How To Use AI to Write Blog Posts: Pros and Cons Of AI Content Writing

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Blogs are the most valuable tool to connect a website and reader. Blogs generate leads and increase the traffic of your website. Besides, every business needs a blog today to gain traction online.

And, as more companies need original content for organic traffic - the need for quality blogs will increase with time. Finding experienced writers and bloggers is often a tough call for a company - and can be a challenging task for the marketing team.

Here is when you can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence. AI writers can write quality blog posts in no time and scale your business higher.

Can AI write a blog for a website?

People are still apprehensive regarding this. Some people believe - an AI writer can't write a perfect blog copy. But this is untrue, and the AI tool does write a blog post, and that too effectively. 

How To Use AI to Write Blog Posts

AI along with natural language text generation technology lets you create a perfect blog post. That said, it does require some guidance from bloggers or content writers.

It is not a perfect copy as you will need to edit it. Once the blog post is complete, you can check it for errors, and proofread according to your site requirement. 

How does it work for bloggers?

AI uses a human voice while writing a blog for a website. Different AI tools have different features, so it depends on your requirement. The most advanced tool like Jarvis - allows you to work on the long-form content for similar docs.

For writing, you will have to give AI writer a content description of what you need in an article, or your article requirements. Further, you need to compose and let the whole process begin.

Advanced tools featured in AI have built-in commands that follow the instructions. Moreover, you can command AI to make changes in the post if you find the post is not for your website.

As AI tools work on different features - it depends on other less advanced tools. But, this can be clucky at times. For example - to draft a perfect copy - you may have to use added tools, and the task may get tedious with time constraints.

Additionally, you might have to use various templates to write a perfect AI copy. The templates may feature - one for the intro of the blog, one for the main copy, and one for the main outline.

Drafting a perfect copy is simple - if you use better tools available in the market - it will ensure you get better results. 

What can AI do for blog writers?

It works in a process for AI blog writers. AI helps in brainstorming and choosing the correct topics relevant to the blog or hold significance. It makes a complete list of all your topic keywords and clusters the keywords with SERP results. 

What can AI do for blog writers

Additionally, it creates a content outline or a brief for your website. AI writes the first draft with the SEO editing structure and style. But once the process is over, an AI blog writer needs to proofread the whole article before publication. 

AI tools for long-form content

AI is not a magical solution for all your content needs. So, if you think you can get high-quality and polished articles in minutes, you are wrong. AI, like any other tool, will need the right input and guidance.

It does not automate the process for you. However, with enough input and keywords, you can get a good quality article. Besides, for long-form content, you will have to use AI assistance and AI writer tools. 

AI tools you can use to write blog content

1. PepperType

PepperType is ideal for starters who want to experiment with AI blog writing. It involves a great output at a lower price point. The only thing it needs is a long-form editor, which is missing.

By using the short form templates of PepperType, you can draft content of your choice. But this may again take some time. The tool is an ideal choice if you want to draft a copy for social networking pages or Facebook posts.

Besides, it can give you a head start for blog intros and different quora answers. While on a budget, you can consider the tool.

2. Frase

The tool is well-designed, keeping search engine optimization in mind. This tool helps to analyze the top SERPs. Besides, it lets you create content briefs and how well your article is ranking on the Google search engine.

Frase allows you to create long-form content, which is an advantage for long copies. But again, you'll have to add some extra inputs to get what you want.

It is not easy to draft long copies using the tool, but still, you can use it for your content needs. Besides, the tool is making constant improvements, so you can take advantage of the features it offers.

3. Jarvis

Jarvis is indeed the best AI writer you can think of. It offers a plethora of templates, making a difference in how you draft your copy. To get the most of the tool - you'll need a pro plan. 


Besides, the unlimited plan offers a long-form editor you can use. When you want to write a blog post - you can go to the edit section - you can draft the full post based on your site requirement.

But to use the tool in its capacity - you will need to guide it along the way. For example, if you aren't sure of the headings for your post - the tool guides you with the headings. Additionally, use the blog post outline to get some ideas for your content.

After the tool writes your post, you will still need to edit your post. Besides, make sure you fact-check all the relevant information as Jarvis doesn't always give out the correct information.

If you add more references or research more - your content can be more appealing. Also, it is essential to run your copy through a plag checker for originality.

Pros of AI-generated content

The work is simple

Who doesn't want to simplify work? If the work setup is simple - it saves effort and time. The AI-generated content does not require extensive human input, and you can get faster results. Besides, the company can do with few people who manage the content curation.

As a result, it is more profitable for the company as there is cost-cutting once the company invests in the tool. Moreover, you can focus more on other business tasks and leave your content development on the tool. That said, AI acts as an aid or a helping hand in creating sustainable content.

Capture different platforms

Your company doesn't need to hire a large team for content demands. For your increasing content demands - AI can be the ultimate solution. It churns out relevant content that meets your demand. It also means that you don't need many people to manage the workspace.

You can manage your content development with a limited few. AI content tools offer less dependency on interdepartmental communication, which is an advantage.

Besides, the quality offered by the tool also lives up to your expectations. With the tool, you can publish content across different channels with a click of a button.

Creates effective content

The highly-rich templates of AI tools make it easier to curate effective content. As the templates have the power of creating thousands of different variations, the AI content is helpful in quality.

If a company needs content in bulk quantity, the tool can break down many descriptions according to the content needed. Also, when writers write content manually, there is a chance of errors or mistakes.

But, with AI tools - there is no risk of errors. With automation, you can always save time. And automation process in content creation can create effective copies.

Customizes your content copies

Customization plays an essential part in content curation. The best part of the AI tool is - your content can be customized according to the need of the website or blog.

Through AI tool - you can create different content for a different audience. Content curated for an individual is different from targeted groups.

AI tools understand the need of every business, thus providing the best. Plus, machine-generated content is cost-effective compared to the other forms. AI tools, including AI audio transcription, understand the need of every business, thus providing the best. Plus, machine-generated content is cost-effective compared to the other forms. With personalized content options, you can reach different platforms - so it fulfills your marketing needs.

content marketing

The concept is human-made

All the tools you use have human influence, and of course, humans created this technology. Essentially, if you are nervous about using AI tools for blogs - you don't need to be.

The concepts and templates are easy to operate, so you are the boss of your work. All the templates and algorithms are developed by programmers who teach the machine to develop a particular skill. Additionally, machine learning and AI tools can be altered according to your content needs. 

Cons of AI-generated content

Lacks creativity

A blog writer can be creative in writing new content and generating new ideas - but you can't expect this from AI tools. It lacks new ideas and concepts and can't come up with new data and facts.

It works around the data that has been accumulated and the information that is provided in the tool. Also, automated tools lack common sense. A mix and match of words can have a huge impact on the content copy.

Besides, the AI tool is incapable of creating a square, line, and circle. AI content is not completely flawed, but it will take time to reach the precision and right language. Automating server categories may take time.

Lacks understanding

You can expect impressive results regarding the quantity, but you can't expect understanding from the tool. Using the algorithm factual data may be written.

But, most readers don't connect with content that lacks human emotions. Plus, you can't expect the machine to have emotions. Besides, the AI tool tells you about black and white but not the gray areas.

It lacks judgments, so it is tricky to analyze the facts related to content. Moreover, you can't expect definitive answers from the tool, which is again a drawback. Only human content writers can understand gray areas.

Human articles are different

Structured data is different, and it lacks the human touch. No matter the input or information you feed in the tool - it will always lack a human touch. That said, a machine can't give opinions or encourage people to do something.

An AI tool-generated article can talk about the feel and look of a product, but it won't talk about the feedback. Besides, a machine can't raise an argument or give a simple opinion on subject matters. In short, a machine can't match up with human needs and emotions, so don't expect customization. With the rise of possible misuse of these tools by writers and in the education fields, using AI content detection tools is useful to detect robotic and auto-generated texts

No context or depth in articles

AI-generated articles lack emotive quality or depths in context. Most readers can't relate to an article with no in-depth analysis. While the content is churned out in massive quantity, quality is the main concern.

At times, there is no relevance in the articles based on the information you provide. Content is about quality, and when the quality suffers - it will have an impact on your website or business. The quality offered by content writers surely can't match up with the AI tool-generated quality. 

Wrapping up - how to use AI to write blog posts: pros and cons of AI content writing

AI-generated content will surely change the content market scene. But, you can't expect great results. It will surely evolve with time as other technologies do. But, that doesn't mean that content writers will no longer be needed.

AI-generated articles need edits and guidance, and that's the work of a content writer. It will make the job easier for content writers, as they won't have to wait for outlines or headings.

Moreover, content automation requires time and skill, so you need to have that patience for it. Furthermore, AI can create customized and efficient content with speed, and you can try it. 

In addition, AI-generated content saves money and might increase productivity.

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