Kartra vs Builderall | Builderall vs. Kartra [Pros and Cons]

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Are you uncertain whether digital software such as Kartra and Builderall could help you grow your online venture?

All in one marketing platforms are cloud-based solutions utilized by many today. From freelance marketers to biz owners and huge companies, many have sworn how useful these tools are to their businesses.

The thing is, many find choosing the best platform a problematic task.

Having said that, I’ll help you determine which application is compatible for you and your business. In this Kartra vs Builderall review, I will enumerate each of their strongest points, their target users, and some of their disadvantages.

Let’s start?

Kartra vs Builderall

Kartra and Builderall are quite similar platforms, which makes it trickier to determine whether it is the right software for you and your business. For a quick overview, let’s take a look at first how each platform works in general.

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all in one marketing platform authored by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. It is a software built to help online biz owners and internet marketers to maximize their marketing efforts.

Kartra review_home page

Essentially, it is used to run email campaigns, drive web traffic, convert leads, and improve search engine visibility. It also comes with a few more handy applications like:

  • Done-for-you campaigns
  • Email automation tool
  • Membership site builder
  • Webinars
  • Analytics and split-testing
  • Page builder
  • Helpdesk software

All of its features are professionally designed, as well. The DFY templates, for instance, are developed by various marketing experts, including Frank Kern. The platform, in its entirety, is also intuitive as most of them function as a drag and drop.

Kartra drag and drop page builder

Who are its target users?

Although the answer usually depends on the person's willingness to learn, Kartra is not everyone’s cup of tea. That said, who can use Kartra?

  • Professional marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Individuals with an active list of subscribers
  • People who are ready to launch a product

Business owners with less experience in handling digital marketing software, as well as non-technical persons, may have a tough time using the platform. Its learning curve is quite steep for such individuals. As such, I suggest trying beginner-friendly software like Builderall first.

Kartra templates

What are the pros and cons?

  • It comes with a professional user interface
  • Fully featured email marketing
  • Done-for-you marketing materials (design, copy, emails, etc)
  • Professional and in-depth analytics
  • Video hosting included (with behavioral tagging)
  • Slightly expensive
  • All pages as well as the checkout process are slow to load
  • Not compatible for beginners and less experienced marketers
  • The website builder should have more features

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a comprehensive sales and marketing platform built by Erick Salgado. Just like Kartra, its primary purpose is to assist online advertisers and entrepreneurs in maximizing their digital efforts.


The software is comprising of more than 30 tools with promising benefits. These are then categorized into five sections: the builders, the Mailingboss autoresponder, the design section, traffic management, and the social media engagement section.

Within these sections, you will find various software packages that can help you create marketing materials such as:

  • Various landing pages
  • High-converting sales funnels
  • Ecommerce page
  • Animated videos
  • Mobile applications
  • Content (written and photo)
builderall all the tools

Who are its target users?

Builderall is an intuitive and accessible platform. For that very reason, many internet marketers recommend it to beginners. It is an excellent starter as well due to the nature of its tools, which is perfect to drive leads as well as build and nurture audience engagement.

The platform is also a great alternative for those who are in a tight budget and cannot afford multiple standalone applications. It is, in fact, Builderall’s advantage from its competitors as it has all the essential tools you need to start an online business.

If, on the one hand, you prefer something that is professionally built, I must say that Kartra is quite a good fit.

builderall pixel perfect editor

What are the pros and cons?

  • It comes with 30+ tools
  • A cheap alternative for Clickfunnels or Kartra
  • Updates regularly with new features and functions
  • It includes a lucrative affiliate program
  • Suitable for entry-level entrepreneurs and internet marketers who are on a tight budget
  • The number of tools might be overwhelming for starters
  • The focus seems to be all about adding new tools
  • The apps as well as the user interface are no sot professional
  • Inconsistent user experience between the tools

Builderall vs Kartra: what are their best features?

In this section, I’ll share what I think are the strongest features of each platform.

Shall we?

Kartra features

Kartra offers a wide range of apps. However, in this section, I will only list down the tools that set it apart from Builderall. Simply put, everything the former has that the latter does not have.

Membership portal builder

In marketing, your audiences - no matter how small or massive - are automatically your potential customers as well. As such, you have to treat them not only as your viewers you want to build a relationship with but also as consumers that need your help.

Kartra membership site builder and manager

That is where Kartra membership portal builder can help you.

It allows peope to create a management system specifically for paying members. Primarily, it is to aid you in organizing your subscribers depending on the type of membership they purchase and delivering courses to the right audience.

Users can provide what type of payment members can avail to access the materials within the site too. For instance, you can offer them a one-time, monthly payment, or even installment.

The membership portal builder enables you to use the following options as well:

  • Design your page
  • Add email sequences
  • Set access levels
  • Let your audience leave comments

But what makes it more impressive is that it comes with automation features. Say, you want to release exclusive content, you can select a way to deliver it. You can drop the whole course or do it one module at a time.

Kartra membership access levels

The only downside about this tool is that you need to have at least a list of active subscribers. It is the very reason why I mentioned earlier that Kartra is only beneficial to already-established solopreneurs and marketers.

Otherwise, it is just a waste of money. 


Kartra integration of analytics tools is perhaps the second most valuable feature it offers. Generally, it is an application you can utilize to track and record all key metrics happening within your webpage and marketing campaigns.

As an online biz owner, one thing you must learn and understand well is the importance of data analysis to your business. Data reports can help you unravel your target demographic’s behavior, preferences, and dislikes. That way, you have an idea of how to approach them.

Kartra analytics

Having said that, how can this tool help?

Here’s how:

  • It tracks all incoming web traffic
  • It records conversion rates
  • It tracks sales
  • It keeps a tab on subscriptions
  • It keeps an eye on click-through-rates (CTR)
  • Records open rates
  • Tracks video views

You will receive comprehensive data about everything related to your target audience, existing customers, sales, and many more. For instance, you will get information about how your buyers behaved within the funnel.

You will get reviews concerning the quality of your content and website, your email marketing performance, the number of people who avail your offers, etc.

That is why if you wish to produce high-converting strategies, you have to understand how it works.

Products and payments

Product page creation and integration payment tool is now more convenient using Kartra. The software offers a feature wherein you can build a product a page and add a payment system.

As an online seller, your payment system, as well as your product page, is crucial to push customers down the funnel. And having an easy-to-use and secured checkout page suggests that you are a trustworthy seller, as well.

Kartra_checkout_sell products

That is why failure to execute this part properly will most likely lead to little or no sales.

That said, let’s talk about each of the built-in features.

1. Checkout page

This page feature is an intuitive tool to integrate into your site. It gives you and your customers a secure payment process. Essentially, it enables people to pick what type of payment system they would like to provide to their buyers.

You can choose from the following transactions:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card or debit card
  • One-click process
2. Product builder

As its name tells, its primary function is to help users add new products. The feature is very accessible as well as it lets you choose what kind of goods - upsell or down-sell product - you want to create.

Putting elements to make the page look more professional is straightforward too. In fact, the app enables you to insert content like images, videos, and product descriptions.

You can then design all the pages as you like it. Say, you want your brand visible even on the product page, the feature lets you add a logo. You can also set languages, modify the font and color, add a cart abandonment process, and insert an internal link.

The product builder lets you set multiple pricing options, as well.

It includes:

  • One-time payment
  • Installments
  • Recurring pay

I find the feature useful in many ways because it is not only for product creation. It is also a great layer for your sales funnel as it comes with an option where users can give special offers and free trial for their products, which surely can capture the audience’s attention. And thanks to its affiliate management system, other people can sell your products, too.

You can also opt to integrate a shipping process and refund policy. No need to scour the internet or hire a technical writer to help produce content for the said sections.

Most importantly (especially if you are a beginner), each feature comes with a step-by-step video tutorial explaining how to do the process correctly.

Done-for-you campaigns

Another excellent tool Kartra offers is the done-for-you campaigns. And for business owners with less experienced, particularly in running marketing campaigns, can benefit greatly from this tool.

Basically, the feature is a strategy builder with a library of premade content. But what makes it truly more interesting is that the DFY templates are all based on Frank Kern’s work.

Kartra done for you campaigns

I find it ingenious, time-saving, and cost-effective as it allows business owners and entrepreneurs to enhance their online marketing efforts in an easier way. Each template comes with a video tutorial as well as explaining how the campaign works and what it is for, which is a good thing since its learning curve is high.

You have two options to use the feature too. Here’s how:

1. Use it as-is

All premade materials included in the feature are ready-to-use. As explained earlier, all templates were written with the help of Frank Kern’s work. Hence, no need to modify the frameworks.

Currently, Kartra has eight templates in its library. Five of them are created by Kartra, while Kartra users built and shared the remaining three.

And yes, you read it right. You can create your own and share it with other users.

Kartra done for you campaigns marketingplace

Using it is straightforward too. Just find the ‘done-for-you campaigns’ page and then open the ‘done-for-you’ link. It will then redirect you to another page where you can find all the premade campaigns. Lastly, choose a template you like and click the deploy button.

The software will then ask you to follow a few steps to process the implementation stage. Once it is completed, the tool will then set up your chosen DFY campaign into your account automatically.

2. Build from scratch

As mentioned earlier, the software allows users to build their campaigns from scratch too. Just like the other features, it is intuitive and works as a drag and drop. However, the software will have to check and analyze your account. It is essential as it helps in determining what factors should be added to your marketing campaign.

But what I find impressive about this feature is that it has a database assigned for all premade campaigns build by the members. And if you allow, it can also be shared with other users to try.

However, although it is very accessible to use, I find the builder quite overwhelming. It is particularly true for beginners. Again, Kartra user interface is made with professional biz owners and online marketers in mind.

The good thing is continuous practice will eventually help you get the hang of it.

All in all, the DFY campaign feature is a cost-effective tool to help you get started if you don’t have one yet. It is also a handy replacement, especially if you think like your current strategy is not giving you the results you wanted.

If you're interested, check out my full Kartra review.

Builderall features

Builderall has more than 30 applications. But in this section, I will only enumerate the most reliable features that make the software stand out among its competitors.

SEO report

It's included in the traffic management tools section of Builderall. And it is built to assist solopreneurs and online advertisers in their effort to enhance their web presence as well as marketing techniques.

If you have used standalone SEO software before, like CognitiveSEO, it works almost the same. It includes basic functions such as content analyzer, keyword usage checker, internal links checker, and many more.

builderall seo tool

Aside from that, it checks other domains as well, and not just Builderall pages. Pretty useful if you want to outrank your competitors.

After every scan, the tool will deliver comprehensive data concerning your materials’ SEO score. The report, on the one hand, may vary depending on the complexity and scope of the result. To give you a full grasp, here are the types of reports you may receive.

  • Critical factors
  • High relevance factors
  • Moderate relevance factors
  • Low relevance factors
  • Optional factors

For each report, you will get all the details regarding how on-page SEO elements in your site perform. Say, you want to know how one of your landing pages perform, scan it using the software and you will automatically receive reports.

Here’s what you will find in the reports:

  • Factors that degrade your search engine visibility
  • Your chance to rank in Google’s SERPs
  • Insights on how to optimize your content
  • Other vital details you need to improve

On the other hand, I find the lack of off-page SEO elements analyzer sort of disappointing. Your off-page SEO is as crucial as the on-page.

WordPress installation

Another newest feature added to the platform’s suite of tools called WordPress installation allows users to utilize sites supported by WP via Builderall. It is a ready-to-go feature perfect for those who wish to benefit from both software.

if there’s one thing that makes it worth the purchase compared to Kartra, I think it would be the installation of this CMS.

builderall wordrpess

Unlike Kartra drag and drop site builder, I find this app more useful. It is especially true that WordPress has been supporting millions of webmasters for a long time now.

You will gain a handful of benefits from it, such as:

  • It is SEO-friendly
  • Easy plugin integration
  • It comes with numerous plugins
  • Provides a wide range of aesthetically-pleasing web templates

The app is intuitive and has entry-level accessibility, as well. It has, in fact, a separate dashboard and does not share with other site builder tools.

It is a win-win offer as users can both reap the benefits of the two website editors.

Affiliate program

Builderall leveraged affiliate program is an excellent opportunity to earn passive income. It’s a great addition to the software’s whole package because it does not only help you with your digital needs, but it also gives you a chance to earn extra income.

The program works like this: sell Builderall software, and for every purchase, you will receive commissions.

builderall affiliate

Here’s a quick summary of what you will earn from the program:

  • 100% personal sales commissions on the first payment
  • 30% personal sales recurring commissions
  • 30% 2nd tier recurring commissions

This offer is an excellent option to earn passive and residual income.


Another strongest feature of Builderall is its builders. They are used mainly for the production of marketing materials such as:

  • Building websites
  • Creating landing pages
  • Mapping and creating sales funnels
  • Building mobile apps
  • Produce animated videos and online courses
  • Build an online store

The builders is a section comprising of various apps. Here are a few of its tools:

Pixel perfect builder

Essentially, the app enables to create websites and pages without the hassle of manual coding. It is easy-to-use and works as a drag and drop.

Kartra vs Builderall_templates

Using it, you can produce professionally-looking and high-converting marketing materials like:

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
Canvas funnel builder

It is one of the newly added features in Builderall and is built specifically to help users create high-converting sales funnels. Using it, you can map and make your own funnel.

Here are a few samples of what you can do inside the Canvas funnel builder.

  • Choose a funnel template and use it as-is
  • Choose a funnel template and modify it as you like
  • Create your own from scratch by pulling different pages and combine them
Online store builder

Aside from the funnel maker, the platform comes with a newly added feature where you can create your online shop too. It is a collaboration between Builderall and the already-established ecommerce platform Magento.

The tool works like other typical online shop creators such as Shopify. It is packed with a wide range of options to help you visualize your desired design and functionality.

builderall magento

And if you are just about to begin your journey into online selling, I must say that this is a good and cost-effective start. Not only you will get the app at an affordable price, but you will also get it along with other essential marketing tools as well.

If you're interested, check out my full Builderall review.

Putting it all together

The Kartra vs. Builderall comparison has been a long-debated topic. Generally, they both offer almost the same tools. And yet, they differ in many ways as well.

Builderall, for instance, is the type of software that lets you do your tasks conveniently. Its intuitiveness is compatible with individuals who have less to no experience in running marketing campaigns.

For a $69 price, you will have unlimited access to its 30+ tools. It has an affiliate program system that lets users earn passive income as well. The only downside is that although it has a lot of features, the quality is not as good as Kartra’s and other standalone software.

Kartra, on the one hand, is a professionally built but intuitive platform. Compared to Builderall, it is rather geared towards seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs. It comes with handy and high-quality marketing tools, as well.

I find it more useful when it comes to product selling as well as management. Those who wish to use Kartra must have an active list of followers too.

It is because the software’s features are more about monetization than building and nurturing leads.

The only disadvantage I found is that it is quite expensive and has a steep learning curve. (starter plan $99/month, silver plan $199/month, gold plan $299/month)

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Choosing the right all in one marketing platform is task marketers, and entrepreneurs often fail to consider. It is why it is crucial to understand first your target product before purchasing it.

Most importantly, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want to improve your online biz.

Kartra/Builderall bonuses

If you've decided to buy Kartra or Builderall, you can grab it through my link and all the bonuses below:

Personal 1 on-1 mentoring

Regular coaching calls to help you succeed with anything marketing or technical related.


Different software packages

Different tools regularly like graphic design tools, covers, templates.

$497 VALUE

Done-for-you content

Done-for-you emails, guides, books, articles that you can customize and publish.

$699 VALUE

Affiliate Action Plan Handbook

A complete, step by step digital marketing plan to succeed in affiliate marketing

$299 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

WordPress tools

Best premium WordPress page builders, themes and plugins.

$399 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

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