Muff Waders: Shark Tank Update

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Did you know that a company makes overalls that can store fresh and cool bears and comes with a bottle opener too? 

Well, that company is none other than Muff Waders. It came on Season 12 Episode 16 of Shark Tank to raise funding and solve their supply chain issue. They asked $25,000 for 25% stakes in their company.

While the Sharks liked the pitch, the founders could not secure any deal. 

If you loved the Muff Waders pitch and wondering what happened to them after the Shark Tank episode, then you are at the right place. 

We will tell you everything that Muff Waders is doing in the present in this article. So read the whole article.

Who is the founder of Muff Waders? 

The clothing company Muff Waders was founded by Taylor Ness and Garret Lamp also known as Earl and Buddy of Holstein, a small town with 1500 residents in Iowa. 

Who is the founder of Muff Waders?

Taylor is the brains behind Muff Waders. He got the idea of Muff Waders while watching a High School Football game. While he was watching, he thought it would have been great if he had a few cool beers while he watched the game.

The next morning, he started doing the designs and launched the company in 2018 along with his partner Garret. 

Garret Lamp is the cofounder of Muff Waders. He is also a graduate of Iowa State University. He planned to join the Muff Waders full time but because of his family, he had to take a job. He now works at Muff Waders at night from 11-2.

What is Muff Waders? 

If you are still not aware of Muff Waders, then worry not. Muff Waders is a company that makes overalls that can contain 6 cool beers at a time for you. 

So if you are on a fishing boat, or hiking with your friends, and want to drink cold beer without keeping a beer freezer with you, then Muff Waders is for you. 

It is an apparel for a relaxed lifestyle. Muff Waders can store 6 beer cans on the chest pocket, 2 beer bottles, 1 on each leg, a secret pocket, and a bottle opener that is also a magnet to hold a beer bottle. 

Muff Waders before Shark Tank

Launched in 2018, Muff Waders was doing good on its own. Both cofounders invested collectively $75,000 and had sold $55,000 worth of products in a few months.

They were selling the products on their website and Amazon. They had marketed the product on their Facebook Page.

After talking to more than 80 companies for manufacturing, they outsourced the manufacturing to a Chinese company which was shut down because of unknown reasons.

Their Kickstarter campaign of raising $135,000 had also failed. That's when they decided to come on Shark Tank and offer 25% stakes of their company to a shark to help them with capital and supply chain issues. 

Reviewing Muff Waders Shark Tank pitch 

Muff Waders Shark Tank Pitch was full of energy. Both the co-founders came to pitch the company. They asked $25,000 for 25% equity in their company.

Reviewing Muff Waders Shark Tank pitch

Garret in a suit, started the pitch by introducing the product. He told the sharks what the product was and what are its uses. Taylor on the other hand was in his overalls which were Muff Waders. He demonstrated visually what the product was.

He goes on to open the cooler and give Garret a beer from his suit. 

Then they told the sharks about their vision. They told that they come from a small town in Iowa and they want to have their own business and provide employment opportunities in their native hometown. They also said that they want to see blue-collar people having fun while they work in Muff Waders.

After they were done with the pitch, the sharks asked about the cost of the products. Garret says that the manufacturing cost of each Muff Wader overall was $39.50 and they were selling it for $85. And before coming on Shark Tank, they had already sold more than $55,000 worth of products.

After this, the founders said that they had more products in making. Garret was wearing a Muff Suspender prototype which could store 1 beer on each strap. Unfortunately, the production was delayed because the manufacturing had to shut down in Covid because of unknown reasons. 

Now coming to the deal part. Although the sharks enjoyed the pitch, all of them thought that the product was not right for them to invest in. However, in the end, Lori gave them some advice on how to market the product. 

What happened to Muff Waders after Shark Tank episode? 

After the Shark Tank episode, the Muff Waders became a hit in America. Their sales were tripled after the episode aired on TV. 

They are still selling on Amazon and their official website. 

According to a Yahoo Finance report, in 2021, Stevia Nutra Corp acquired Muff Waders for an undisclosed amount when the product sales were around $250,000. 

What happened to Muff Waders after Shark Tank episode?

Stevia is a clothing brand itself. They plan to help with Financing the Product and Marketing. They are a clothing company and expect to grow the sales of Muff Waders to $500,000 in a year.


Muff Waders is a relaxing apparel company that aims at providing people who worked hard with a cold bear without having to carry a cooler with them. 

They are the first of its kind and appeared on the ABC Shark Tank S12 E16. Although they didn't get any deal from the sharks, their product received eyeballs and went viral. They reported sales of $250,000 in a year. After which they were acquired by Stevia Nutra Corp, another clothing brand. 

If you want, you can buy Muff Waders from their official website or from Amazon.

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