The Impact of Reading Apps On Business Professionals

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Reading is a key habit followed by successful individuals. Warren Buffett reserves 80% of his day for reading, Bill Gates aims to finish one book each week, and Mark Zuckerberg takes two weeks to read and discuss it in his online book club. Oprah Winfrey selects one favorite book every month for her Book Club, while Richard Branson's bookshelf is truly impressive.

Books play a pivotal role in self-education, self-improvement, and achieving success. Entrepreneurs rely on books to uncover marketing secrets, seek advice on business strategies, acquire essential skills, and gain new business ideas and motivation.

Almost all outstanding business professionals pay attention to reading, although the impact on business from reading apps is often underestimated. The electronic form of the library has its own advantages that are unattainable for physical books.

Why do successful businessmen and professionals read often?

Successful individuals exhibit selectivity, prioritizing educational books over mere entertainment. Mark Cuban, for instance, attributes his success to the countless books and magazines he devoured, as they often led to valuable connections and solutions.

Why Do Successful Businessmen and Professionals Read Often

The scientific evidence behind the importance of reading is clear: ultra-successful entrepreneurs prioritize this habit for continuous growth and development. Below are the important benefits of reading that professionals can gain from both digital and paper books.

1. Boosts brain power

Stanford's research emphasizes the value of reading as a substantial mental exercise. Reading necessitates the coordination of various cognitive functions, resulting in distinct brain patterns that aid in analyzing situations and data.

According to psychologists at the University of Liverpool, challenging texts boost brain activity. Poetry, specifically, enhances activity in the right side of the brain, enabling the evaluation of experiences and their relation to the acquired information.

2. Lessens stress

The American Psychological Association reports that work is a stressor for 64% of employed adults. As a business owner, it's crucial to pay attention not only to your own stress levels but also to those of your employees. You must address workplace burnout to avoid declines in productivity, engagement, and retention.

Encouraging a light-hearted book club for your staff can promote reading and provide them with a break from their daily responsibilities. Additionally, remember to reduce stress for yourself, as an overly stressed person may be able to lead a company in the short term, but there will likely be severe consequences in the long run.

3. Improves speaking

Vocabulary expansion goes hand-in-hand with it. Well-written books impact your speech because you observe the fluidity and writing styles of other authors, which then influences the way you construct sentences and choose words for business meetings, conferences, and public speeches.

improves speaking

It’s all about reciprocity: the more you read, the more your oral skills improve. Entrepreneurs greatly benefit from being articulate and well-spoken, as it enhances self-confidence and boosts self-esteem, which are significant for their success. Better communication stems from continuous improvement in vocabulary knowledge.

Novels excel in this aspect. Fiction authors' rich and beautiful language enhances conversational vocabulary.

4. Inspires creativity

Experts assert that creativity is a learnable skill. Additionally, it may surprise you to know that reading books catalyzes inspiring creativity. Writers conceive captivating storylines, and immersing yourself in their works can have the same effect on your professional life.

According to McGee, avid readers possess extensive minds, enabling them to think more profoundly than those who read infrequently. Creativity fosters innovation, a fundamental element of business success.

Consider this example of how fiction reading ignites creativity: A study, published in the Creativity Research Journal, revealed that individuals who indulge in fictional short stories feel more at ease with ambiguity and exhibit a more open-minded approach compared to those who read nonfiction essays. Fiction enthusiasts experience mental stimulation, enhancing their capacity for expansive thinking.

5. Improves sleep

Studies have repeatedly shown that reading a few chapters of a book is a much better way for your mind to relax, unwind, and prepare for sleep than watching a film or mindlessly scrolling through your phone.

Dr. David Lewis, a neuroscientist from the University of Sussex, discovered that reading can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. When employees are well-rested, they tend to be more productive, happier, and better able to focus on their tasks at hand.

6. Develops critical thinking skills

Books don't always encourage you to relax passively in the passenger seat. Instead, they often challenge you to question, think critically, analyze, and balance information. Employers value individuals who can think logically, review information calmly, and approach situations methodically.

critical thinking

Which book do we recommend? 'His Bloody Project' by Graeme Macrae Burnett. It's an exceptionally thought-provoking and distinctive novel that immerses you in the perspectives of a murderer, witness, judge, psychiatrist, lawyer, and curious member of the public.

Benefits of reading apps before physical books

1. Get books at low prices

Despite having an impressive collection of freebies, there will still be days when you find yourself shopping for books. Reading apps offer the opportunity to purchase these titles at discounted rates compared to hardbound or printed versions. Thanks to the money saved, you can either put it aside or indulge in even more books that captivate you!

2. Saving space

When your bookshelf or closet is already full, you have to look for other places to store books. If you use a good reading app, you can read at least 10 books in parallel and it absolutely does not take up space either at home or in your office. There are tens of thousands of books on Fiction Me.

If you read a lot, the Fiction Me app can save a lot of space and make books available anywhere. Moreover, the phone app does not consume much space in the memory of your smartphone.

3. Privacy in public

Have you ever wanted to dive into the captivating world of the 50 Shades of Grey series, but hesitated to be seen reading it? With a book-reading app, you can enjoy this popular series discreetly. Planning a surprise party? Keep it a secret while exploring timeless classic cookbooks.

Whether it's an engaging novel, an enlightening biography, or a visually stunning illustrated book, you have the freedom to switch between different titles and styles at your convenience. No more worrying about finishing one book before starting another. Embrace the joy of reading without limitations.

4. Custom text

Custom text

Different individuals have varied perspectives on accessibility. While a specific combination of text font and color might make it instantly accessible for one person, it could prove challenging for another. Accessible reading apps offer various options to accommodate individuals with print impairments, ensuring comfortable reading based on their specific needs.

5. All-time access

Accessing your e-library is no longer limited to a single device. This is where the app stands out as one of the top reading apps available. If you happen to leave your mobile device at home or are unable to reach your phone at the moment, worry not! With the book-reading app, you can access your library from any device.

Simply ensure that you download and install the app on all your personal gadgets, including your laptop, tablet, and mobile. That's all it takes to have convenient access to your favorite reads from anywhere.

So, if you find yourself with only your tablet while stuck on a train or waiting at the airport, you can still delve into one of your beloved stories. Waiting times will no longer be an issue with your reliable reading app and device by your side.

6. Accessibility

Book-reading apps offer a range of valuable advantages, particularly in terms of accessibility. They provide options to adjust font size, utilize text-to-speech functionality, and can be accessed on various devices. These features are particularly beneficial for individuals with vision or hearing difficulties, as well as those with other health issues that hinder reading traditional books.

However, it should be noted that not all book-reading apps offer text-to-speech capabilities, as some publishers may choose to disable this feature for their books. Despite this, there is still a wide selection of book-reading apps available to cater to individual needs.

7. Organize

When you possess an extensive collection of books, you don't simply own books—you have towering stacks of dusty, grimy tomes and voluminous heaps of magazines and sooty books. Regularly, you devote time and effort to dusting them off and carefully arranging them into separate piles for convenient access and reading.


However, this process demands a substantial amount of time and work. By opting for reading apps equipped with organizational features, you can neatly categorize your eBook library without wasting entire days or even a moment on dusting an entire room of books. Having fewer organizational responsibilities grants you more time to immerse yourself in the joy of reading. This is undeniably advantageous.


If you run a business or work in the business field, you must realize the importance of reading. There are many very tangible and noticeable benefits that reading brings. However, keeping a book with you is not always possible or simply inconvenient. This is where a book-reading app comes to the rescue.

Your smartphone is always at hand, which means you have a whole library of books. You can even read a printed book if your reading app supports it. This means you can get all the benefits of reading without the disadvantages of printed books, such as limited availability and size.

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