How to Use Linkedin to Promote Your Business

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how to build your business through linkedin

In this post, you'll learn how to use Linkedin to promote your business and to maximize your ability to reach potential clients.

1. Use LinkedIn advanced search to find targeted leads

Finding the appropriate audience is essential for your success. Advanced search function with filters allows you to identify individuals related to your interest. Filters include location, company, title, industry, language, and much more.

By connecting with the right leads, you will be able to build your high-quality connections with lots of potential customers. To increase your connections instantly you may find more to buy LinkedIn followers

Keep in mind, that you need to upgrade to premium for unlimited search and lead generation possibilities. However, in most cases, I perform a simple search ... which is enough.

2. Promote your profile URL everywhere

If your network is larger, more people are going to see your LinkedIn posts, be able to learn more about you, and ultimately to recognize you as a trustworthy voice. So you should make it easy for others to connect with you by including a direct link to your profile page in various places. What are these places? Your email signature, your website, profiles and posts on other social media sites and guest blog posts.

3. Generate traffic back to your site

Your ultimate goal is to monetize the audience that you build on LinkedIn but at the same time without being salesy. When you post something valuable on LinkedIn or engage with discussions, make sure to include a link back to your website whenever it is appropriate.

In most cases, that link is an entry point for your sales funnel, for example, an opt-in page.

4. Join relevant groups

Groups help you connect and keep in touch with people that share your interests. Help other members, contribute, and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. If you dedicate appropriate time for this, you will be able to build trust and generate unlimited leads for your business. Please note, Facebook groups are much more popular today so I recommend you to focus on that.

5. Make use of local networking

With LinkedIn, you can also leverage your connections in the real world through local meetup events. Some groups conduct local networking events to supplement the online focus of LinkedIn. It's a powerful strategy because online connections that make the transition to the real world can become much stronger. 

6. Always be helpful

When others are looking for advice or need help, give it without asking for anything in return. This is how you build relationships and establish yourself as a credible authority in your field. By showing your expertise and helpfulness, people will listen to what you have to say and over time they may be more likely to consider purchasing what you’re selling. Always focus on developing long term relationships rather than making quick sales! 

This approach is beneficial when you've decided to go all-in with automation software. Even when you're automating your outreach on LinkedIn, a solid strategy for your sales tactics will make your target customers feel like their necessities, and day-to-day problems are a priority to you to solve.

7. Know the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is for professional networking and your profile is like an online resume. It means that the types of posts and shares that are appropriate for Facebook might be not right for LinkedIn. So your focus should always be to maintain your good reputation and professional image.

8. Post content regularly

You can share many different things on LinkedIn and you should do it regularly. Share a post, upload a photo, publish an article, and so on! Try to be consistent and professional, weekly or daily updates might be appropriate. This will help you get information to the people you’re connected with and they might share it with their connections too.

9. Don't connect with everyone

The more people you connect to the better, but you do want your connections to be useful for you. When someone tries to connect with you, look at his profile and determine if there is a good reason to connect with him. Does he belong to your target audience? What value can he provide? You may get lots of connection request from people you don't know. Always check these things before connecting with someone!

10. Create your own group

If you want to have full control over a group, you should create your own. Your group name is important, so include some keywords that are likely to be searched for and reflect the purpose of the group. In the description field, explain the benefits of joining your group, use some words that will encourage people to click and learn more. Remember, the group name and description show up in the LinkedIn searches and is indexed by Google. Make them compelling to stand out from your competitors! Please note, Facebook groups are much more popular today. So that should be your priority... if you can.

11. Share your blog posts

When you post a blog on your website, always share it with your audience on LinkedIn. Write a teaser about it, make it interesting, and then post it on your timeline. People will then click through to read your blog and they’ll know that you’re very active in your industry.

12. Syndicate your articles on LinkedIn

Syndication means copying content from your website and pasting it into other sites. Syndicating blog posts on LinkedIn publishing is a very powerful way to reach a wider audience. When publishing something, all your connections will be notified and when they like it, their connections will see it. This is how it's possible to make your blog posts go viral on the platform. In some cases, partial syndication might be better when you give only a teaser of your blog post and offer the rest on your main site with a link. I already syndicated some of my blog posts from my website to Linkedin.

13. Ask for recommendations

Once you've helped someone or worked with someone, you can start askng for a recommendation. When you do ask someone to recommend you, take the time to write a personal message. Remind him about what you did for him and ask for a recommendation. It’ll be added automatically to your profile after you read it and approve it. 

14. Don't be spammy

InMail messages can be quite effective for communicating with people. You don't want to send spam but focus on relationship building instead. Reach out to them by sending a personalized message or an article you wrote to share with them.

15. Create educational content

An excellent way to show your expertise is to offer educational content to your audience. Post updates on your timeline, write an article, answer questions, give support when needed. You might show how to use your products and services, best practices, different case studies, and so on. When others see the value of your business, it's much more likely they want to do business with you. 

16. Create a business intro on your profile

A professional business intro video can motivate your profile visitors to learn more about you and your products. It should include a clear explanation of what your company is, and what it offers. 

17. Try premium for free

LinkedIn allows you to use its premium plans for free for one month. If you decide to upgrade to the premium version, you will find up to 4 different Plans: career, business, sales, hiring. Each of these versions will help you productively and effectively gain specific goals. Some features are unlimited people browsing, lead recommendations, advanced search with lead builder, more InMail messages, the ability to see who has viewed your profile, and so on. You can upgrade by clicking the 'try premium for free' link on the main page.

18. Make many connections

Connect with more people every day, follow other company pages. Make sure people or brands you are trying to connect with are related to your target audience. As your network grows, so you gain new possibilities. I usually connect with 50-100 new people a day.

19. Include images and videos in your posts

According to case studies, followers are much more likely to engage with videos and images. If you use them correctly, you will be able to attract more attention and get higher visibility.

20. Don't overpromote

Be careful! Posting too much promotional content could hurt your business. Apply the 80:20 rule! Posts should be 20% promotional and 80% educational, entertaining, or interesting.

You have all the skills now regarding how to use Linkedin to promote your business.

Well, I am sure these tips will help you create your online presence on LinkedIn and generate a ton of leads for your business. Follow these tips and you will achieve great success.

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