Is Clickfunnels a Pyramid Scheme Or a Scam? [Revealed]

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Is Clickfunnels a scam? Is Clickfunnels a pyramid scheme? Do they secretly work with the government and give them access to your information and also try to brainwash you through their “training”? 

Okay, the last one probably isn’t the case. 

But seriously! There are a lot of people wondering if Clickfunnels is a pyramid scheme and if they should invest their hard-earned money in it. And I understand where this is coming from.  

All of these people claiming to have succeeded practically overnight, making millions of dollars while they sleep makes you wonder if this is just another “get rich quick” scheme.  

In this quick post, I’ll cover:

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

What is a Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid schemes are companies that solely focus on recruiting more and more members. With these companies, only people on the top (usually 1 or a few more people, no more than that) profit. The rest of the members lose money.  

Is Clickfunnels a Pyramid Scheme

These companies offer “products” that are usually way overpriced and don’t provide customers with any real value.  

They promise you unreal returns on your investment, returns that are too good to be true. These unreal returns enable them to charge high fees for their “products” that will “make you so much money that you will forget about the price you’ve paid”.  

But the truth is, the only way you will make some, if any, money from these products is by reselling them.  

They could also tell you that yeah, their products are cool BUT if recruit more people, you will make a lot more money.  

Pyramid schemes tend to make a lot of money fast but after a short amount of time, they are usually shut down.  

One common misconception is that all MLM companies are pyramid schemes which is NOT the case.

What is MLM?

MLM (Multi-level marketing or Network marketing) is a business model where companies also offer benefits for recruiting members but their products have REAL value.  

Not all MLMs are pyramid schemes. MLM is a legit business but these shady companies gave it a bad name. 

What is Clickfunnels

Shortly put, Clickfunnels is a software that creates sales funnels. If you want to find out everything about Clickfunnels, you should read my full review here.  

Clickfunnels also offers a bunch of training for its members for free. This training teaches everything you need to know to launch a successful funnel. Some of it is available to non-members for free as well. 

is Clickfunnels a scam

So finally… is Clickfunnels a scam

Is Clickfunnels a Pyramid Scheme

The big reason why people may think of Clickfunnels as a pyramid scheme is its affiliate program.  

And also the fact that so many people claim to have succeeded pretty much overnight makes you wonder if it’s a real deal. 

Clickfunnels affiliate program 

Clickfunnels has a very lucrative affiliate program. They pay 40% commissions on every sale you make for any product of their’s, except One Funnel Away challenge which pays 100% commissions per sale.  

Sticking with the One Funnel Away challenge (you can check my full review here), you can hear Russell advising you to become an affiliate for OFA and promote it.  

Clickfunnels also offers a ton of training solely focused on how to promote it.  

Also, if you bring 100 active members to Clickfunnels, they’ll buy you a car! 

Overnight success stories 

There are thousands of Clickfunnels members that have gone from broke to 6 or 7 figures, seemingly overnight.  

Whether they’d launched their own products and blew up their carts or were affiliates and won dream cars, there are various success stories within the Clickfunnels community.  

Is any of this true? 

Is Clickfunnels really a scam? 

drum roll sound

NO! Clickfunnels is not a scam. It’s not even an MLM. This is no personal opinion, it’s a fact. Here are several reasons why it’s not a scam.  

First of all, every single one of Clickfunnels products offers a ton of value. For example, the One Funnel Away Challenge has completely changed the way I look at marketing and sales.  

Although Russell recommends you to promote the challenge if you’re a beginner, their main focus is teaching you how to come up with a product/service, create an offer around it that will stand out from the competitors, tell your story and then finally, how to put together your funnel and drive traffic to it and actually make sales.  

That is their main focus. Not teaching you how to promote Clickfunnels. Instead, they want to help you come up with something valuable that will change the lives of many people and at the same time make you a pretty nice amount of money.  

And if you feel like this is too much work and that you can’t do this, then they advise you to start off with promoting other people’s products (whether that’s Clickfunnels or any other product). 

And regarding people’s success stories, it is possible to make a lot of money quickly with your sales funnel. But the thing you’re selling has to deliver value to the market. 

And also, I can guarantee you that out of all of these people who have achieved these crazy things, none of them will tell you that it was easy.  

They will all tell you that they have worked their butt off. Yeah, it didn’t take them a lot of time but it was still hard work and investing a lot of money into something you have no idea if it will even make you anything in return.  

If you take a look at any of the Clickfunnels sales pages, you will notice that there are no unreal or “too good to be true” promises. They promise you success BUT with a lot of hard work!

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No laying on the beach, no magic buttons, just hard (and smart) work. 

Hope this post has helped you realize that Clickfunnels is indeed not a scam. If it did and you’re ready to join Clickfunnels and implement sales funnels into your business, check out ClickFunnels 30 Days Marketing Plan first.

Anyway, thank you for reading this post till the end. 

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