Moki Doorstep: What Happened After Shark Tank?

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Ever wondered what happened to Moki Doorstep after its appearance on Shark Tank? Well, don't worry because I got you covered.

A lot has actually happened since their appearance on Shark Tank. Because this was one of the most interesting products that were featured on the show, it is pretty safe to say that everyone was also invested.

Questions like, "Were they a huge success?" or "Are they still going strong?" might be on your mind right now. 

Sit back and read on because I got you covered with everything that you need to know about Moki Doorstep now. If you are interested in Moki Doorstep and where it is now, be sure that you read on!

What’s Moki Doorstep?

The Moki Doorstep is a product with a unique product design and application that has made waves in the past few years.

Moki Doorstep What Happened After Shark Tank

They were first introduced on TV show Shark Tank and earned the investment of Daymond John. The company has grown dramatically since then, but its story isn't over yet.

The journey of Moki Doorstep actually started when one of its founders, Zach Brown, noticed that his wife was having a hard time reaching for things that were placed on the rooftop of their car.

With that, the idea of attaching a step to the door of someone's car came into play. This allowed Brown to create Moki Doorstep. 

Because he wanted the product to be as durable as possible, this has allowed him to create a step that can carry about 400 pounds in total.

Because of the creation of Moki Doorstep, this became a revolutionary product that helps short people put or get items on top of their cars.

Apart from that, because of the convenience that it gives due to how it is very easy to install and manage, it is everyone's favorite!

If you plan to go camping with friends or embark on a road trip with your family, Moki Doorstep is your best friend! Aside from how it's easy to carry around, what makes it special is how it can help you set up things easily too!

This is what you should know about Moki Doorstep when it joined Shark Tank

Whether you're a fan of the show or not, there's no denying that Moki Doorstep has made a splash on Shark Tank.  

This is what you should know about Moki Doorstep when it joined Shark Tank

Because of the unique business idea and convenience that it gives especially to the people that have a hard time reaching for things, this has allowed the Sharks to take interest in what Brown could offer.

For me, this business idea is one of the very few interesting ones that has graced the show - with simple problems come with simple solutions like this. 

What made this a complete stand out and a complete game changer for everyone that was introduced to this product is simply answering the idea of: "Who would've thought?"

With Brown's experience as a firefighter who also enjoys activities like climbing high buildings and more, this has made him acknowledge the struggle of his wife that was shorter than him. 

I guess that with this, a lot of people were able to relate as well as connect to them and with that, this garnered positive feedback when it was featured on Shark Tank.

Through this positive feedback and comments from the judges, Brown was able to secure a deal. Though they were only asking for $150,000 dollars for a 5% equity of the company, it was actually bought by Daymond John for $3 Million.

With that, not only were they able to walk away with good feedback with Moki Doorstep, but they were also able to take home $3 million.

Here’s what we know about Moki Doorstep now!

Now that I've talked about Moki Doorstep and what had happened to them in the past as well as how the company came about, I wanted to take the time to see where the business is now. 

I've seen a lot of changes since it first launched, and I'm interested in seeing what's next for this innovative product that changes the game of convenience completely.

Moki Doorstep is a company that's always looking to improve its products and services. They're constantly thinking of new ways to make their product more effective and convenient for customers, and they've been doing a great job so far. 

I'm also excited to see what the future holds for them. However,  let us first take a look at where the famous and unique product is today!

Moki Doorstep is now a successful business!

Good news, the company is still up and running! Unlike other businesses that closed down a few months after being featured on Shark Tank, Moki Doorstep is proving people otherwise! 

Moki Doorstep is now a successful business

With customers that are continuously supporting the company and what they can offer to its clients, this has made Moki Doorstep a revolutionary product that is loved by many!

Moki Doorstep is a company that was created to make it easier for people to place things on top of their cars regardless of their height.

This product has made it possible for them not to have to worry about reaching for stuff, as it will give you the extra height!

The company has had a remarkable growth over the years, and it’s all thanks to its loyal customers who have been supporting them ever since their appearance on Shark Tank.

The company’s net worth is now at $5 Million

Upon entering Shark Tank, the company was only valued at around $3 Million.

However, after years of rapid growth and development, Moki Doorstep is now valued up to $5 Million! This only goes to show that indeed, this product is as timeless as it is as useful to everyone that needs it. 

Where can you buy your own Moki Doorstep? 

Aside from buying directly on their website, you can actually purchase Moki Doorstep on Amazon too! 

Where can you buy your own Moki Doorstep

Because of how it makes things easier for you, I will not be surprised if you also go buy one for yourself especially if you are the type that struggles with reaching over things on top of your car. 

Perhaps, you might want to give this to someone as a gift, then this is your sign too!

My final thoughts on Moki Doorstep!

After the Shark Tank episode aired, Moki Doorstep saw a huge spike in sales, and we continue to see growth today.

Not only do they provide a very simple solution to a problem that is often overlooked, but they also paved the way in products that make our day to day a bit easier.

Moki Doorstep has actually changed the way I see these products for the better. It has allowed me to realize and see that there are actually solutions for problems as long as we look for it.

With this product as well as Brown’s innovative and a very creative mind, I look forward to the growth of the company and maybe potentially new products along the way too! 

This is actually one of my favorite inventions from Shark Tank that I am grateful to come across - it is easy to use, convenient to carry, and is a good value for money!

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