Minus Cal: What Happened After Shark Tank?

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Have you ever watched Shark Tank and thought, "I could do that!"?

If you haven't seen the show, it's a reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of investors (the sharks) who can invest in their company.

If an entrepreneur accepts the deal, they have to give up a percentage of their company for a certain amount of money.

Essentially most of these startups take a chance to join this reality TV show in hopes that they get to kickstart and gain investors for their company. While some get so much success after Shark Tank, others also fall short. 

To be more specific, let's dive into what happened to Minus Cal after Shark Tank - where are they now? Are they still up and running?

Read more down below because I will walk you through this protein bar company that people have known and also loved.

Things you should know about Minus Cal

Before Shark Tank, there were two young men who had a vision. They wanted to create a company that would help people lose weight, and when they got their chance, they took it.

Minus Cal What Happened After Shark Tank

Before you read more about what happened to their unsuccessful pitch and where they are now, here are some fun facts about this protein bar business!

What is Minus Cal?

Essentially, Minus Cal is a protein bar business. Well, there's actually more to it than just protein bars too, because it's a product that blocks fat. Minus Cal uses Choleve, which is a fermented tea extract that 'helps the body block fat.'

What is Minus Cal 1

While it is claimed to have a fat-blocking ability that allows its users to lose weight, the protein bars also help the consumers to feel fuller when eating.

Who owns Minus Cal?

Crom Carmichael and Barrett Jacques are the masterminds behind the business

They both believe that with this protein bar and its ingredients, they will have a fat-blocking technology that will help pause or stop fat absorption in the body.

Both from Nashville, Tennessee, these two hopefuls joined Shark Tank to get investors for MinusCal.

How much is Minus Cal's net worth?

Currently, Minus Cal's net worth now is $0. This is because of how the business went bankrupt and also didn't receive any funding from Shark Tank.

What actually happened to Minus Cal on Shark Tank?

Their claims allowed the founders to join Shark Tank, asking for $500,000 with a 20% equity stake. However, after an unsuccessful pitch, they walked away from the reality TV show with no funding from the Sharks.

What actually happened to Minus Cal on Shark Tank

Though their idea was unique and could really change how people go on with their diets, there were a lot of questions that were raised when they pitched the product.

As soon as the founders explained the properties of Choleve and how they promote it as a fat-blocker, the investors of the show were a bit apprehensive.

This led to various questions about the product's legitimacy and if it is really a 'fat blocker'.

Aside from that, upon pitching their product, they promoted Minus Cal as a weight loss product but also contradicted the statement by saying that weight loss is not a guarantee

This made the investors of the show very confused and concluded that the product is a 'scam'.

As a result, both Crom Carmichael and Barrett Jacques walked away from the show with no investments, leading to the bankruptcy of the company as well.

This is where Minus Cal and the owner behind it is now

Currently, because Minus Cal is out of business, their products cannot be found in the market either.

This is where Minus Cal and the owner behind it is now

Because they only made a few sales before they appeared on Shark Tank, their exposure from the reality TV show has led to a negative outcome more than a positive one.

With a lot of debate in regards to the protein bar's legitimacy, the founders are now in separate careers and endeavors

Because of a very competitive market, it is also very unlikely that both Crom Carmichael and Barrett Jacques will start to run the business again in the near future.

What are the protein bars in the market right now that work?

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Wrapping things up!

We've seen a lot of products come and go on Shark Tank. Some have been successful, and some have been complete flops.

The Shark Tank investors were not convinced by the product, but they did see the potential for success in this market

It's important to remember that failure is often just another word for "learning" or "growth." In this case, while Minus Cal is not in the market now, their experience in Shark Tank has definitely taught me a thing or two.

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