Is Clickfunnels a CRM? What We Found Out

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Every business needs a great relationship with their customers and potential customers. There is no more valuable thing to a business than a happy customer. He/she will always spread great words about your business which ultimately leads to even more customers.  

But how do you stay connected with your customers and prospects and how do you do it consistently?  

For doing just so, you’ll need a good CRM tool. And by reading this post, you may be wondering, is Clickfunnels such a tool? Does Clickfunnels provide you with a good CRM service?  

Today I’ll dive a little bit deeper into answering these questions for you and try to give you a better understanding of what both CRM and Clickfunnels are.

In this post, I’ll cover: 

What is CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system of engaging with business’s customers and potential customers with the goal of improving the relationships of the two.  

It is a combination of various tools being used with different strategies that are collecting information about the customer and what they need, with the goal of giving the prospect what they need and keeping them in the company’s circle.  

The goal of every business is to improve the customer’s life in some way and the best way to do that is to know exactly what problems does their audience have and CRM tools come in very handy for this task.  

Some examples of CRM being used are contact centers, social media CRM, mobile CRM etc. 

What is Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a complete solution for marketers, offering a bunch of tools for managing your business online and running marketing campaigns. It is also known as a sales funnel software, arguably the best tool in the market for creating them.  

If you don’t know what exactly a funnel is, read my article on what sales funnels exactly are because you would just be wasting your money on Clickfunnels if you don’t know what they are and how they work.  

So, what can Clickfunnels do?


Clickfunnels is “the tool” for building your sales funnels. It is famous for it’s simplicity yet it is so effective and it has helped a lot of companies scale their business through the roof, without hiring any additional sales people.  

For learning more about how Clickfunnels works exactly, check out my Clickfunnels review.  

Inside of that review, I cover everything Clickfunnels offers. And throughout that article, I also mention that Clickfunnels offers a CRM software called Follow Up Funnels. Bringing us to… 

Is Clickfunnels a CRM

Clickfunnels is not a CRM tool entirely, there is just one tool that’s a part of Clickfunnels Platinum package, called Follow Up Funnels, that is a CRM tool.  

Clickfunnels Platinum is one of the two currently available Clickfunnels plans. It is also the most expensive one. That plan comes with all-in-one features while the second one, called Startup Plan, has only the sales funnel software, without Follow Up Funnels and other tools.  

So if you want to use Clickfunnels Platinum plan, there would be no need for third party CRM tool while you would definitely need third party software with the Startup Plan. For instance, nonprofits can incorporate a fundraising strategy as a third party software. 

Not only will it amplify the community reach, but it can also elevate their fundraising goals. Engaging with potential donors and maintaining a strong relationship with them can be seamlessly implemented through this strategy, transforming your cause into impactful narratives, driving both engagement and donations.  

Benefits of using follow up funnels 

Now, you may be wondering, why would you pay the bigger price for Clickfunnels Platinum plan when you could use other CRM software outside of Clickfunnels.  

Besides various benefits of Clickfunnels Platinum plan such as step-by-step coaching on sales funnels, Backpack tool, etc, there are a lot of benefits with Follow Up Funnels.  

Follow Up Funnels is built-in so it is incredibly easier and time-saving to use it with other Clickfunnels tools than connecting other software and spending time learning how to use those apps together etc.  

Benefits of using follow up funnels

The goal of Clickfunnels and the people who use it is to generate leads for your business, convert them to sales and keep them as loyal customers and Follow Up Funnels makes it incredibly easy to stay connected with your leads and customers and gather their data.  

How to use follow up funnels effectively  

The way you should approach Follow Up Funnels and use it so that it produces results and not just collect data is by building high-quality, engaged lists with prospects.  

One great way to start this off is by filtering people who are really interested in your business and want to receive content from you from “freebie” seekers.  

People are subscribing to your list to receive some piece of information or a product. Some may want just that and others may want to receive more from you. And you want just the second type of people which is why you should filter them by having a double opt in on your landing page.  

Double opt in is a feature of CRM tools that enables you to ask people who have entered their email address to receive something from you to confirm if they want to keep receiving your emails.  

Also, you want to write a great welcome email and make that great first impression.  

For those who subscribe to your list and want to receive content from you, you have to make them want to open every email you send them.  

The way to do this is by having a great welcome email where you introduce yourself and your business and say exactly how can you help them.  

In your emails, you don’t want to just send promotions, you also want to provide them with valuable pieces of information and solve some problems for them without asking for anything in return.  

This is how you build a loyal audience who will have no problem spending money when you offer them something.  

You also want to email them consistently! Many top marketers recommend emailing your list every day. 


Hope that you’ve liked this article and that it helped you understand better how Clickfunnels works!  

Of course, if you ever get stuck, you can go through some of the training videos inside Clickfunnels membership area (training is free) or connect with their team. You also get a chance to schedule a 30-minute call with their experts.  

If you have any questions for me personally, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly via my Contact page. Thank you!

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