What Is LinkedIn Premium? Is it Worth It?

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LinkedIn has been around for years and is one of the most popular social media platforms and networking websites. However, recently it has received a lot of attention by marketers and business owners. 

Many people have questions about the Premium account on LinkedIn. What are its benefits? Is LinkedIn Premium worth it? 

These are some of the common questions floating around on social media that students struggle to answer. 

But today, I'm walking you through everything there is to know about this members-only LinkedIn platform.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a membership account accessible only to LinkedIn users who are willing to spend a certain amount. It offers extra features and benefits such as opportunities to upload large files, more in-depth analytics, and the ability to view member's profiles in full screen view.

What Is LinkedIn Premium Is it Worth It

It's important to note that LinkedIn Premium is not the same thing as company pages. If you want your business or company to have a professional presence on LinkedIn, you'll need a company page. This can be complicated and time consuming and I have a full article explaining how to set up your company page .

LinkedIn is used by over 500 million people from more than 200 countries. This allows you to find a professional from any industry and connect with them.

LinkedIn also operates as a job search engine that lets you browse for jobs and create your own profile for recruiters to find you. It also allows businesses to seek employees, investors, partners, etc. The site is free for most users but some LinkedIn features are exclusive for premium members. These features include:

  • Being able to see who viewed your profile
  • Send direct messages to accounts you aren't connected with
  • Unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Premium?

There are many benefits to using LinkedIn. But today, I'm going to focus on five specific benefits for Premium users.

1. InMail templates

The InMail feature was released in 2013 and allows you to message anyone on LinkedIn without a referral from a mutual connection. This feature is extremely beneficial because any message you send has the potential to be seen by thousands of users. Before, messages were only seen by people with the same connections as you.

In 2017, LinkedIn upgraded their InMail feature and now gives users the ability to choose between templates that they feel best represents their company or brand. This also makes the process much easier.

I don't have to tell you how important and helpful this is for business owners. Imagine being able to send an InMail directly to thousands of people in your industry. It's nearly impossible to do this with a personal account. LinkedIn Premium members have access to these templates and can easily craft the perfect message.

2. Advanced analytics/insights

LinkedIn gives us several different types of insights to help us determine what our audience likes and how we can get them to do what we want, when we want them to do it. We can use insights to see who views your profile and who visits the company page and how they navigate the site once they're there.

Plus, LinkedIn compares your personal profile with other people in your industry based on experience, seniority and more. This helps you determine who is more likely to contact you for a business meeting. This insight is helpful for networking and finding new business.

One thing I really like about this feature is thow powerful it is when it comes to building your network . I've found that by providing free one-on-one inMail messages, I've been able to connect with other professionals and help them grow their business.

3. Premium search filters

LinkedIn Premium members can use advanced search filters to find people and companies who are a good fit based on your professional goals. For example, you can narrow the search to only show people who are connected with your LinkedIn connections.

Or you can find users who have similar education and experience as you.

linkedin premium

Using the Premium search filters is a great way to quickly find a potential business contact, investor or recruit.

There are a variety of search filters to choose from. Basic Premium Filters are included in every premium account type except for Job Seekers. These include:

  • Titles of seniority can be used to limit search results to those with those titles (Director, Manager, Intern, etc).
  • Search results can be filtered based on the size of the company that the person works for.
  • Refine your search results based on your LinkedIn goals, such as reconnecting, checking references, becoming an industry expert, or looking for a job.
  • Search results can be filtered based on whether or not a person works for a Fortune 500 company.

Premium and Talent filters, such as the following, are included in the highest plan for each premium account type (save for Job Seekers):

  • When looking for potential connections inside your organizations, use the 'people search' function.
  • The number of years someone has worked at a particular job can be used to narrow down the pool of candidates you see in a search.
  • Search results can be narrowed down on a person's work function.
  • Search results can be narrowed down by excluding those who are brand new to LinkedIn. New members who meet your criteria can be discovered in this manner.

In addition, recruiters with premium accounts have access to a set of additional filters including years in a company, years in a position, company type, and recommendations.

4. Expanded profile views

When a person is not in your network, you will only be able to see their profile summary and a few basic details. You'll be able to see their first name, photo, employment details, recommendations, educational background, abilities, and any other information or applications they've added to their profiles if you use the expanded profile views.

Furthermore, you can see if the person has any recommendations from people in your network. This is very beneficial if you're using cold outreach to connect with a person or company.

I really like being able to see who has connections with me and who views and recommends my profile. I can see if they have any mutual contacts with LinkedIn employees or friends of contacts.

By seeing this information, I know I'm doing everything right and my chances of meeting a like-minded person or company are increased.

5. See who viewed your profile

You can see who has viewed your profiles and activities if you are a subscriber. You can also see who viewed your profile in the past 6 months. This can be extremely beneficial, especially if you're trying to attract a new business contact or investor.

This feature is helpful for gaining attention outside of your network. This will help you build relationships quickly with people and companies that have a similar goal, eye-catching profile and professional values as you do.

I like how it gives you the ability to follow up with the person or company and ask for a meeting. LinkedIn Premium members also have access to analytics showing who viewed their profile and when. This helps determine which strategies are working better than others and when you should post a new update.

6. OpenLink

Is it important to you to be able to accept messages from anyone on LinkedIn? OpenLink membership allows you to do this. You can receive messages from any LinkedIn member without the need for introductions or InMails.

More communications you don't care about will come in because of this, but you'll be more open to messages you do care about because of it.

I like how it keeps my communication open. I don't get annoyed by any messages I receive, and I don't miss opportunities that come up because of it. Plus, I learn a lot more about people I'm communicating with. This gives me a better chance of reconnecting with someone in the future.

7. Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a premium feature of LinkedIn. This feature gives you access to data that helps you predict sales leads and sales opportunities. You can see which companies are more likely to spend money on your products or services.

It's also helpful for tracking company news and hiring patterns, so you can be sure to make the first move when someone needs your business' services.

This tool is helpful for targeting users who might be interested in your brand or products and services even outside of your network. Leveraging a third-party tool is a great way to export leads from sales navigator, as it helps you to find professional email addresses- this is a gamechanger for cold outreach.

8. LinkedIn Learning

You can take courses at no cost using LinkedIn Learning. Though they're free and don't earn any money, I consider it a good investment of my time because I learn a lot and get to share my learning with others.

linkedin learning

LinkedIn Learning is also useful if your goal is to improve your public speaking skills or increase your knowledge about income tax laws or business partnerships among other topics.

I like how these courses are informative and applicable to both personal and business goals. Practicing these skills has helped me in many areas both personally and professionally.

9. Extended searchable area

The 'Advanced Search' option has been expanded to include a 'Suggested People' search. LinkedIn Premium users can also search through their connections and find people with similar skill sets and interests

I like this feature as it saves time when I'm looking for people who might be able to help me out in a particular area of expertise.

10. Premium branding

LinkedIn Premium members can have their own branded profile background. This is a good way to show your personal taste and brand in a professional, effortless manner.

I like that I have the ability to have my own branded profile background on LinkedIn. It's subtle, but very noticeable at the same time. 

I consider it a personal enhancement when someone Googles my name and sees my LinkedIn logo as my background.

Who is Linkedin Premium for?

There's no doubt about it. If you're serious about growing your business through LinkedIn, you've got to be a premium member. There are many benefits that come along with it, which could put your company on the fast track to success with new clients, investors or employees.

linkedin jobs

LinkedIn Premium is the best way to grow your business and build a great reputation thanks to this powerful network of professionals and companies.

I highly recommend it for any professional seeking to expand their brand awareness and grow their business.

I'd say that LinkedIn Premium is a good choice for anyone who's serious about growing their business with LinkedIn and using it for the express purpose of finding quality candidates for employment.

Furthermore, if you're a recruiter or an employer looking to hire a new employee from LinkedIn, premium is the way to go.

Job seekers will also benefit from premium for the potential connections you'll make that can lead to the job of your dreams.

I think that everyone who has a brand on LinkedIn and wants to grow their network should be a premium member.

Lastly, if you'd like extra filters when messaging people, use InMail frequently or want more control over your inbox, sign up for premium today.

LinkedIn Premium pricing plans

Unfortunately, LinkedIn likes to be quite secretive when it comes to displaying info about their Premium memberships. However, prices start at around $30 per month.

Furthermore, you can  also make sure of the free trial period to see if it's something that you're interested in.

Overall, I feel like it's quite expensive. But it's definitely worth every penny, especially if it helps your company grow and you get to find a new employee or partner that is a perfect fit for your business.

While there are many other alternatives to LinkedIn, one thing is for certain. LinkedIn Premium provides you with the best tools and options for using LinkedIn to its full potential.

The takeaway: is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

Building your professional brand on LinkedIn is a great way to enhance your career. LinkedIn Premium membership can provide you with many of the tools you need to make the most of this network immediately.

I've only covered 10 of the top reasons why you should become a premium member, but there are many more I haven't touched on here. However, these 10 are enough to make a decision on whether or not Linkedin Premium is something for you and your business.

I hope that this post gives you the information you need when considering joining Linkedin Premium. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section below. Also, if you've tried out Premium, I'd love to hear about your experience.

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