How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

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Affiliate marketing is so far the best way to generate passive income without spending a single penny.

Are you fed up with your 9 to 5 job and want to come out of that rat race? If you don’t know, you must know now that you can earn a handsome amount of money without spending a single hour in the office.

Quitting your job may not lead you anywhere except another job. 

If you have decided to quit your job then stop for a while. Take your time to read this blog to grasp the basics to start affiliate marketing without any money.

Is affiliate marketing a real thing?

Can you put your time and efforts into building your online presence and earning genuine connections? If yes, then it is a real thing for you. 

If not, then you should dismiss this field before taking a start. Like everyone else, you may have heard about affiliate marketing from someone else, or from an anonymous blog, or a youtube video. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

It’s natural if you want to know how much you can earn through affiliate marketing, as it may arouse your interest. 

In the US alone, billions have been spent on affiliate marketing this year. Trends show that the amount reached a simmering height of 8.2 billion dollars in 2021.

I think these stats are sufficient to give you a glance at affiliate marketing legitimacy. 

What is affiliate content?

You may be familiar with the text, videos, and images you see on the internet. It is called content in exact terms. 

Affiliate content is nothing short of blog posts or social media content, but the main contention lies in the intent. 

The content written to generate someone’s sales on the behalf of you comes under affiliate content. 

What does affiliate marketing mean?

Marketing someone’s products or services, which can generate sales and give a small commission to the affiliate is called affiliate marketing.

This type of marketing is different from traditional marketing in some respects but the idea behind both is the same.

what is affiliate marketing

In physical marketing settings, you might have seen middlemen selling someone’s products to you. 

Affiliate marketing is essentially the same sort of business, except you are not an employee of that company.

It’s a cool thing that you work independently, as you would get a pay cut if the products do not sell.

Affiliate marketing revolves around three roles

Image yourself as the affiliate. The original supplier who provides services or products makes a contract with you to sell his/her products. 

The buyer lands on your blog, social media, or youtube channel where you convince the buyer to buy the affiliate products

Each sale gives a commission. So, you earn passively through marketing someone’s products. 

The mechanism behind free-of-cost affiliate marketing?

Since most affiliate contents appear in blog posts and articles which needs a proper blog of your own. 

Going penniless, you can’t set up a blog because it costs you domain and web hosting, which you have to pay to sustain your web presence.

steps to starting an affiliate marketing business

However, there are other free methods to earn through affiliate marketing. Let’s delve inside the topic. 

Before coming to the point, you must know the basic framework of how it works. 

The actual game is of traffic. The more credible you are, the more people come to your website. Thus, the more sales you can generate. 

Join an affiliate plan

A whole lot of companies provide different affiliate programs to the people willing to do marketing for them. 

Companies such as Amazon is the most prominent one. Amazon gets bloggers and other content creators to sell their products online. 

Before stepping into posting and content uploading, you need to get a plan from these companies. The plan includes all the information regarding commission, payment, and content protocols. 

What factors play a part in affiliate marketing?

Before starting a free affiliate marketing business, you have to focus on two things, one is undoubtedly the SEO and the other is brand building.

Search engine optimization is a set of techniques you render to become more noticeable to your potential buyers. 

Once you research the things people are looking for, you can incorporate those keywords into your content.

This hints to the search engine that your content contains information regarding that particular product. 

In this way, you get a high ranking in the searches. SEO helps your Youtube content rank on the top results. This is the best way to obtain consistent organic traffic.


You may be thinking that there is a catch. Yes, there is one. You can’t rank your affiliate content easily without creating unique content. 

For this purpose, you need to check your content for duplication through a plagiarism checker. There exist some strong reasons for that.

Your goal is to tell the users that this product is the panacea of their ills. Since readers will be interested in knowing the genuine features of the products. 

Probably the features you have copied may not resonate with the product you are marketing. This creates a mismatch and the reader is not dumb enough to buy a product not having true features. 

To avoid such pitfalls, you have to write genuine content, besides you can also use a rephraser to change at least the wording of the already published affiliate article of that product.

Another factor that helps you in your free-of-cost affiliate marketing is brand building. This factor is more important in social media affiliate marketing.

As it causes people to take you seriously on the web and read your posts more often. 

How you can start an affiliate marketing career with no money?

Since you don’t want to pay anything, blogging is simply out of question. That does not mean you can’t market affiliate content on the internet.

To your delight, you can do affiliate marketing through your Youtube channel, Facebook, or Instagram.

Free of cost affiliate marketing through Youtube

Youtube is a wonderful platform where you can upload any kind of video according to Youtube policies. 

Your videos will get views and if you are lucky enough you may start earning through youtube monetization.


The cool thing about Youtube is you may still earn from a video you posted years ago. So, if you want to earn some extra bucks from your Youtube channel apart from Youtube revenue, here is a brief procedure:

Post valuable content

Remain niche-specific if you are into affiliate marketing. Upload the content that hones you an authority in that field. 

Posting random videos may not make you an affiliate marketer, as you do not have as credentials to show. 

For this purpose, you can start reviewing products

Upload videos consistently

One or two reviews may lead you nowhere. You have to be consistent in your efforts. Go the extra mile to upload several videos each month

Once your channel starts getting views, no one can stop you from earning affiliate commissions. 

Use youtube SEO

It is more simple than said. Just write “review” on Youtube search and don’t press the search button. You will get several suggestions of the types of products people are searching mostly. 

Do a review on that product

Moreover, you can use a keyword research tool like “Ahrefs” or “Ubersuggest” to get the content ideas. These tools are also helpful in knowing the competition and search volume of a specific keyword.

Use the low competition and high search volume keyword and make a review video on that. 

Soon, you will see an enormous amount of traffic on your channel and most of them will purchase the product through your affiliate link.

Use Facebook affiliate marketing without money

Probably you might be using Facebook for a long time. Well if you still do not know, it is a social media platform where you interact with friends, family, and acquaintances. 

social media marketing for business

It is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketing because you can interact with anyone outside your circle.

Since billions of people use Facebook daily, it becomes a favorite choice for affiliate marketers to trap the enormous potential.

Luckily Facebook gives you the choice to add 5000 people as your friends, you can easily start with the people who buy products online.

Find your potential buyers

Adding people randomly won’t help you with affiliate marketing. You have to find them. For this purpose, search for online marketing groups and pages

Add yourself to those groups and start interacting with the people. Once you land in the right place, you will find the right people.

Add them to the friend list daily. Interact with them through messages and build strong connections. That’s what people call a successful marketing strategy.

Post frequently

You must post 3,4 posts daily but do not start with affiliate links in the first place. Create a natural persona first. Posting affiliate links as you first post may hint others as spam and they won’t trust you. 

Therefore, first, create a posting history. Comment on your friends' posts and build yourself as a brand in reviews and affiliate content.

Soon the relevant people would start recognizing you and would approach you to buy the products through your affiliate links.

Leverage through Instagram

Instagram is another useful social media platform. You might have been using it to track your favorite celebrity's recent pics. Yet, you can leverage it to earn commissions through affiliate marketing.

Grow Your Instagram Followers With These Simple Tips_

In terms of traffic, it resembles Facebook. That means you have to build your audience first

Unlike Youtube, it does not follow those SEO techniques rather its audience gaining technique deals more with posting and interacting with others.

Unlike Facebook, it is a much better and clean place to do business, as Facebook may fall behind because of its overcrowdedness.

Build a strong profile

Strong profile building here means you have to be a noticeable person whose posts people like to see. You can build your audience by creating relevant and specific content. 

Moreover, you need to post frequently. Post with the relevant links more than once a day.

Use good images

Instagram is all about photos. Thus, you can grab the attention of your buyers by adding high-quality pictures.

Use the relevant pictures of your products and add a detailed description that explains everything about the product.

Instagram deals with personality-centric profiles. So, you need to be genuine and natural in your persona. 

There isn’t any discrimination of sex, creed, or race so you can freely show your genuine and true self. Because here people like you of who you are.

Main points to do affiliate marketing without money

As you don’t have a blog, it may be a bit time taking task to earn through Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Yet, it is worth it. So you have to be patient in your work. Consistently upload the posts and videos and soon you will hit the mark.

Look for a long-term plan rather than instant success. If you think you wake up someday, write an affiliate content post that will land you many buyers, then it's simply a futile effort.

This attitude may soon make you despondent because you won’t be seeing results in a single day, a week, or maybe a month.

So stay abreast with the new insights and remain steadfast in your efforts. 

Wrapping up

Affiliate marketing is a buzzword on the internet due to the current tilt towards online marketing. Moreover, the pandemic added fuel to fire locking up the whole world in a systematic lockdown in their homes. 

In this environment, shifting towards affiliate marketing is the best choice. With that said, you need to grasp the above-mentioned techniques if you want to start affiliate marketing without money.

Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are the best platforms to start with. Give your valuable views in the comment box about affiliate marketing.

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