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Kyvio Review 2020 – Pros & Cons, Features, Alternatives

Are you searching for the best membership site builder to leverage your online business, particularly in the online course niche? My Kyvio review 2020 will help you gauge which software can help you enhance your marketing efforts and grow your revenue.

From newbies to professionals, deciding which cloud-based platform to use is every internet marketer’s dilemma. Such a situation - particularly when one is not informed - often leads to usage of separate standalone applications.

And that’s not cost saving!

Purchasing multiple tools for your online venture is not a bad idea if it is badly needed. The problem is it is not usually a cost-effective move as there are numerous all-in-one marketing solutions existing today, such as Kyvio.

kyvio review homepage

Kyvio is a comprehensive marketing software built to eliminate the typical hassles of managing an online business. From web-hosting to page and funnel builder, everything you need is under one roof.

Are you interested in what Kyvio can offer?

If yes, continue reading the rest of the article. I’ll tour you inside Kyvio and enumerate each of its tools, discuss how they work, and what benefits your business will reap from utilizing it.

What is Kyvio?

Authored by Neil Napier and Steven van der Peijl, Kyvio is an extensive digital marketing solution designed to assist online advertisers as well as entrepreneurs in nurturing their businesses. It is focused in leveraging marketing strategies, optimize search engine visibility, and increase brand awareness.

Kyvio is divided into five modules:

  • Smart Funnels
  • Smart Memberships
  • Smart Mailer
  • Smart Affiliates (built-in affiliate program)
  • Smart Academy
kyvio funnel builder

And as of today, it contains more than 20+ features. Here are a few tools included in the platform:

  • Members area
  • Web-hosting
  • Interactive onboarding
  • WordPress plugin
  • Email automation
  • A/B testing
  • DFY graphics
  • FB tracking
  • Unlimited pages
  • In-built SSL certificate
  • SEO tools
  • Easy integration

These apps are built for various marketing tasks including lead generation, social media, and content marketing.

Kyvio comes in three different pricing bundles (which I will discuss further in the next sections). Its standard plan comes at a very low price of $29 per month. But what’s impressive about it is that unlike other software, users are granted to build any number of pages.

Kyvio offers a 14-day trial, as well. For $1, you can have unlimited access to all its tools for 14 days, which is an excellent opportunity to test its capability.

kyvio trial

Moreover, if you heard about Instasuite before, Kyvio is the upgraded version of it, which started as a 6-in-1 tool only. It was built by Suzanna Theresia in 2016 but was later on sold to Steven van der Peijl and Neil Napier. The two then developed it launched it as Kyvio in 2017.

Who should use Kyvio?

Kyvio, being dubbed as a “stupidly simple” marketing platform, is indeed compatible with both amateur and professional marketers as well as biz owners. While that is true, let’s not eliminate the fact that to maximize its full potential means it needs to go to the right individuals.

The question is: who are those people?

Having said that, below is a list of individuals that I think will benefit significantly from Kyvio’s features.

Online course creators

If there is one perfect product to build and promote using Kyvio, I think it would be an online course content. Kyvio provides a membership creator, which is an excellent way to monetize your subscribers and place your products safely.

It comes with a tool particularly designed for online courses called “drip-feed content”. What it does is that it automatically stops people from accessing the content based on the given expiration date.

kyvio online course_

Less experienced internet marketers

Apparently, a “stupidly simple interface” fits best with tech-noobs and people with least to zero marketing experience. It is a perfect app to start with since it has entry-level accessibility.

You can build websites, design landing pages and sales funnels, drive leads, and collect emails with ease since all the features have an easy to use visual interface.

Entrepreneurs who are in a tight budget

Starting a business does not need to be too expensive. If you are in a tight budget, Kyvio is a practical means to kick off your journey as a solopreneur.

Its basic plan costs $29 per month, while its business (and most recommended) bundle is $69 per month only. But what’s truly impressive (which I find surprising as well) is that users can create any number of pages for all plans.

Startups and midsize companies

Kyvio is not only for solopreneurs and freelance marketers. It suits well with small to medium-sized companies too. 

Kyvio’s pricing plans

As mentioned earlier, Kyvio comes in three varying bundles: the basic, business, and pro. Each of them is subject to a 14-days free trial and may vary when it comes to tools.

To give you a full grasp of each plan, I enumerate each of it below.

kyvio pricing plan

Kyvio basic

For $29 a month, you will receive all three modules - smart funnel, smart mailer, and smart memberships - except the smart affiliates. The basic plan also enables users to build one website only. It comes with unlimited external integrations and media manager too.

The only downside I noticed is that it allows one user only. Hence, it is preferable for solopreneurs and freelance marketers only.

Kyvio business

If you are a startup and have a team of, say, three members, Kyvio’s business bundle is a fitting plan to try. Unlike the standard plan, this one comes with four modules. It goes together with unlimited external integration and media manager, as well.

Apart from that, users can build at least five websites using the bundle. It gives access to at least three users too. 

Kyvio pro

For medium-sized companies, Kyvio Pro is the perfect plan to use. The package includes all four modules, unlimited easy integration, and media manager.

It enables users to build 15 sites too. I find it well-suited for startups to midsize because it allows access to up to 10 members. 

Pros and cons

To help you see whether Kyvio is worth the investment or not, here are a few of its pros and cons that I noticed.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • The user interface is intuitive and straightforward to use
  • In-depth technical skills are not required
  • It has 24/7 customer support service
  • Affordable pricing packages
  • Easy integration


  • It features a few apps only
  • The tools are not professional
  • Kyvio page builder is not so advanced

Kyvio review: What are the best features?

Kyvio contains a wide range of valuable applications that are beneficial to both internet marketers and biz owners. However, if there is one tool that sets it apart from other software, I think it is its membership builder.

On the one hand, the remaining modules (smart funnel, smart mailer, smart memberships, smart affiliates, and smart academy) work competently as well.

And in this review of Kyvio, I’ll discuss how each of them works and what other apps they contain.

Let’s start?

Membership sites

As an entrepreneur, placing your products on a public domain put your intellectual property at risk. It is particularly true if you sell digital goods like online course content, ebooks, website and funnel templates, etc.

Such instances make your revenue vulnerable as well. It opens the possibility of them being shared illegally, especially that open downloads are out of control in said situation.

Having said that, what should business owners like you do to avoid it?

Enter Kyvio’s smart membership editor.

kyvio smart membership

Kyvio’s membership site builder consists of various features that let you protect your products and at the same time, leverage your sales as well as your relationship with your subscribers.

Building webpages using it is more convenient and smoother too. The builder functions as a drag and drop and eliminates the old school way of designing websites which is via coding. As such, I find it straightforward to use and is accessible even to individuals with low technical skills.

Aside from that, you do not have to worry about every single thing such as integrating autoresponders and designing a welcome page since all of it is provided by Kyvio too.

Here are the other functionalities provided in Kyvio’s membership builder:

  • Create digital goods
  • Add an unlimited number of pages and modules
  • Build modules via drag-and-drop function
  • Use drip-feed content
  • Create a registration form 
  • Let’s you integrate with various autoresponders
kyvio smart membership member area

As you can see, creating a membership page secures your products by limiting people who can access it. Another crucial aspect you must look into is that it is also a lucrative way for online marketers and biz owners to sell digital products.

In fact, it is considered as one of the best methods to monetize your fans.

The tool does not only allow you to store your content on a private virtual space, but it also enables you to maximize your online marketing efforts by adding upsell products as well.

Take a look at this study. Statista reported that the total revenue of the e-learning product market amounted to 46.67 billion US dollars. And that it is also projected to reach 243 billion dollars by 2022 worldwide.

So why not take advantage of it by offering additional courses?

To give you a full grasp, here’s what you can do within the builder:

Unlimited membership sites

As mentioned, Kyvio does not limit its users from using its applications. And that includes its membership sites.

Compared to other platforms, Kyvio’s page builder lets you create an unlimited number of pages and modules for each membership. Users are free to pick whatever theme they want to dress their page with as well.

It comes with a large gallery of templates too, so you have a lot of options. Each template is customizable also, or if you prefer you can use it as-is.

kyvio member area templates

Moreover, the feature also comes with an option where you can configure your price levels. It is excellent perk aside from coupon codes and discounts.

Drip-feed content

Are online courses one of your digital products? If yes, you would benefit a lot from the drip-feed content tool. In fact, I find it as Kyvio’s membership editor top feature. It is unique and you cannot find it in other software that renders the same site builder.

kyvio drip feed content

What the app does is simple: it automatically expires a content based on the given date. Simply put, it stops members from accessing the content once the allotted time has ended. 


The autoresponder tool lets you modify basic elements in your page. For instance, you can set up an automated welcome email for new members. Other follow-up emails are pre-configured already in the interface as well.

Apart from that, it automatically adds new members to future webinars, autoresponders, and email list. 

Secured area

This feature enables you to create a fully automated and secured area for your customers where they can find all products they purchased or subscribed to.

Using it, you will have full control over each member’s user account. You can oversee their activities and even manually create a user account.

Smart funnels

When it comes to selling online, the caliber of your sales funnel will significantly affect your conversion rate and sales. Without a compelling step-by-step process, your prospect clients will most likely fall out of the funnel without purchasing any product.

Take a look at this report, as an example. Based on an article published on Fresh Relevance, the cart abandonment rate went 56.82% in the third quarter of 2018. And typically, the reason potential buyers stop is due to poor quality marketing funnels.

It is why business owners often allot a large amount of money as well as time and effort to make sure that the business will go well.

kyvio setup funnel min

And that’s a huge trouble for newbies and people with less to no experience!

Kyvio’s funnel builder gives you the opportunity to create a high-converting buyer’s journey without consulting experts and hiring professionals.

For starters, you do not need to worry if this is your first time to use such software. The app has an accessible user interface and it's straightforward to use, regardless of your tech skill level.

It lets you do the following things as well:

  • Create up to 100 funnels
  • Build an unlimited number of pages
  • Use mobile-friendly templates
  • Check and modify the design via the live mobile editor
  • Build animations
  • Install SSL certificates
  • Easy integration of popups and hello bars

Here are other handy features you can find in Kyvio’s smart funnels:

1. Pre-built templates

I already mentioned how convenient the platform is for less experienced biz owners and marketers. But that is only the icing on the cake. What’s truly remarkable (which made it more convenient for beginners like you) is that it contains more than 200 done-for-you funnels.

kyvio funnel templates

These templates are ready-to-use as well. However, if you feel like you can improve it or add a few pages, you also have the option to customize it. HTML and CSS code integration is available, as well.

Furthermore, all pages are responsive to all types of devices including mobiles, desktops, laptops, and tablets. And unlike other marketing platforms, it does not limit the number of pages you can create.

2. Drag and drop builder

As mentioned, the tool provides you the easiest method to create sales funnels and pages: drag any element and drop it into the canvas.

By merely adding content into the canvas, the app enables you to build pages quickly. It is cost-saving as well as you do not need to hire a professional web developer.

3. Built-in plugins

It comes with a tool that allows users to easily integrate pop-ups, hello bars, info bars, and other conversational tools.

That way, you do not need to pay extra money by purchasing the said in-built plugins from WordPress. Hence, it lets you save money.

4. A/B split testing & conversion tracker

Testing your funnels is crucial if you want to produce positive and better results. And Kyvio’s A/B testing feature made it easy. You get to check how your funnels perform, including opt-in pages and other elements.

kyvio split testing

The builder has a conversion tracker, too, which can track and record your conversion rates.

All in all, the arrangement of your sales funnel is one of the most critical factors in managing an online business. And failure to create an efficient customer path can also lead to little, or worst, no sales.

Smart mailer

To thrive, online businesses require efficient email campaigns. Without it - or rather using poor quality email campaigns - makes lead collection difficult, which inevitably will impact your sales and revenue.

But here’s the catch: sending emails requires you to avail of an email software like MailChimp and GetResponse. And as I have mentioned, using multiple platforms is not cost-effective!

Kyvio’s smart mailer tool, on a lighter note, can help you avoid the said situation.

kyvio smart email marketing

Kyvio comes with a built-in email marketing application that enables users to send broadcast emails, autoresponders, and gather leads. It comes with other useful features as well, such as:

  • SMTP integration like Sengrid and Sparkpost
  • View statistics
  • Make forms for lead collection
  • Blacklist bad domains, email addresses, and IP addresses
  • Create different email templates for future purposes
  • List segmentation

The software provides all the basic elements you need to run an email campaign. To get to know more about the tool’s entirety, here are some of the things to look forward to about it:

1. Engage your subscribers

Email marketing helps your online venture in various ways. In Kyvio’s case, its email automation solution can aid you in generating potential customers and engage with them regularly.

kyvio email dashboard

What this tool does is that it allows you to send broadcast messages and follow-ups both manually and automatically. Say, some of your leads did not open your email, the app will group and separate these individuals. And then it will automatically send another message.

Another useful program it offers is its SMTP integration. It allows you to connect and configure a separate email client - only if you have one. It is particularly handy if you are using a standalone email automation tool that you are more familiar with.

2. Add automation tool

The automation feature makes things easier for you. For instance, you can separate your leads and categorized them into different lists, depending on how they interact with your emails. It automatically deletes or moves them from a file if, say, their behavior changed.

Moreover, it allows users to choose and assign what task or action they want for each lead as well. 

3. Use list hygiene

As mentioned above, the email software can block bad email addresses, IP addresses, and domains. And that is what list hygiene does precisely.

By blocking spams and unwanted contacts, the feature will maintain your email list free of harmful programs.

4. Make reports

Having a clear understanding of how your email campaigns work is crucial to improve your efforts, especially if you lack experience. And data, as well as statistics provided by the mailer, can assist you with that part.

The feature renders visual data (graphs and charts, for example) concerning your emails' influence to your audience and its overall performance. You will receive data about your clickthrough rates, open rates, and other essential information.

5. Download contacts

In addition to the lead collection, the smart mailer allows users to upload contacts gathered using another platform.

kyvio import mailing list

Smart Academy

Learning, as what experts say, is a continuous process. And as an amateur marketer, there is nothing more helpful and lucrative in the long run than educational materials.

Luckily, Kyvio added a new feature called Smart academy.

kyvio smart academy for course creators

It is an online course training program created specifically for course creators. It contains various marketing materials to help users learn how to build a successful online business from the ground up.

These training materials come in different formats as well, such as videos, PDFs, templates, checklists, etc.

From publishing an online course to building funnels, it has it all provided. What I find interesting about it is that it marketed as “Netflix-type Edu-tainment” where subscribers will continue to receive new content.

kyvio smart academy

The only downside I noticed is that the academy package does not come with the basic plan. And you can only access it by purchasing either Kyvio Business or Kyvio Pro package.

On the one hand, here are the courses you will receive under the 5-figure academy package:

  • Four pillars four successful membership site
  • Membership creation playbook
  • Invisible funnel
  • Email writing playbook
  • Course curator
  • Survey salesman
  • RunCrypto
  • Pitch perfect positioning
  • 21-day recurring machine

Apart from that, you will receive several perks too, such as the following:

1. Community

Since the constant shift to digitalization, an online community has been an excellent means to network with like-minded people. As such, Kyvio built a private virtual space exclusive for academy users only.

The exclusive community can help you in many ways. Through it, you get to meet and chat with your fellow entrepreneurs and marketers. If you encounter a technical issue, the community is also a quick and 24/7 available platform to ask questions.

kyvio smart academy package

2. Monthly Q and A

Academy will hold a LIVE question and answer session twice a month too. The topics will revolve around:

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Funnels
  • Membership sites
  • How to operate a profitable agency

There is also a 15-minute allotted time to those who wish to ask questions.

3. Tools and resources

The Academy provided essential tools users can use while learning as well, like calculators. It comes with training videos on how to use the tools.

4. Monthly boot camp

Another lucrative perk is its monthly boot camp. In this one, users will receive 1-day sales copywriting training, 4-hour info production, and LIVE training on how to create and launch a marketing funnel.

Smart Affiliates

How efficiently you promote your products will most likely determine your sales as well. It is why most marketers allot a considerable amount of money when running ads.

kyvio smart affiliate

Kyvio, on a lighter note, can help you save money through this tool.

It is Kyvio’s built-in affiliate program system wherein users can recruit people to help them promote their products. These individuals, which are also known as affiliates, can earn commission every time a customer purchases an item they recommend.

The tool lets you:

  • Recruit your affiliates 
  • Manage them through the dashboard
  • Manage their payments
  • Offer various tiers

But what surprised me is that the program is unique compared to other built-in affiliate systems provided by Kyvio’s competitors. Because rather than earning commission through advertising the marketing platform itself, it gives users the opportunity to leverage their sales through affiliates.

As such - although it won’t give you the chance to earn passive income - we can say that Kyvio, together with its affiliate tool, is all about ways to maximize your online marketing efforts.

That being said, below are briefs of each feature included in the app:

1. Promotional tools

As what the term suggests, these are materials you and your affiliates can use when marketing your products. And these include email swipes, banners, visual content, articles, etc.

Simply upload it from the app then share it with your partners.

2. Affiliate link tracker

An affiliate link tracker is a tool where you get to see where or which referral link most of your web traffic comes from.

kyvio affiliate link tracker

3. 2-tier affiliate system

This program simply enables users to create a 2-tier payment. For example, you get to earn commissions from your sub-partners sales. 

kyvio 2tier affiliate system

Best alternatives for Kyvio

Are Kyvio’s features not for your business? Here are a few Kyvio alternatives you should check out.

As its name suggests, Clickfunnels is a marketing solution geared towards biz owners as well as internet marketers who wish to improve and strengthen its sales funnels.

In short, the platform is all about building high-caliber and compelling funnels.

Apart from making sales funnels, the software can aid with the following:

  • Improve your brand, leads, and revenue through webinars
  • Make professional and aesthetically pleasing landing pages
  • Earn through its membership site (ex: gated premium content)
  • Build meaningful relationship as well as generate sales with your audience via email campaigns

But while Kyvio and Clickfunnels share the same features, I think they both aim different goals. As I have mentioned, the latter is geared towards people who wish to build sales funnels. Meanwhile, the former’s features are tailored for online course creators.

Another thing to take note of is this: Clickfunnels gives limited number of funnels and pages to build while Kyvio does not.

Having said that, I think there is nothing much to compare the two software as they cater to different digital needs.

But if there is one aspect that the two might share, it is the quality and accessibility of their user interface. Regardless of your technical skills level, both are beginner-friendly and straightforward to use.

If you want to know more about it, study my Clickfunnels review here.

Kartra is also an all-in-one marketing solution built to help business owners with their digital needs, including landing pages, funnels, and membership sites.

It features a wide array of tools. And all are used for marketing campaigns, lead generation, lead conversion, and brand awareness.

Here are a few examples:

  • Page builder
  • Webinars
  • Email automation
  • Analytics and split-testing
  • Done-for-you campaigns

Kyvio and Kartra share the same features, as well. In fact, both have exceptional membership platforms that many find it as their strongest points -  both functions as a drag and drop in almost all of their features too.

On the other hand, if you ask me which one is much more professional, I’ll recommend Kartra over Kyvio. The only thing that balances this characteristic out is that the latter is beginner-friendly while the former suits well with seasoned marketers.

Another thing to take note of about Kartra is its steep learning curve. Hence, Kartra is ideally for established and professionals.

If you want to learn more about it, check my Kartra review here.

Builderall is a comprehensive digital marketing software consisting of over 30 tools. It enables users to design landing pages, create compelling content, marketing funnels, email campaigns, webinars, animation, and graphic designs, and many more.

Here ‘s what you will get:

  • Page builders
  • MailingBoss autoresponder
  • Canvas funnel builder
  • SEO report
  • Animated videos
  • Mobile app creator
  • Online store builder
  • WordPress installation
builderall all the tools

Builderall, just like Kyvio, has an intuitive user interface and it's beginner-friendly as well. However, I can’t find anything that makes Builderall stand out from its competitors apart from 30+ tools.

And I think that drawback makes Kyvio worth the investment.

If you want to learn more about it, check my Builderall review here.

Putting it all together

Building a profitable membership site is indeed a demanding job. It requires ingenious marketing strategies and high-performing campaigns to deliver successful results.

With the help of all-in-one marketing platforms like Kyvio, on a lighter note, internet marketers and biz owners can now complete such tasks without too much hassle. It contains five modules to help you produce digital materials, as well as the systems you need.

They are:

  • Smart Funnels
  • Smart Memberships
  • Smart Mailer
  • Smart Affiliates
  • Smart Academy

Using Kyvio makes ecommerce - particularly course content creation and selling - straightforward. Its pricing bundles are affordable also. And unlike other software, it does not limit users from creating marketing materials they need.

All in all, I find Kyvio as an excellent platform for aspiring online course creators to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Kyvio bonuses

If you've decided to buy Kyvio, you can grab it through my link and all the bonuses below:

Personal 1 on-1 mentoring

Regular coaching calls to help you succeed with anything marketing or technical related.


Different software packages

Different tools regularly like graphic design tools, covers, templates.

$497 VALUE

Done-for-you content

Done-for-you emails, guides, books, articles that you can customize and publish.

$699 VALUE

Affiliate Action Plan Handbook

A complete, step by step digital marketing plan to succeed in affiliate marketing

$299 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

WordPress tools

Best premium WordPress page builders, themes and plugins.

$399 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

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