5 Kick-Ass Ecommerce Strategies to Run a Successful Online Store

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There are over 24 million ecommerce sites across the globe, and the numbers keep increasing every day, making the ecommerce space a highly competitive market. 

To thrive among the increasing number of stores as an ecommerce business, you need to do more than a basic ecommerce strategy; you need a kick-ass strategy that your competitors can't stand close to. 

Ecommerce Strategies to Run a Successful Online Store

For this reason, we've compiled top working tips you can introduce in your ecommerce strategy in this article. If you wonder how to stand out in the ecommerce industry and boost your sales, these five tips will help.

Let's dive right in. 

5 Killer strategies to run a successful online store 

Achieving success as an online store amidst the overwhelming competition requires employing the right strategy. Below, we discuss the best methods you can adopt to grow your online store.

Know your audience and where to find them

 1. Know your audience and where to find them 

To succeed as an online store, you need to know the specific people you are selling to, where to find them, and how to market to them. 

If you don't figure out these three key factors, chances are you will be going round in circles with your online business. This is because you will be targeting the wrong people, at the wrong places, and with the wrong marketing tactics. 

So, figure out who your ideal customers are and where they spend most of their time so you can reach out to them where they are. For example, do they spend most of their time on Instagram? Facebook? Or do they prefer listening to podcasts or reading blogs?

Figuring out the exact channel a large chunk of your customers prefer will help you track and intensify your efforts in converting them to customers. 

Although it's vital to rank on Google to make it easier for your customers to find you, do not restrict your promotion to running Google ads alone.

If you discover your idea that your customers spend their time scrolling through their social media feeds to find the businesses they can buy from: intensify your social media efforts to capture your audience's attention and turn them into consistent buyers. 

If any of your customers prefer to visit your website to learn about your products, consider creating engaging content on your website that keeps them coming back for more. 

No matter where your audience is, there's always something you can do better to get their attention. The essential thing is to identify who your customer is and where they are, and you can take things up from there. 

2. Introduce live video shopping 

Live video shopping is presently the hottest topic in ecommerce due to its highly interactive benefit for brands and customers. 

Introduce live video shopping

Live video shopping started in China in 2017, and top brands have been adopting live video shopping to boost their sales, especially after the pandemic, as it became an adequate replacement for physical shopping. 

What is live video shopping? Live video shopping works similarly to how live video streaming works, just that this time, your customers can make their purchases in real-time. 

With live video shopping, you will host the live broadcast, promote your products by highlighting the benefits and features of your products, and your customers can buy any of the products you promote during your broadcast. 

Live video shopping is transforming the ecommerce space based on the several benefits it offers for businesses.

First, it fosters strong relationships between you and your customers. Second, it is highly interactive, so you can humanize your brand and connect with your customers. 

Your customers can ask you questions, and you can respond in real-time, which gives the feeling of having an in-store experience that engages them effectively. 

What's more? Live video shopping allows your customers to make the best purchase decisions. During the video stream session, you explain the features and benefits of your products in detail so your customers can better understand your product's value. 

If they have their reservations or need clarifications, they can ask you directly and receive detailed and immediate responses that help them decide better. 

This way, there would be a lower goods return rate because your customers were clear about the details of your product's offerings before shopping.

3. Make your checkout process easy

Based on research, the average cart abandonment rate is 68.81%. So no matter how much your customers need your product, if the checkout process is rigorous and time-consuming, they won't mind abandoning their carts to shop somewhere with an easy checkout process.  

Make your checkout process easy

Make your checkout process as straightforward as possible to eliminate friction and speed up the transaction process. In other words, make it a direct checkout process.

You can do this by removing the need for your customers to create an account unless you can simplify the process to a few clicks. 

Reduce the number of forms they have to fill and the number of pages each form requires, too; stick to requesting relevant details only. 

In addition, offer your customers multiple payment options so they can select the method of payment that's easier for them. 

When you put all these methods in place, you eliminate the barriers in the buying process and facilitate a smooth transaction that reduces your cart abandonment rate. 

4. Make your website mobile-friendly 

55.4% of online users use their mobile phones to make purchases online, and 53% of mobile website visitors will leave a website if it takes too long to load. 

Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile optimization is crucial to converting your website's visitors to customers. If your online store doesn't accommodate mobile users, chances are you would be losing out on sales. 

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites, which enables your customers to reach you faster. It's also a great way to show your professionalism, create a positive impression and build your credibility as a brand. 

Other than these, a mobile-friendly website extends the amount of time your visitors spend on your page. This doesn't only help to increase your search rankings on Google; it also allows your customer to check out more of your products to buy more items. 

Make your website responsive to both desktop and mobile devices so that it optimizes its text to fit into any device your customers use. Another way to make your online store usable is to make it easy for your customers to find the information they are looking for. Consider putting the most asked-out questions about your products on your website's home page. 

5. Provide testimonials 

Reviews build trust and credibility, and they are an excellent way to convince your audience to buy from you.

Provide testimonials

Customers want to be sure they are purchasing from a legitimate store online, which is why they want to see the comments other buyers have made concerning their experience with you. 

Positive reviews are proof your business has been tested and trusted by other people. So, if your prospective customers see this, they can be motivated to buy from you. 

Therefore, encourage your customers to drop positive reviews on your site. Request feedback from your customers after they make a purchase, and with their permission, post their positive feedback on your ecommerce site as proof your business delivers on its promises. 

Benefits of growing an effective ecommerce strategy 

It's crucial to constantly develop your ecommerce strategy to meet your consumers' evolving needs. Below are the different benefits you gain from improving your ecommerce marketing efforts. 

1. It improves your customer experience

Improving your ecommerce strategy is a sure way to make your customer experience better. 

For example, by introducing strategies like live video shopping to your business, you can allow your customers to interact with you like they would in a brick-and-mortar store, which helps to personalize their experiences. 

Other strategies like website mobile-friendly optimization, seamless checkout process, and more also help to enhance your customer experience to attract and retain your customers.

2. It boosts your business' growth 

It's easier to scale your business with a developed ecommerce strategy. You develop better customer-to-business owner relationships through personalized experiences, customer support, and many more, which helps you retain your customers. 

Improved ecommerce strategy means increased websites and a working social media strategy that increases your visibility and attracts customers to your business, all of which sum up to build a thriving business

3. Gets you ahead of your competition 

When you work on your ecommerce marketing strategy to consistently find new ways to satisfy your customers, it becomes difficult for your competitors to catch up. 

In addition, due to your customer experience, many of your prospective customers will prefer to do business with you, rather than your competitors. 

For example, they will always prefer an online store that provides an easy checkout system to an online store without a time-consuming checkout process. 


Running a successful online business is easier when you adopt the right tips that boost your business's growth. In this article, we discussed five effective tips you can use to expand your ecommerce business strategy for maximum growth. 

These tips include adopting an understanding of your target audience, a live video shopping strategy, making your online store mobile-friendly, creating a simple checkout process, and providing reviews on your blog. Adopt these tips to run your online store successfully.

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