Maximizing Your Online Business Potential With Typography And Graphic Design

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Running an online business and optimizing digital marketing includes a lot of moving parts, but typography and graphic design are at the top when it comes to visual importance.

Potential clients are drawn to an online business by their first impressions of designs, fonts, and logos, so when you are launching a website and social media pages, it is very important to focus on those things from the beginning.

Read below to see how you can maximize your business potential with typography and graphic design.

The importance of typography for websites

Typography is the art of creating readable and visually pleasing fonts that reflect the personality of your brand.

A lot of work goes into the arranging of typed content to turn it into something that is aesthetically pleasing and accessible. Some fonts seem fun at the beginning but then brands quickly realize that they are unreadable.

There is a fine balance when it comes to creating typography that represents your brand well and is easy to read. Here are some tips on how to create the right typography for your online business.

Font selection

Selecting or creating a font that is unique to your business and brand can be tricky. There are thousands of fonts on the internet that have already been created and are ready to be used.

Font Consistency

Of the selection of fonts out there, you can go for a more handwritten font like the Run Wild Font if your brand is more rustic or you can pick from a wide variety of other fonts from swoopy to cursive depending on what you think will best fit your aesthetic.

Whatever font you choose, make sure to keep it and use the same one for all logo work and advertising so that customers can see it and associate it with your business. 

Font consistency

The importance of staying consistent with your font is twofold: first of all, having a consistent font allows for brand recognition and second, mixing and matching different fonts can quickly become chaotic.

One font to represent a brand is enough and the only reason you should have to change it is if it is not working in your favor or if you are doing a complete rebrand down the line.

When establishing your brand, you can play around with a few different fonts to see how customers respond to them before you settle on the best one. This means using fonts with logos, advertising, and other marketing materials.

If there is a consensus between the customers and the employees in the company on the right font, then that is the one to stick with.

Typography in marketing

Although you will be using one font throughout your marketing material, that doesn’t mean that you can play around with different sizes, colors, boldness, and styles within the font to establish a hierarchy of important information.

This way, the font is still recognizable but can be displayed in different ways depending on the context. Bold text can emphasize the importance of certain information while different colors can correspond with different marketing campaigns or social media posts. 

The alignment of the typography in online business marketing material is also important because you want the material to be as easy to read as possible. Make sure that spacing between letters and paragraphs is even and that there are no big blank spaces on web pages.  

The role of graphic design in online business marketing

Graphic design goes hand in hand with typography because a lot of graphic design for business marketing involves writing, but it involves a lot more than that as well.

Graphic design encompasses digital art, moving visuals, creating logos, and so much more. Graphic design is the most important tool when it comes to building a brand’s visual identity, so having a good graphic design team is important.

There should be an understanding from the beginning that once the business is established, the logo, aesthetic, and content remain coherent and linear.

Read below for important steps in the process of utilizing graphic design to maximize your online business potential. 

Choosing an aesthetic

Along with a chosen font, a chosen aesthetic for your business’s brand is important because that is what you will build marketing campaigns from.

Graphic designers can play around with different color schemes and themes like geometrical, rustic, collage, vintage, and many more.

With pre-set website templates, graphic designers can create a marketing aesthetic based on the template that you choose for your business.  

Choosing an Aesthetic

Logo design

Once the aesthetic is chosen, it is time to create your business’s logo. The logo will be the face of your brand, so it is important that you choose something that really represents what you are all about.

For example, if you run a vintage clothing website, you may choose a groovy 1970s-style logo with a bubble font. Conversely, if you run an accounting business, you may go for something that looks more robotic with a font that flows well with numbers.

Logos often involve a drawing of some sort that is created by the graphic design team. This is why graphic design is so essential in the building of a business’s brand because designing original art that is going to be seen by all customers is key to building brand recognition. 

This design will also be all over social media channels and in advertising that pops up on people’s feeds, so it has to be appealing and eye-catching. Graphic designers use all kinds of digital techniques to create unique logos.

Some will play around with mixed media while others will use their drawing skills to hand-draw different iterations of logos with central figures like animal mascots or emblems.

There are several types of logos in the graphic design world, including monograms, wordmarks, pictorial marks, abstract art, mascots, combinations, and emblems. The type of logo you choose to use is totally up to the vibe of your business and how you want to represent it to the public. 

Every business needs a great logo to get it going and if things change in a few years and you want to update your logo, go for it, as long as it still aligns with your brand and doesn’t stray too far from the original. 

Creating appealing content

With the aesthetic and logo established, now the role of the graphic designers turns to creating good marketing campaigns. Establishing a strong online presence is essential for all businesses in the modern age, so marketing campaigns will be primarily online.

Good graphic design should be colorful, eye-catching, and alluring to potential customers. Depending on what your business is trying to sell, graphic designers can use their skills in many different ways. 

One of those ways is to simplify information for the everyday person. If you want to get a point across about statistics or comparisons, but want it to be easily digestible, a graphic designer can create a short animated video that uses colorful imagery to teach the audience something in a pleasant way.

If your business needs more marketing content about a certain product, graphic design can be used to highlight the best features of the product with interactive posts or photos that have added animation like squiggly arrows and flashing words.

If your business is trying to sell a new pair of shoes, for example, your graphic design team can draw up an animated version of the shoes and use moving animations to highlight different features.

No matter what type of graphic design content your business uses for marketing, make sure that it always aligns with the aesthetic of the company and that each marketing campaign has its own color scheme or overarching theme.

This will keep potential customers interested and coming back to your social media channels for more. 

Social media posts

A great way to make a name for yourself on social media is to create posts that align with current trends.

Many brands nowadays are using graphic designers to create socially relevant content that followers can repost or add to their stories.

One current trend that graphic designers are doing is creating a post with the same drawing or cartoon but each slide has a different color scheme.

Social Media Posts

This appeals to a large audience of people who like the slides that have color palettes that match their own aesthetics. Using pop culture references to refer back to brands is also a popular marketing scheme right now.

Graphic designers will reference a movie quote or a pop star when promoting their business's products and that usually garners a lot of attention. Typography and graphic design are two essential parts of creating content for your online business.

Whether you are trying to promote your brand or sell a specific product, these two tools provide endless creativity and individuality.

It is important to remember that artists are always valuable, even in a business setting because they can use their creativity to introduce new concepts, bring customers in, and set the tone for an entire brand.

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