TOP Income Producing Activities to Grow Your Business

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When running my business, I have so many daily tasks to manage, new strategies to implement, new offers to create, etc. It's so easy to get distracted and lose focus.

In this video, I'll tell you how I prioritize my business and focus on income-producing activities. After watching this video, you'll exactly know the same and you'll also learn how to get the most out of your business so that you can maximize your profit.

As you might already know, there are many ways of building up your online business. How you do it and at what speed, depends only on you. No matter what you do, time will pass anyway. When I'm thinking about growing my business, I always plan on introducing something new or trying out new things.

When I start a task, another one comes into my mind and it's so hard to keep focused. One time I think this one is so important, a few minutes later I guess I should start and finish another one. Later I'm stressed I did not start that new project I've been planning for a week now. A few hours later I start worrying I haven't posted anything yet, haven't replied to comments, etc.

If you're paying attention to a lot of things — that's not really efficient and worth almost nothing.

Without big projects in mind, most people just do these things daily: checking and answering the emails, posting daily on social media, waiting for the notifications and answering on comments, networking with people, etc.

These daily tasks all are great but not income-producing activities. It doesn't mean that other tasks don't matter but by implementing your more important tasks first, you can significantly grow your business.

So how can you find big things to focus on? Think about the tasks that have long-lasting results or the tasks that can make you money once they are done. So what are the things that would make everything else easier.. the project that would make a difference in your business?

Of course, these projects depend on your business. I can say I can manage now most of these difficulties but it's still stressful sometimes. Now I prioritize my business by focusing on income-producing activities. When I'm thinking about starting an activity, I ask myself.

1️⃣ Is it something that can grow my business?

2️⃣  Does it have a significant impact on my business in the near future?

3️⃣  Is it making money for me?

If not, I go further and choose another one. Therefore, let me give you some examples. Here is a list of a few things that grow my business:

✅ publishing a new video

✅ testing a new marketing strategy

✅ writing a book

✅ creating an in-depth blog posts

✅ building a course

✅ building a new sales funnel

✅ testing some new paid ads

✅ building new offers

✅ email marketing and follow up

If you spend all your day doing small tasks, you won't be able to expand your business significantly. Instead, dedicate some time to do the daily operational tasks and that's it.

When you start to work on a big task, block off some hours to get it done. Don't check your emails, your Facebook comments, and don't scroll through your newsfeed because they just distract you.

Finish your big task and you'll be much more satisfied than by doing lots of small things. Big tasks usually take longer to achieve, sometimes days or weeks, or it might be months. But once you finished them, that's the lasting satisfaction and the real impact on your business.

There are so many daily tasks. By automating some social media activities, I also managed to free up time. Another option is to delegate those daily tasks to someone else.

So... ❌ stop wasting time now and start making money! ?

How about you? How do you handle when you want to do multiple things at a time?

And what are your income-producing activities? Let me know your thoughts. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give me a like and subscribe to my channel. And I’ll see you next time.

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