How Travel Software Will Impact Travel in 2022

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According to travel experts, the travel industry is likely to boom in 2022; about 37% of U.S travelers are planning international and domestic trips.

This means as trips to destination places, business meetings, and conferences increase, there would also be an increase in the time spent by travelers to research flights and hotels, organize expense reports, and request approvals. This means travel plans will become rigorous and time-consuming tasks for many people. 

The quick fix to these impending challenges in 2022 is to introduce efficient travel management software to simplify and automate these processes. It will provide effective travel management services for businesses and individuals planning to take frequent trips in the coming year. 

It will also streamline repeated travel operations to make travel more blissful for those involved. But that's not all; there are other tremendous impacts the travel management software industry is set to make in 2022.

Let's take a look at them below.

6 ways the travel software industry will impact travel in 2022

There are six specific ways the travel software will make travel better in 2022. Let's check them out below. 

How Travel Software Will Impact Travel

1. Travel software will provide itinerary support assistance for travelers 

A major challenge for many travelers is managing every aspect of their trips. Not only is booking meetings and itineraries daunting, but it is also time-consuming. 

Many travelers, especially work professionals, would have to combine these responsibilities with their work schedules, and daily life, making it a daunting process. The travel software industry will eliminate this hurdle by automating the travel itinerary for travelers in 2022.

A travel management company like TravelPerk will provide travelers with reliable and constant support throughout their trips – from the planning process to their destination. 

So, when they encounter challenges with planning, such as travel delays and cancellations, they can offer timely support and troubleshoot these issues. Additionally, travel management software will be in charge of booking flights and recording all aspects of the trips, which will save travelers tons of stress and time. 

2. Travel software will help employees maintain better compliance 

One of the most notable and immediate ways the travel software industry will impact travel is by keeping employees in compliance with the company's policies. Often, it's difficult to get employees to maintain compliance during trips when travel management is not efficient. 

Handling the travel management process manually may leave the process unstructured, making it difficult for employees to maintain company compliance. 

However, in 2022, companies that adopt travel management software will enable their employees to adhere to their travel policies while booking tickets, making reservations for hotels and transportation, and making leisure travels. 

Excellent travel management software will provide transparent policies by updating employees on estimated travel expenses per trip, thereby enabling them to stick to a budget and increasing accountability. 

3. Travel software will provide a centralized expense report management

The software management industry will improve companies’ expense report management in 2022 by providing a centralized place for employees to report their expenses during trips. 

Travel software will provide a centralized expense report management

Rather than send multiple emails to update the financial team about their expenses, travel management software will digitize this process for improved efficiency. 

Many travel management software will come with a mobile feature that will enable employees to access the software wherever they are, so they can create, edit and submit their expenses to the finance team on the go. 

This makes accounting for employees’ travel expenses a lot easier because they will access multiple payments receipts from one platform. Employees will also be able to forward receipts automatically, without having to write them out manually or send emails back and forth. 

4. Travel software will enable travelers to save more on trips 

In 2022, discounts and negotiated savings won’t be reserved for large organizations with several reservations alone anymore. Small, mid-sized companies and individuals will ensure cost-saving perks, too, when they use travel software. 

This is because travel management companies will negotiate for deals and discounts from hotels, restaurants, and other companies involved with your trips, so you can spend less when you travel. 

Additionally, they will help you look for companies with competitive rates to get cheaper hotel and flight tickets, as well as meal reservations. Also, many travel management companies may organize travel reward programs as incentives for travelers. 

5. Improved business travel experience

The travel software industry will improve many business travel experiences by simplifying business trips for employees. Employees won't have to go through the process of planning for their trips manually or deal with last-minute flight cancellations and delays on their own. 

Therefore, because rigorous travel activities are out of the way, they can have an optimal experience when they travel. 

Other than making business stress-free for employees, many companies will also benefit from increased efficiency and productivity as employees will be better enabled to focus on tasks when they travel.

6. Travel software will provide efficient risk-management assistance 

Travel management will allow companies to provide a better duty of care for their employees on business trips in 2022. Excellent travel management software provides reliable 24/7 support for employees, so they can receive timely assistance when they travel in cases of emergencies. 

Employers will be able to provide real-time information on how many members of their team are on a trip and their location. This enhances quick risk management assistance.

They also provide risk management tools travelers can access during emergent situations on their trips, so they can receive help when they need it. 

This will go a long way in ensuring travelers’ safety. It will also boost employee retention because providing your employees with adequate safety portrays you as a company that cares about its staff. 

6 factors to look out for when choosing the best travel management software 

To ensure the perks of using travel management software in 2022, it's essential to look out for specific features. These features are a must-have and will ensure your travel management software stays functional to impact your travel. 

factors to look out for when choosing the best travel management software

Let's take a look at them below:

1. Travel policies 

The travel policy is one of the most essential features excellent travel management software should have. It must keep employees on the same page with the company's management when they travel by keeping them abreast with the budget expenses and other company policies.

Your employees should be able to customize your company's policy on the app, including the number of days they are expected to spend on a trip, estimated flight costs, and others. 

2. Customizable approval workflows

For times when you will have to make travel decisions outside your policy, you will need efficient travel management to accommodate policies outside those on the software. 

For example, if an employee needs to exceed a budget-based emergency, it must be flexible to accommodate such changes through approval workflows. 

3. A reliable support team 

A constant support team is a crucial aspect of efficient travel management software. This feature will enable you and your employees to enjoy risk management support in emergent situations when you travel or when they encounter issues on the app. 

It's also essential to ensure the support calls that you make don't come with extra charges. Every call you make to the support team should be at no extra cost to avoid additional expenses. 

4. Efficient reporting 

Excellent travel software should come with effective reporting features that let you oversee your employees' activities when they travel. For example, you should be able to monitor the amount of time spent on trips and the expenses they spend on trips through an efficient reporting system. 

5. Ability to manage activities from one place 

The entire point of using travel management software is to make planning and managing your trips easier. If you have to do this across several platforms, it defeats its function. It is, therefore, crucial to opt for travel management software that enables comprehensive management from one platform. 

This way, you will be updated on every activity that operates within the travel policy. For example, you will know when your employees book a trip successfully, who is on a trip, and who is yet to book a trip. 

You will also know when your employees send reports and when they make a request that is not in your existing policy. 

6. Easy to use

Excellent travel management software should offer a seamless experience for users. It should enable travelers to perform tasks on the app easily and get started without a rigorous learning curve. 

It should also offer an intuitive user interface that makes prompt suggestions based on users' actions and needs. This will enable travelers to perform tasks quickly and have an enjoyable experience when they use the software. 


The travel software industry is set to improve the ways businesses and individuals travel in 2022.

In this article, we discussed the top six ways the travel software industry will influence travel in 2022, including itinerary support assistance, compliance maintenance, expense report management, cost savings, improved experience, and expense report management. 

We also discussed six different factors to look out for when adopting travel management software. 

Use these tips to make the best decision when selecting your travel software in the future.

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