6 IT Solutions That Can Greatly Impact Your Business Revenue

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Are you stuck on what IT is? Don't worry! IT is the use of computers and other networking devices to conduct business.

Every business aims to make a profit. Using current technology will significantly impact your business revenue by improving the company's efficiency and productivity and decreasing unnecessary costs and manual energy.

When used appropriately, technology can potentially increase your business's progress profit-wise. The following technology idea will help you expand your business.

1. Introduce Backup Software In Your Business

This type of software helps to protect your data in the event of a power outage, system crash, or other unexpected events. They also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is always safe and accessible.

Use of Productivity Apps In Your Business

A backup of your data can avoid the costly and time-consuming process of recovering lost information.

In addition, backup software can help to improve your business continuity plan, ensuring that you can quickly resume operations in the event of an emergency. 

As you can see, introducing backup software into your business can impact your bottom line.

2. Use of Productivity Apps In Your Business

Every worker is entitled to tools to ensure work efficiency. The software development industry is progressing at a very rapid pace. This is visible in the number of productivity apps released into the market.

While some business owners may be hesitant to use these new tools, the truth is that they can significantly impact your business revenue.

Productivity tools are designed for specific purposes such as time management, boosting collaboration, etc. Are you wondering where to get the productivity app? 

Productivity apps are available on mobile devices and computers. All you need to do to use the app is install it on your device. Most apps are entirely free, but others are available at a small fee. These apps include:


Asana is a productivity app that helps users to manage their projects. This app helps small business owners to manage all their necessary tasks and goals in one place. 

Asana app is free when used on a basic level but costs approximately $10 when used on premium services. The app is designed purposely for a project, goal setting, and management of your business.


Basecamp is a productivity app used for communication purposes in business. This app is designed with unique features such as a schedule, message board, a place to save files, and a chat room for general communication with customers. 

A basecamp app for business is quite expensive: it costs $ 99 per month.


Monday.com is a productivity program that helps business managers to focus on organizing tasks and create a central point of communication with their customers

The app has a knowledge base where you can store documents and information related to your business. Monday.com is quite expensive; it costs approximately $10 for every seat per month (the minimum seat one is supposed to acquire three). Looking for similar features and tools, it would be best to check out Monday vs ClickUp.


Trello productivity app is a quick and easy way to know if your workers are in process. This program helps business owners type messages and assign tasks to their staff

Trello program has a free tier on a basic level but pricing on a business level.

One note

One note program is an excellent solution for business owners who want to compile a lot of information in one place. One note program is free with a monthly subscription.

3. The Use of Mobile and Web Based Platforms

Have you ever heard of web-based platforms? Do not panic if you have never heard of it. This article will help you understand a web-based platform and its benefits to any business.

IT Solutions That Can Greatly Impact Your Business Revenue

A web-based platform is an application accessed through hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Web-based platforms are ideal options for the success of your business because of the advanced technology.

Currently, website platforms and mobiles are necessary for a progressive business.

Most customers love checking business websites before actual purchases. Using mobile and website payment modes will significantly impact your business as it has made it easy to send and receive payments for commodities. 

The progress in technology, the internet, and security make using websites in business a better option, as explained in a web-based system for business. The following are the benefits of using web-based platforms in your business.

  • Increase the efficiency of a business.                                                                    Using websites in business leads to a smooth flow of business processes. Websites can replace work-based methods, thus improving the company's standard by enhancing employees' productivity and lowering costs.
  • Easy data sharing and accessibility.                                                                       Web-based systems have made the sharing of data much more accessible. The data used in the business is stored in one central location that customers can easily access. The customers can access the information about the items of your business from any site, provided they have an internet connection and a web browser. Websites also allow staff to work from any point, not a business point.
  • Reduced costs and manual energy.                                                                       Web-based systems are essential in saving costs and manual energy as they allow customers to seek information about your business without incurring transport costs or moving from one place to another in such the location of your business. Companies optimized for mobile devices have high chances of success because most individuals spend their time browsing on phones.

4. Use of Social Media

Are you running a business on the verge of collapsing but don't know how to go about it? Improved technology is your solution. Get social media platforms today and rescue your business.

Use of Social Media

Currently, social media is ideal for building a better relationship with customers. The use of social media makes your customers feel more connected to you and your business.

Customers who relate to the information you post on your social media accounts feel more appreciated and connected to your business and might stop by to make some purchases and become customers. Social media helps business owners to:

  • Reach their customers.
  • Create online networks.
  • Market your products.

Although social media helps you to expand your business, take caution while handling business on social media, as said in social media for business.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media in your industry.


  • It helps one to attract more customers and get feedback about his business.
  • Expands your market reach.
  • It helps to reduce marketing costs.
  • Exchange ideas on how to conduct your business.


  • Requires active and daily monitoring.
  • Risk of getting false or misleading claims.

5. Use of Virtual Assistant

Are you stuck on who is a virtual assistant? Do you want to improve the status of your business using a virtual assistant but have no idea how to go about it?

A virtual assistant is a highly experienced and knowledgeable person who works remotely and provides services for accounting, administration, and marketing of any business.

Virtual assistants are easily accessible on freelancer sites and cost-effective even for small businesses. They can help you handle heavy tasks, saving time as you grow your business.

The following are tasks you can delegate to your virtual assistant to help you grow your business:

Track your accounts and bills

Business involves many calculations of cash. A business owner might need assistance in finance management

A virtual assistant is of great help in managing funds of any business; they will help you prepare financial statements and management reports. Other responsibilities in managing funds include:

  • Calculation of salaries
  • Provide salaries to the employees
  • Manage bank account operations.
  • Prepare and send outgoing invoices.
  • Manage bank account operations
  • Balance your books and produce reports monthly.

Customer care service provision

For a business to run smoothly, one must respond to customers and build good relationships. A business owner can get a virtual assistant who helps in the provision of customer care services to their customers through:

  • responding to messages, phone calls, and e-mails
  • live charting customers
  • maintaining the information provided on the website
  • creating advertising materials and also newsletters.

Help you with sales

Virtual assistants can also take part in selling your items by locating business contacts and making calls to your customers. Make promotional items, telemarketing calls, and client proposals, and manage sales administration.

6. Introduction of A Card System

Do you feel low due to a lack of customers? Are you stressed up on ways to fetch more customers? Try out the card system trick. Most individuals like spending less cash.

Introduction of A Card System

Introduction of money-saving technology such as gift cards or exclusives to your customers will fetch more customers hence a high sale

Giving your customers exclusive membership cards will make them feel appreciated, loved, and valued; therefore would love to come back again and again, thus expanding your business.

Final words: 6 IT solutions that can greatly impact your business revenue

You can boost your business with the improved technology from the above ideas. Introducing technology into a business signifies a reduction in unnecessary costs and manual energy, more efficiency, and more outstanding production.

Technology helps save time and allows employees to focus on excellent service delivery to customers, thus increasing sales

Technology remains the best ideal to grow your business revenue as it will enable business owners to stay on top of their business as they track time and progress. It allows you to analyze the progress of your business.   

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