7 Practical Tips Every Website Can Learn From Enterprise SEO Expert Kurt Uhlir

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Sometimes, business owners, especially the ones who have recently launched their companies could use some guidance that's going to help their businesses thrive and expand. Every beginning is difficult, particularly when you do not have anyone to lean on.

But if you come across somebody, like Kurt Uhlir, who is an accomplished director who is familiar with both technology and leadership, then you have to use that opportunity to gather as much useful information as you can.

7 Practical Tips Every Website Can Learn From Enterprise SEO Expert Kurt Uhlir.edited

Today, he decided that he would like to share some beneficial tips with every prosperous entrepreneur that will help him/her take their websites up a notch and attract a lot of new customers. So let’s see what Kurt has to say!

Focus on your audience

Do not ever forget that the whole point of having a high-quality site is to engage people who’ll be visiting your website. That’s precisely why whatever you write must be relevant and interesting to your visitors.

The Importance Of Social Media Platforms

If you provide them with information that’s useful to them, that’s going to positively affect your SEO. How come?

Well, that's because the bounce rates will immediately become lower, plus people will spend a lot more time on your site because they'll be reading the things you wrote, watching the videos you posted, and other things.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on the things that are interesting to you as well, however, bear in mind that topics that are amusing to your target audience simply must be prioritized

The importance of social media platforms

Social media platforms have become an integral part of every content strategy that is striving to enhance SEO. 

And that’s precisely what Enterprise SEO expert Kurt Uhlir is going to confirm. After all, since he was involved in social media management, while he was working at Vitrue, he knows exactly how these things work.

The point is, with these platforms, you can enhance your SEO campaign.

But before I go further into details, I would like to remind you that social media doesn’t directly impact SEO ranking, however, every link that you share on your social media platform is going to boost brand exposure .

Even though what you share across social media platforms has no place in SEO rankings, the more people share your posts throughout social media, the more social signals you will generate that will showcase that what you share is interesting to your target audience.

Your website must be mobile-friendly

Everyone has figured out by now that mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives.

Most people nowadays rely on them whenever they want to find or purchase something. According to Google (and who am I to doubt it?), more than sixty percent of all searches are conducted on cell phones.

It appears to be like this trend is on the rise and will continue to bloom in the future, hence it’s pivotal to ensure that the website you’ve created is mobile-friendly. But how are you going to accomplish that?

  • Employ responsive design – Something like this will make sure that your web page is going to instantly adjust to fit the screen of a cell phone (or any other device for that matter).
  • Don’t forget big fonts – No matter how convenient cell phones are, the truth is, the fonts on these devices can be very small which makes every paragraph on the web less readable. Therefore, it would be great if you used larger fonts so that everyone can comfortably read every single thing that you post
  • Streamline your design – A vast majority of mobile users want to quickly find any information they need, thereby, your website should be very easy to use and navigate so they do not waste hours trying to find a particular information
  • Optimize your pictures – People have generally become very impatient these days and once they notice that the loading time is very slow they will not only become very frustrated but they will most likely immediately leave your site. Consequently, seasoned SEO experts like Kurt Uhlir would advise you to ensure your pictures are compressed the right way because if they’re not they are going to slow down your website

These are generally the most helpful advice regarding mobile friendliness so be sure to implement them if you to ensure your audience is happy and engaged.

Have you tried Google search console tools?

A lot of SEO and marketing gurus have tried out this tool before and have concluded that it can be of huge help, especially if you need something that's going to give you an insight into your web page.

Have you tried Google search console tools_

So what’s the purpose of Google Search Console? Its main goal is to show you how many times your landing page has been seen in a search

What's great about this feature is the fact that it can show you the results that date back to the last month, or even three months.

How amazing is that? For instance, by utilizing this tool, Google is able to show you how many times people searched “Reputable marketing agencies near me”.

And then the next thing it will show you how many times these people clicked on the link to your website and then you’ll know exactly your website’s ranking on Google.

Precisely this sort of information is going to aid you in adjusting your keywords to improve your ranking and become more visible.

Let’s discuss title tag

Any top-notch website will contain a title tag that’s inside its HTML code.

The text that’s inside this title tag is what appears in Google’s search results, as well as on the tab. Bear in mind that the title tag is an essential on-page SEO element for a variety of different reasons:

  • Out there you can put your main keyword for the page which will stimulate Google to pull up the page for certain search queries.
  • If you properly word it, it’s going to stimulate people to click through your site from Google’s search results page.

Generally speaking, the primary keyword must always be placed at the beginning of the title tag because only then it’s going to be noticed in the search results. This also refers to the tab that’s above the page window.

Furthermore, it's not advisable to have a title tag that's too long. Kurt advises you to stay within 60 characters.

Your share buttons should be easily noticed

I told you above how essential social media is, so there’s no need to repeat that once again. But keep in mind once people decide they want to share your posts on their social media platforms, you can expect several things to occur.

For starters, the inbound link is going to enhance SEO, plus there’s no need to remind you that social shares are going to make your website more popular, and simultaneously, more people will start discussing your content.

And what happens then? Then your website starts gaining new subscribers, which means more potential consumers. I know that all of this sounds wonderful, however, none of it is going to happen if you make things harder for your visitors.

What do I mean by that? It means that you must ensure that your share button is easily visible so that can people instantly share your content. If it’s not, then everything you’ve ever done concerning your posts will go to waste. 

First-class content is a must!

Just put yourself in the shoes of an ordinary, random person who simply loves browsing the web with the goal to find something that's going to pique their interest. I assume that content that's rather dull and pointless is not going to be your option.

First-Class Content Is A Must!

If you agree with this statement, then you must invest all your time and effort into content that's going to immediately grab someone's attention

It needs to be something that's nicely written, then engaging, informative, and above all, important to the visitors.

But apart from all these things, you must also concentrate on the keywords and be sure your content is keyword-optimized

I know that all of this may sound confusing to you, however, there are some steps that you can take that will help you accomplish this in no time.

  • Before you decide to write anything, first make sure that you’ve properly researched your keywords. Why does this matter? Well, precisely this is going to help you find the phrases and terms that will bring more traffic to your web page. For example, if you own a dental clinic one of your keywords could be "cost of veneers" as people usually search for this service.
  • Structured content is very important because that's something that attracts the audience's attention. Therefore, you should employ bullet points and subheadings. Both of these things will positively affect your content and will make it easier to read. Not to mention that this will help search engines index your posts more quickly.
  • Don’t forget that search engines adore fresh content, so you need to make sure yours is continuously updated

Final words

There's no doubt that SEO is an omnipotent tool, but for starters, you need to know how to utilize it. So if you want to reap the benefits of it, then be sure to implement every strategy that Kurt mentioned today.

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