Leadpages Review 2022 – Price, Features, Pros & Cons

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Lack of technical skills - particularly programming and coding - is often the number one hindrances of aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their online biz. The job demands a great deal of digitally-made marketing content such as landing and sales pages, pop-ups, opt-ins to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. 

And that is when Leadpages was created as a solution; a website and page builder which aims to give less web-savvy people the chance to run their own business. 

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You found the right article then. My Leadpages review 2022 can help you weigh and decide whether it is the right fit for your marketing needs.

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What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a suite of digital marketing tools which caters to startups and small business’ virtual needs - websites and high-converting landing pages in particular.

And it is known for its code-free builder which intends to support solopreneurs and marketers with poor technical and design skills.


The platform also serves as a means to gather quality subscribers, sell products and services, engage and grow audiences, and convert them into paying customers. It also comes with different tools to help users maximize and strengthen their marketing efforts.

Its features are divided into eight categories: building tools, advertising tools, conversion tools, design and templates, security and customer support, publishing tools, site builder, integrations. 

Essentially, you get to use Leadpages for the following tasks:

  • Easily create websites and landing pages using its drag and drop builder
  • Pick from its 200+ high-converting templates and customize them
  • Increase conversion rates using A/B split testing and other optimization possibilities
  • Integrate your pages with third-party marketing software
  • Unlimited page publishing and lead generation

Apart from that, all pages built via the platform is mobile responsive. It means all your works changes automatically to fit in all devices. And to those who wish to earn extra income, Leadpages affiliate program offers a 30% recurring commission too for every sale you make.

Who can use Leadpages?

The product is built for anyone who wants to venture in the world of digital business and marketing. The problem is that the software renders tools built specifically for various purposes, which in return limits its accessibility.

Leadpages review 2020_consulting services

To help you check if Leadpages suits you, I enumerated below who I think should use the software and why.

1. Aspiring business owners

Leadpages site and page builder befits starters as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. Apparently, you will need to start with the basics first and the software is equipped to aid you with that task. The editor works as a drag-and-drop which means you can build any design without prior programming experience. 

And since you are a newbie, you will have to gain an audience first and gather potential customers. Simply put, lead generation and conversion tools - which the platform has - are essential to forging your footing in online business. 

Accessibility-wise, the software is straightforward to use too. Hence, I highly recommend it to beginners. 

2. Small to mid-size companies

Small businesses can benefit significantly from Leadpages arsenal of marketing tools. Whether it is about building high-yielding landing pages or enhancing a brand’s online presence, the software can provide it with all. 

It also offers optimization features that I find valuable particularly for startups. Starting entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business require continuous improvement. And Leadpages offers features like A/B split test which allows users to run two versions of the same material and test which one works best with your target market.

It also gives ideas on what modifications you should do to make your content more appealing to your audience.

3. Affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketers earn by persuading the market to buy certain types of products. And Leadpages comes with a great advertising tools - including alert bars and pop-ups - to help in building email lists of potential clients, product promotion, and lead attraction. 

You don’t have to worry about your data as well as your clients too. The platform is a GDPR compliant which guarantees that all transactions made within Leadpages are secured. 

4. Less web-savvy online sellers

Leadpages is a promising opportunity for folks who wish to sell digital products but lack the technical knowledge needed to promote them. As mentioned, the software is created specifically for the said purpose.

Leadpages yoga sessions

The website and page editor, for instance, works as a drag-and-drop tool. It means you can build pages by simply dragging any elements into the canvas. No coding required. It offers a huge amount of landing page templates which you can edit or use as-is.

Aside from that, the platform’s overall accessibility level suits beginners.

What are the pros and cons?

leadpages site builder demo

To help you gauge Leadpages capability as a marketing solution, below are a few points elaborating its benefits and disadvantages.

The benefits

  • Build websites. Users can also create websites via Leadpages site builder. It is a drag and drop editor which makes web designing easier. It has many prebuilt website templates too that you can tailor to your brand.
  • Usability and ease of use. Leadpages tools are intuitive and are tailored to fit the unexperienced entrepreneurs’ skill level. All its builders - from landing page to social media ads editor - are code-free. Hence, you do not need prior programming experience to use them efficiently.
  • Rich in optimization and conversion tools. The software is not only about building marketing materials. It gives importance to how these items perform and yield results too. As such, they added various perks specifically for these purposes including real-time analytics tool.
  • Huge collection of Leadpages templates. From sales pages to thank you pages, you can find all types of themes you need. It has a library with 200+ themes that you can modify or use as-is. 
  • Leadpages free trial. Looking to test the waters too before dipping your toes into it? You can try Leadpages for 14 days for FREE.

The disadvantages

  • A/B split testing tool is not included in the standard plan. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase higher bundles if you want to have access to this feature as it is not included in the basic subscription. 
  • You cannot customize standard templates. The company offer two types of page designs: drag and drop and standard templates. You can make a few changes using standard templates like the text’s font and color. However, you cannot add new content or even rearrange the existing ones.

    That is why if you wish to have full control over your design, I recommend you to use the drag and drop instead.

  • Pricey bundles. The monthly cost is quite cheap. But if you compare its tools to other similar products, it’s a bit pricey. Still, if you are only starting or you only need high-converting landing pages, Leadpages is a great help.

Leadpages pricing plans

Leadpages pricing plans

Here’s a break down of Leadpages cost:

  • 1. Standard. For $25 a month, you get to have all the basic tools you need to kickstart your online biz. It includes one site, page templates, ad builder, and unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars. The only downside is that the A/B testing is not included.
  • 2. Pro. The pro package is the company's most popular plan. It costs $48 a month and gives you access to all perks included in the standard subscription with additional ones such as A/B testing, email trigger links, and opt-in text.
  • 3. Advanced. For small agencies working with multiple clients, Leadpages advanced plan is a great fit. For $199 per month, you will receive access to its tools including sub-accounts. The only downside is that the monthly cost is quite expensive.

Leadpages review 2022: what are its main features?

From audience targeting to lead conversion, Leadpages has a suite of competitive marketing tools that sure comes handy for online entrepreneurs. It makes online advertising convenient and accessible particularly for aspiring business owners.

Leadpages build websites

Having that said, in this section, I will show you all its features and how each of them functions as well as the factors that set them apart from its competitors.

Let’s dive in.

Landing page editor

While there are other valuable perks you can find in Leadpages, its top feature remains to be the landing page builder. Using Leadpages, it is pretty easy to visualize the type of pages you want for your website.

The editor has been known for its entry-level accessibility and usability as well, which is a great deal, especially for aspiring solopreneurs.

The editor, for example, enables you to create pages from scratch without the hassle of coding scripts. Its drag-and-drop functionality instead let you build templates by simply dragging elements and drop it on the canvas.

Leadpages landing pages

But what makes it special is that users are granted to have unlimited website traffic, lead collection, and page publishing. Unlike its competitors that set limits on the number of landing pages and leads one can use.

Apart from that, third-party integration is also available within the editor. In fact, you can add various features to make your pages more functional. Some of them are:

  • A reservation widget
  • A calendar to book appointment
  • Video player

You can also evaluate and compare two versions of landing pages and see which version appeals more to your visitors via A/B testing. That way, you get to know what sparks your target market’s interest and what does not.

Leadpages templates

The platform not only lets you build pages from scratch. It also has pre-built landing pages to support business owners with poor design skills.

Leadpages landing page templates

The library has more than 200 designs and is divided into different niches and purposes such as:

  • Upsell pages
  • Sales pages
  • Checkout pages
  • Opt-in pages
  • 404 pages
  • Thank-you and confirmation pages

All templates are customizable too. You can add or change any details you wish to convey and put emphasis on your brand image. 

Another perk I like about Leadpages landing page templates is that they are all 100% mobile-friendly. The templates are programmed to fit any devices including smartphones and tablets to make sure your audience gets a satisfying viewing experience. 

There is, however, one thing you need to take note of: standard templates are not customizable.

Site builder

Looking to boost your online presence?

Building professional websites is not impossible in Leadpages. It is because the platform added a built-in site builder which works the same as the landing page editor.

Leadpages website builder

Essentially, it saves entrepreneurs like you from the stress of hiring a website developer and designer.

Rather than spending money on someone who can set up a professional website, the platform gives you the chance to create and design your own without the coding scripts. All you have to do is, again, drag and drop the elements on the canvas. 

If, on the one hand, you don’t like the idea of assembling one on your own, you can use Leadpages pre-built web templates.

Leadpages website templates

The software renders flexible publishing as well. You can either publish your page through your Leadpages domain or connect it to a third-party domain. 

 You can connect to the following third-party domain solutions:

  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • Bluehost
  • Namecheap
  • Domain.com

Leadpages cares about how your website performs too. As such, it integrated some elements to leverage your site’s functionality.

For instance, you can check if your pages meet Google’s standards via the built-in SEO tool. You can keep track of your website’s performance 24/7 as well using the streamlined analytics dashboard. 

Most importantly, it comes with a suite of conversion tools like alert bars, pop-ups, and opt-ins.

Conversion tools

Seamlessly improve your conversions through the following Leadpages features:

1. Pop-ups

Grab more leads by adding pop-ups into your pages. Building pop-ups via Leadpages is easy and quick. It also works as a drag and drop, so it won’t take much of your time.

Leadpages popups

It also comes with an automatic trigger that shows your pop-ups at times a visitor’s interest is heightened. You can set your pop-ups to appear with the following triggers:

  • When a user is about to exit/close the site
  • When a user clicks a link or a button (Leadboxes)
  • Via a timer

2. Alert bars

If, say, you prefer a non-intrusive approach to call the attention of your viewers, try Leadpages alert bars instead. These items are typically located at the top of a page and are used as a way to offer promos.

Leadpages alert bars

Leadpages alert bars are mobile-responsive too.

3. Email trigger links

Successfully capture your prospects’ attention by allowing them to check your lead magnets (webinar, for instance) with one click away. This feature (knows as Leadlinks) allows you to register your leads automatically by simply clicking the link.

4. Opt-in text campaigns

Not everyone is active online. And the same goes for your target market. As such, try to maximize your chance to find new potential clients using text messaging. 

Leadpages renders an opt-in feature that enables users to collect mobile numbers and run SMS text messaging campaigns to promote or offer discounts.

5. Checkouts

The software also offers a seamless online payment collection too via its checkout tool. Powered by Stripe, it accepts and processes all major credit and debit cards securely.

Leadpages checkouts

But what I find interesting is that Stripe is free and uses a pricing system that is based on the seller’s sales. Hence, you don’t have to pay anything unless you are making sales. 

 Leadpages checkouts come with the following options:

  • Payment processing is secured
  • Delivers receipt to your customers automatically
  • Customizable 
  • Refund processing is available

6. A/B split test

It allows you to test and compare two versions of the same page. It helps you see which template your visitors responds immediately. The data gathered through it can help you optimize your marketing efforts further as well.

7. Real-time analytics and optimization tips

Keep track of your site and pages’ performance using Leadpages’ real-time analytics. What it does is that it gives updates concerning your website’s analytics in real-time, which in return helps you determine pages that perform well and not.

Leadpages analytics

It also saves you from spending money that do not yield positive results. 

Aside from the analytics feature, Leadpages has optimization tips too via Leadmeter.

8. Third-party analytics

You can integrate third-party analytics tracking code - Google analytics, for instance - into your pages. You can paste these scripts into your landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.

Customer support and security

Leadpages put a great emphasis on its customer support as well as security features too. Below are the said tools with their corresponding functions.

Customer support

Technical issues within the software are unavoidable. To give their users immediate help, Leadpages organized a real-human technical support team you can contact.

You can reach its customer service via three modes: hotline, chat, and email. The platform guarantees as well that your inquiries will be received by real humans, and not just virtual bots.

Leadpages customer support

The only downside I noticed is that the access may vary depending on the plan the users have subscribed to.

Aside from its real-human tech support, Leadpages has also provided educational materials to aid you in your journey as a successful online entrepreneur. 

 Upon subscription, you will receive:

  • Virtual workshops. Get exclusive access to Leadpages virtual class and learn how business and online marketing work. 
  • User manual. Each user will receive a manual about how to use the software. It comes with how-to articles too to give a much better understanding of how each tool works.
  • Weekly group coaching. Leadpages run a live Q and A coaching session every week. During this period, you can ask any questions you have in mind. Just make sure it is related to business or the platform. All sessions are led by experts. 
  • One-on-one call with a Leadpages specialist. All users will receive a chance to have a one-on-one call with a Leadpages launch specialist. Essentially, the person will guide you on how to set up your account.

Security features

  • SSL encryption. Whether it is a domain supported by Leadpages or not, all pages produced via the software are automatically encrypted with SSL and HTTPS protocols. Hence, they are all secured from any online threats such as phishing.
  • Sub-account log-in. Sub-accounts are valuable features specifically for agencies working with multiple clients. No need to worry whether you should grant them access to your account. Using Leadpages, you can now create sub-accounts with individual credentials.
  • GDPR compliance. As a GDPR compliant, all transactions and data collected through Leadpages pages are all protected.

Advertising tools

Leadpages can help you leverage your marketing efforts through its suite of advertising features. Those, however, are all about producing high-quality social media ads.

Leadpages facebook ad builder

Say, you want to run a few ads on Facebook, you can create them using the platform’s Facebook and Instagram Ad Builder tool. The editor is intuitive and beginner-friendly. So, there is nothing to worry if you haven’t experienced making one before.

But what’s special about it is that it has another feature called Facebook Pixel Tracking that is added automatically into the ads. It functions as a tracking device that keeps a tab on how your social media advertisements are performing.

Leadpages alternatives

If you find the software is not enough for your digital needs, below are a few Leadpages alternatives you should consider.

Known as an all-in-one platform, Unbounce is a solution that caters to small businesses. Its top feature is the same as Leadpages: the landing page builder. In fact, the platform bills its landing page editor as an easy-to-use yet cost-effective tool.

unbounce review_homepage

Just like Leadpages, you don’t need to learn any technical skills to create pages since the editor works as a drag and drop. It includes 100+ landing page templates that you can customize to your own brand.

The one aspect that sets it apart is that Unbounce has a feature called pixel perfect builder which gives you the freedom to modify your pages the way you want. No rules and constraints like grids and rulers.

It is packed with other valuable perks too such as A/B testing, pop-ups, and sticky bars - that Leadpages also provides - and are all great for conversion. 

The only difference I noticed between the two is that Unbounce does not have a website builder. Thus, it is not practical to use if you haven’t launched a site yet.

Here’s what you can do using Unbounce:

  • Build your own page from scratch.
  • Create and design your own landing page.
  • Leverage your marketing campaigns and increase sales.

If you want to know more, study my Unbounce review here.

Aside from being a fully-featured digital platform, Landingi is also known for its landing page creator. Its arsenal of features is particularly advantageous to aspiring entrepreneurs like you too.

landingi review_home

Landingi offers a wide range of options to make sure you can maximize the use of your marketing materials.

In fact, I find it pretty similar to Leadpages, especially the landing page builder. Both functions as a drag and drop and includes a library of pre-built pages. The only difference is that Leadpages offers more designs than Landingi.  

On a lighter note, it has tools that allow users to automate key tasks, manage prospect clients, and analyze data. 

Click here to read my Landingi review.

Clickfunnels is a marketing solution designed specifically for your sales funnels needs, which Leadpages does not offer. And rather than creating lead magnets, it aids business owners to push positive leads down the funnel to convert them into paying customers.


On the other hand, Clickfunnels offers a landing page builder too. It works as a drag and drop too and comes with a library of done-for-you pages. 

It is, however, packed with various features and might overwhelm beginners like you. Hence, I only recommend it to seasoned marketers and solopreneurs. The monthly payments for the plans are expensive as well.

Head over to my Clickfunnels review to get more information.

Putting it all together

If you look from a vantage point, Leadpages is almost similar to other landing page builders and digital business solutions. But if you take a closer look, you will see how it has capabilities that other software does not have. 

Take the Leadpages builder for a website, for instance. Using Leadpages allows you to create websites and landing pages at the same time, which saves you from purchasing a separate website creator.

Each of its conversion tools is packed with a wide range of options to make sure that you can maximize its purpose. From creating lead magnets to offering discounts, Leadpages can help you execute it properly.

All in all, the software is a great tool to kickstart an online business, particularly for small businesses.

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