Why You Need A Mobile Proxy To Access The Best Travel Deals Online

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One of the challenges that travelers face is finding the most accurate and up-to-date information about various travel-related rates, such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and tours. One way to overcome this challenge is to use aggregators or bots that compare and collect data from different sources and platforms. But this way lacks accurate and current information about different tariffs related to traveling.

This is because most travel websites employ techniques for enabling bots' data scraping, such as geo-block, IP detection, rate limiting and captcha (Qiita). The reason is to maintain the competitive edge and market value by preventing others from accessing the data, such as prices, availability, reviews, etc.

These methods could influence the validity and credibility of the data you obtain, as well as your privacy and safety. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you overcome these challenges and access the best travel deals online: a mobile proxy for travel fare aggregation. The description of mobile proxies shows that they use IP addresses assigned from cellular networks to the Internet.

Unlike regular proxies with a data center or residential IPs, they are different. In this blog post, we discuss an Android mobile proxy service that lets you generate your own set of mobile proxies from within the device — sounds great? This service gives you access to a huge array of information on prices offered by airlines, and hotels, as well as various data related to travel and car rental rates.

With the help of an expert from iProxy, the article presents the advantages of mobile proxies to gather travel fare data like dodging limitations, staying anonymous, guaranteeing consistent information retrieval and a more solid and steady Internet connection.

What is a mobile proxy service for aggregating travel fares?

Mobile proxy service for travel fare aggregation can serve as a proxy do-it-yourself management tool, which is implemented and operates by your own Android phone. These tools come in handy to help you gather information from the entire web, including travel sites, and be free of blocking and detection.

What is a mobile proxy service for aggregating travel fares

Such mobile intermediary service for travel fare aggregations features several things that make it flaring out the only incomparable option. First of all, it is cost-effective because you pay for the traffic and not for how many proxy servers or devices there are.

Second, it is easy to use; mobile proxies can be generated and managed through the web interface or an API. Thirdly, it is user-friendly as one can customize various technical features and settings according to one's needs or specifications.

Some of the technical features that a mobile proxy mediator for travel fare aggregator offers are:

  1. Multiple IP changing mechanisms: According to your data collection campaign, refer to any of the mentioned below methods manually, automatically or ‘on demand’ can change your IP:
  2. Wi-Fi split: The Wi-Fi connection can be split into two networks to create a surfing for your ordinary usage and an encrypted browsing network used by the mobile proxy. By doing so, you eliminate interference and obtain the best results.
  3. HTTP support: With a mobile proxy, you can access URLs of any website or web service via HTTP protocol.
  4. SOCKS5: You can use the SOCKS5 protocol to access any application or service with your mobile proxy.
  5. API: You can use an API to create, manage and monitor your mobile proxies programmatically.
  6. Availability notifications: You can receive notifications via email or SMS when your mobile proxy is online or offline.
  7. Traffic calculator: You can calculate the amount of traffic you need for your data collection project based on the number of requests and the size of the response.
  8. Logging and log storage: You can log and store all the requests and responses made through your mobile proxy for analysis and debugging purposes.
  9. Authorization by IP address: You can authorize specific IP addresses to access your mobile proxy for security reasons.
  10. Seamless IP change: You can change your IP address without interrupting your data collection process.

Why use mobile proxies to collect travel fare data?

Using mobile proxies to collect travel fare data has many benefits compared to using other types of proxies or no proxies at all.

Why use mobile proxies to collect travel fare data

Some of these benefits are:





Bypassing Restrictions

Mobile proxies help bypass geo-blocking, IP detection, rate limiting, and captcha, allowing access to any website from any location for data collection without being blocked or limited.

Enables collection from multiple sources without restrictions.



Allow masking of real IP addresses and locations, thus maintaining data collection anonymity and privacy to prevent tracking or tracing by other third parties.

Preserves user anonymity against being tracked or traced.


Reliable search

Use cellular network IP addresses, which include minimal errors; timeouts and incomplete responses, this guarantees that the data gathered is exact and also constant.

Gives consistent and accurate answers, that this caching or filtering has no influence upon; so ensuring unbiased data collection from travel websites.


Fast access

Provide better speed, stability than the internet along it does not cause congestion and latency problems, therefore there is high-level security of SSL/TLS protocols.

Improves productivity and efficacy within the stages of data collection by keeping it safe from interception as well their manipulation.


How to get started with a mobile proxy service?

Getting started with a mobile proxy service for aggregating travel costs is a snap. All you need is an Android device, a SIM card, a Wi-Fi connection and a subscription to the service. 

How to get started with a mobile proxy service

Here are the steps we borrowed from the in-field reliable iProxy to follow:

  • Register for an account on the service's website and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and budget. You can get big savings on proxies when you use Proxy.Coupons.
  • Download and install the service's app on your Android device and log in with your credentials.
  • Insert your SIM card into your Android device and activate it.
  • Connect your Android device to a Wi-Fi network and launch the app.
  • Create your mobile proxy by picking a name, a country, an IP changing mechanism and other settings.
  • Start collecting travel fare data from any website or web service using your mobile proxy, be it for business or private.


So, in case you need the greatest flight discounts on the web, a portable proxy benefit for travel fare collection is essential. You can also create and manage your mobile proxies from any Android device: which will enable you to have access to a huge bank of information on travel fares. 

With mobile proxies, you can freely go around restrictions, protect your anonymity and retain clarity in data gathering while receiving a faster and more stable connection to the Internet, — Medium states in detail.

To get started deploying a mobile proxy service for travel fare aggregation, only an Android device, a cheap SIM, connecting physically in the country, and a friendly subscription are required. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

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