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Landingi Review 2020 – Features, Pros & Cons

As an online entrepreneur - particularly startups - you know how crucial landing pages are in lead generation and conversion. Such pages, however, require high technical skills to create one. Otherwise, it will not be as effective as it should be.

The good thing is there are numerous landing page creators available in the marketplace today. Landingi, for instance, is an all-in-one marketing solution that specializes in designing and building landing pages that convert. It has features built specifically for landing page creation and optimization to make the task convenient and simple for business owners that are non-programmers.

To know more about it, read my Landingi review 2020. I will discuss its main features, how it works, and how it will benefit you as an online business owner.

If you've already decided to buy Landingi, just skip to the end of this review and grab my bonus package.

What is Landingi?

Landingi is a fully-featured digital marketing solution known for its remarkable and easy-to-use landing page builder. Its drag-and-drop editor is packed with tools designed specifically for individuals with low technical skills and whose priority are landing pages.

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The builder lets you take full control of your digital campaigns too. From creating landing pages to lead management and optimization, Landingi has it all covered.

The website builder comes with a wide array of options to further help entrepreneurs build visually compelling landing pages. You get to choose from its wide collection of templates (200+ themes) with designs inspired by different industries and goals. It also has a feature built to make lead generation and management simple.

Landingi also lets you integrate with other marketing software to leverage your efforts further. 

To give you a quick overview, here’s how the platform functions:

  • Build landing pages
  • Publish landing pages
  • Manage leads
  • Automate key tasks
  • Analyzation and optimization

Who are its target users?

The landing page platform is built for anyone who wishes to start their journey as an online business owner. So, generally, there are no restrictions on who can use it.

landingi 14 day free trial

On the one hand, Landingi offers features designed for entrepreneurs with specific goals and digital needs. To see if Landingi is for you, here are the individuals that I think should take advantage of the platform’s features:

  • It is highly recommended to individuals with low to no programming skills. Landingi’s features are not efficient only but are also user-friendly. In fact, it is marketed as a digital solution for online solopreneurs and starters with poor technical skills.
  • ​It suits well with biz owners whose top priority is landing pages. As mentioned, Landingi is known for its remarkable landing page editor. The drag-and-drop builder is rich with advanced features designed particularly for people who are not familiar with web and page creation.

  • Digital agencies that want an all-in-one solution for their marketing campaigns. Managing multiple clients is no easy feat. It is why, as all-in-one digital marketing software, Landingi added a feature (which I will discuss in the next sections) wherein users can organize, keep track, and supervise their customers all at once.

Landingi pros and cons

To help you gauge Landingi’s capacity as a marketing tool, here a few points elaborating its benefits and disadvantages.


  • Easy-to-use features. As mentioned, the platform comes with user-oriented tools that are suitable for non-programmer biz owners. Each tool is created to make the tedious task of advertising and marketing simpler. Lead management, for instance, is now a piece of cake thanks to its lead organizer tool.
  • Wide selection of templates. Not good at designing? Landingi provides a wide gallery of landing page templates (200+ designs) that you can use. All templates are customizable as well. Hence, you can modify and optimize it according to your preferences.
  • Affordable and flexible offers. For beginners with a tight budget, the software offers easy-on-the-pocket plans yet packed with essential tools.
  • Landing page editor is rich in options. The software does not only provide plenty of templates but its drag and drop editor is also filled with advanced and useful tools. For example, its fonts and icons are both over 800.
landingi creating a landing page


  • A/B testing and analytics features are available on high-end plans only. Unfortunately, their A/B testing, analytics and tracking features are included in their high-end packages only.

Landingi pricing plans

Landingi offers affordable and flexible plans that can cater to different goals. Each bundle varies in price, features, and credits. All plans, however, comes with an SSL certificate, AWS cloud hosting, leads export, and tracking pixels.

landingi pricing

Here’s the break down of each package:

1. Basic

The basic plan is perfect for solopreneurs who would like to kickstart a small online business. For $11 per month, its subscribers will receive two active landing pages, 1 custom domain, 1000 visitors per month, and 2 account users. Users will also get 150 landing page templates and a WordPress plugin.

2. Core

For $29 a month, users will receive unlimited landing pages and all features included in the basic plan but with a higher cap. It also comes with an email integration tool and popup builder.

3. Create

If you want an extensive package, try Landingi’s Create bundle. You will get all the perks included in the core plan but with a higher cap and three supports (email, chat. phone). The plan costs $45 per month only. 

4. Automate

For those who want to make the best out of Landingi, the Automate bundle is the perfect choice. For $59, you will have access to all the tools including A/B split testing, campaign scheduler, and funnel templates.

Landingi review 2020: what are its main features?

The landing page software is not only about page creation. It also renders numerous tools that can help you improve - from driving web traffic to lead management and conversion - your digital campaigns. 

Now that you know what is Landingi for and how it works, let’s talk about its features. I enumerated below its main tools and how each of them works.

Let’s dive in.

Landing page editor and templates

If there is one feature that Landingi can boast of, I think it would be its landing page editor and templates. In fact, it is known for its user-oriented tools as well as for its huge gallery with 200+ themes.

landingi templates

Building a landing page has been made easier using Landingi. The builder is flexible and can cater to all types of entrepreneurs. Whether you are a programmer and knowledgeable in HTML and CSS or a non-techie person, Landingi can aid you in creating marketing materials you need. 

Landingi also provided all users with three options on how they want to create their landing pages. The options are:

  • Create their own from scratch
  • Import their own template into the editor
  • Pick from Landingi’s gallery of templates and customize it

But what I noticed and find remarkable is that the editor functions like drag and drop app. It means rather than manually building all elements you need, all you have to do is to drag the visuals and drop it anywhere in the canvas.

landingi create new landing page

Another aspect I like that it comes with more than 200 landing page templates that you can either utilized as-is or change and enhance it according to your preferences.

Apart from that, the builder comes with a library of photos where you can pick pictures as many as you want and then add them into your page. You get to choose what type of icon and font you prefer for your design too. As a matter of fact, both icons and fonts are customizable and scalable. 

Furthermore, all designs produced via Landingi are compatible with all devices available today such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

Lead generation organizer

As an entrepreneur and a marketer, you are well aware of how crucial lead management is in sales. And no matter how persuasive your content is if you do not know how to handle your leads and turn them into paying customers, your landing pages are useless.

That being said, Landingi added a built-in lead management system to help biz owners like you in organizing and managing your prospects.

landingi lead organizer

Landingi’s lead organizer enables users to:

  • Analyze the prospects’ data
  • Organize and manage leads at the same time

Say, you want to get your visitors/readers contact information, the system has a feature which you can use to create contact forms and integrate into your landing pages. You also have the option to export all your prospects’ data into one google sheet or CSV file. 

But what’s truly impressed me is that all landing pages and forms created using Landingi are secured and free of spam. Simply put, the chance of you receiving low-quality leads is small.

landingi lead generation

Analytics and tracking integrations

Building a landing page is not enough to persuade your leads and convert them into paying customers. You have to back it up with other marketing tactics - data analysis, for example - to maximize your results further. 

Good thing Landingi added a feature that enables users to incorporate analytics and tracking software. Using it lets you supervise all the incoming leads including the way they interacted with your website and their purchasing power. It keeps you updated with analytic indicators that you can take advantage of to improve your efforts.

landingi analytics

Here are some of the perks you will earn from this feature:

1. Custom scripts. The feature allows you to insert hidden scripts in your landing page that you can use to track and analyze data coming from other tools.

2. Google analytics. To enhance your customers’ user experience, learn more about your prospects using third-party software such as Google Analytics. No more hassle as Landingi lets you integrate it into its system seamlessly.

3. Conversion pixels. Want to know how your landing pages perform? Landingi allows you to add and place 1x1 pixels on your pages. These conversion pixels track and record your goals. It checks how your landing page performs too.

Agency-oriented landing page tool

As I have mentioned earlier, Landingi does not only cater to solopreneurs but also digital agencies working with multiple clients. It is because they have a separate landing page solution built particularly for agencies. 

landingi agency

What it does is that it helps users organize their clients’ pages and keeps them stay connected. To understand better how the editor works, here a few tools you can find:

  • User agents. Too busy to take charge of all your campaigns? No need to fret because the editor comes with a user agent tool that will enable you to authorize another person (either from your team or one of your clients) to access your account. The authorized person can create and duplicate landing pages as well as monitor effects.
  • Custom templates. Users can make their own unique landing page templates and share them with their clients.
  • Sub-account. This tool allows you to set up accounts and manage them using a single account. It also lets you move or duplicate landing pages between two different sub-accounts. I find this perfect for those who are handling multiple campaigns and customers.
  • White label. Landingi has a white label feature wherein you can offer the platform with your own brand. You can also share your creations with your clients.
  • Custom library. Want to impress your clients? The builder comes with an option where you can upload pictures and let your clients or teammates use the materials.
landingi white label

App Integrations

The software works great with various digital marketing solutions too. From email autoresponder to payment platforms, Landingi lets you integrate such apps without hassle. 

1. Email marketing. Email autoresponders are crucial when it comes to gathering leads as well as nurturing them. As such, Landingi added a feature where users can integrate email automation applications. The apps include MailChimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, Drip, FreshMail, GetResponse, ConvertKit.

2. CRM/sales. The software lets you integrate CRM solutions too. The apps you can add are HubSpot, ZOHO, Salesforce, LeadsBridge, Pipedrive, Salesflare.

3. Chat support. To give your customers better experience, Landingi also lets you add chat support platforms such as Zendesk Chat, LiveChat,, Intercom, CallPage.

Other platforms you can integrate into Landingi:

  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • Webhook
  • Paylane

Landingi’s affiliate program

Apart from helping you support your digital needs, Landingi also gives you the opportunity to earn money using their products through their affiliate program.

landingi affiliate program

Landingi’s affiliate program is open to all its subscribers and offers commission up to 30% for every sale. It is a perfect side hustle not only for affiliate marketers but also for entrepreneurs who want to add extra income on the side while building and nurturing their online business. 

There are no excuses not to join. You will receive all the necessary support you need from Landingi including the materials to promote their products. A partnership specialist will contact you to help you start and grow as an affiliate marketer. And that is all for free!

Signing up just takes a few minutes. All you have to do is (1) create an account and fill up all the forms provided by the platform(2) then pick your choice of commission plan, and lastly (3) promote and share your referral link. You will then get your commission (every time you make a sale) within a few days.

Landingi alternatives

If you find Landingi kind of lacking in some of its aspects or it simply does not fit the requirements you need for your online biz, below are a few Landingi alternatives you should check out.

As what its name suggests, Leadpages is a digital marketing solution which focuses on collecting leads and building email list via landing pages. However, unlike Landingi, it comes with other lead generation features like webinars and lead magnets.


Leadpages offers a wide range of features as well just like Landingi. The difference is that Leadpages has much more features and tools which makes it a more robust platform.

The only downside I noticed is that (just like Landingi) it does not have a built-in email autoresponder.

If you want to know more about it, check my Leadpages review.

Unbounce is pretty much like Landingi. It is a conversion software that specializes in producing compelling landing pages. It is also marketed to solopreneurs who are not so knowledgeable in writing codes and building web pages.


Unbounce is also known for its landing page builder. Just like Landingi, it has a library of templates that you can either modify or use as-is. The main difference I found is that Unbounce is able to handle online sales with checkouts powered by Stripe. You can also build a page from scratch and customize your own template.

Unbounce’s other features are pretty much like Landingi’s. Here are a few things you can do using the platform:

  • SSL encryption
  • Lead notifications
  • App integrations
  • A/B split testing
  • Digital products delivery

If you want to know more about it, study my Unbounce review.

Clickfunnels is an intuitive marketing solution created to build high-converting sales funnels. Rather than producing landing pages like what Landingi does, its main focus is to generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

While Landingi offers a gallery of landing page templates, Clickfunnels has an extensive library of funnel templates that you can use and customize.


On the one hand, I don’t think there’s much to compare the two as both of them serve different purposes. The only thing you need to figure out is your main priority: is it landing pages or sales funnels?

If you want to know more about it, check my Clickfunnels review here.

Putting it all together

As an entrepreneur, attracting your target market to turn into potential leads is crucial to generate sales. And such a task is too tedious and requires a massive amount of effort. Thankfully, digital marketing solutions such as Landingi exists.

It gives you full control of your digital campaigns and allows you, for example, to build compelling and aesthetically-pleasing landing pages. And at the same time optimize them to give better customer experience. 

Landingi is also generous when it comes to their subscribers’ needs as they added a feature where users can integrate other applications like PayPal, MailChimp, and HubSpot, etc. If you want to earn extra income on the side, you can join their affiliate program too and earn a 30% commission for every sale you make. 

All in all, I find Landingi as a good app to collect, organize, and nurture leads. A perfect solution for solopreneurs who want to dip their toes into digital marketing.

Landingi bonuses

If you've decided to buy Landingi, you can grab it through my link and all the bonuses below:

Personal 1 on-1 mentoring

Regular coaching calls to help you succeed with anything marketing or technical related.


Different software packages

Different tools regularly like graphic design tools, covers, templates.

$497 VALUE

Done-for-you content

Done-for-you emails, guides, books, articles that you can customize and publish.

$699 VALUE

Affiliate Action Plan Handbook

A complete, step by step digital marketing plan to succeed in affiliate marketing

$299 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

WordPress tools

Best premium WordPress page builders, themes and plugins.

$399 VALUE

Select Columns Layout

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