14 Low-Cost Advertising Techniques To Hike Sales

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Powering your sales in today's competitive market has got a lot tough. However, at the same time, you have many low-cost options that you, as a business leader, can choose.

14 Low Cost Advertising Techniques To Hike Sales

Tactical working is indeed required, but if you work strategically and your goals are clear, you'll soon land your desired results

Through this article, let's have a look at the top fourteen low-cost marketing and advertising tricks which you can use to glue your brand into your potential client's minds. Time to get started!

1. Create a strong social media presence 

We all know what social media is to us today. From chatting online to sharing memes and spending hours at the Facebook marketplace, we all love how this tool has made our life easier.

Create A Strong Social Media Presence 1

Not only Facebook, but so many social media channels are playing a great role when it comes to advertising.

Back in the covid days, many firms turned their brick-and-mortar businesses online, and I am sure none of them would have regretted it.

For you, even post-pandemic, social media is a powerful key. Create your online presence, go live, and leverage the post-boost option. This practice will connect you to clients you couldn't reach otherwise.

Create A Strong Social Media Presence 2

However, you need to be very careful while selecting a suitable social media platform for your brand. Not all the platforms will work best for your brand. You need to analyze the audience of each platform and change your tactics accordingly.

For instance, Facebook can help you connect with people of almost all ages and interests.

Generally, all the generations of this era use Facebook. Now, if you have a healthcare-related brand which can serve people of all ages, then you should focus more on Facebook in comparison to the other platforms.

In the same way, if you want to connect with the younger generation, SnapChat, Tiktok, etc., will work better. You can target LinkedIn for selling professional services around the globe. 

Similarly, Instagram can be used for marketing fashion products. People often look for different fashion and trendy products on Instagram, and Influencer marketing works best for this platform.

2. Publish word of mouth from clients

I won't lie, but before trying any new brand, I always go to the testimonials section to see what their clients have got to say. These stats will definitely put your belief in the word-of-mouth marketing.

Publish Word Of Mouth From Clients 1

It is the best way to see if a product or service is worth buying or not. I am sure your potential buyers would do so too.

Therefore, try showcasing your brand through your customers. Ask them for reviews and post them on your site or social media pages. 

It is said that more than 85% of customers today first see online reviews and ratings and later make their purchasing decision.

Publish Word Of Mouth From Clients 2

See how Wendy's trolled McDonald's on Twitter and started generating word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Sponsor any charity walk or event

Another great way to advertise your brand at cheap rates is investing some amount in sponsoring a charity walk or event.

Sponsor Any Charity Walk Or Event 1

If you know any NGO, working excellently to help the community, collaborate with them, bear the expenses, and see the magic coming.

This way, more people will get to know you, and they'll appreciate your efforts as well. Recently, A well-known brand from an Asian country devoted some amount to a community charity telethon, and the outcomes were excellent.

This can also be termed cause marketing. With a bit of change, here you have to relate your charity to every single purchase.

Almost 70 percent of consumers are willing to know how a brand addresses environmental issues

Moreover, 46 percent of them are interested to know what you are doing all the time as a brand. And about 90 percent of Generation Z believed that a brand should act somehow for environmental and social causes (Conecomm).

Sponsor Any Charity Walk Or Event 2

This is what encourages brands to invest in charity. From a business point of view, it's an investment, no doubt.

And believe me, you don't have to invest too much in it. So many brands like Coca-Cola, Pampers and McDonald's utilize this cause marketing.

4. Reach out to social media influencers

I'll need you to answer a question here. Who do you trust more when it comes to a product advertisement? An Instagram influencer that you adore or the celebrity who is the lead actor of your favorite show?

Reach Out To Social Media Influencers

There is more than a 50 percent chance that you will go with the influencer's recommendation. This is because influencers engage their audience more than a celebrity can

People resonate with the people they follow and trust their recommendations.

A lot of brands have been utilizing local and International influencers to market their product. These influencers generate a sense that they are using and reviewing those products, which builds more trust and engages the audience more.

5. Send Add to cart or Hello emails

We always recommend our readers coming from the business and marketing sectors gather their customers' data, especially their email addresses.

Send Add To Cart Or Hello Emails

Gone are the days when you would send automated messages to your clients, and they would revert.

Now email marketing has taken over the stage. If you have also gathered your clients' email addresses, send them a hello mail and offer them a discount

You can also send them add-to-cart mail reminding them about the products that are resting in their favorites list. Amidst all these tricks, don't forget to add a captivating subject line. They are the first thing your leads will read.

Make sure to send personalized emails and recommendations. 78 percent of marketers, including bigger brands, use personalization with their email marketing. 

6. Create your own blog

Creating a WordPress site has harmed no one ever. Therefore, I always suggest business persons get their own website and create an interesting and outstanding blog.

Create Your Own Blog

Today, people tend to trust a brand more that has its own website and updates regularly.

This practice improves the credibility of your brand, and the audience gets an idea that you won't dodge or scam them. 

Though you might have to spend some amount on plugins and design, it will be worth it in the end. Get your blog designed by a professional, and choose your color palette wisely.

7. Publish outstanding content 

Now the website you are making doesn't only need a list and pricing of your products.

You must also offer a blog section on your website where you can add relevant content and accelerate your sales. If you are aware of inbound marketing, this is what we are talking about here.

However, the content that you will upload must feature your brand and align with the requirements of your target audience. Ensure you are uploading content that is providing the solution to your audiences' problems, not what you are selling.

Make sure to share relevant content on your blog that includes facts and statistics related to your niche

Create a content calendar and plan your content for 6 to 8 months. Moreover, keep in consideration the important dates so that you can target a relevant article.

Readers are more likely to go with how-to and listicles. Make sure to cover your topics in how-to articles.

8. Offer welcoming discounts

Another cheap tactic to bring your potential clients to your store via inexpensive marketing tactics is offering welcoming discounts. I don't know if you have seen this or not, but many companies are now working smartly to lock their customers.

Offer Welcoming Discounts

What they do is offer first-timer discounts to their potential buyers if they subscribe to their newsletter.

This way, they don't only gain a new customer but also catch their email address cleverly. You need such brainy techniques in your business. Once you excel in such intelligent tactics, hastening your sales won't be a challenge anymore.

Along with discounted offers, you can also leverage the FOMO strategy to hike sales. Simply create a buzz with your email or banner that a particular product is going to be sold out soon, and customers should buy it as quickly as possible.

This way, you will be able to sell more. According to stats, millennials spend 48 percent more money due to FOMO, and Facebook contributes the most to FOMO, i.e. 72 percent among all social media platforms.

So, now you know which platform you have to target with your FOMO strategy. 

9. Bring oldies back with loyalty benefits 

When you are welcoming new customers onboard, don't you think your old customers will feel insecure? They will, and chances are they might leave your site for the ones offering them viable discounts.

Bring Oldies Back With Loyalty Benefits

This is why it is always a good idea to offer incentives to your loyal customers and increase your customer retention

You can either offer them some percent of discount after their five orders or ask them to bring their five friends and claim a discount, or whatever trick you have in mind. This is one excellent way to gain benefits on both sides.

10. Apply for a podcast show

I kid you not, podcasts have brought a whole new way of marketing. If I see five years back, I never thought people would be leveraging podcasts to advertise their brands.

However, surprisingly they are doing it today and flourishing. Business owners today are going to such shows, talking about their brands and educating their target audience.

Gone are the days when people didn't pay attention to details. This era is the stage of content, and the public actually supports brands that talk intellectually.

So applying for a podcast can be a game changer if you are planning to debut your product at this age.

11. Launch infographics & engaging videos 

Video content is becoming popular day by day, and it engages the audience in the best way. Have a look at the following stats to understand the importance of video marketing.

Launch Infographics & Engaging Videos

There are many ways to make videos and leverage this medium to market your brand and hike your sales by engaging and resonating with your audience.

Try making voiceover videos, social media stories, and Instagram reels, and go live from your pages

All these are low-cost and excellent ways to attract your leads. You can also take advantage of infographics and inform your audience about your product in a subtle manner.

12. Fill out an application for the business awards

Business awards are great for introducing new customers to your brand and intrigue them to try your product or services.

Many organizations organize award ceremonies throughout the year where you can also submit your application and get your company nominated.

When people at these ceremonies see you, you have an impact on them which makes them give your brand a shot.

Once you win any of such awards, it's time to badge it on your pages and websites to improve your credibility among your clients. This trick improves no to very less cost.

13. Make a Google My Business account

To catch the maximum number of local clients, create your Google my business account and optimize your business profile there.

It helps your clients find you on Google Maps and, as a result, improves the number of clients visiting your physical store.

Creating this account requires you no investment yet effectively benefits your sales. While I was finding a service provider to write my dissertation for me, I realized how incredibly it increases websites' click rates.

If it was not for this feature, I would've never found such a good number of academic service providers available. 

14. Keep eyes on market trending hashtags

Since we've already discussed content marketing and its role in hiking sales, here's a tip for you to add relevant trending hashtags to it

Such as, if you are a traveling agency and you are targeting people planning to visit the US, use hashtags like #USTourism #TravelUS #NYC #USTour, etc. These are the top trending ones and will help you attract more clients.

The final tip: Don't forget LinkedIn marketing 

While wrapping up, here's the last piece of advice for you to please don't overlook LinkedIn marketing.

In point of fact, the platform is for the job and employee hunt, but apparently, it is a great medium to not only hire the best people for your company but also speed up your sales too without putting in any marketing cost. So, isn't it a win-win deal?

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