How To Juggle A Side Hustle With Life

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We're all juggling a lot these days. Between our 9-5 job, kids, family, and friends it can be tough to do everything. But you know what's even harder than juggling multiple tasks? Juggling limited time.

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to juggle a side hustle with life. When I first started making my living online, I had to quickly learn how to manage my time to achieve my goals and still have a good work/life balance! 

Adding a side hustle to my existing commitments was challenging at first. Eventually, I figured out how to juggle a side hustle with life and you can too!

Before starting a side hustle, figure out what you'd like to do

There are many, many ways to make money without working for someone else.


 Just a few of the side hustles I’ve done over the years include blogging, writing articles like this one, and selling courses or digital products online. There are so many opportunities out there!

The most important thing is to figure out what type of work you enjoy doing

If you are great with people and love being social, consider freelancing as a virtual assistant or creating an online course teaching others how to navigate social media. 

If you love getting creative in the kitchen, but need a way to have your recipes tested first, create a food blog—and then sell cookbooks filled with your favorite creations! You can use your skillset (or develop new ones) to earn money doing what you love.

Think about how much time you have for a side hustle

For example, if you are working a full-time job, you might need to give up something else in your life. If you don’t have children or any other dependents, this might be easier for you. 

However, if you have young kids or are caring for an elderly parent, giving up time to pursue a side hustle will be more difficult.

Make sure that whatever side hustle you choose is one that will truly make your life better overall rather than overwhelming it with extra stress.

If you aren’t working right now and plan on pursuing your side hustle full time, that’s great too! But make sure that it’s actually possible to do what you want with the resources available. 

If there isn’t an abundance of clients in your field and area, it will be harder for you to earn a livable wage doing what you love. Consider taking a part-time job so that your income isn’t dependent on one thing only until it has become more established.

Changing your schedule to fit in a side hustle

If you don't have time for a side hustle, identify something you can cut out of your schedule. Maybe it's television, or social media. Maybe it's time-wasters like chatting with coworkers around the coffee machine.

Perhaps it's unnecessary to drive to and from work when you could take public transportation instead (that commuting time could be used to work on your side hustle).

Keep in mind that the goal is to fit in a side hustle while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. 

No one is saying you can’t have downtime! You would go mad without time to relax by doing hobbies or just nothing at all. Instead, try to cut out things that are of no value to either your work or life. 

Consider this - how much time a day do you spend checking social media? 

The answer may frighten you! In the US, people spend over 2 hours a day on average checking social media. That’s 14 hours a week!

You could easily spend hours a day scrolling posts, liking stuff, and sharing funny clips with friends. Yet all that time could have been invested in your side hustle. 

Try to schedule time for social media that won’t cut into other more important activities. Or, use it as a reward. You work on your side hustle for 1 hour and reward yourself with 15 minutes of social media time. 

The goal here is to figure out what is best to meet YOUR needs for both your work goals and personal life.

How to juggle a side hustle with life

Whatever side hustle you decide to pursue, one thing is certain. You will need to give up some of your valuable time for your side hustle

You might spend a few minutes a day answering surveys or 50 hours a week flipping money. Whatever you do these tips will help you juggle a side hustle with life.

Consider flexible working

The era of the 9-5 is possibly coming to a close with more and more employers offering flexible working. Many employers also now offer the option of remote working, or hybrid working (splitting time between the office and home).

Flexible working could be a godsend for anyone starting a side hustle. That’s because with the right planning you could free up time to easily work on your side hustle without impacting other areas of your life too much.

For example, let’s say you work Monday-Friday, 9-5 in the office. Thanks to flexible working you could work 8-6, Monday-Thursday with 2 of those days working from home.

Now Friday could be used for your side hustle. Working two days from home means not having to commute to the office. That’s time you could spend on your side hustle as well.

Choose a side hustle you are passionate about

Picking a side hustle that makes the most money may seem like the best idea. After all, more money is what it’s all about!

The downside is that you may not enjoy the side hustle. If you dread having to spend time working on your side hustle it won’t be long before you find excuses not to work on it. Before you know it, the side hustle will be a distant memory. 

That’s a shame as now you’re not earning any extra money, and you’ve wasted the time you spent starting the side hustle.

By working on a side hustle that you enjoy and are passionate about it will be much easier to work on your side hustle regularly. You may even look forward to it!

Build a passive income

Passive income means you’re getting paid for work that you’ve already done. Blogging, selling printables, and affiliate marketing are just three ways people build a passive income.


A side hustle that lets you earn passively is awesome for juggling with life. That’s because once you’ve done the initial work, you can sit back and keep collecting the money

Getting paid into your PayPal account for work you did months, or even years ago sounds amazing doesn’t it?

How does building a passive income work?

Let’s use selling printables as an example. To get started you will need to spend time creating your designs, setting up a store, and advertising your printables for sale. This could take 15-20 hours a week at first.

Once you’ve set everything up you only need to spend time maintaining your store. Most of the processes can be automated which means you might only need to spend 2-3 hours a week checking everything is working as it should.

That leaves you free to start another side hustle or design more printables for sale!

Create a schedule you can stick to

Earlier we said that it’s important to understand how much available time you have to spend on your side hustle. One reason your availability is important is that you need to make a schedule you can stick to.

To create a successful side hustle, you will need to try and spend the same amount of time each week working on it. 20 hours one week, then 1 hour the next week won’t do!

Of course, life events happen, or you may have a busy week at work. That’s fine. However, normal weeks need to be planned out allowing you ample time to focus on everything you want.

Productivity tools like Notion can be a great tool for managing a schedule. You can use the software to track your progress on the go.

Apart from managing your schedule, a good productivity tool can help you in other ways too.

Noting those spur-of-the-moment ideas, collaborating with others on a project, or a place to store all your research is made far easier by using an all-in-one productivity tool.

Give yourself a break

Juggling lots of responsibilities can be detrimental to anyone’s mental health. Working a full-time job, studying, having kids, and working on your side-hustle doesn’t leave much spare time!

It’s vital you schedule yourself some time every day for a proper break. At least 30 minutes to go for a walk, listen to music, or have a rest. Not only is a daily break important, but a break from all work when you can will be beneficial too. 

Even if you can’t afford to go away for a vacation, use any vacation time you’re entitled to for a break from work. Switch off the devices, set the work email to Out Of Office, and spend time doing whatever you love. Or do nothing at all!

Allowing yourself that time to recharge will increase your chances of success. Constantly rushing around doing too much will only lead to one result, burnout. Don’t let yourself get to that point and give yourself a break.

Create a detailed budget

Budgeting is a wonderful way to stay on top of your finances. Hopefully, you already have a detailed budget for managing your personal finances. 


It’s also a good idea to create a business budget as well. Knowing how much your side hustle is costing you in both time and money is essential to understanding how it’s impacting your life overall.

Some side hustles may require a lot of investment, especially in the beginning. Eventually, you should be seeing a profit. When you’re getting paid into your PayPal account it’s easy to lose track of the money.

Tracking your finances using a budget allows you to see how your side hustle is progressing. 

If after a few months, a year, or more you do not see a profit, then it may be time to stop the side hustle or try another.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Juggling all of life's responsibilities can get overwhelming at times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either with your side hustle or at home. 


It may take time to build up your side hustle to be profitable, but once it is you could start outsourcing some of the work.

There are millions of other freelancers, like you, that you can pay to do the hard work for you. 

Writers can be hired to write content for your blog, graphic designers can be paid to create printables for you to sell, and Facebook Ads managers can be used to promote your business to a bigger audience.

These are just a handful of examples of the ways you can get help with your side hustle. Although spending money can eat into your profits, the time you save can make that worthwhile.

Don’t forget to include your family in your plans. By informing everyone of the extra work you are doing they will understand that your time is precious. You never know your luck; some family members may offer to help you out at home or work!

Like all things, it’s about achieving a balance between work and life.

How to juggle a side hustle with life - wrap up

A side hustle can be a great way to make some extra cash, but it can also swallow up any time you have left in the day.

That may mean that you need to make some sacrifices in your personal life—but it’s totally worth it if your business idea becomes successful.

At the same time, though, don't feel like you have to get frustrated by your balance of work and side hustle. A healthy work/life balance is important for everyone, no matter what their situation is.

If you can find a way to manage your time effectively, this will help ensure that both your job, personal life, and business can thrive.

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