customers. Thanks to different online tools like video, live meetings, translation systems for your international audience, etc, you’ll be able to offer group help or one-on-one life coaching at special prizes.

Learn from others

You can also learn from other successful life coaches’ online presence. Look at their most liked or engaged posts and think about the content, style, and tone. It’s important not to copy or imitate these accounts but to learn from what they do and why it works, then integrate it across your enterprise digital strategy

Screenshot 2022-03-03 172124

With a strong social media presence, you’re ensuring you have the maximum visibility possible. The more people you engage, the more potential clients you’ll find down the line, ensuring the continued success of your life coaching business. 

Views don’t equal profit

It’s important to remember that not everyone who likes or sees your posts will become a client. You must keep track of metrics, like average order value ecommerce, to see who’s spending money on your services, and how much - profits, after all, are essential to the success of any business, including an online life coaching one.  

Don’t panic

Being an online life coach can seem quite overwhelming at first. There are so many elements to keep track of that it can seem difficult to go about creating an engaging business model.

However, utilize the steps outlined above and remember to be patient with yourself, and forgive yourself for any mistakes you make along the way. We’ve given you the essential information you need to begin your career as a successful online life coach!

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