Leadpages Pricing Plans: How Much Does it Cost?

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LeadPages is touted as an all-in-one marketing solution to any business. This means whether you’re just starting out or are looking to take your existing business to the next level, LeadPages can do it for you.

Today, we’re discussing the three LeadPages pricing plans.

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What can LeadPages do for you?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s take a quick recap at what LeadPages can do for your business. Whether you’re a startup or are trying to take your business to better heights, LeadPages comes with every marketing necessity you can think of. 

how much does LeadPages cost

This all in one marketing platform caters to every type of business out there.

That means it’ll be useful not only for those who are looking for a cheaper way to build a website without having to rely on third-party applications for marketing resources. 

It’s packed with plenty of great features that are ideal for anyone who isn’t too tech-savvy or isn’t well-versed in digital marketing. This means you get to eliminate the middleman so to speak and handle your business at your own pace. 

Furthermore, LeadPages can also be used to deliver services. Say you want to specialize in creating marketing campaigns, landing pages or websites for certain clients, the Advanced plan can help you do that with ease. 

On the other hand, if you’re trying to sell other products or services that don’t require you to work with a team, the Standard and Pro plans are also viable options.

What are the LeadPages pricing plans?

LeadPages prides itself in making digital marketing resources like landing pages and websites more accessible and affordable to common folk. There are three plans to choose from, all of which are relatively more affordable compared to hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Plus, it removes the stress of worrying if your hired professional is able to meet your vision. 

Let’s get down to business, take a look at the three LeadPages pricing plans.

Standard plan

The standard plan is priced at $25 a month. Normally, standard plans come with many strings attached. And in this case, LeadPages does not include A/B split testing in the standard plan.

This isn’t a big problem per se, but it’s a good enough plan considering you’d normally opt for the standard option if you’re only starting out and don’t have a big budget to spend on your website and landing pages. 

The Standard plan comes with every basic tool you need to jumpstart your business. It allows you to build one website, a wide selection of page templates, access to the ad builder, the ability to create an unlimited number of landing pages, pop-up menus and alert bars. 

Leadpages pricing plans


  • Good value
  • You can create an unlimited number of landing pages
  • Access to templates
  • Access to ad builder
  • Fairly affordable


  • A/B split testing is not included
  • You can only create one website

Summary: This plan is best for those who are looking for something a bit more simple and cost-effective to launch their business. At only $25 a month, you can create an unlimited number of landing pages, pop-up menus and alert bars.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re trying to sell your digital marketing expertise, since you don’t have A/B testing and you can’t share links to your team or clients.

Pro plan

Next up, the Pro plan is what LeadPages claims to be their most popular plan option. At only $48 a month, this plan comes with all the basic features you get from the standard plan with a few extra perks.

Some argue that the price hike does not justify the added benefits, but if you’re serious about your business and would like a bit more creative freedom, you’ll definitely make use of the added features. 

The pro plan includes A/B split testing which allows you to compare different versions of your pages to test their efficiency, email trigger links which allow you to automatically capture leads and opt-in text options that help with your overall marketing effort. 

If you ask me, the pro plan is suitable when you’re taking the next step. It’s certainly not the most affordable option, although it does come with a good array of added features that could come in handy.

But if you’re on a limited budget, you’re better off starting with the standard plan and upgrading to the pro plan when you’ve “tested the waters” - so to speak.


  • Split A/B testing
  • Email trigger links
  • Opt-in text ability


  • A bit expensive
  • Not as good value as the standard plan

Summary: This plan is best reserved as a second step. Particularly if you’ve grown fond of the LeadPages platform.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t exactly recommend it for anyone who is just starting out since the value is not as good when compared to the standard plan.

leadpages site builder demo

Advanced plan

Last, but not the least, we have the advanced plan. Now, unlike the other two plans before, this plan caters toward enterprises or agencies that sell digital marketing services. At $199 a month, the advanced plan carries a significant leap in price point from the previous plans.

Now, this is understandable since it’s geared more toward those who are handling multiple websites or clients. 

There are also a few noticeable differences from this plan and the previous two. For example, you’ll be able to access the LeadPages sub-accounts tool. This allows you to share your progress with a team and delegate tasks as needed. 

Of course, this could also be applied to those who run multiple businesses. Or it could also be considered the final step with LeadPages when your business grows exponentially.

Whatever the reason, this plan is admittedly quite expensive and would not be a cost-effective solution to startup businesses. 


  • Gives you access to sub-accounts
  • Allows you to delegate tasks


  • Quite expensive
  • Not advisable for startups

Summary: I would not recommend this plan for anyone just starting out as it is quite expensive. However, if you plan on selling your services and handling different clients, it is an ideal option for you thanks to the sub-accounts access you are granted.

That said, I would expect much more especially with the $199 a month price. Still, it’s a fairly good option if you find a way to make it cost-effective.

The bottom line: how much does LeadPages cost, and is it worth it?

Depending on the type of plan you choose and the needs of your business, LeadPages can be quite cost-effective.

That said, it’s certainly not the cheapest option in the market. However, it’s certainly a convenient platform for anyone who wants to take their business by the reins and steer it in the direction they want. 

There are three plan types to choose from and I have to say that the standard plan is the most cost-effective and value-packed plan of all three. At only $25 a month, you can run your own website, create ads, an unlimited number of landing pages, pop-up menus and alert bars as well. 

Leadpages website templates

That said, it’s not a viable option for growing business. This is especially true if you consider the fact that most businesses will hit a “hump” at some point in the future. By that time, you will need to utilize other means to capture leads and ensure your pages are as optimized as possible.

This is where the pro plan comes in handy. Sure, at $48 a month it doesn’t sound like it's the best option, but trust me, you will be in need of the split A/B testing feature sooner or later. 

Finally, you have the advanced plan. For which I can confidently say that it seems quite overpriced. However, the convenience and user-friendly interface of LeadPages makes it easy to see why businesses would still opt for it. I suggest you take the leap to the advanced plan only if you’re handling multiple clients or multiple businesses.

After all, if you’re spending $199 a month on a platform, you need to make sure you’re using every bit of it. 

Ultimately, I find that LeadPages does have its shortcomings. And truth be told, it’s certainly not the best or most cost-effective option in the market.

However, it’s a viable solution and comes with a user-friendly interface on top of a convenient platform that maximizes every inch of your website and pages to guarantee success. 

If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend trying out the standard plan and see how you feel about the platform before proceeding to the pro plan.

If you’re still on the fence about LeadPages, you can certainly sign up for a 14-day trial to get a feel of the platform before making a commitment. 

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